Renegade X Commands, Nay Conquers, Your Attention

Command & Conquer FPS spin-off Renegade: bobbins.
Commander & Conquer FPS spin-off Renegade’s fan-made reinvention Renegade X: not bobbins?

Watch this video. It is quite an exciting video.

Despite the name Renegade X isn’t a ‘remake’ of the disappointing Renegade, but rather it’s an Unreal-based project that takes the original concept – C&C’s base-building/base-trashing played out from a first (and third) person perspective – and tries to do it well. A bit like Natural Selection on a bigger battlefield, and with Nod vs GDI rather than humies versus alienies.

The project’s been in the offing for over half a decade but has just announced a release date – my 35th birthday. RPS superfans will automatically know exactly when this is without my having to tell them anything more, but the three readers who don’t have a poster of me on their bedroom wall would probably appreciate my clarifying that this means 26th February, 2014.

This release, deemed v1.0 despite apparently not being out of the beta woods, is multiplayer-focused, offering 15 vehicles, 30 weapons and iconic super-powers such as the Ion Cannon. A singleplayer campaign of sorts was released early last year, though despite Craig’s promises then to tell us if it was any good, I remain ignorant on that front. And many other fronts, let’s be honest.

Renegade X is, given its IP-troubling nature, a free and not-for-profit project, though devs Totem Arts claim the recently demised EA Victory Games were going to play some manner of supportive role in its release. No more, clearly.

Some early looks at unit and weapon types can be found here, along with more discussion on how the thing works. It’s definitely appealing: back in 2002, Renegade sounded like the single greatest idea of all time. Planetside has arguably stolen much of the concept’s thunder by this point, but hopefully the base-managing aspect will keep this its own creature.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Oh boy oh boy.

    I’ve been watching this one a bit, and last I saw it looked like they were still on the right track.

    Black Dawn was a bit rough, but it was still fun to clamber into a mammoth tank, because mammoth tank.

  2. RedViv says:

    But there was a good version of that already. It was called Battlezone II.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, Battlezone 2 was really good.

      • Darth_Pingu says:

        … And compared to BZ 1?

        • Bull0 says:

          You know what, it was BZ 1 I played, I never played 2. I just remembered BZ1 as BZ2 because I think of Battlezone as the simple wireframe tank battle game

        • unangbangkay says:

          I haven’t played BZ2 in a while so my memories have faded, but I enjoyed BZ1 more because the vehicle physics felt better to me. The rudimentary 3D-accelerated graphics of BZ2 haven’t aged as well, either, nor did the base-building and alien-alliance plotting.

          BUT…I did like that the “base” vehicle was on tracks instead of hover-stuff.

  3. Moraven says:

    Don’t forget about Savage!

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Renegade X: Rebirth.

  5. PikaBot says:

    Me and my friends actually had quite a lot of fun with Renegade. It was utterly bobbins, but it was enjoyable to dick around in for LAN parties.

  6. AlienMind says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that if this will be good it will be killed (see: Mechwarrior Living Legends) or bought and monetized/micropaymentized (see: Hawken). Depending on the IP’s company having another similar project in the pipeline.
    So, hold off your joy about future LAN with the full version, lads.

  7. HumpX says:

    I would hardly call the original game “Disappointing”. It had a rabidly loyal fanbase for 7-8 years. granted the SP campaign wasn’t anything to get excited about……

    • Sardonic says:

      Seconded, it did a lot right in multiplayer, and it has a real unique feel to it that hasn’t really been captured in any other game I’m aware of. Disappointing is not the word I’d use at all.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Well, it was disappointing in that all the previews as it approached were “oh man this is going to be AWESOME”, and then the reviews were “oh my god this is AWFUL”, because the singleplayer was garbage and the multiplayer (I think) had nasty launch issues. (I remember the demo being susceptable to cheats and also somewhat intolerant of imperfect network conditions—the A Path Beyond lot doing their Red Alert total conversion in the same engine did a lot of community patching to the netcode, I think.)

      But, yes, when the multiplayer worked, it worked well.

    • 88GJS88 says:

      The original multiplayer was an overall excellent idea and worked really well on a grand tactical scale. Not so sure about the moments when it came down to 1 v 1 shootouts though, the literal hitbox that appeared round all characters was an extremely odd way of showing things and put me off playing it for too long.

  8. Lemming says:

    My jaw freaking dropped when I saw that Orca. I don’t even have to play this. To know it exists while proudly sticking its fingers up at EA, is enough.

  9. KwisatzHaderach says:

    I strongly disagree with the author in that the original Renegade was bad. The single player was forgetable, right. But the MP was very engaging and offered countless ways to interact as a team and overcome the enemy. It was easy to pick up, yet very deep and complex on a strategic level. Remembering the black hand infiltrations with nuclear missile beacons, the APC rushes, packed with engies waiting to drop their C4 in the enemy power plant. The flamer and stank rushes! It is one of the most overlooked multiplayer games of all time if you ask me.

    I’ve followed this project since the early days on moddb and am absolutely thrilled it will be out next year.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    I think I need a sit-down after watching that. And I was sat down to begin with.

    I’d love to see a Red Alert-style FPS, with 50s (I guess?) weapons in a Cold War-turned-hot setting. I always loved the setting of the original, the quiet desperation and mounting nervous breakdowns in the Allied briefings, even as the sequels left me cold (although I kinda liked RA2 for the game).

    Also, anyone get a Crysis vibe off that video?

  11. nopol10 says:

    Lazy lazy lazy. Someone needs to sit Alec down and make him play a couple of matches of Renegade online with teamplayers on both sides.
    The C&C part of the title made reviewers focus on the lacklustre single player when the real gem was in the multiplayer. It’s like dismissing Battlefield 3/4 because the campaign was a waste of time. Unfortunately all those who have not played the game have it burned into their heads that Renegade was just bad.
    Renegade-X is in fact using much of the same multiplayer mechanics that Renegade had because it worked.

    • KwisatzHaderach says:

      lazy; that is what I was thinking when I read the article. A little uninspired and uninformed for such a devoted effort.

      But then again, it was EA’s fault that the people conceived Renegade as a crappy Singleplayer game because it was promted as such. And the mulitplayer did have its technical issues, as has been mentioned here. The netcde was abysmal for example.

      • nopol10 says:

        The netcode definitely has its problems and cheaters were aplenty but the gameplay is a classic

        • Harlander says:

          The only thing I’m getting from all these people leaping to Renegade’s defence is that the single-player, i.e. the bit I’d care about, sucks irredemably

  12. JasPurewal says:

    Really, really, really, really, really excited about this. The multiplayer aspect of the original Renegade, as many others have said, was amaze and nearly cost me my law degree back in the day!

  13. TychoCelchuuu says:

    This looks really great.

  14. Don Reba says:

    I wonder, if anyone could really make a shooter, where perspective would change every two seconds, accompanied by a thundering dramatic score.

  15. Koozer says:

    But…I liked Renegade! And I never even got to play the multiplayer! How can you not enjoy walking around inside a Hand of Nod, or running away from Visceroids in a dark cave?

  16. Chaz says:

    Knocks one out: “That was left handed!”