Cerulean Wednesday: Steam Autumn Sale Begins

Never mind that it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and December in four days, Steam is having an Autumn Sale. “Autumn”, eh? Aren’t they sounding British and thus far more civilised and sophisticated! So yes, once again the Store Page of Steam is to be completely useless for a week (although at least this time they’ve remembered to include some ability to see new releases). Oh, and there are bargains are to be had!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click, for a head-hurting oddity. And it looks like there’s some sort of TF2 shenanigans taking place here, so we can likely expect something coming from that by the end of the run.

As you’ll expect by now, there are dozens of ridiculously good offers to take advantage of. Rogue Legacy at 66% off catches my eye, and Season 1 of The Walking Dead for just £5.24 seems rather the thing. Skyrim’s down to a tenner, Payday II is £15, and the excellent Lego Marvel Super Heroes chops of 25% to about £19.

There are eight hour flash sales, 24 hour daily deals, and the as-ever completely obscured and nightmarish to find week-long discounts. One day Valve will figure out that a good way to sell more games would be to make it easier to find the games on sale. It’s not today, but it will come.

What’re you hoping to grab?


  1. chunkynut says:

    I grabbed Survivor Squad and Antichamber. The wishlist can be handy, I’m also a sucker and shall be watching all the sales like a hawk.

  2. nebnebben says:

    I am unsure of whether to buy Prison Architect at £9.99 at 50% or wait until it’s cheaper. A hard decision indeed

    • Buffer117 says:

      I own it and although i really like it, its so far from the finished article right now. Its good and has the potential to be really addictive but it needs a lot of fleshing out. If I were you I would wait.

    • HadToLogin says:

      You remember, you’ll probably setting yourself for at least a year of waiting. Base price will only rise (as they promised, earlier access you buy, cheaper it is). And then there’s not big chance for -75% right after proper release…

  3. Anthile says:

    Not gonna fall for this one.

  4. james_moyles says:

    Picked up Skyrim Legendary Edition. Would love to see The Stanley Parable get some sort of discount too.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Ooooo good deal indeed.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      For half a second I was tempted to buy the DLC, but then I realized I’ve never finished the Morrowind expansions, and that I should probably go do that because it would be more fun.

      • Ernesto25 says:

        Crap i still need to play morrowind i seem to have a habit of playing it for a day every 2 months

    • Lord Hawk says:

      Well The Stanley Parable has got a 25% discount right now, but just keep watching the daily deals/ flash sales because it’s bound to go on one of them at some point.

  5. Ernesto25 says:

    It’s not the wolf among us episode 2 then ?

  6. fish99 says:

    Finally bought Dragonborn so I can finish up with Skyrim. Also picked up La-Mulana.

    There’s a lot more games on sale than shown on the front page, as always, and as always wait for something to go on a daily sale or flash deal, or pick it up on the last day.

  7. Stargazer86 says:

    Oh, look. Terraria, Sleeping Dogs, L4D2, and Skyrim are all on sale! Happy day! They sure have never been on sale before! I better take this opportunity to buy them because they might never drop to these low, low prices ever again! It’s not as if they’ve been on sale, every sale, for the past few years. No sirree! Steam is pulling out all the stops for this one.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I did roll my eyes at Terraria. I think it’s been on sale for $2.49 once a month since it was released.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Before you allow your ennui to become too deep, go and check your wish list. I have just picked up six of my wish list games for 45 pounds. There is way more on sale than is shown on the store page. You just have to go and look

      • HadToLogin says:

        You’ve probably set yourself to crying – never buy stuff that isn’t on front page until very last day, as it might always appear on front page with bigger cut.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          Nah. I have enough disposable income to weather such emotional storms, but cheers for good tip anyway as some of my wishlist games were still too pricey

    • wu wei says:

      You should contact Valve and ask them to base sales around what’s missing from your library, because clearly it’s all about you.

      Incidentally, this is the cheapest Skyrim has gone for, which is especially handy given the AU tax we’ve had to pay on it.

  8. sejm says:

    Anyone worked out why at the bottom of the Steam page it says Spring Sale 2013 upside down?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Because it is spring!
      In the southern hemisphere it is anyway, hence the upside-down (because everyone in the southern hemisphere stands on their heads all day OF COURSE).

      • stele says:

        No no no they don’t stand on their HEADS. They’re just upside down all day. Must be hard to think with all the blood rushing to their head all the time.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          No no no stop getting gravity wrong.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Right, gravity is where you spin round going AAH AAAH and try to grab the nearest space station before you die alone in a vacuum.

          • Don Reba says:

            I have a bad feeling about this sale.

    • SaVi says:

      Must be tied to some opposite thing, Like the turned over store menu. Also, the two world maps drawn show the two opposite sides, with the prime meridian at the center. This must be ARG.

    • Synesthesia says:

      I live in the southern hemisphere, and it says spring sale, with autumn sale on the other end, upside down. The art is also different! I love these guys.

      • In Zod We Trust says:

        Ah yes, I was just going to respond until I saw this one. Down Under we have the art up the other way with a beautiful spring day overlooking the lake and some brown leafy stuff upside down at the bottom. Nice one Valve – good to see more people coming to realise the Southern hemisphere is the proper top one. The compass lobbyists haven’t gotten to everyone yet.

      • The Random One says:

        Ha ha ha, I’m in Brazil and the image I get is actually inverted! The Spring sale image with the Red guys is at the top with the upside-down Autumn image with the blue guys at the bottom!

        This is glorious

      • SuicideKing says:

        I JUST SAW THAT. It’s brilliant, fine touch from Valve.

        I never thought about the fact that it’s not an Autumn sale or Winter sale if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.

      • Dozer says:

        <3 you Valve. Any Valve employees want a place to stay in Tasmania, they can borrow my (housemate/landlord's) couch. (I'm sure he won't mind.)

    • Armante says:

      It doesn’t say Spring Sale upside down. I have Spring Sale 2013 on top, with the guys in red coats, and Autumn Sale 2013 upside down :) Nice to see Valve making a minor acknowledgement to the southern half of the planet.

  9. LionsPhil says:


    I wonder if the race-condition-esque way the bottom, inverted bar belongs to someone else is intentional. It randomly shows other people’s wishlists and, in some cases, shopping carts.

    Also the game dropdown is mispositioned once you flip the page by clicking Featured. Tsch. Half a job.

    • Pixieking says:

      Nice… I’m sure the shopping cart is unintentional, but I hope the “random wishlist” is on purpose. It’d be great to have lots of people notice it, and just randomly buy other people games off their wishlists, instead of just flinging them onto Steamgifts. :)

      • Gotem says:

        what are you talkign about? it shows my own wishlist just as the top one

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        I thought at first maybe it had paired me up with someone from Australia or somewhere, but the first time it was some guy living in Bristol.
        That said, if I spot someone with a cheap game in their wishlist, I might just buy it for them, random acts of kindness and all that.

  10. geldonyetich says:

    Rogue Legacy, Skyward Collapse, Legend of Dungeon, Sequence, and Euro Truck Simulator 2, all at 66% off. Sold!

    All these great games, such as Shadow Warrior, for 50% off… not today; you can do better than that!

    Oh, my, could it be that I’m spoiled by Steam sales?

  11. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    Hey, these deals look even cheaper upside down….


  12. Beelzebud says:

    Skyrim for $7.50? Sold!

  13. Reapy says:

    Well never heard of hammerwatch, but pulled the trigger on it for $3.50, looks like it might be pretty fun. I also cruised by teleglitch, and that is half off for $6.50. I’ve been sitting on getting teleglitch for a while, probably a good time to snag it.

    • Bull0 says:

      You pulled the trigger on it? That’s weird, you’d think if you wanted it it would be easier to just buy it

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Best of luck. My experience of Hammerwatch was that it’s like Gauntlet without the fun.

      For that kind of thing you’re much better off with the Soulcaster games: link to magicaltimebean.com

      • dE says:

        Yeah, I agree. I can’t even point out what’s missing, but I just did not enjoy it. At all.

        • Reapy says:

          Balls. I had an inkling from looking at it that it might be missing something, but at 3.50 thought i’d get a night out of it, also being a sucker for overhead games. Ah well, can’t win them all.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Teleglitch is awesome and well worth buying at that price…although it has been cheaper on Steam before. Might be worth waiting a few days, see if it turns up on the front page

  14. luis.s says:

    I really like the northern/southern hemisphere thing. It’s the first time for me that a Steam seasonal sale has been in the season it says it is.

  15. SillyWizard says:

    Fuckin CK2. Approximately $60 of DLC purchased since Sons of Abraham came out, including today grabbing everything (I think) which I didn’t yet have. Finally gonna get to start a game in the 9th century with the Old Gods!

  16. Ace Rimmer says:

    Tankgiving sale on Humble, too. CKII + Sword of Islam, Legacy of Rome, Sunset Invasion & The Republic fer $20. Same bundle’s €40 on the Steam sale, although it may come up as a daily flashy thing.

    • MattM says:

      Vessel is a super good puzzle platformer at 3.75 USD on humble store. Steam and DRM free.

  17. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    If you simply must buy something on Steam today (because you might be dead tomorrow, I guess?), make sure it wouldn’t be cheaper through Gamefly, since they’ve got a sale on today and the GFDNOV20UK / GFDNOV20 code for a further 20% off.

    Mostly I find this is all just good practice at not buying games anymore.

  18. derbefrier says:

    meh i just bought rogue legacy over the weekend with some money i made off of random TF2 crap in my inventory. I knew I should have waited but oh well the game is awesome so i cant complain. I wonder if there is any chance Planetary annihilation goes on sale.

    ohh just checked its 25% off now hopefully it will show up in a flash sale or something but even at 25% i might have to cave in and check it out.

    • SillyWizard says:

      PA will never go on sale because that wouldn’t be fair to people who paid more, previously.

  19. BTAxis says:

    Also known as the sale shortly before the sale in which you get all of the really good deals.

    • fish99 says:

      There was a leaked document from Valve about 2 weeks ago detailing both sales, which stated that there won’t be deeper discounts at christmas due to how close the two sales are.

      Of course there may be different deals at christmas.

    • HadToLogin says:

      No it won’t, just like in last year, when Xmas sale was just a rerun of Black-Friday sale.

      I really don’t know why people so highlight Steam Sales forgetting about others, quite often much better deals (Amazon Sales for example announced PayDay 2 4pack for $30, I really wonder if Steam will try to get to that level or leave their price on $53; Green Man Gaming with it’s vouchers; GameFly started their sale today – cheapy Dishonored or Bioshock Infinite – both for 6 pounds after using their voucher).
      Guess “monopoly” has it uses…

      • DanMan says:

        Geography, for example. Amazon deals are usually US only. Then i don’t feel like registering everywhere with yet another password. I like to have a few select places to get my stuff – in general, not just games.

        Thinking about getting Outlast.

        • HadToLogin says:

          FYI, all you need is fake US address and you can buy Steam keys without problems. There’s maybe 5 games that can’t be activated outside US (Civilization 5, Dead Island(s) and Saints Row 4 and two games I always forget how are called as I wouldn’t ever buy them).

  20. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Don’t know if it’s on the front page but all the X games except the new shitty one are on sale

  21. SuicideKing says:

    My entire wishlist is on sale. That’s troubling.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Dooooo iiiiiiiit

    • DanMan says:

      Same here – almost, but all of them (except Outlast) are just regular sales that will be there until Dec 3rd, so no hurry there. Might turn up as daily or flash sale.

      • MacTheGeek says:

        And if you don’t find the deal you want by December 3, you can wait to scan all the deals in the Winter Sale, running from December 19 through January 2.

        • HadToLogin says:

          Winter Sale will have same deals, according to leaked mails and last year.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      Not Human Revolution or Nuclear Throne for me. Most tempting at the moment would be the Blackwell Bundle, I’d say. And I’ll hold for daily/flash sales on the Stanley Parable and Shelter.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Oh sitting and waiting for flash sales…it’s like a daily ritual during one of these sales…

        The only thing that’s stopping me from spending $60 on games is that the exchange rate has fallen through the floor.

  22. RiffRaff says:

    I honestly think I have spent more time looking for deals on games than actually playing them this year, so I would like to take a moment to praise the vidya game gods for making sure I have no money to buy anything in the sale.

  23. Bravey says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: Going East, hoping for more than the base 50% discount as of right now :)
    Will definitely pick up The Journey Down as well – those 2 are my only definites….might pick up Gone Home if it drops to 75%….miiight pick up GMOD as well when it drops to 75…so many games….

  24. Shuck says:

    The longer I’ve been on Steam, the less I’ve spent on each subsequent sale, which means it looks like this will be another sale in which I won’t buy anything at all. With my Steam backlog the way it is (not helped by the occasional bundle), I know that anything on sale now that I want will be on sale again, several times at least – at decreasing prices, and likely even showing up in a bundle or two – before I’m even going to have the time to think about playing it.

  25. TehK says:

    Honestly…. a lot of the stuff was on sale way cheaper in the last few weeks, e.g. during the Humble Store openings or the HugeSeal deals.

    But I’m still hoping for the goatee edition of Dishonored! It’s already 50% down, but I’m waiting until it’s in a daily sale.

    Oh… and the CK2 DLCs of course… never actually got them and I’d really like to have another go at CK2 during the long winter months ;)

    • HadToLogin says:

      Check gamefly – 8 pounds after using GMG-like code during checkout (unfortunately, can’t check how it goes right now, you’ll have to make a little research). Pretty sure Steam won’t beat that, they’ll stop at 10 pounds.

      • TehK says:

        Thanks for the tip. I have to pass on that though.

        For one, I’ve had bad experience with GameFly (to the point where they wanted to phone me on my private number before giving me the key to a game I already paid for) and secondly I’m from Germany and Dishonored is actually region locked. Just tried – I’m not even allowed to put it in the shopping cart.
        (Yes, I know…. VPN, Proxy… blablub… I just don’t care ;) )

  26. Commander Gun says:

    Since the Humble Bundle sales, Steam sales are not that interesting to me anymore.

  27. Premium User Badge

    zapatapon says:

    This is bad. I found the previous Steam sales disappointing but here I’ve already bought 3 games on day 1.
    (I don’t think Skyrim and Antichamber have been this cheap before?)

  28. Trespasser in the Stereo Field says:

    I’m going to behave this year and only buy things on my wishlist. Here’s hoping Far Cry 3 gets slashed. I’m actually too enthralled with playing Euro Truck 2 and Planescape: Torment to be all that interested in a Steam sale right now. Maybe that’s the trick to surviving a Steam sale…kind of like how eating a meal before going to the grocery store keeps you from loading up on crap.

    • Martel says:

      How good would Euro Truck 2 be for somebody that normally doesn’t play sim driving games, isn’t even really overly interested in the whole cargo moving aspect, and just wants an excuse to drive around europe while listening to music or something? Is the scenery and environment good enough to make that pleasurable?

      I’m downloading the demo right now so I’ll probably be able to answer my own question, but curious from somebody that is currently playing it how the full game might be.

      • Trespasser in the Stereo Field says:

        Well my friend, you described me exactly. I never play driving sims, other than the occasional Need for Speed fix. I had read the positive reviews of Euro Truck 2 and because they had the demo I figured I’d try it out. It’s way more fun than I expected. I do a run almost every night, which takes 15-30 minutes depending on how far I want to travel. Perfect for someone who can’t devote hours to gaming every night. It’s great to just sit back, stream some radio (right now I’m listening to 80s hits from a French radio station), and watch the scenery go by. I keep it simple–I have a Logitech controller and simulate an automatic transmission. I’m so hooked I’m now investigating the mods that have winter scenes in them. Holiday spirit and all that. I had some initial frustration with tweaking the steering, but once you get a few levels under your belt and figure out your personal settings, you’ll be pedal to the metal in no time.

        And see, this is why demos are lovely. I played the demo, I liked the game, I bought the game.

        • Martel says:

          That sounds great, thanks to both of you for the information.

      • TWChristine says:

        I actually tried the demo of the first ETS and thought it was quite an interesting idea. This was quickly followed by trying out the Scania demo which then made me think “They should update ETS to this engine!” which I guess is essentially what they did with ETS2.

        ANYWAY, even though you are soon to answer your own question, I gave the demo of ETS2 a shot and enjoyed it so much that I played until the demo ended..and then I got around that by restarting the game and it would let you play for another hour or some such. I did that for several days until I got paid and was able to actually buy it.

        SO..in answer to question, yes it is quite fun. Fun in the way of being just a nice relaxing, mindless thing to do after you come home from work, or before going to bed. From my experience the deepest it gets is that eventually through savings and loans you can hire other drivers and buy other trucks which you then “manage” by way of assigning/firing them, and maybe upgrading your garage/company to accommodate more drivers. Other than that, what you see in the demo is pretty much all you’ll be doing. Still worth it, especially if it’s on sale.

  29. malkav11 says:

    The easiest way to navigate the unhighlighted sales is to wishlist everything you’re even vaguely interested in whenever you run across it, then you’ll have a convenient scrollable list with discounts. Combine this with regular checks of the new arrivals section of the store and you’re pretty well set.

    But honestly, mostly the nondaily/flash sales aren’t very good.

  30. Armante says:

    Okay, so I FINALLY gave in and bought Skyrim as it’s a bundle at a cheap price.
    What are the top ten mods, texture packs, UI changes etc etc I should grab to make it totally amazing?

    I’d be hugely appreciative if a few people could give me their feedback on which ones I should definitely get to make the game look better and play better. Cheers :)

    EDIT: Many thanks TWChristine, Saaz and Trespasser in the Stereo Field :)
    EDIT2: Thanks colourlessness!

    • TWChristine says:

      Most people seem to swear by SkyUI, however I’ve gotten so used to the default that it doesn’t bother me any. Other than that, I would look into:
      Whistle – This comes in handy when you get in a fight and your horse runs off.
      Unread Books Glow – Pretty self explanatory..instead of clicking on every book just incase you hadn’t, to get a skill upgrade.
      Character Creation Overhaul – Lets you fine-tune your type of character
      Helmetless Warrior – Allows you to craft a helmet (for armor bonus) that will be invisible, to keep your lovely locks flowing in the wind!
      Sounds of Skyrim – Alters default sounds to be more atmospheric.
      Realistic Ragdolls and Force – Self explanatory..improves default.

      Other than that, others will probably give better options for graphic overhauls. There are also some good character model enhancements (if you don’t mind seeing some boobs, which seems to be the main focus of most of them) that make the skin look more realistic.

    • Saaz says:

      I haven’t played many hours, but here are the mods I have, that I would generally recommend:
      High res texture pack, free DLC on Steam, if your PC can handle it
      Unread books glow
      Bandolier – adds craftable pouches that increase your carrying capacity
      Night Eye Toggle – handy if you have night eye
      Pure Waters
      HD Plants + Herbs

      I also have the following mods, that are probably more a matter of personal preference:
      No Cleared Cell Respawn and Slow other respawn – slows down respawn time
      ORI-Kill Cams – disables ranged and magic kill-cams
      Shadow Striping Fix
      No Blur and fix Eye Adjustment
      Warburg’s 3D Paper World map
      Warburg’s 3D Paper World map – Dawnguard
      Run for your lives – causes NPCs to run indoors during dragon attacks

    • Trespasser in the Stereo Field says:

      I spent just around 200 hours with Skyrim and over time I had the best luck with the Nexus Mod Manager. It’s a nifty little program some smart folks wrote to automate the installation and uninstalling of mods. A huge time saver if you want to experiment with mods. Here are the mods I used the most….

      Quality World Map with Roads
      Enhanced Blood Textures
      Glowing Ore Veins (I don’t know how people mine without this!)
      Realistic Water Textures and Terrain
      Calientes Body Mod

      Looks like I also used KenMOD — shows an analog clock on the loading screen. Damn, I must have been playing Skyrim a lot if I needed that….

      Enjoy Skyrim, it gave me many fun hours!

    • colorlessness says:

      Personal top mods:

      Unofficial patches
      Interesting NPCs — huge amount of content/interactions, all voiced, some well-written quests attached
      Alternate Start/Live Another Life — after you played the vanilla start once, you’ll probably be done with that
      Apocalypse Spell Package — a ton of extra spells, some are pretty cool
      No Falling Damage — I use the 55% version
      Jump Higher — I use the ‘100’ version — these two mods are just so you can jump around more since you’ll never improve Athletics in Skyrim
      True Dragonblood — better shout cooldowns
      Non-Essential Children — you know, if you want
      Crimson Tide — or Enhanced Blood Textures, whichever you like, EBT is more recently updated & some people claim problems w/ Crimson Tide, I personally haven’t had issues
      RaceMenu — extra sliders for character gen
      ShowRaceMenuPreCacheKiller — no CTDs when invoking showracemenu in a large cell
      Uncle Sheogorath/Uncle Sheo’s DG/HF/DB — better loading screen “tips”
      Lamp Follower — the Lamp from Spirited Away, see link to haishao.blogspot.jp


  31. kouru225 says:

    This sale only reminds me of how many games I bought during summer sale… I got no games I even want….