Metaphysical Mystery Tour: Moebius

I watched the new trailer for Jane Jensen’s Moebius between the gaps in my fingers, afraid that it might be as frightening as the last video of Malachi Rector’s adventures that slipped out of my monitor and into the screaming recesses of my brain. The little that I saw confirmed what I’d expected – the haunting qualities remain. Moebius looks like a Sims 3 murder mystery machinima. Although I feel like I’ve been assailed by awkward animations and hammy voice acting, John’s hands-on with the game makes me keen to play it – “It was peculiar to be experiencing all the silly tropes of the genre, but realising I wasn’t fighting against it to have a good time. It was just letting me.” Hurrah! Now, prepare to hide from the janky shoulders of doom.

My favourite dialogue is right near the beginning: “We’re not looking for her killer, only the facts of her life…document any connections you find to any figure in history”.

Yes, thinks Mr Rector, that sounds sensible.


  1. Didden says:

    Definite bromance going on in that trailer… maybe more.

    • kaiki says:

      ^ The theme of that trailer is how a man can realize that he isn’t alone in the world and how a stranger-turned-bodyguard showed him that love can pop up in unexpected places from the most unlikeliest of suspects.

    • TWChristine says:

      “I love you, man!”
      “And I love you. Because I’ve learned that platonic love /can/ exist between two grown men.”

      • Didden says:

        Worked for the Greeks.

      • Juan Carlo says:

        All the scenes between the blonde dude and the main character play like the first 2 minutes of a gay porn:

        “I’d like to hire you for a security job”

        “It depends on what I’d be securing”



  2. strangeloup says:

    I dunno. There’s not been a single trailer for this that has risen above the level of “a bit arse”.

    Also, while the first (and arguably the second) Gabriel Knight games were pretty great, the third had some of the most nonsense puzzles ever seen — although the storyline was actually pretty interesting — and what I played of Grey Matter utterly failed to impress. Linking this title to Cognition doesn’t seem like the best bet either; I’ve not played it personally, but the general response seems to have been lukewarm at best.

    • Keyrock says:

      Cognition is a bit buggy and definitely fails in the proper police procedures department, but is otherwise a pretty doggone good adventure game.

    • The First Door says:

      Yeah… I wasn’t that impressed with Grey Matter either, and that’s putting it lightly.

      I can’t say this trailer is selling me this one either. Ah well, perhaps I just don’t mesh with Jane Jenson games? I’ll just have to hope the new Broken Sword is good!

      • Burzmali says:

        50% of making a good adventure game these days is nailing the atmosphere. Gray Matter does that, at least for me, and the puzzles could be worse. Grim Fandango is considered the epitome of the adventure game genre and it still has the puzzle where you have to steal playing cards, punch holes in one of them and use that specific card to block a pneumatic tube (all in the first act).

        • The First Door says:

          True enough. I was the opposite with Grey Matter though, it just instantly got on the wrong side of me for some reason. Never got into any of her games, to be frank. Still, it’s good news for people who like them, certainly! More choice of adventure games is never a bad thing!

        • Damien Stark says:

          My thoughts exactly.

          I loved Grey Matter, mostly for the atmosphere. I adored the music, and felt it did a good job of developing some tension, mystery, suspense. It’s rare that adventure games differentiate much on gameplay itself, so with story/characters/atmosphere which I liked, the battle is pretty much won already.

          That said, I did rather like the “explicit book of magic tricks” gameplay structure too…

  3. Burzmali says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the main character looks like he is in perpetual need of a good hug?

  4. Anthile says:

    David Mitchell fighting Italian ninjas? Count me in.

  5. Hypnotron says:

    “My favourite dialogue is right near the beginning: “We’re not looking for her killer, only the facts of her life…document any connections you find to any figure in history”.”

    So this game involves time travel?

    Free Game Idea: Time Slice
    Tagline: It’s Quantum Leap meets Degrees of Kevin Bacon Through Time

    Idea: 4 dimensional game of Connect 4. You are a “Blue Agent” and there is a “Red Agent” NPC working against you. Each mission your job is to ensure that various characters meet so that the timeline is maintained. The Red Agent will be trying to prevent those connections from being made. He may make a phone call that stalls a character just at a particular time causing a character to miss a train and thus prevent a chance meeting with another character already aboard.

    The game uses real world history. The player must actually research the time period and the characters in order to know which characters meet and thus which characters to “guide” to their fateful meeting. Sometimes this may involve tricky cases where 3, 4, 5 or 6 people need to all be at a certain place at the same time. Player may be faced with situations where they have to not just allow but ensure the Kennedy assassination to take place or ensure an innocent man is caught by the police where he will eventually be tried in a kangaroo court and hung.

    It’s essentially a puzzle game involving sheep herding / lemming directing, but with the added components of player having to learn some history to know who they need to target as well as having to deal with the interference being run by the Red Agent.

    Hrm, this sounds increasingly less original and more like gamified “Quantum Leap.” Oh well! This is just back of napkin type concept. Run with it!

    p.s and apparently my subconscious mind didn’t forget about Voyagers!
    link to!

  6. S Jay says:

    You were not kidding about The Sims. Those limbs…

    Good thing that good adventure games can work with not so great art.

  7. PopeRatzo says:

    Spike heels and fishnet hose? Seriously?

  8. sandplasma says:

    This image triggered a memory of Chrono Cross. :O

  9. Commander Gun says:

    Not too impressed. I much rather look forward to the GK remake (link to, although i dread the use of new voices.