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The RPS Bargain Bucket: The Classics

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Spaghetti Monster, help me. It’s sandbox survival week. Maia? Starbound? NEO Scavenger? Spare time, thy name doth now sit in the same hallowed halls as productivity’s ghost. Seriously, though, as awesome as the eternal fight for a full stomach might be, not everyone enjoys wrestling with hostile aliens for tufts of wheat and plant fibres.  For those of you out there who aren’t keen on civilizing intergalactic no man’s lands, this week’s Bargain Bucket for you. (It’s also for everyone who does enjoy open world sandbox games, but dramatic presentation demands a more personalized touch.)

Bundle In A Box
$1.99/£1.22/€1.45 for 5 games

Let’s start with a farewell. According to one of the co-organizers, this is Bundle In a Box’s last hurrah before it retires quietly to Internet history. Which is a shame, really, because Bundle In A Box was always excellent at the whole ‘delivering eclectic games that no one has heard of’ business. That said, their final bundle is potentially their best. If you pay more than the current minimum, you’ll be able to access the likes Rooks Keep, episode 1 and 2 of Cognition, and the rather morbidly amusing The Grave Digger.

The Video Games Awards Nominees Steam Sale
At least 33% off on a lot of great titles.

What better to celebrate and honor the best games of 2013 than by slashing their prices astronomically? Steam might have just ended their autumn sales bonanza but it doesn’t mean that the savings have to stop. The best discount in the lot goes to Tomb Raider, which is now a staggering 80% off in celebration of the annual award ceremonies. if you don’t feel like kicking in with Lara Croft, however, I’d recommend you add Gone Home ($9.99/£7.49/€9.49), DiveKick($4.99/£3.49/€ 4.99), Brothers ($7.49/£5.99/€6.99) and Kentucky Route Zero ($12.49/£9.49/€11.49) to your armament of games if you don’t already possess them.

id Software Complex Pack
$40.84/£24.99/€ 29.82

Take a trip down memory lane with the iD Software Complete Pack. It has a lot of all of their iconic titles — including the ones that everyone didn’t like very much. I’m a bit skeptical about recommending you jump on the chance to purchase the RAGE franchise in its entirety. However, this is as good an oppurtunity as any to work on legitimately completing your DOOM or Quake line-up. (Man, id sure likes empathic titles, don’t they?)

Tropico 4
$5.99/£3.66/€ 4.37

Over at everyone’s favourite pay-what-you-want-bundle-turned-discount-mega-entity, Tropico 4 is rocking an impressively low $5.99/£3.66/€ 4.37. I’m personally not big on the idea of playing the dictator of an island paradise but those who enjoy functioning as El Presidente seem to approve of the fourth installment a fair bit. If you fall in the second camp, you may want to capitalize on this opportunity, you would-be-tyrant-type-person you.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 elicited a mix of responses from both the Internet and critics. Some delighted in its slow-mo sensibilities. Others took affront to them. Mostly, though, people were very, very fond of it. If Max Payne 3 was too expensive for you when it first burst onto stores everywhere, you might be happy to know that Amazon went out of its way to provide you with a drastically more economical package. For just $6.99/£4.28/€5.19, you too can take on the role of a vigilante ex-cop hellbent on revenge after the typically murder of your female family members.

Trine Series
$4.48/£2.74/€3.27 for Trine and Trine 2: Complete Story

Oh, dear. You should get this if you don’t already own the Trine games. Not only is the franchise an excellent co-op experience, it’s also very, very attractive. Not attractive in the ‘you can practically see every pore and beguiling arc of muscle’ sort of way, but attractive in the way that makes games journalists use words like ‘pop-up storybooks’ and ‘fairy tale magic.’ Which should tell you everything you need to know about it, I think.

Company of Heroes 2

EDIT: Seems like the offer for this one is over. Buggerit.

The pitch for Company of Heroes 2 goes something like this: In the world’s darkest hour you are a commander of the Soviet Red Army, entrenched in brutal frontline warfare to free Mother Russia from the Nazi invaders. Enticing, eh? What it doesn’t tell you is that your soldiers will mingle and scream in unprecedented amounts of panic when things go wrong, that snow is an absolute tosser of a natural hazard and that your friends almost always universally seem better than you at this game. It’s excellent. You should get it. I just did.

 Also of note

The Book of Unwritten Tales – $3.99/£2.44/€2.91
The sovereign rulers of RPS seemed to have loved it. I did too. If you like point & click adventures, this one’s a doozy.

Pixel PiracyNoffin’ if you decide to use the torrent supplied by the devs.
Fancy a side-scrolling 2D, pirate-themed roguelike-like? You do? Well then..

Get Games – 75% on notable titles like BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: Game of the Year.
Mostly decent selection of games going cheap. I say ‘mostly’ because it has the Mac version of Duke Nukem: Forever too.

The Indie Gala Codemasters BundlePay more than $5.99 to get 7 games
An opportunity to snag the Overlord series for very cheap? Smashing. (Thanks, Fersken!)

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