The Most Marvelous News: Samurai Gunn’s Surprise Release

No! Not my delicate samurai polar bear legs!


OK, enough with the formalities. Let’s get down to business. Samurai Gunn is great. I’ve played it in various stages of completion, and its local-multiplayer-centric blend of lightning-quick, one-hit-and-you’re-done slashing and impeccably timed shooting is sublime. It is essentially a game in which you do two things (three if you count moving/jumping), and they all feel perfect. It is out now. Go do something about that, or actually maybe don’t because it’s kinda light on content at the moment. Your call.

This is the sort of game that will make you and a few friends hoot and holler through clenched teeth and stress-heavy limbs. It’s tense, gasp-inducing fun punctuated by screen and sound effects that slice through stagnant air like hungry blades. Don’t have friends? Buy some. Did those friends leave after realizing that – while you’re a great person and they were actually prepared to stick around for completely non-monetary reasons – you were better than them at Samurai Gunn? Buy some more.

Samurai Gunn is out on Steam and the Humble Store. It’s admittedly light on modes and options at the moment, but its core is incredibly strong. If you get a lot of use out of rapid-fire multiplayer fighters (for instance, by throwing tons of disgustingly hot fighting game and sex parties), then it’s more than worth the current $11.99 entry fee. However, if you’re more into single-player or are reliant on online multiplayer (which Samurai Gunn does not have) for these sorts of things, you might want to hold off for a bit – either for more modes or a price drop.

Sometimes lean, mean perfection is preferable to unwieldy bloat, but obviously, that perspective doesn’t apply to everyone. Are you gonna nab Samurai Gunn this early in the game?


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    Do you even need to clarify ‘If you get a lot of use out of rapid-fire multiplayer fighters (for instance, by throwing tons of disgustingly hot fighting game and sex parties)’ with RPS’ core readership?

  2. Big Murray says:

    So what’s the game called?

  3. Dharoum says:

    Looks really neat, but being a poor bastard unable to throw outrageous orgies I have to pass it up :(..
    Any news on Nidhogg? He said in July or so it would probably release in 2013, can we expect to see another surprise release? Is that the new ‘thing’ nowadays?

    • Niko says:

      There is Eggnogg, which is available for everyone and is really good for orgies.

      • Dharoum says:

        Yep, I played that and was fun, but I expect more from Nidhogg, plus it promises ONLINE multiplayer.

  4. kdz says:

    Looks awesome, shame I don’t have anyone to play this with :<

  5. lhzr says:

    >>>Are you gonna nab Samurai Gunn this early in the game
    What makes you think it’ll become something more than it currently is ? It’s not on Early Access and I can’t find any mention on the game’s page of any future plans..

    It looks cool and it probably is cool, like all Teknopants games, but it’s quite expensive for a simple local deathmatcher, which are at best really cheap, if not free, so I’ll wait for that extra content or a 50-75% sale.

  6. Virtz says:

    $12 for a local VS game with meh retro graphics? Yeah, no.

    Plus I think I could get more out of Superfighters Deluxe, and that’s free.

  7. Williz says:

    I did wonder why everyone started having sex in the middle of our Street Fighter Tournament the other week…

  8. Turkey says:

    I could see myself playing this if it were 15 years ago, there was a shareware version, and I was in a computer lab at school.

  9. Jackablade says:

    What’s the going rate on friends at the moment?

  10. tomeoftom says:

    Fuck, you guys are all sourpusses. This game is TIGHT and you pay for the subtle design that went into its TIGHTness; don’t be such a TIGHTarse.

  11. Shooop says:

    So Super Smash Bros with one-hit KOs. And it’s local multiplayer only which is the one thing the consoles do better than PC.

    RPS’s lowered expectations for indie games strikes again.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Oh my! This does not cater to my specific needs, everyone else surely does have terrible taste in games. Harumph!

      I have my old pc on my living room, with 2 xbox controllers hooked to it. It will also become a steambox in the very near future, as i suspect many gamers will too. This game and towerfall are an absolute blast with friends. You can keep your angry internet cynicism, i’ll have a copy of samurai gunn.

      • Shooop says:

        My cynicism seems all the more justified when I get replies that offer no real rebuttal to the point that it’s basically a crappier version of another game.

        But it’s an indie game right? So it must be immune to any and all criticism! Indie defense squad assemble! Prepare your trilbies!

        • siegarettes says:

          The game is closer to a faster, sharper version of Teknopant’s previous (FREE) four player deathmatch game 0Space, than anything remotely like Smash Brothers. You can find 0Space here, by the way:
          link to

          As for Samurai Gunn, it’s delightfully detailed and brilliantly animated (there are actually an incredible amount of animations for your samurai’s deaths, including beheading and have a gaping hole shot through him). It’s basically a distillation of the whole samurai fighting essence, the best I’ve seen since probably Last Blade 2.

          All the little touches are there, from clashing swords throwing you across the field in a brilliant explosion of light, to bamboo forests that you can cut through to kill your enemies, and reflecting the few bullets each player is given by slashing it back to them. The stages are cleverly designed for psyching each other out with mindgames as well.

          Best of all, in a tie you engage in a SHOWDOWN, which takes you to a flat stage with no bullets and lets you score the final kill. One of the best ones takes place in the rain, where your characters are invisible save for the splashes of water you create when you move and the illumination provided by lightning.


  12. quidnunc says:

    how well does it control on keyboard? if I’m going to be playing local multiplayer then one person will need to be keyboard, the other Xbox controller. Why isn’t this also a console game?

    edit: right, OK. It says it’s also coming to the PS4 and Vita. I think I’ll pass on the PC version

    from the dev:

    “The conventional wisdom is that you need to have online multiplayer for a game to sell, but I guarantee that getting a bunch of your friends in a room together will always be more fun. I’m publishing this game independently because I’d like to prove that a local experience can still sell,”

    yeah, well, good luck with that. local multiplayer is great but how many people have the proper seating arrangement and controls to play on pc?

    • siegarettes says:

      For what it’s worth, I actually do. Although that’s probably down growing up with three brothers and little money, so nearly every game we bought had to support local multiplayer. As such I bought it the same day as it released without hesitation. Even with only two players my brother and I managed to play it for an hour straight, only to stop because it was horrifically late considering we had to be up for school and work in the morning.

  13. stblr says:

    Local-only multiplayer is a real shame. I understand the introduction of any lag at all into a game like this could harm its gameplay, but as someone who does most of his gaming with not-local friends, it unfortunately turns this very promising-looking title into a definitely-not-buying one. Hyphens!

  14. Shadow says:

    12, soon 15 dollars for a simple, local MP-only brawler with retro graphics seems a bit excessive when there’s deep, complex games like Spelunky and Starbound in the same price range. King Arthur’s Gold’s even cheaper and more detailed across the board than this.

    Don’t get me wrong, Samurai Gunn looks quite interesting and I have nothing against retro graphics, but it also does seem like a low-cost, high-price game.

    Unless I see a promise for more content coming soon, I’ll likely wait for a sale.

  15. bit_crusherrr says:

    £9.59 for this seems a little steep. It does look fun though might pick it up if it every goes really cheap.

  16. Professor Paul1290 says:

    I don’t think this is really think this is an RPS reader’s game, nor mine really to be honest.

    That said, based on what I’ve observed of friends who play games similar to this, I think there is a market for this and if it is a tight and well refined as it supposedly is (and those who have played it so far seem to say yes) then I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a market for it and it being worthwhile at $15.

    Seriously, I hear fans of these kinds of games complain endlessly about how things are unbalanced in their games, how they get “ruined” by tiny little things that unfortunately seem tiny enough to slip through even the most thorough play-testing. There always seem to be problems with “this dash is a few pixels too short” or “this jump slightly too low” or “this attack takes a few milliseconds too long” and it goes on forever.

    To me all that complaining seems to imply that there is a market for this even at this price, as it does seem to be a genre where obsessive refinement, play-testing, and polish on something that would otherwise be seem straightforward and simple to the rest of us would have value.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Platformfighter fanatics are the most nit-picky group of gamers on the planet. They literally make shit up about their favorite titles just so they can bitch about them.

    • Shadow says:

      Well, there’s little merit in achieving perfect balance when your game’s characters all play exactly the same and only have the same two attacks.

      Considering that and the game’s current content, its pricetag looks uninformed at best, pretentious at worst. A shrewd move, perhaps, if the developer’s aware of the niche and the demand for games like this, but it’s bound to alienate those who aren’t hardcore fans of the fighting/arena/brawler/whatever genre and potentially hurt Samurai Gunn in the long run.

      Matrix Games and their ‘grognard’ pricing comes to mind.

      • Professor Paul1290 says:

        I may have some more specific misgivings about Matrix Games, but I don’t think “grognard pricing” and/or “niche pricing” in general is really a bad thing on its own.

        If a niche is willing to pay more for a product that is troublesome to get otherwise then I think they should be allowed to do so. I don’t see anything inherently stupid or uninformed about paying more if you’re both willing to do so and it’s an effective way to get what you want.
        Heck, in some cases I’d consider it a good thing as it sometimes provide incentive to make games for narrower audiences that wouldn’t get made otherwise.

        Whether or not that will actually be the case with this game remains to be seen, but if it somehow turns out that there’s enough demand in said niche to make the game sell at this price then I don’t see anything wrong with that by itself.

  17. Piecewise says:

    You know, as much as I like this game, there are a lot of things wrong with it.

    First, the price. Seriously, the game is basically little more then a flash game with much MUCH less content then say, Hotline Miami, which has similarly simple mechanics, pixel graphics, and a love of high speed gore. Except Hotline costs 9.99 normally and Gun costs 11.99 ON SALE and 14.99 normally. For a game with this simple of graphics and gameplay, I can’t imagine why it would cost so much or take so long to release. It’s well polished, don’t get me wrong, but it’s honestly something I’d expect from a TIG jam.

    Second: Options. Right now the number of options available to you is depressing. You can’t chose the number of lives you want, it’s either 10 lives or first to 10 kills. Thats it. You can’t chose the number of lives or kills, you can’t play to a time limit, you can’t start in showdown mode, you can’t do jack. I actually emailed the creator about this and he basically said “I’m not gonna let you do those things because I don’t think you should. I want you to play the game like this.” To which I am considering replying “Well it’s nice that you think 10 lives is the perfect length of a match, and it’s fine as the default, but seriously, what harm is there in giving people the choice?”

    So basically, the game needs to be cheaper and the fights need more options. I’m no even asking for different characters with different stats and weapons and shit, just the ability to change the number of lives we have. I don’t think thats too big of a demand.

  18. jankenbattle says:

    After bringing Teknopants’ extremely similar game Ospace (along with a few other of his deceptively simple but brilliant local MP titles) to a mate’s house and playing many times with a few friends, I can vouch for the surprisingly explosive and shouty fun you can have with them! Can’t wait to take this round and begin hollering again!