Shhhhhhhhhhhh: Clandestine Announced

The developers behind Expeditions: Conquistador, Logic Artists, have announced their next game – Clandestine. It’s a game of spies and conspiracy, set in the halcyon days of the mid 1990s.

Due to appear next year, this PC exclusive will offer “asymmetrical cooperative play mechanics”, focusing on tactical stealth. It aims to recreate a post-Cold War scenario, in which both former Soviet and NATO spies are getting snuffed. It’s time to investigate that.

What is “asymmetrical cooperative play”? Good question. It tends to mean that a second player can join in, aiding the main player in a unique fashion. Here it looks like it’ll be about field agent and hacker, but how that’s going to work isn’t clear yet.

We do know that the game will be set in locations like underneath Vienna, and underneath Washington DC, with a story about conspiracies and fear. Here’s a deeply unhelpful teaser:


  1. Jonas says:

    Washingston State actually, not Washington DC. BUT CLOSE ENOUGH.

    • Gap Gen says:

      And it’s Clandestine’s monster; Clandestine is the scientist who made it.

      • Shadowcat says:

        You win an autographed 45 of Marty Feldman singing “Eyes Without a Face”.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Dear America,

      Why did you put two places named almost the same thing on opposite sides of the country? Did you run out of European ones to stick “New” in front of?


      • Shookster says:

        Dear Yurp,

        Thank you for your inquiry. Fairly certain it was like this. We renamed The District of Columbia after our first President and Saint, but a mere city that held the heads of all three branches of our government wasn’t quite enough. Then we named other cities after him, counties in many states, and streets in every town of a certain size.

        We still felt it wasn’t enough.

        In the end, we’d stolen some land from someone or other, they wanted to become a state, so we said, “Hey! Name it Washington! He doesn’t have a state named after him!” Thus, it was born.

        It is confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too hard. Try calling the capital, “The District” or “D.C.” and the state can just be “Washington State,” or, like us here in the Midwest, act like the whole region is kind of like a rainy extension of Canada.

        Best regards,
        Middle America

      • jnik says:

        Washington Territory (and thus state) was going to be called Columbia (after the river), but they thought people might confuse that with the capital. So they called it Washington.

        Not a proud moment in American history.

      • Josh Millard says:

        Washington State vs. Washington D.C. is really only the tutorial level for How America Names Things. Once you’ve established that you know how to use the stylus and which button is “cancel”, you can get into the real meat of the game; Portland, OR vs. Portland, ME makes for a good first challenge (no more can one rely on the old “well, is it a state or not?” crutch), and then it’s deeper into the thicket as a one grapples with Portland, OR being surrounded on various sides by a Milwaukee and a Vancouver and a Salem of which none are the Milwaukee or Vancouver or Salem.

        In summary, there was a lot of America to go around back in the naming days. If Eden had had this sort of square footage, Adam would have named seventy different things “giraffe”.

        • Doganpc says:

          Well, someone thought that Salem, Vancouver, Portland was enough name things after other things so they changed Milwaukee to Milwaukie so as to avoid that potential confusion. Then there’s Boring, OR… self explanatory and the interesting case of St. Helens, which is about 2hrs from Mt St. Helens and on a river in a different state.

      • The Random One says:

        I literally thought the city of Washington was in the state of Washington, kind of like New York City is the capital of the state of New York. That… that explains some things I found confusing before.

  2. Lanfranc says:

    That’s a Danish police officer getting taken down in the video, so that could be another location.

    EDIT: The video and the picture above both look like it could be the Parliament building in Copenhagen.

  3. aldo_14 says:

    Beating up a cop and leaving his bruised and broken body out in the middle of a hallway…. its not exactly clandestine, is it?

  4. Crimsoneer says:

    But it’s not Alpha Protocol 2 :(

  5. RedViv says:

    The important question is: Does it reunite Control and Tony Murchison?

  6. frightlever says:

    So 10 turn defence missions in Expeditions killed the game for me. I nearly fell asleep during my first one. Then another one cropped up and I pulled the plug on the game. It was a pity as I was enjoying the story but the combat was soporific.

  7. crizzyeyes says:

    I really hate to be “that guy,” but holy shit, those graphics are awful. I know the game is far from release, but you’d think they’d put together something with finished assets for a freakin’ teaser? If everyone is going to be that distractingly uncanny-valley at launch, that will really take away from the game for me.

    • schlusenbach says:

      Looks ok to me.

      It’s a simplified style, but it’s done well enough to add to the atmosphere.

      • Shadowcat says:

        Ditto. Maybe my graphical expectations bar is set on the low side, but I think it looks entirely decent. The character/face close-ups in the trailer absolutely look dated, but those may well not be a common thing in the game itself, and everything else seemed 100% acceptable. Sure, it’s not competing with the multi-million dollar games in the modelling department; but I don’t think that’s a problem.

    • Jackablade says:

      Arrrgh! This is not what Uncanny Valley means! *Kermit the Frog flail*

  8. Jimbo says:

    *commercial suicide facepalm*

    • Jonas says:

      Hm, tough crowd in here.

      • merbert says:

        Aye, that we are!

        We don’t suffer fools gladly in here.

        Seriously, point your own Bag-o’-fookin-shhhhhite”-ometre at this trailer and see how see how high a reading you get.

        I notice you’re not wearing the requisite safety suit or mask either.

        You were warned….

        • Jonas says:

          Hm, mine is at around 8-ish %. I think yours is just calibrated wrong.

          • merbert says:

            Yeah, ye see, when you’re not wearing the safety mask and suit, you tend to get all disorientated.

            Put them on.

            Point the bag’o’shite-ometre at the trailer again and do another reading.

            If you still get the same result, I have it on good authority that you’ll LOVE Aliens : Colonial Marines.

  9. merbert says:

    My BAG-O’-FOOKIN-SHITE-ometre reads : 100

  10. womp says:

    ~*90s kids only*~

  11. KhanIHelpYou says:

    Looks like the trailer was made in the 1990s too. Which is a bit unfortunate.

  12. draigdrwg says:

    Poor old indie studios.

    Make a 2d game: “Why are they making a 2d game? Why do they only do retro graphics? Lazy bastards! Grrrrr!”

    Make a 3d game: “Why does this look like graphics from 10 years ago? Why do they bother? This looks dreadful! Grrrrr!”

  13. Jerppa says:

    For a moment, I thought the game actually was called “Shhhhhhhhhhhh: Clandestine”.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Hmmm… is there a Secret Squirrel game? (It would seem not. Why is there not a Secret Squirrel game?)

  14. ChampionHyena says:

    Before we get altogether too dismissive of how admittedly ass-resemblant the trailer looks (at least so far), let us not forget that a number of the Logic Artists dudes are EX-NAMELESS MOD DUDES.

    Seriously. How could you NOT trust them to do right by a sneaky conspiracy hackshooter? I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.

    • ZIGS says:

      I was just gonna post this, TNM was brilliant. I also went back to check their previous game, which I thought was a RTS and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s actually turn-based with RPG elements. It’s now on my “must try/buy” radar.

    • strangeloup says:

      Cautiously optimistic too, but for a different reason — despite this trailer looking rather bumtacular, their previous release Expeditions: Conquistador was surprisingly really rather good.

      • plugav says:

        “Surprisingly really rather good” — I wouldn’t have put it better myself. The writing is splendid, I think, but the gameplay… eh… your mileage may vary. Personally, I’m pretty excited that they’re making this one a stealth game instead.

  15. apa says:

    A spy game with a female lead. The last one of those I played was great, let’s hope they have a bit of NOLF here! And the modem sound at the end…nice period touch.