The RPS Bargain Bucket: Indie Movements

God, it’s been a long week. I’ve written an absurd amount of words and I think I’ve run out of the clever. The best I can do is challenge you magnificent readers to guess if this week’s plushie is just a plushie or a cultural reference of some variety. Questionable humor asides, though, I’m looking forward to next week’s deluge of Wildstar-related content on RockPaperShotgun and getting my mittens on Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Being a terrified kid in an apocalyptic world will be lovely. Maybe. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s rather indie selection.  Insert closing wisecrack here.

(P.S:  Navigating geographical pricing is still a bit of a nightmare for me. Hola only seems to go so far. If you require me to make any corrections or have any recommendations on how best to deliver the most accurate numbers, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments. Or over smoke signals. Whichever works best for you.)

The Humble Weekly Sale
At least $6/£3.68/€4.37  for cool stuff

I’m not usually inclined towards promoting stuff from the Humble Store because pretty much anyone savvy enough to bundle-hunt probably know about the associated deals already. Still, exceptions can be made. If you’re willing to pay at least $6, you’ll be able to unlock a line-up comprised of the Zeno Clash franchise (love!), Rock of Ages (Also love!), Dwarfs!? (Not love but like, at least!) Rising Storm (I am told I should love!) and Killing Floor (Like?).

Indie Gala Bundles
Everything’s under $0.99/£0.61/€ 0.72

I can just see how it went down: The Indie Gala coming together on Friday, stone-faced and intent on serious discussion. “How do we make a lot of money next week, Brain?” “The same thing every other site is doing except better, Pinky! We rise up and put SEVEN bundles out there!” The new bundles are made up of an eclectic bunch of games so you’re going to want to sieve through the chaff to get at the wheat. Still, not bad for a buck!

Get Games’ Civilization Sale
At least %50 off on everything

There’s a lesson to be learned from the Civilization series: being quiet, well-travelled and a tad megalomaniacal makes you nigh invincible to the passage of time.  More than two decades later, Sid Meiers’ classic is still going remarkably strong. If you’ve been looking to pick up Civilization again, Get Games is currently offering some splendid discounts for pretty much everything from Civilization III onwards.

Indie Capsule Bundle
At least $3.47/€3.03/ for seven games

Bundle Stars’ Indie Capsule Bundle is an eclectic creature. On end of the spectrum, we’ve got saccharine goodness like Snuggle Truck. On the other, we have Slender: The Arrival and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Both of which are, well, not cute. Unless you think terror is endearing in which case I’m going to back away very, very slowly from you now. (I do think spiders are adorable, though.)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Director’s Cut

Just so we’re clear, I’m going to be evangelizing Deus Ex: Human Revolution every reasonable opportunity I can get. I love the game. And the setting. And the fact it allows you to knock people unconscious, rob them blind and stow them away in a nearby pipe. The improvements packaged with The Director’s Cut aren’t perfect, but they’ve definitely helped the core game. Also, anything that allows me to mill through a dystopian Asian city that isn’t festooned with out-of-place cultural motifs is A-Okay in my book.

PixelJunk Eden

Nominated for three Independent Game Festival awards and a Golden Globe nominee, PixelJunk Eden is a 2D platforming-action game with an impressive background. It’s a sweeping, artistic creation that is built around music, color and being absolutely pretty. Though by no means perfect, PixelJunk Eden’s a sweet find at its current price point.

Also of note

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics – Free!
As of the time of writing, these three games are still free on with six hours to spare.

Max Payne Complete Bundle – $9.99/£6.75/9.99
Though a cheap find, this bundle reminds me that May Payne remains woefully absent from the video games landscape.

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger – R$14.99 /€4.68/$6.43/£3.95
Courtesy of RPS reader Gnoupi, we now know that this homage to the Wild West is going for somewhat cheap.

 Do you run a monolithic digital distribution site? Or even a little one? Are you going to be part of a bundle? A developer aiming to grossly discount their product? If so, don’t hesitate to e-mail and let me know! 


  1. ajf0 says:

    Loved the first Zeno Clash, is the sequel any good?

    Also is Rising Storm more “fun” than RO2?

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Zeno Clash 2: it’s better. At least that’s what I thought. It has a more or less open world, which makes it fun to explore, but there’s not much to do in each area so you end up doing the main story quest all the time anyway. There’s more combos and stuff, and since they used some new engine I felt it controlled better than the first one, because it was as if I had better reflexes, but my suspicion is that controls are better implemented or whatever. Also, the story is nuts and I love it. And the visuals… just go and get it!

      • LTK says:

        The first one is a much tigher and more focused experience than the second one, so I’d say it has quantity over quality, but if you’ve played the first one I won’t hesistate to recommend that you play the second one as well. Both of them are still utterly fantastic.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Oh and I forgot: multiplayer with a friend is lots of fun.

    • Scumbag says:

      RS more fun then RO2? Depends what you mean by that. Its still largely insta-death-by-the-unseen like RO2, plus more jungle and forest settings then the urban environments of RO2. Sides are a lot more different then the Russians and Germans as well.
      It is mostly more of the same and if you liked / disliked RO2 you’ll most likely feel the same for RS.

  2. stahlwerk says:

    Buck-cat? I don’t get it.

  3. CookPassBabtridge says:

    This weeks Bargain Bucket Foxer (Bucket Bamboozler?) Solution:

    Upside down cat? :)
    EDIT: Ohhh hang on shouldnt have jumped straight to comments. There’s INTRIGUE…

    • Rizlar says:

      Right-way-up walrus with elderly kung-fu master moustache?

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        A Parappa The Rapper reference? Though the only tenuous link is the kung fu master part.
        Well, the cat is red. You get red onions.
        Yeah. This is starting to look reminiscent of my bumbling Flare Path Foxer attempts, where I bring my Tonka Truck of Military Hardware Knowledge and attempt to pit it against the T-90’s of RPS Elder Statesmen of Fighting Unit Buffery

        • FurryLippedSquid says:

          I’m with you, brother!

          I was thinking Kate Winslet in Titanic, but yours is better. Aaaaaaand ever so slightly more topical.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Titanic – with Leonardo Di CATrio?
            Right? Heh heh. Geddit? Cat. Er, guys?

            *Sigh* I’ll get my coat.

          • SominiTheCommenter says:

            Cate Winslet too.

          • Llewyn says:

            I was thinking Kate Winslet in Titanic

            As was I, but I’m not sure what that has to do with the Bucket…

          • The Random One says:

            Well, the Titanic did fill up with water.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Half Life 3! Must be!

    • YogSo says:

      I think I got it while watching the news:

      Soon, it will be the second anniversary since Kim Jong-Il “hit the bucket”.

      I’m afraid my mental processes may work in similar ways to those of Cassandra’s. :D

      Edit: In case it is not absolutely obvious why (;-P): the cat is red, you see, a symbol of communism; upside down, which is the universal metaphor for death (at least in cartoons) and is hitting a bucket with its head, for added redundancy; and has the cartoon version of Asian eyes, ergo, is an Asian cat. Elemental, etc. :-P

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Brilliant! I did wonder if the redness had a communist element. I think you have won an internet :)

      • FurryLippedSquid says:

        Or the general they’ve just executed…

  4. melnificent says:

    I still can’t justify buying DX:HR Directors Cut. It’s a patch that they expect people to pay for.

    • ajf0 says:

      apparently the graphics are a bit messed up aswell vs. the original

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        The single patch the devs have released for the DC has managed to screw a bunch of other things up too. It’s quite pitiful that they’re repeating the same mistakes they made with the original version.

    • LTK says:

      Don’t buy it. The boss fights are improved, but only barely, they’re still a drag. I had serious performance issues with the DC when the original had none, and with a simple item spawning mod you can bring your equipment over into the Missing Link DLC once the game reaches that point in the exact same way as the DC does. The only reason to buy it would be if you really, really want to listen to the commentary.

      • HadToLogin says:


        Only worth for:
        a) Commentaries (if you’re into that kind of stuff)
        b) New Game + allowing you to have Rambo-ish playthrough.

        Which means $2, maybe $3?

      • Ragnar says:

        Well, assuming I already bought it because I thought the redone boss fights would be worth it, would you recommend playing the Director’s Cut or the original?

        • Emeraude says:

          Personally I’d say the original. Ironically, I find the whole artistic direction more cohesive in it, and the director’s cut barely corrects anything from the gaming-related issues it has.

          • Ragnar says:

            They changed the artistic direction? I thought they just revamped the boss fights and integrated the DLC?

          • Emeraude says:

            Removed the yellow filter (and personally from an artistic point, the whole UI overlay thing makes little sense once you get that out), some other minor changes that just made the whole thing work less satisfyingly for me (and I’m no huge fan of the original version).

        • Llewyn says:

          Assuming you’d bought the original and then the DC later, is it possible to choose between them when starting a game? I’d assumed that applying a DC code in Steam would replace the original, so was pondering applying it to a new Steam account if I did buy it. Also, if there is the option, does this mean the original is untainted by the glitches and bugs introduced in the DC?

          • Ragnar says:

            The DC does not replace the original. I have separate entries, one for vanilla Deus Ex and one for the DC, so you can choose which to install and play.

    • Cardinal says:

      You’re right, I’d quite like it – but having paid full price for the game I can’t stomach it.

    • yonsito says:

      I just bought it as an excuse to play through it once again. It’s such a brilliant game.

  5. Delusibeta says:

    According to Lewie P, Civ 5 Gold will be £5.99 some point later this evening, so hold yer fire until then.

  6. Gnoupi says:

    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for less than 5 euros, also of note: link to

  7. mlaskus says:

    Killing Floor is amazing in coop, but it may be hard to find a group large enough to play together as it’s designed for groups of 6 people. Playing in public matchmaking has the disadvantage of mostly finding people interested in leveling their characters instead of actually having fun together.

    It’s delightfully brutal on higher difficulties and beating a level gives a lot of satisfaction. You have to work very closely together, share resources, specialize and be constantly aware of what is happening with others.

  8. SuicideKing says:

    FreeSpace 2 for some $4 or $5 on GoG! Go play it everyone!

    I want to get Descent 3, though.

  9. internisus says:

    PixelJunk Eden is wonderful.

  10. LTK says:

    Nominated for three Independent Game Festival awards and a Golden Globe nominee, PixelJunk Eden is a 2D platforming-action game with an impressive background. It’s a sweeping, artistic creation that is built around music, color and being absolutely pretty. Though by no means perfect, PixelJunk Eden’s a sweet find at its current price point.

    I don’t really get how this game has gotten such acclaim. A platforming-action game doesn’t accurately describe it; it’s more of an exploration platformer, given that you can play the levels in any order and there are no clear goals to speak of. You fling yourself around the levels, gather collectibles and make plants grow while overly thumpy music plays. I wasn’t too fond of it myself (as you can tell) but I can’t deny that it looks pretty.

    • jamesgecko says:

      Been a while since you played? ;-) There’s a definitely a clear goal; you have to get to one of six spectras on the map. You also have to unlock levels by collecting an appropriate number of spectras, although you don’t have to get all of them on the same level before proceeding.

      That said, I share some of your mystification of it’s acclaim. The PS3 version of the game had multiplayer co-op, which was removed from some reason in the PC version. I suspect more players swinging around would make things more fun, not to mention speed up progression.

  11. Tacroy says:

    Also, anything that allows me to mill through a dystopian Asian city that isn’t festooned with out-of-place cultural motifs is A-Okay in my book.

    … according to my wife who’s been to China, there’s actually Christmas decorations and Disney songs everywhere in some areas. You’ll be in some random hole in the wall restaurant somewhere and there’ll be a Santa Claus on the wall with “Wish Upon A Star” playing in the background.

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      Same here in Malaysia, actually! I think one of the weirder things I experienced was Italian hip-hop in a Chinese dim sum restaurant. I spent most of the meal going, ” O_o”

      And, I knew I should have been clearer about that. I was actually referring to, like, weirdly positioned shrines or random people in cultural outfits on a regular day. Pop-culture often seems fixated on demonstrating ‘THIS IS ASIA’ in loud ways.

  12. Frank says:

    Here’s your weekly dose of negativity: That’s the least appealing humble sale I’ve seen yet. I don’t like the humor or gameplay of killing floor and dwarfs, and zeno clash was so repetitive it gave me a headache.

  13. Baines says:

    I can just see how it went down: The Indie Gala coming together on Friday, stone-faced and intent on serious discussion.

    I can see how it went down. Indie Gala is still offering the same “bundles” that they’ve offered since pretty much when they started a store. I’m pretty sure they’ve been down to $1 repeatedly, and are filled with bundle fodder games anyway. (The kind of games that have been bundled so often that people won’t even pay a dollar for them anymore.)

  14. HadToLogin says:

    Square Enix has new way to get our money (well, Australian and Europeans without French actually – not sure if Europe means all Europe, or just European Union, through) – pay 5 pounds/6.5 euro for 4 unknown Steam games.
    Could be anything, really. System requirements suggest new Tomb Raider to be in pack (bundle’s requirements are same as TR’s requirements on Steam), so if you have some spare money and want to gamble a bit, you can read a bit more at: link to .

  15. shinygerbil says:

    Ok, I need to ask.

    Where did you get that cat?

    I have the very same cat which I bought from a stall at the MCM Expo several years ago (and also an identical orange version which I bought at the same stall a year later). Unfortunately they’ve never appeared since, and I’ve spent rather too much of my time trying to find more of them, or at least where they came from. I love those little kitties :(