Frostivus For The Rest Of Us: Dota 2 Holiday Event Returns

The Airing of Grief-ances?

Valve have learnt their lesson from Diretide: don’t deny the Dota 2 community their holiday celebrations. That means that Frostivus is back. The holiday event is traditionally quite lovely. Last year’s Frostivus started normally before being taken over by The Greeviling, an update and game mode in which players can use their Greevil a secondary hero. At this point, I’d normally make a crack about how I don’t understand any of this and don’t care, but truthfully, I do understand it. It’s just easier to be flippant than explain all the context. Instead, this time, I’ll take door number three and link to the Dota 2 wiki page about the Greeviling event.

Who knows whether Greevils will return to cancel Christmas this time out. There’s a plushie of one with a nail through its head on the Frostivus site so my bet is on whatever.

There’s that old-fashioned flippancy. Anyway, from the Frostivus 2013 site, it seems the season of givening is returning, encouraging players to give in-game items as gifts to one another. Also, something about Wreath-Night: “Collect bright winter berries and sprigs of fir, and twist them together into mementos for family and friends. Doze off to the smell of simmering rumbutter, assured that the spirits of Frostivus Eve are conspiring to grant your wildest dreams of peace and friendship!” I genuinely don’t know what that means but I bet it involves the new socketing system added in the last update. And isn’t the word “rumbutter” just the most lovely smelling word?


  1. misterT0AST says:

    Found any easter eggs on that page? I only managed to find the Skeleton King and Queen of Pain puppets, but those were hardly even hidden.
    I love the attention Valve put in their fluff.

    • dmoe says:

      There’s the greenish mist circling at the bottom of the frame. Which wasn’t there when the Frostivus post was first put up. I assume it will change again later today. (or something else will be added)

      • misterT0AST says:

        I think Soul Keeper is coming! Mark my words! There’s a bulletin with the word “Soul” on it!
        And maybe Auroth, or the Abyssal Underlord! Oh jeez I’m getting hyped for nothing again!

        • thecommoncold says:

          Legion Commander is definitely in there too, judging by the “Wanted: Experienced (Commander?)” poster with one of the contact slips missing stating that “Applicants will be (required?) to supply own legion.”

          • EMERGENCYUSERNAME says:

            Look at the page: link to Notice the ghostly/icy stain on the right side of the “by decree of the only king that matters, frostivus is cancelled”? We thought it referred to skeleton king, but it could be a reference to the unreleased Wraith King.

  2. Malibu Stacey says:

    Holdout (aka Survival) mode incoming.

  3. RedWurm says:

    But can you rumbutter someone’s jimmies?

  4. shaydeeadi says:

    I would rather have rumbutter than lungbutter.

  5. johnxfire says:

    Day 2: Elvis has cancelled Frostivus.

  6. 2helix4u says:

    Man, its still really weird to me to see Valve drawing essentially Blizzard characters for this game. Here’s Thrall having dinner with a bunch of blood elves and a dwarf.

    • misterT0AST says:

      Actually, basing the characters on the models they used in Warcraft III those are, from left to right: Sylvanas Windrunner (still an elf), Grom Hellscream, the tall guy was Kil’Jaeden, then Tyrande Whisperwind, a ghoul, a dragonhawk rider, and then the bald guy, although completely different, was an alternate form of Chen Stormstout.