EverQuest Next Landmark’s Insane Ambitions Video-ed

I'mma turn this into a giant robot!

I have played EverQuest Next Landmark, and lo, it was akin to using Photoshop to birth worlds from my finger (and brain) tips. Also, a giant ice cream cone. For all of SOE’s boasting, there’s actually some awe-worthy power in the toolset, and that’s not even all there is to the game. Landmark is a universe of exploration, combat, and survival that will constantly expand as players build onto it. From a standpoint of scope and ambition, vanilla EverQuest Next pretty much pales in comparison. If you still don’t understand exactly why (SOE did a horrendous job of explaining it early on), there’s a fairly substantial video below that ought to help.

Impressive, right? I mean, it’s still extremely early and sort of janky, but the framework for something special is definitely in place. Also, I am so going to overrun all the high fantasy elven forests with lumbering mechs. Mark my words.

If you want to buy into alpha access, EverQuest Next Landmark’s founder’s program is up and running. The alpha packages are pretty pricey, though, so maybe hold off until we can verify that the early test is meaty enough to warrant SOE using its money-sapping dark arts on your wallet.

The alpha will begin sometime around February of next year. What’s your take on Landmark so far?


  1. hjd_uk says:

    This is using the VoxelFarm engine to drive the building stuff. Ive been following the developer’s work on procedural generation for a while, good to see his work getting some attention from publishers/developers: Procedural World

    • Reapy says:

      Right, just keep watching his updates he releases, always increasingly awesome things going in the engine.

    • pupsikaso says:

      So you’re saying that Sony is riding off this one man’s work, and are probably going to make millions, and they not even once mention the engine that they are using to make all this possible?
      So very much like Sony…

      • Stompopolos says:

        That’s not at all what he said. You’re responding to a straw man.

    • Shuck says:

      The work he’s been doing on that engine is amazing. Watching it develop has been quite a show. It should be noted that other games are also using that engine – Starforge, for example is using an earlier version. Developers are putting their own marks on it, and what the EQ team have added shouldn’t be discounted, either.

  2. Soulstrider says:

    I can’t wait to build a massive dwarven fortress inside a mountain. It’s going to be my pet project. Thought ironically I am thinking of playing as a Dark Elf instead of Dwarf.

    • Didden says:

      If you find the heart of the mountain, trust me, bad things will happen…

    • staberas says:

      “I can’t wait to build a massive dwarven penis fortress inside a mountain.”
      Fixed, seriously this game is going to get spoiled by some huge pen.. ahem, sorry idiot .

    • The Random One says:

      You should name your character Cacame Awemedinade.

  3. JustAPigeon says:

    I still don’t really understand how this whole thing works, in terms of being an MMO and leading to EQN. I enjoy the video, but I reckon the title is misleading. More like “Look at our building tools”, which are pretty cool.

    • Stompopolos says:

      That was half the video.

      • DThor says:

        Not sure I agree – I was also unclear on how this folds into the actual game. Believe me, I really like it when a Dev starts off from a position of providing a powerful toolset that gets updates from the Dev as they add more content, like Arma, but there was no attempt to indicate the context of the toolset. Having the cursor effectively replaced by a wizard waving their arms was gimmicky and suggests you’ll be building worlds, but how does that map to an MMO?

        I’ll be honest, I would feel a lot more fuzzy about this game if the Salesman Factor was a little less intense with their presenters. After watching these videos I feel like that hapless couple in Glengarry Glenn Ross. Coffee is for closers!

  4. Stepout says:

    Question: Can I progress in this game (get better gear, fight better monsters, etc) without having to collect and craft a bunch of stuff? Cause exploring the world appeals to me, but I’m not a fan of Minecraft style progression, and since all the videos I’ve seen of this game shows you building stuff, it’s unclear to me exactly how this game plays out.

    • Werthead says:

      Yes. EVERQUEST NEXT itself will be a standard MMORPG. LANDMARK is an optional add-on for it, although I think you can still use NEXT to venture into some of the player-generated worlds as well.

      link to en.wikipedia.org

  5. Loque says:

    It looks fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but how is this “world” supposed to work with random people being able to freely build… anything? Even that mech at the end of the video looked wrong, for example. Not to mention that “free content” will easily translate in weird stuff everywhere.

    • Reapy says:

      Mech really irked me and told the problem with any building thing, half the stuff will be crap or out of theme or rubber stamps. Not that there won’t be good stuff…finding it will be tough. Basically this will have all of secondlife’s problems all over again. Can’t wait for in game advertisements to start springing up everywhere.

      • kael13 says:

        It’s already been said that the developers will pick and choose the good stuff for EverQuest Next’s MMO part.

        • pretty fiendish says:

          I think that’s what will encourage a lot of people to aim for something in keeping with Everquest lore, the chance to have something included in the game would be pretty cool.

          Don’t get me wrong, I fully expect penis-shaped structures to be the norm. I hope the developers are going to be extra vigilant in checking over anything due to go in the game though. The only thing more compelling than having your own work included will be smuggling a penis-shaped object into the game. So reassuring to see we’ve come so far as a society!

          • Themadcow says:

            Then the guy who designed this Qatar World Cup stadium must be chuffed to bits…

            link to i.imgur.com

            It’s a football stadium that looks just like a ladygarden *snigger*

          • Lemming says:

            Yup. Pretty genius of SOE, really. They are letting the world create their MMO for free, cherry picking the stand-outs, and if the PC mod scene has taught us anything, it’s that with the right tools they can surpass anything that the devs themselves could’ve come up with.

      • Armitage says:

        Second Life had a insane amount of bewbs and penises. They will either fail at their grand promises of a player created world, or the game will drown in filth. It’s inevitable!

  6. alsoran says:

    Crikey ! mods you can charge for online? I wonder if the people who do ESO have seen this?

  7. CobraLad says:


    • Armitage says:

      You cannot resist ! We will cover your world in bewbs and penises !

  8. Carlos Danger says:

    Landmark, to me, is so much more exciting then Next. I can’t wait to get into the world to explore and and build. Also there is no “theme” in Landmark. They are letting you build in any genre you choose. The thinking being that communities will make they own pockets that work together, like a virtual Chinatown or Greektown.

    Also for those folks that seem to live in some constant fear of penis towers, have no fear, you can always pack up everything you built and move in case something is erected next to your plot that makes you feel inadequate.

  9. Mctittles says:

    This looks real good, although I wish it had the game mode I wanted to play as well. We have a 3d editor in one part and an actual game in another part. I’d like to build stuff in my actual game.

    One of the things that held my interest in Minecraft was the challenge in making stuff. When I showed off my expansive castle to my friends it was impressive because of the amount of work and danger involved in building it.

    Second Life had a lot of tools like this game and was ultimately boring because building was too easy and I’d rather just use a regular 3d program at that point.

    • Hroppa says:

      Uh, I think they said that’s what Landmark will be.

      • Mctittles says:

        No landmark is the game part but without shaping the land and buildings permanently. Everything “grows back” to stock after a bit of time.

  10. pilouuuu says:

    They shouldn’t have shown that ponytail clipping into her quiver. Besides that, it’s an amazing engine!

    • Etzel90 says:

      I’ve never seen a game where things dont clip, Especially an MMO.

  11. mr.black says:

    Every single time I see the logo I think “Yaaay new Monkey island game!” And then a bit dissappointed and then a bit better when I realise it’s the next Great MMO thing.

  12. realitysconcierge says:

    You know what’s amazing to me? The fact that Sony has the Playstation 3 and 4 out right now and they don’t let their consoles compromise their vision for games, let alone trying to restrict them on the pc platform. It sure would be nice if Microsoft were that secure with itself and we didn’t have to deal with all of their bs.

  13. Xzi says:

    I’ve been burnt out on MMOs for some time, but I’m cautiously optimistic about EQN and Landmark. It seems to be as player-driven as MMOs should have been from the very beginning.

  14. geldonyetich says:

    So, basically, they’re marrying Minecraft with EverQuest? I’m feeling somewhat sold. Honestly, I have to wonder why nobody’s already done, “massively multiplayer Minecraft w/ lore.” It seems rather obvious (griefing potential aside).

    If it’s on a F2P model as well, which SOE has been wisely adapting lately, then absolutely they can have my moneys.

  15. The Random One says:

    He pretty much namechecked Bartle’s Spades and Diamonds in the video… I wonder if there’ll be one dealing with Socializers and Killers later, or if I’m seeing stuff where there isn’t any.

  16. racccoon says:

    Great that they saw minecraft and developed their own idea of it, giving it a level higher up, I’m curious though, can we attack players homes/builds as/once they build them? if not, its going to be very much a willy wonker world. still though its good to see this sort of game happening in the open world.
    maybe rockstar needs to get the drill bit out.

    • Nurdell says:

      You’ll be able to allow your friends (or whoever you want basically) build with you or open the construction site for everybody in EQNL. So it won’t be a mess to deal with.