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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Indie Movements

Scrooge's Christmas Shopping

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God, it’s been a long week. I’ve written an absurd amount of words and I think I’ve run out of the clever. The best I can do is challenge you magnificent readers to guess if this week’s plushie is just a plushie or a cultural reference of some variety. Questionable humor asides, though, I’m looking forward to next week’s deluge of Wildstar-related content on RockPaperShotgun and getting my mittens on Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Being a terrified kid in an apocalyptic world will be lovely. Maybe. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s rather indie selection.  Insert closing wisecrack here.

(P.S:  Navigating geographical pricing is still a bit of a nightmare for me. Hola only seems to go so far. If you require me to make any corrections or have any recommendations on how best to deliver the most accurate numbers, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments. Or over smoke signals. Whichever works best for you.)

The Humble Weekly Sale
At least $6/£3.68/€4.37  for cool stuff

I’m not usually inclined towards promoting stuff from the Humble Store because pretty much anyone savvy enough to bundle-hunt probably know about the associated deals already. Still, exceptions can be made. If you’re willing to pay at least $6, you’ll be able to unlock a line-up comprised of the Zeno Clash franchise (love!), Rock of Ages (Also love!), Dwarfs!? (Not love but like, at least!) Rising Storm (I am told I should love!) and Killing Floor (Like?).

Indie Gala Bundles
Everything’s under $0.99/£0.61/€ 0.72

I can just see how it went down: The Indie Gala coming together on Friday, stone-faced and intent on serious discussion. “How do we make a lot of money next week, Brain?” “The same thing every other site is doing except better, Pinky! We rise up and put SEVEN bundles out there!” The new bundles are made up of an eclectic bunch of games so you’re going to want to sieve through the chaff to get at the wheat. Still, not bad for a buck!

Get Games’ Civilization Sale
At least %50 off on everything

There’s a lesson to be learned from the Civilization series: being quiet, well-travelled and a tad megalomaniacal makes you nigh invincible to the passage of time.  More than two decades later, Sid Meiers’ classic is still going remarkably strong. If you’ve been looking to pick up Civilization again, Get Games is currently offering some splendid discounts for pretty much everything from Civilization III onwards.

Indie Capsule Bundle
At least $3.47/€3.03/ for seven games

Bundle Stars’ Indie Capsule Bundle is an eclectic creature. On end of the spectrum, we’ve got saccharine goodness like Snuggle Truck. On the other, we have Slender: The Arrival and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Both of which are, well, not cute. Unless you think terror is endearing in which case I’m going to back away very, very slowly from you now. (I do think spiders are adorable, though.)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Director’s Cut

Just so we’re clear, I’m going to be evangelizing Deus Ex: Human Revolution every reasonable opportunity I can get. I love the game. And the setting. And the fact it allows you to knock people unconscious, rob them blind and stow them away in a nearby pipe. The improvements packaged with The Director’s Cut aren’t perfect, but they’ve definitely helped the core game. Also, anything that allows me to mill through a dystopian Asian city that isn’t festooned with out-of-place cultural motifs is A-Okay in my book.

PixelJunk Eden

Nominated for three Independent Game Festival awards and a Golden Globe nominee, PixelJunk Eden is a 2D platforming-action game with an impressive background. It’s a sweeping, artistic creation that is built around music, color and being absolutely pretty. Though by no means perfect, PixelJunk Eden’s a sweet find at its current price point.

Also of note

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics – Free!
As of the time of writing, these three games are still free on with six hours to spare.

Max Payne Complete Bundle – $9.99/£6.75/9.99
Though a cheap find, this bundle reminds me that May Payne remains woefully absent from the video games landscape.

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger – R$14.99 /€4.68/$6.43/£3.95
Courtesy of RPS reader Gnoupi, we now know that this homage to the Wild West is going for somewhat cheap.

 Do you run a monolithic digital distribution site? Or even a little one? Are you going to be part of a bundle? A developer aiming to grossly discount their product? If so, don’t hesitate to e-mail and let me know! 

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