Mythmas Time: Apotheon Trailer

Apotheon is one of the more interesting games on the horizon. It’s a stunningly pretty action RPG set in ancient Greece, where you’ll wander an open-world Mount Olympus as you attempt to overthrow Hera. It’s from Alien Trap Games, who made the splendid Capsized, and they’ve just announced that if you pre-order Apotheon you’ll get Capsized for free.

“Beware Greek-based games bearing pre-order bonuses”, so the saying goes. Why beware? Because the person who would use such a xenophobic statement is also clearly out to deny you fun and free games. Do not listen to such a clich├ęd warning, and instead make your own mind up on games and take people as individuals. I am Scottish, and if you were to believe everything you read about Scottish people, you’d probably be bleeding right now in a psychosomatic reaction. And yet I am lovely.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. Your eyes will love it.

Ooh. Lots of swooshing swords and tossed spears. And that art-style is pitch-perfect as well, with a nice stiffness to the animations. Though I wonder if what we watched there was a mixture of single and multiplayer? Some of the fighting had the distinct whiff of oiled-up man-on-man action. Very apt.


  1. TychoCelchuuu says:

    This game looks pretty great but I wish maybe it would try something new. I mean, I feel like I’ve already played sidescrollers where I’m a person and sometimes a deer in a Greek pottery universe so many times – maybe someone should make a game where you’re a member of the military and you shoot Russians or something. Games need to innovate.

    • Niko says:

      Yea, and come on, ancient Greeks invented that visual style like, two thousand years ago.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, there are way too many Call of Pripyat games*.

      *Ukrainian yes I know.

    • LordOfPain says:

      Well, there is a similar-looking game but with somewhat different gameplay called Hellas:
      link to
      link to
      It was started around the same time (a bit before I think but I can’t remember).
      Hasn’t got nearly as much coverage as Apotheon but it looks very promising.

  2. ShowMeTheMonkey says:

    This looks glorious.

  3. wodin says:

    Is this the same game mentioned awhile ago when it looked more like a beat em up at the time? If it isn’t it sure looks similar. I was also wondering what happened ot that game.

    yeah I think it is..just went to the website and recognise the old trailer. I remember it looking like you needed abit of skill to fight rather than just mash a button.

    • SillyWizard says:

      Might you be thinking of this?

      link to

      • wodin says:

        Yes thats the one! Thanks mate. Though I probably thought that game was this game at a different stage of development and vice versa. This looks more interesting.

    • LordOfPain says:

      Clicking the ‘Apotheon’ tag on the story shows the previous coverage on RPS, if that helps. :)
      You probably already knew that but personally I tend to forget about the tags.

      • wodin says:

        Thanks for the tip.. already knew but like you I forget so thanks anyway.

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Good luck in the IGF Guys! They don’t need it though, this game looks great!

  5. Lucid Spleen says:

    Looks bloody marvellous, consider my loins thoroughly whetted – I was pretty sure you couldn’t whet your loins because it would ensure irreparable damage to said bodily parts but Nathan has said otherwise and that’s good enough for me.
    Also, why have I never heard of Capsized? Hmm? Explain that! Anyway it’s now on my Steam wish list. So, thanks for that, although you could have pointed it out sooner, grumble, grumble….

  6. DatonKallandor says:

    It looks very much like a Greek version of Guacamelee, complete with period appropriate art style (like Guacamelee). Can’t think of higher praise than that, since Guacamelee was awesome in every aspect.

  7. Skabooga says:

    Ooo, this is one of the games whose release I’m looking forward to most!

  8. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Poor alien.


  9. Aradalf says:

    I had never heard of Capsized and now I watched its trailer, and it makes me want to pre-order Apotheon right now. Just look at it: link to This is what we need more of, indie devs making innovative games, not just pixel-art oldschool retro platformers.

    • sonson says:

      Quinns did a Wit here link to

      Rather liked it I recall.

      Been excited about this on and off since seeing the trailer however long ago it was, happy to hear it’s due soon.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Capsized is Waking Mars with shooting. I kinda liked it but never finished it.

  10. Caiman says:

    Games like this are why I’m still a gamer. Fantastic style, and Capsized was brilliant (if challenging!) so I have high hopes for this.

  11. n. says:

    It’s a kind of Gods, but without the Bitmap Brothers…
    Capsized was really good. I have high expectations for this one.

  12. jonahcutter says:

    I wish this kind of gameplay did more for me, because the art design for both these games is gorgeous.

  13. wodin says:

    At some points during the trailer I felt like shouting I am Sparta!

  14. quietone says:

    Graphics drawn by a 2 year-old, 2D as in “we are too lazy to make a game with a 3D world”. And…oh, look, you can fight! With a sword OR a bow! Bet you didn’t see that one coming huh?

    (I’m just saying this because making derisive comments about games makes me look so cool , right? RIGHT?)

  15. dsch says:

    A very pretty game, this Aroteeon.

  16. Jekhar says:

    After watching the trailer, it seems the handling is identical to Capsized. I’m afraid this will play a bit too fiddly and “light weight” for a Jump’nRun Slasher. It was fine in Capsized with its ranged combat and jetpack powered movement, but i’m not so sure it’ll work here.

  17. SuicideKing says:

    Love the art style, though it overall has a Mark of the Ninja vibe to it.

  18. Xpgamer7 says:

    Played this at PAX and loved it. The art is interesting, but really just different and not beautiful(to me at least). But the gameplay was awesome. The weapon swings felt great and throwing weapons were cool too. Also I beat the demo while running backwards with my back half bent over swinging an axe at anyone who dared cross me.

    Edit: Also that’s all single player. I haven’t seen any multiplayer, but the AI moves with the same controls as you but also really fast. It feels more like bots than bullet fodder story armies if that makes sense.