Too Many Alphas – Elite: Dangerous Backer Alpha Begins

I like how, now that the great winter triple-A avalanche of ’13 has subsided, every major alpha or beta scheduled for “late 2013” is dropping all at once. Oh, hey there Starbound, of course we can hang out all weeken– oh, could you hold on a sec’? I think I see Wasteland 2 over there. Just gonna pop in and say hi for a couple seconds. Shouldn’t be too– Dungeon of the Endless? Is that you? What brings you to my inbox, which is stuffed like a turducken full of a Russian-doll-esque procession of smaller exotic birds? Yeah, we can chat for a bi– [David Braben lands a fully functioning Elite: Dangerous starship on top of my house]. God damn it.

In addition to offering the alpha to Kickstarter backers, Frontier has also opened up a store where you can buy in as you please. Here’s what you’ll be getting:

“The aim of Phase One – ‘Single Player Combat’ is to test key aspects of ship control and combat systems. Piloting a Sidewinder with varying weapon configurations, players progress through 8 single player scenarios – initially designed to familiarize players with the controls, gradually increasing in difficulty and complexity.”

“Backers who pledged for access to the Alpha release will experience different Alpha phases over the coming months, providing early access to Elite: Dangerous while it is being developed and the opportunity to give invaluable, focused feedback to Frontier and help further shape the game.”

So yeah, it’s single-player-only for now, but expect multiplayer elements in the near-ish future. Because truly is there anything more dangerous than your fellow man? I mean, aside from like, sharks, gigantic asteroids that could extinguish the entire planet at any given moment, and stuff.

So then, who’s in? Is it any good at this point?


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    But does it let you visit Alpha Centauri? Bwaah, ok, that was lame… I sprained my humour gland in a freak airlock accident.

    Anyhoo… single player is probably the only way I will ever play this game. So “single player combat” just reads as “combat” to me. :)

    • Themadcow says:

      This, with a cherry on. The Elite players of the 80’s probably have families and proper jobs now so no time for all this pseudo MMO guff.

      Well, apart from the wizardy neckbeards anyway, they probably have oodles of time.

    • Hogni Gylfason says:

      If they had gone with dedicated hosted worlds / LAN (a la freelancer) I would have pledged 2 alphas and I and the wife would have played this game together. As it is I only normal-preordered for the single player, as we have zero interest in the MMO aspect, and I’ll play it for the nostalgia value. Completely giving Star Citizen a miss for the same reasons.

      EDIT: Was going to reply to the mad cow, sorry.

      • Armante says:

        I skipped backing this one, particularly when it was starting to look certain it would be funded. I have many fond memories of the original Elite I played on my little old Spectrum 48k (lenslok anyone?) but I’ll wait to see the reviews before deciding to get a copy.
        Star Citizen I backed because it DOES have the single player campaign in the form of Squadron 42. I rarely play online, let alone MMOs, so I’m not too fussed about the rest of it. I’ll no doubt try it though, but time to play is short nowadays, so it will have to be excellent for me to return to again and again.

        • Cinek says:

          Star Citizen – even though it also got plenty of MMO – will actually be a proper single-player game with enormous, story and character-driven campaign and a long perspective for new expansion packs with new storylines. Elite is nothing like that. So… if someone wants Single Player experience – there’s no choice, really.

          • LVX156 says:

            Why do you say that, when you can play E:D as a single-player game if you want? You can even choose if you want to play it as an offline single player game, or an online single-player game, where events that take place in the multiplayer universe (like a blockade of a planet or a war between two factions) will also happen in your universe, but the ships are all piloted by the AI, not by other players.

          • carlo says:

            Star Citizen will also sport unicorns and space rainbows. And when it ever reaches $50 mio, Chris Roberts will throw in a Qbert arcade machine that you can install in your space ship. (For a modest microtransaction.)

            For a cool $100 mio he might even release this fantastic dream of his.

      • Durkonkell says:

        Star Citizen will have private, non-MMO servers like Freelancer! They’ll support modding those servers too – tools for release was one of the stretch goals.

        • araczynski says:

          i somehow missed the funding for elite, but i got in on star citizen ONLY because it had a single player portion AND the ability to run my own fully functioning server universe to explore at my whim.

          no time in my life for the multiplayer rubbish and all the prepubescent cesspool of kids it brings.

    • cookieheadjenkins says:

      I have to Asp, how did you come up with such a terrible pun?

  2. wodin says:

    I have a feeling this could be THE space game rather than the other with all the money.

    Elite, I’m hoping, will be more a single player game anyway.

    • karthink says:

      Promos say it’s “multiplayer from the ground up”, and it appears to have many MMO features. It’s what kept me away from it during the kickstarter.

      • LVX156 says:

        One interesting feature is that even if you play on your own, you’re still taking part in the persistent online universe. So if a group of players decide to blockade a planet, that will occur in your game too, only their ships will be piloted by the AI instead.

        • karthink says:

          That… is actually very interesting.

          • sketchseven says:

            This kind of asynchronous multiplayer or quasi-multiplayer (like leaving messages for people in Dark Souls) is kinda fascinating – really interested to see where people take this and what can be done with those kind of ideas.

        • dreamscape says:

          You don’t have to be online for singleplayer, they give you a choice
          link to

    • Gap Gen says:

      If they don’t have all the money, I’d feel more sorry for them if they’d run their Kickstarter with a little more conviction, rather than David Braben coming home from the pub and hacking out a couple of pages of text. It does look very nice, but I don’t particularly regret waiting for release.

      • LVX156 says:

        They have over £10,000,000 (over £1.8 million from Kickstarter), so I think they’ll be doing just fine.

      • Stardreamer says:

        They certainly weren’t prepared to run their Kickstarter properly but since then they’ve demonstrated an insane depth to their development, at a pace far more rapid than can have been achieved in these few months alone. I’d wager heavily that a lot of what we’re seeing now in terms of design documents, concept work and tech demos has been in developed over a very long period of time. That solid foundation gives me great confidence that the team can meet their aims by their optimistic deadline.

        E:D is going to be a bit special.

        • Spakkenkhrist says:

          It probably helps that the engine is based on the one that was developed for their cancelled game The Outsider (source: an ex Frontier employee that I met at a party).

  3. karthink says:

    I’m not in the alpha, but I’ve been following the progress of this game and spent some time watching people on Twitch play it.

    1. It looks great, and has a “clean” aesthetic. I prefer it to what I’ve seen in Star Citizen promos. Cockpit effects are a nice touch.

    2. It has the same problem I’ve had with every space dogfighting sim ever: Eventually, it comes down to tail chasing and the most you need do is move your mouse/stick to keep your enemy in the cross-hairs. The more maneuverable ship wins most of the time.

    3. It does an interesting thing with heat detection. Firing your weapons makes you light up on your enemy’s radar and vice versa, so you can “go silent” (especially if there are asteroids to hide behind) and spring ambushes. I don’t know if you can be targeted if you’re focusing on heat management and running cold.

    4. It’s begging for a head-tracking setup. Track-IR setup made the streams that had it significantly more fun to watch and (I’m guessing) easy to play.

    • LVX156 says:

      The alpha doesn’t have TrackIR-support? I watched this video last night, and it looks like it does: link to

      • Hogni Gylfason says:

        Looks like regular joystick hat control. I have a TIR and it usually looks far more organic.

      • karthink says:

        I didn’t explain that well. It does have Track-IR support, or looks like it does. I was saying that it was more fun to watch streams that were using it than streams that were using hat-switches.

    • Arathain says:

      On point 2: I agree that this is a big problem for space sims. I think they don’t help themselves by giving the player aiming assist reticules, since the game then becomes almost solely about chasing that reticule. Early games like the early Wing Commanders and the X-Wings did better by modelling your weapons in such a way that you didn’t need the reticule, so learning good marksmanship became interesting in and of itself.

      Furthermore, good space sims always need to add something else to make it interesting, since the void is almost never an interesting combat space. See X-Wing’s energy management, Freespace’s spectacle and well designed cap ships, or Strike Suit’s Strike Suit.

      • FriendlyFire says:

        Freelancer dealt with this by decoupling ship orientation from reticule orientation, which made the fights much more twisting and turning, though player combat tended to devolve into jousting.

        It still appears to be blasphemy to the old schoolers to dare suggest a more convenient system like that though, because it’s best played with a mouse and keyboard.

      • AlFitz says:

        Strike suit had a strike suit? You’re shitting me!

        • AlFitz says:

          I saw Strike Suit on offer on Steam ‘s front page a little while after I saw it mentioned here and splunged out a hefty £3.70 for it. I’d actually never heard of it before which is weird as I’m always on the lookout for space games.


      • Phaserlight says:

        I disagree; I’ve found plenty of depth in Vendetta Online’s combat model, which includes a leadoff reticule. Players are usually smart enough to spoof a first order predictive calculation, such that it’s actually advantageous to turn off the “autoaim” at certain ranges (“Use the Force, Luke!”). Marksmanship is definitely beneficial.

        More on Vendetta’s combat here.

  4. MuscleHorse says:

    Oof. I got chills. Elite Plus was the first game I got intimate with and completed, back in the ’40s.

    I like that it has one major thing over the recent X game, in that you can see.

  5. MisterX says:

    I Loved Elite back in the day, Probably my favourite game of all time.
    So I backed this on Kickstarter.
    I was excited to see the Alpha had opened and there was the option to up your pledge to gain access to the Alpha level.
    how much extra would I need to pay?
    Screw that says I.
    I’ll wait.

    • MichaelGC says:


    • Armante says:

      HOW MUCH??

      • mechchimp says:

        Two Hundred Great Britain Pounds.

        While on this topic:
        Dear RPS, are you fine with the latest trend of milking backers in this happy crowdfounded panorama?

        • sketchseven says:

          I think the eyebrow-raising price tag is because they matched what people paid for alpha access when the Kickstarter happened – was a big ‘nope!’ for me, as excited as I am for Elite.

        • Matfink says:

          You aint forced to pay…

      • Geebs says:

        That’s not actually the worst part. The fact that they want to charge people 50 quid for access to the game’s expansions is the worst part, because that means that it’s not just a case of “keeping numbers down while making maximum profit” during the alpha/beta, but instead that the gouging will never let up even in the finished game.

        Which is a shame because the game looks brilliant from the footage I’ve seen so far.

        • LVX156 says:

          I haven’t heard about this before, but it doesn’t sound like it’s necessarily a problem. When I buy a game I don’t expect to get a bunch of expansions for free way down the line, and as long as they are substantial, I don’t mind paying for them, rather than going the CoD route and buying a “new” game every year.

          Also: “The £80 pledge tier and higher now also includes free expansions for Elite: Dangerous! For more information on likely expansions check the Development Plan video further down the page.” link to

          So you have the option of buying the game for £80 and receiving all the expansions when they are done.

          • Geebs says:

            Pre-ordering DLC for a game I’ve pre-ordered where the developers don’t even know what they’re going to cut out of the game I’ve pre-ordered yet in order to make room for the DLC I’ve pre-ordered is a special kind of crazy. For that kind of money I’d expect at least a limited edition David-Braben-in-a-bikini torso or something.

            On a side note: it’s interesting and nostalgic how they are once again using combat to sell the Elite experience when it’s actually not that close to what you really do in the game – e.g. Frontier had that really exciting combat intro cinematic, then once actually in the game you spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to take off and then crash into a mountain.

    • kael13 says:

      Hahaha, had the same near-heart attack myself. They must be crazy.

  6. Diziet Sma says:

    I had a swoop around in it last night, comes with a sequence of various space combat ‘missions’ that to start with you complete in order to unlock the next. The mechanics and controls, from my experimentation with mouse+keyboard and 360 pad, are spot on. I always played elite with pitch+roll and swooping around with those controls felt ‘good’. So far I’d say this alpha is extremely encouraging. My first umpteenth forays against 4 opponents ended in utter disaster until I realised I had to use everything I could to maximise the odds ASAP, dodging around and conserving missiles for the best shot was not an option, I had to take out 3 of them quickly and damn it if I had no missiles left afterwards at least it was 1 on 1 then. I think the kit for that particular scenario is 6 standard missiles, 3 heat sinks and a laser of the traditional mould (pulse I think, may have been beam).

    The think I’ve been most pleasantly surprised by is the mechanics of energy, heat, shield etc. You can route power with the D-Pad between Systems (Shield), Engineering (Thrust) and Weapons (Recharge rate, not damage I think) and balancing these during combat really does give you an edge. Honed in on one last fighter and behind him? All power to the weapons!

    I’ll stop now. :)

    • Themadcow says:

      Bah, now I really want Alpha access, and a working 1080p consumer Oculus Rift fully supported. Oh, and a years free Pappa John’s. And a puppy.

      • sketchseven says:

        Was shield shifting something that was in the original Elite? Or am I confusing that with X-Wing?

        I played both rather more than I probably should have.

        • Ergates_Antius says:

          Was shield shifting something that was in the original Elite?

    • stahlwerk says:

      Oh, power management like in X-Wing? Great to hear! It was always a pleasure to route all the energy to the A-Wing’s engines. Screw shields, they won’t hit me at this speed anyway!

  7. Caiman says:

    Indeed, this game now has me much more excited than Star Citizen. I look at Star Citizen’s space ships and they all seem rather over-engineered and slightly… well… unexciting. But the more basic polygonal design ethos of the Elite: Dangerous ships has me hugely excited. Perhaps that’s because I was raised on Elite, and not Wing Commander, but after a rocky start this is now THE space game that’s got me most interested. Well, ok, Limit Theory might want a word about that, another game that’s looking far more interesting than Star Citizen at this stage. Anyway, the Elite in-game combat footage is glorious, and while I’m not rich enough to have alpha access it’s certainly whet my appetite for the real thing.

    They also hit their alpha deadline perfectly, which just goes to show what happens when you have proper project management. It gives me hope that their full release deadline of March 2014 may actually happen.

    By the way Nathan, Star Citizen is supposed to drop its combat module in December as well. Then we’ll finally see whether all that money is going to good use, even though your head will explode from another alpha.

    • LVX156 says:

      WHAT? Elite: Dangerous has a release date in March? Damn, there are so many games being released in March I won’t be able to afford half of them, much less have time to play the ones I do buy:

      – Dark Souls 2
      – Elite: Dangerous
      – South Park: The Stick of Truth
      – Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
      – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
      – Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
      – Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

      *shakes fist angrily in the general direction of the gaming gods and their leader Lord Newell*

      • Bull0 says:

        There’s no way in hell this’ll release in march, maybe they’ll throw this alpha out to more people as a beta but not gold release

  8. lucasdigital says:

    Good to hear! Two hundred English Pounds seems a bit steep for the privilege of being able to report bugs- but I guess it’s as good a way as any to keep Braben and crew in canisters of slaves and narcotics. Roll on Beta!

  9. hideinlight says:


    Even X-Rebirth’s alpha is cheaper than that..

    • Cinek says:

      It’s really 200 quid?
      LOL. What a scam.
      Hopefully TPB will offer alternative to test that.

  10. whilesleepinghesaid says:

    Really looking forward to this game. Elite (C64) was the game that hooked me into computer games and gave me a great respect for The Braben.

    Though I backed Star Citizen, I’m feeling better about Elite Dangerous as I enjoy the cultural spin the English put on things and I’m getting a good feeling about what I’m seeing David’s team doing.

  11. thekeats1999 says:

    I haven’t really played the Winter 2013 AAA games this year (does Lego Marvel count). Mainly because of a few of the early access and the beta’s.

    So last night sat down to have a proper go on Starbound, but that had an update. So played Dungeons of the Endless (starting to get the hang of that). Then noticed I had a beta key come through for Hearthstone and played that all night instead.

    tl;dr. Thank god (or appropriate diety/belief system) that I didn’t back Elite Dangerous for the Alpha/Beta instead.

  12. Oozo says:

    Fun fact: The only Dogfight sim in SPAAAACE I funded is “Starlight Inception”. It was before the heavier hitters, and I somewhat fear that they will suffer greatly from bad timing. Nobody ever talks about it! The beta does not even look bad, even though they obviously have less money to throw at problems than Roberts & Braben. Well, attention is a limited ressource, I guess, and I won’t play all of the games either.

    Anyway, can’t say that I’m not excited to see that genre resurrected. If only I had kept my Thrustmaster.

  13. jezzah says:

    The new elite stuff looks great but like many say it’s expensive, stupid really on the part of that lot they priced themselves out of the market and I bet they are kicking themselves when they look at SC and the success they’ve had with the kick starter to some degree.

    Arguably elite had the better starting position to boot what with the game history really ticking the nostalgia with a huge percentage of their potential audience. What SC has done very well is put that entry access at a low price but a huge percentage of people have pledged well up to and far beyond what elite was charging for full access. SC just didn’t put that OTT monetary line out there for people to reach.

    • sketchseven says:

      Star Citizen is doing well out of breaking up their pricing into a vast swathe of tiers with endless add-ons and other ships etc. across the board – so it doesn’t look like one massive number but four little ones when you’re thinking about a purchase.

      I think the reason for the eyebrow-lifting price for the alpha is simply that access to it was a high level tier in the Kickstarter – so they can’t price *lower* than that now, as there would be uproar from all the people that paid that price originally.

      • lucasdigital says:

        I’m guessing that they don’t want too many people in the Alpha, the high price is probably intentionally set to price people out. I think the beta is a bit steep — although it’s close enough to planet Earth that I might stump up the cash.

        Arma III did it right — they made it cheaper to buy and contribute early. Cheap enough that I bought a copy for my wife although she refuses to play it since should found it too complex, plus I kept shouting orders at her while we were trying to get off Stratis.

  14. Morcane says:

    It’s looking absolutely fantastic.

    Can’t wait for beta tbh. Get it on!

  15. somnolentsurfer says:

    I’m suddenly a lot more interested in Elite Dangerous. But not nearly as much more as I would have been if this had come out last week, before that other space video.

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      Goddamn it, this. I’ve been following and looking forward to Elite:D since announcement, but while watching the above footage I could only think wistfully of the No Man’s Sky trailer. Fickleness is me.

      • somnolentsurfer says:

        The Elite trailer is bringing back my fond memories of a childhood playing X-wing. It’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

        The No Man’s Sky Trailer is selling me a dream of everything I ever hoped a game could be. It’s making me feel excited, and optimistic. I’ve rewatched it every day since it came out, and it still gives me chills.

  16. hawken.grey says:

    I think the game looks great, but as a fan of the old series, I think the lack of planetary landing is a game-breaker for me. I understand the problem — in the old days, he could have us landing on planets, and because the graphic style in both Elite 2 and Elite FFE were so simple we could suspend our disbelieve and fill in the blanks for missing details on the surface.

    But… since the graphic fidelity has come so far over the years, now the ship and flying around in space are insanely detailed. Landing on planets would demand a similar detail, which is pretty well impossible to provide unless you go procedurally generated (see that No Man’s Sky game trailer which is floating around). So… sadly, I think this will not be the real successor to Elite that we old gamers really want.

    • LVX156 says:

      Planetary landings will be in the expansion, according to Braben.

      • hawken.grey says:

        Sure, and of course that’s cool if they follow through on that, but until then it’s not a complete successor to Elite in my books.

        • Stardreamer says:

          Not a successor to Frontier & First Encounters, you mean. Elite the first didn’t have planetary landing either, so in that way it’s a very faithful first step. :)

          I noted that “if” you used. I’m a lot more confident about this appearing. I loved that they showed off the procedural gaseous atmospheres in one of their early videos. I’m looking forward to E:D being fully expanded with all their intended content (and perhaps more besides). This is going to be awesome!

          • MichaelGC says:

            You could land on planets in the original Elite!

            You just had to do it nose-first. But if you pulled it off correctly you’d get the ‘GAME OVER’ achievement!

            (I think doing planetary landings properly would basically mean crafting a whole other game alongside the space-sim, so given the time and resources that would presumably take, I’d be perfectly happy for them not to bother with it.)

        • Sandepande says:

          Looks good. No Newtonian physics. Power management. Apparently tricky fights. Sold!

          ed: I managed to forget that I was replying to this. Anyway, perfect successor to any Elite, ESPECIALLY Elite II etc. Planetary landings are such a pointless faff.

          Well. Maybe not. But if I had to choose, I’d skip the planets.

          • LVX156 says:

            There will be Newtonian physics in the game, with optional easy flight mode. In the first part of the alpha, the easy flight mode is on by default.

  17. Zutha says:

    Having given £50 to Elite Dangerous, I was amazingly surprised I didn’t have alpha access.

    Especially when I gave £25 to Star Citizen and did..

    I think part of the reason elite has done poorly compared to SC is because their initial packages hinted of greediness.

  18. derbefrier says:

    All my crowd funding dollars when to. Star citizen instead of this since I never played elite but did play some of the wing commanders. I have no doubts this will be an excellent game thoughhe biggest problem here is finding the time to play all these kickstarter gamesthat will be releasing next year. Maybe I should just quit my job and let obama take care of me while I play vidya games.

  19. Lord_Santa says:

    I’ll let this slide, based on two (fundamental) principles:

    I did not, nor do, care for Frontier, nor its ‘followup’/’expansion’/whatevs you call it; it wasn’t Elite. (hence the name ‘Frontier – Elite II, rather than Elite II – Frontier) and I’ve still got an original copy of Elite for my C64 on cassette-tape with everything that comes with, ready to play at any given time

    most importantly, to me however, is the fact that David Braben is a fucking asshole. if you look his past with Ian Bell and how he treated Ian after they split up; there’s just no chance in Hell I’ll support Braben in anything ever again.

    • Stardreamer says:

      No matter the man’s crimes (and I’m perfectly aware of his history with Mr Bell) your refusal to countenance forgiveness of, and/or any form of redemption from, Mr Braben says more about you than him.

      In other words: Let it go, man. Don’t be the douche at the party who feels compelled by the spirits of vengeance/injustice to bring up bad feeling that is best left in the past where it belongs.

  20. jezzah says:

    In the end when both games are released I think that they’ll come out even. I pledged for SC about 6 months ago and saw the game as a real breath of fresh of air in the genre as well as an awakening of genre.

    However recently I’ve gotten disheartened by SC – I think they have bitten off a little more than they can chew and its irritating to hear them blame the likes of their delayed move to the swanky new offices is whats causing them issues. So far they have released a very buggy hangar module which when boiled down is a room with a few ships in it and many ships aren’t even present for buyers to see.

    I think ELITE and the team are playing it steady as she goes and will get there with a stable product very soon as well as add to it in their own time. Just such a shame they didn’t manage the KS nearly as well as Roberts Team. Roberts and SC has so much work to do and unless the imminent dogfighting module is superb (or at least as good as Elites recent stuff) then I think they’ll start to drop the ball with their fans.

    • Sandepande says:

      I get the same feeling that Elite is as a game much more focused and better figured out than SC, which seems to be more about the engine and similar gimmickry, and it does look like its trying too hard (ground combat, single-player story-driven campaign, persistent MMO, spaceships and trading all in one project). Nothing wrong with being ambitious, though, and they certainly have got money to do all sorts of things.

      • Cinek says:

        Well, one thing is sure – it will take longer, but it does save lots of effort on variety. They go for quality over numbers (infinite procedural universe, dozens of ships, etc. etc.). And with higher budget along with longer development time? It might be perfectly doable.

    • Cinek says:

      “a very buggy hangar module” ? Uh? What you’re talking about? So far I seen just one bug – it didn’t want to start after update. But restarting my PC always helps with that.
      Supposingly there are few bugs, looking through logs, but nothing major.

      Hype too much?

      • drinniol says:

        They were missing a goddamn wall in one of the hangers when it first came out :P

  21. grimdanfango says:

    link to
    link to
    – been watching clips of the alpha on youtube…

    I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of Elite Dangerous… I thought Mr. Braben’s ship had long since sailed, but I’m starting to think this might be The One.

    The sounds! My god the sounds! They’re so wonderfully delicious!
    I know it’s just a combat demo for the moment, but one of the biggest issues in any space game is that no matter how appealing or complex the overarching game mechanics are, if the basic act of flying a ship through space is a bland and tedious exercise, it tends to suck the soul out of everything built on top of it.

    As the underpinning foundations of a space game, I’m really liking what I’m seeing… it looks *gasp!*… FUN!

  22. tomimt says:

    I didn’t back this, but I’ve been following E:D. And I have to say I like what I’m seeing. This is definetly on my list of games to get. The cockpit UI looks pretty fine.

    • LVX156 says:

      There is actually a video on YouTube specifically about the design process for the cockpit UI. Really interesting stuff.

  23. Sunjammer says:

    Still sort of can’t believe they named it “dangerous”. It just makes me think of this link to

  24. Beelzebud says:

    Here’s to hoping that 2014 turns out to be the Year Of The Finished Game.

    I’m starting to get fed up with the idea of more betas for sale than actual finished games.

  25. Bart Stewart says:

    “…every major alpha or beta scheduled for “late 2013″ is dropping all at once.”

    Don’t forget that we also just got the alpha for Richard Garriott’s Home Mortgage Simulator, otherwise known as Shroud of the Avatar. And Rodina The Actual Space Game is available (with a demo version) today!

    Good times.