Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Adds Sort-of Origins

His knee must smell pretty bad.

Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t about the origins of Batman, nor was it particularly good. It did have Batman though, and that counts for a lot.

The Inititaion DLC adds challenge maps which tell the sort-of Origins of Batman, and thus don’t really star Batman, but a bearded Bruce Wayne. There’s a trailer and an explanation below.

Here’s the description:

Set high in the Paektu-San Mountains of North Korea, the Initiation Add-On follows a young Bruce Wayne as he faces his ultimate test. Players will embark upon a series of challenge maps that test their martial arts training across exotic locales, including a bamboo forest and a mountain top monastery. Fans will face fresh enemies along with an epic final test to prove their worthiness to Bruce’s greatest and most pitiless teacher, Kirigi.

Greatest and most pitiless teacher? Ra’s al Ghul, you just got schooled.

Kirigi is actually an obscure Batman character who appeared in the comic “The Man Who Falls”, which re-told Batman’s original story in 1989. Maybe this is also all happening in World Two, but really, who cares. The DLC has men and you can punch them. It’s out today and costs £5.49.


  1. Screamer says:

    “nor was it particularly good”

    Dem’s fighting words! It was good :(

    • Scraphead says:

      I agree, I played all 3 Arkham games and enjoyed them all immensely. It makes me sad that so many people seem to be unable to enjoy it, it’s really not that different from the first two.. I guess this stuff always happens when developers switch and stuff, and then there’s the people who decide to hate it because they read on the internet that other people hate it and it’s apparently super cool to do so.

      Oh well, I still had a great time playing it, and will even continue to play it some! Won’t be getting the DLC though, not worth it for just some challenge maps.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Especially on the internet, where having a different opinion about *anything* is enough reason to fight.

    • Lemming says:

      It was a good game, even a good Batman game, but it wasn’t a good Arkham series game. It can’t touch them, really.

      It dropped the ball in several places I felt, but overall it was a lot of fun.

  2. thekeats1999 says:

    Still making my way through Origins (got side tracked with Lego Marvel).

    Problem I had was I had just played through both Asylum (still my favourite) and City (a bit bloated but still enjoyed it) so the flaws came through straight away. Especially when Killer Croc disappeared in the first battle.

    So I will complete it, say I have completed it and move on.

    To make a long story short, won’t be buying the DLC, no matter what the beard looks like.

  3. Viroso says:

    “There’s no room for your self righteous western morality in here”
    Oh lord

  4. Scumbag says:

    I see lots of throwing stars and whatnot. Is this pre-Batman killing people?

  5. johnxfire says:


    Let us inititaite.

  6. CaspianRoach says:

    They key word here is ‘challenge maps’. It’s not actually a story content DLC, it’s just two more challenge maps with a minute-long story cutscenes if played from a ‘campaign’ mode. It was this way for Arkham City.

  7. 66trader66 says:

    Who could have the gall to criticize this… one of the few recent AAA titles out on the PC and infinitely better than the multitude of indie-trash on offer.

    I enjoyed the visual fidelity upgrade in Origins compared to the earlier games in the series but, admittedly, the game lost it’s overall luster for me after about a week.

    • tormos says:

      Of course this game was objectively better than hotline miami. Because reasons.

  8. Bishop99999999 says:

    Arkham Origins was fine. My only real complaint was that there wasn’t nearly as much Deathstroke as there should have been.

  9. ruaidhri.k says:


  10. Lemming says:

    I was really hoping for some story-based dlc, perhaps built around another villain. A Great White Shark, Zsaz or Calender Man vignette would be great.

  11. Iskariot says:

    I bought the previous two batman games. I loved them, but all the DLC that were released, especially for the second game, made me postpone buying this one. I’d rather wait for a complete GOTY and play the game in one non-fragmented go.

    I am a fanatic gamer and game collector and I used to buy most games day one, for a day one price. But because of the game fragmenting DLC trend I find myself postponing buying my games more and more. It saves me buckets full of money and delivers a better gaming experience.

  12. thekelvingreen says:

    You can play as Will Riker in the Batman game? Awesome!

  13. Chaz says:

    What’s with the rope fetish they all seem to have?

  14. muddi900 says:

    I’d say Arkham Origins is the best game in the series. I loved the game enough to download CIty and replay it. It improves upon City in every manner except the QA. City’s story would have been great if it was a comic-book, and you disregard everything to do with Catwoman and Hugo strange, but as a video game it falls flat. Origins had a bigger area to fly around, more challenging and fun combat, and it did not hide the most awesome feature behind a shitty side mission.