Better Slate Than Never: Rymdkapsel Coming To PC

You know that Game of Thrones is an allegory of the horror of gaming on touchscreens, yeah? What else could “Winter is coming” be about other than the pain and suffering of trying to use a mobile phone or tablet device in the cold? It’s clearly about having your nose pressed against the freezing glass, the horror of a snotty face finger prodding away in a clumsy mockery of what could be done in the days of warmth and plenty. So I am very happy to have the announcement trailer for rymdkapsel, a strategy game that could only be played on iThings and Google gadgets, is coming to the PC. It’ll have a warm welcome and a place around my fire.

The colourful strategy game, a pared-down slab of austere finger-prodding, is about building up a space station. Why? There is no why, there is only do. You’re working to build your station, following the vague orders that drop in like Tetris blocks. You’re attempting to create an efficient base design that’ll allow your automated minions to repel invaders and survive long enough to research the monoliths in the corners of the maps. It’s about the flow.

The PC version will arrive on Steam in January, with more game modes, monoliths and missions clicking into place. Hooray!


  1. Donncha O Caoimh says:

    This was a lot of fun on my phone. It’s still available in the Humble Bundle and totally worth the minuscule asking price.

    • RiffRaff says:

      its also free right now on playstation mobile, and on vita which is where I played it. no idea how psmobile works with your phone or if you just download an app or use a sony phone or something. its like a nice game to keep me busy a couple of hours, but It didn’t seem to have much depth to keep me playing beyond that.

      edit: actually depth is the wrong word to use there, so I would like to clarify that statement. its clear they have gone for a minimalist, relaxing theme, and that works really well, it just seems to lack … variety I think is the best word to use.

  2. RedViv says:

    I’m afraid I can’t not buy this, Dave.

  3. UncleLou says:

    It’s a neat little game, but it took me exactly two attempts to finish it, and without difficulty levels or any different playmodes, there really is no reason to ever play it again. Which is a bit of a shame for a strategy game with randomisation.

    edit; I am talking about the iOS version, when it launched. Maybe they have added stuff in the meantime.

    • Teovald says:

      Same thing for the Android version at launch.
      It was very neat, for 2 hours. After that there is little to go back to.
      You could always try to survive longer (the attack waves are increasingly stronger) but for this you would have to replay the same very boring construction phase again and the way you are finally overwhelmed is very random anyway.

  4. Kefren says:

    Pared down, unless you’re using two fingers at once. :-)

  5. Henke says:

    I feel a bit bad that I haven’t played this on either my iThing or my Google gadget yet. I love FTL so this’d probably suit me just fine.

    • Teovald says:

      I don’t think these two have a lot in common. rymdkapsel has almost no replayability at all.

  6. phanteh says:

    I picked up the latest Humble Bundle for android, mainly for Ridiculous Fishing, and ended up playing this a lot.

    I agree with UncleLou though – after you get the jist of it, get to the monoliths in 45 minutes and make it past wave 28, there’s little motivation to keep playing. I’ve probably put about 6 hours into it over the last few days, I’ve survived wave 32 and my desire to play has evaporated (for now).

    It’d be nice if they change things up a little for PC.

  7. bit_crusherrr says:

    I wonder how much it will cost. I’ve noticed a trend with mobile games where the price is jacked up for the PC release for no real reason. Even on those without idiotic microtransactions.

  8. Nucleus says:

    I hope they fix the minion AI, currently it can be quite infuriating. Minions running all over the map to their defense positions, when there are empty stations available next to them. Or construction minions picking up multiple bits of the same type of resource just to realize that only one piece of it is required. Or construction minions stealing food from quarters, when there is more food available in the next room…