Norsey Weekend: War Of The Vikings Free Weekend

What are you doing this weekend, readers? That’s just a general question you should feel free to answer in the comments, btw. I like hearing about your plans. If you feel the need to acquire something to do, then you might want to think about dropping into War Of The Vikings. Fatshark’s beard-and-beating sim is still a Steam Early Access title, but they’ve decided to allow people pile-in this weekend: it’ll be all yours to try from Dec 5th to December 8th.

I’ve had the game on my PC for a number of months, but I’ve yet to dip into the world of beard customisation and javelin tossing. And this weekend is stacked to the gills with SECRET FUN, so I’m out. Which is a shame because I kind of liked War Of The Roses: the slow-paced sword-clashes and long-bow tussles was a relaxing diversion from the pain and suffering of the real world. And you could wear a helmet with a badger on it. I’ll admit I didn’t play it every evening, but I did enjoy myself when I did. It might be because one of the game’s battlegrounds is only a short bus-ride from where I’m typing these very words.

So I’m missing what’ll probably be the busiest time to play it. If you care about looking good, the flood of newbies will probably make you look amazing.

The full game is out in 2014.


  1. harmen says:

    > What are you doing this weekend, readers?

    Play Spelunky.

    • tumbleworld says:

      Dragonmeet games convention is this weekend — Kensington ahoy!

      • slerbal says:

        Me too! I’ll be on the Chronicle City with my novels and new RPG. There is aa demo of my game being run too. Dragonmeet is a great convention :-)

    • The Random One says:

      Well on Sunday I’ll be taking the train to São Paulo with my friend for her editor’s autograph session, and on Saturday I might join my mother and grandmother’s when they go see a Christmas choir, but might also just stay home playing Warlock: Master of the Arcane.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Well as the gf is studying away all weekend, probably sit myself on Battlefield 4 and XCOM all weekend.

    With pizza.

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’m going to my cousin’s 20th birthday party over the weekend. Before that, on this Friday, I’m going to practice some parkour, something I’ve been doing for more than 3 years. We do it indoors now that it’s proper winter here in Sweden, with snow and all. Then, as usual on Fridays, I’ll finish the evening by watching yet another episode of True Blood (yeah, I prefer watching TV series on the TV when they air).

  4. Keyrock says:

    On the video game front, I’m splitting time between Drakensang: The River of Time and Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse.

  5. bstard says:

    More Grim Dawn and CK2. I didnt liked that middleages pvp thinggy and wont even try this Viking one.

  6. jama says:

    Studying for an upcoming exam. Also planning on trying out some heroes in DOTA 2 that I haven’t yet played. And then I’ll also try to catch up on some of the video game blogging stuff on (if you’re interested in video game criticism, that website is for you)

  7. RichardDastardly says:

    Having early access to the game for a few months now I’d like to advise people to avoid this game if they didn’t like War of The Roses. They haven’t fixed any of the combat floatiness issues of WotR and WotV seems a lot like a re-skin with a special attack added.

  8. ucfalumknight says:

    I will be visiting Old Saint Nick with my kids, and attending several Christmas Parades in my area. When the children are asleep, I will be tending my crops with Farming Simulator 2013 or Trying to colonize all of Africa in Victoria II. Not one for Middle Ages PvP. I prefer my PvP with shooty things.

  9. Afro says:

    After being on a boring business trip all week I`m looking forward to a stay-at-home weekend.
    Picked up Xcom at the steam sale, wondering if I should play it vanilla first time or with the expansion?
    Otherwise I will as usual play some Wargame:Airland battle, it’s like a new game with the recent megapatch. And such an amazing level of depth, I just cant get tired of it!

  10. frightlever says:

    I have a concept for a chocolate fudge with biscuit base snack in my head I might try out. Sorta like a caramel square but with a chocolate fudge top. Will the layers stay together? Probably not… probably not… gonna need an adhesive middle layer, which brings me back to caramel, goddammit!

    EDIT: forget the base, break up a bunch of Bourbon creams and mix them through the chocolate fudge mixture. Might turn out soggy. We’ll see.

  11. joshkokay says:

    Quite appropriately I’ll be writing an essay on Scandinavian literature for my Viking Studies degree this weekend. Yes, Viking Studies.

  12. realitysconcierge says:

    If the rain lets up then I’m going on a date to the Caldwell zoo!

  13. Palindrome says:

    I tried this today and its even worse than War of the Roses. Same basic gameplay but the hit detection is even worse. I uninstalled it after 15 minutes.

  14. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I’ll probably try to become the king of Germany and turn all Europeans into Cathars this weekend. You know, the usual.

  15. Carra says:

    Broken Sword 5 of course.