There And Block Again: Lego – The Hobbit

Traveller’s Tales have announced that their next game will not be Lego: Doctor Who by announcing that their next game will be Lego: The Hobbit. Due in Spring of next year, the game will cover the events of the first two Hobbit games FILMS (edited to fix idiocy), which means about sixteen hours of playtime will take place in Goblin Town and the barrel sequence will last until the last embers of our sun have been snuffed into oblivion, like the remnants of a lonely campfire on an desolate hillside. There’s a video below.

This is not a trailer. This is the work of the rather splendid Lord of the Bricks.

Now watch that six thousand times.

Presumably, as with Lego Harry Potter, there will be a second part after the final film’s release to finish the story. I’m hoping that it’ll have a similar structure to Lego: Lord of the Rings, which is currently my favourite Lego game. That said, I haven’t played the marvellous Marvel game yet so my opinion is worthless.


  1. RedViv says:

    No sing-alongs, no sale.

  2. Reapy says:

    Probably goes without saying these games are great for playing with your kids, when they got the split screen separated so players don’t have to be on top of each other, it was all the better for really young kids. I wrote a lengthy post about playing lego lotr as my sons (almost 4 now) first game on my site as it was pretty awesome to hit a sweetspot where we could both be entertained doing the same thing.

    Lego marvel is on the table for Xmas I think, and probably will grab this one. Sort of funny because normally I would be yawning over another lego game coming out.

    It is also a damn shame the real lego lotr sets are ridiculously expensive, I think my kids aren’t going to get to have piles of lego like I did growing up because of that.

    • says:

      It’s kind of funny, but this is pretty much how I play games with my wife, too.

      That’s not to talk down about my wife — she’s wonderful, by all accounts– but the Lego games are an excellent way to get a non-gamers playing without the intimidating skill requirement of other titles.

      • Reapy says:

        My wife is a huge star wars fan and originally I got that and lego harry potter to play with her, but she was a bit confused at parts and often didn’t feel like playing, she just didn’t get a handle on the 360 controller, so it didn’t work out really. It is funny though because she can play JAWS and Friday the 13th like a monster on the nes emulators.

  3. Smashbox says:

    This is going to sound stupid, but why are Lego men always heroically grinning these days? It’s uncharming.

  4. Bobsy says:

    Going to get this in nice and early this time. You can wish and wish all you like about Lego games on Pop Culture Franchise X. Lego Doctor Who, Lego 40K, Lego Breaking Bad, Lego Game of Thrones, Lego whatever – these won’t just happen.

    Lego games are dependent on the franchises that Lego themselves have got rights to, and are trying to sell toys on. If you can’t buy a Lego set of it, it’s not going to get a game. Currently Dr Who is licensed to a Lego knockoff company.

    • Drinking with Skeletons says:

      Lego Breaking Bad sounds AMAZING.

      • Bobsy says:

        No it doesn’t. Although the pun title – Bricking Bad – writes itself.

    • Stardreamer says:

      “Not gonna happen”. They used to say that about the chances of another Star Wars film after Episode III…

      Quit pissing in our cornflakes, you horrible spoiler of dreams.

      • Bobsy says:

        On a brighter note, the good news is that no matter how wretched SW VII may turn out to be, the inevitable Lego game will be better.

        Oh, and next year will see the release of Simpsons Lego sets. Make of that what you will*.

        *this is another Lego pun.

        • Stardreamer says:

          I SAID QUIT P….

          No, not even I can keep up that level of optimism for long. Star Wars VII may very well suck. Or worse, be vapid eye-candy that seems cool the first time it’s injected into your brain but disintegrates upon further examination.

          Simpsons Lego? Now there is a thought.

          Oh, by the way, your Lego pun was Mighty indeed, sir. Men with C-shaped hands shall applaud you forevermore.

    • Jackablade says:

      So I guess the real question is: why haven’t we had a Lego Ninja Turtles game?

  5. GallonOfAlan says:

    Hmmm. Nobody even gives that much of a toss about the Hobbit films so they?

    Just got LEGO Marvel on the 360 – most polished one yet. I hope one day we will have a LEGO Dr Who.

    • Stardreamer says:

      I’m confused. If no-one gives a toss then how did the first film make half a billion dollars?

      • Jackablade says:

        It would seem there are more tossers in the world than originally estimated.

  6. Gothnak says:

    ‘The game will cover the events of the first two Hobbit games’ – That is going to be a recursive nightmare…

  7. leeder krenon says:

    Gandalf goes through the window.

  8. leeder krenon says:

    Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold.

  9. Geebs says:

    Am I the only one who got the bug in the text adventure where it started saying “to the east is Aswater Aswater Aswater Aswater Aswater Aswater Aswater Aswater”?