Clem Vs The World: Walking Dead Season Two’s Full Trailer

No, Clem! You have to be *facing* the zombie in order to Force Choke it!

When last we left The Walking Dead’s Clementine, things were, er, not going well. And now, as they so often do in Telltale’s heart-wrenching game of choice and zombie brain-(the other kind of)-wrenching, they’ve gone from bad to worse. And then worse to worst, and then worst to worst-er-erest-er-blarghcry. Give your cringing muscles a warm up by watching the full Walking Dead season two episode one┬átrailer below. Something tells me you’re gonna need them.

Faces! Many faces! A couple of them old, others new. Christa and Omid are about, but who knows what the rest might be up to? Could they be planning some sort of nefarious tea party? Or perhaps their guns aren’t real, and they’re about to reveal that this is the most elaborate advertising ARG in history. The possibilities are limitless.

We do know this much, though: Clementine is all on her own for reasons, and you’re doing your damndest to survive in her blood-caked sneakers. Episode one of season two will be out on December 17th, which is Tuesday of next week. Are you prepared to have your smile turned upside-down, then torn off your face, thrown to the ground, and punched? Repeatedly?


  1. Big Murray says:

    Is it me, or is that trailer an old one? I’ve seen it before somewhere.

  2. Bull0 says:


  3. underwearmonster says:

    I wonder how playing as Clem will play out…as Lee, it made sense that you had choices to make since you were one of the leaders of the group. A lot of the emotional punch the relationship with Clem also came from the fact that you had to look out for her.

    Now if you play as Clem…it seems unlikely that you would be a decision-maker in a group…and the emotional dynamic changes since you are now the kid. Just curious how they’ll make this work.

  4. TomxJ says:

    This will go on my list of “things to buy when they’re done” alongside Kentucky Route Zero.
    After Lume, Winter voices and Dream Machine, i’m done with episodes!

    • S Jay says:

      You are the voice of reason.

    • HunterKing says:

      Telltale’s been doing episodic gaming longer than just about anybody and have always seemed to release pretty steadily

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Agreed, I understand why they do it. But playing a game in 2 hour segments once a month does not interest me. I just recently played the first one after picking it up in the Steam sale. It was good but if I could only play one episode it would just annoy me because I want to play the rest. Also this method saves some cash so its a win-win if you wait really.

  5. DestroyYourEgo says:

    Boring pretentious drivel. Can’t wait for this to NOT be a thing anymore. What button do I press to erase all memories that this borefest ever happened?

    • Damien Stark says:

      I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the button that you clicked to submit this comment!

    • Tssha says:

      The most shocking part of your post is that you found The Walking Dead boring. That just blows my mind.

      • horsemedic says:

        I also found the game boring. Made it halfway through the first episode, to where I was looking for radio batteries, and figured if it hadn’t done anything for me by then it probably wasn’t going to. Maybe it got more interesting later?

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        It’s essentially a point and click game at the end of the day. I realise they are not for everyone and I understand why some would find them boring. TWD however was a very well done and innovative game in a genre that hasn’t seen much popularity in the last 10-12 years. Why you would make a post slating it instead of just researching the game a bit and NOT BUYING a game you probably wouldn’t like, i’m not sure.
        The button to press is in fact to NOT press the button that says “buy this now” on steam.

  6. ryth says:

    Really curious how this will play out. In Season 1 the choices were very interesting because you could make Lee into whatever sort of person you want — he was a blank slate to build on. I’m wondering whether it will be AS interesting to play a character that already has a developed personality and character trajectory. I mean you can’t exactly play Clem as an uncaring asshole, can you? (or can you?!)

    • laiwm says:

      I’m guessing the balance is going to be between Clem The Ruthless Survivalist and Clem The Compassionate Community Builder. What worked well about the first season was that Lee had to walk that line at the same time as striking the balance between Tough Father Figure and Nice Father Figure to Clem, so I wonder what Clem’s extra dimension is going to be?

    • Kentauroi says:

      You probably could, if you handled it correctly. In TWD S1 Lee was essentially her protector and mentor, and if you played him as a me-first asshole only interested in his own survival I could see that impacting Clementine. It’s just that you wouldn’t be able to make her into a uncaring sociopath overnight, it’d take some skill to show the faith in humanity Clementine showed in S1 erode slowly over the course of many events.

      Also, Lee was not really a blank slate. Shepard or the main character from ES games are forms of blank slates as their backstory and personality are solely defined by your choices. Lee already has a personality and baggage from the beginning of the story, you can see this all the way back in episode one where he’s talking to his brother, or if you try to say “I killed someone” to Clementine he pauses mid-sentence and instead says someone along the lines of “I…got into a fight, and someone got hurt really bad”. What you’re really choosing is how his past decisions/observations (whether before or during the game) affects his existing personality.

      • ryth says:

        I felt like lee was still pretty blank. It’s never clear whether he was innocent of whatever crime he committed. Whether he was justified in his actions. Whether he regretted them or not, it just provided a bit of colour.. but the interpretation of how all that came about, what the crime was, etc were decided by the player.. and then you also were free to decide what sort of person you were going to be going forward — it was quite ingenious actually because it highlighted the “before and after” of the “event” very nicely, creating a contrast that is very stark between how and who you/Lee were before the apocalypse and after.

        Either way, I’m very excited about it. The first season was such an pleasant surprise — I was very skeptical of the Telltale game format before this title.

      • laiwm says:

        It’ll be interesting if season 2 presents you with choices where Clem has to decide whether or not to follow Lee’s lessons from season 1. For example the bit where they’re about to enter a dangerous situation and Lee tells Clem what she should do if something happens to him (run and get help or stay and fight with him)

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      One point I would make is that there has been a year+ since the end of the first game. Clem is both learning to survive in a hostile world as well as growing up very fast (lets face it a kid can be a nice pleasant person at 12 years old and turn into an asshole teenager when they hit 13) kids change very quickly and the devs have said that it’s a year or more since the end of the first game. There is plenty of room for Clem to change as a person into whatever the player wants to make her.

  7. ain says:

    The cap almost looks like Ash Ketchum’s. And that about seems to be the most remarkable thing about this game.

  8. Stevostin says:

    Let’s be realistic: they won’t be able to top season 1. Writing of season 1 is the kind of perfect mechanics that can’t be made twice in a lifetime.
    But can it be an excellent, moving adventure games ? “Chances are very high”, like for poker and whisky tonight.

    • eeguest says:

      Chances are very high for whiskey and cigars, maybe even you’ll get your own squad after what happened last night.

  9. Lestibournes says:

    I think the world will be a much scarier place when playing as a little kid without some big strong dude protecting her.

    Looks like it should be good. I’ll wait for all the episodes to be out first so I can play the whole season in one go.

  10. SunshineDeathray says:

    Is it just me or was that a zombie-Ben at 00:58?