Payday 2 Makes Like Santa, With A Free DLC Present

The term “DLC” is always most welcome when preceded by the word “free”. It was always the point, really. Rewards for investing in the game in the first place. Remembering this is Overkill, with Payday 2, as it receives an appropriately gruesome Christmassy update today. Set in the bank from Counter-Strike: GO.

Called Charlie Santa, it’s a custom map for the game, a new “classic” heist, peculiarly based on a map from CS:GO, and of course featuring Santa masks – also free in the update. There are two routes through the robbery, which is demonstrated in a really quite unnerving video from the perspective of an onlooker calling 911:

It doesn’t sound so Christmassy to you? Well, how about the added achievement for wrapping dead bodies and placing them beneath the bank’s Christmas tree?


  1. Chamoniard says:

    So now killing police officers and bank employees is entertainment? Cmon people…

  2. HadToLogin says:

    Map inspired by CSGO, where it was inspired by L4D2 (it’s that Burger Tank from Hard Rain, with bank instead of restaurant). That’s some heavy inception stuff here.

    • The Random One says:

      Three more layers and we’d be back at Duke Burger, staring at Dopefish graffiti.

  3. Hunchback says:

    Is this game any good, actually? I never picked it up…

    • dE says:

      It’s enjoyable. The shooting is quite decent and the different heists will entertain you for a while. Not least of all pulling off a multi day heist with your friends just feels great. The game has (or had when I still played it) some odd seams and bolts in places though. The unlock system is (or was? Dunno) 100% random. So I spent the first 20 hours trying to hit something without any reasonable scope at hand, simply because the game thought it do be funny to just not give me one. Similar experience with silencers.
      I specced into stealth and wanted to go the silenced route. When the game finally handed me the first bloody silencer for my rifle, I was already level 60 and by now specced into something else entirely. Oh and if you play, bring like-minded friends. Not just friends. The game has two playstyles, stealth and action. The two don’t blend too well (action is usually what happens when Stealth fails -and stealth is fickle and requires perfect play to work) and it’s either this or that. If you don’t have like-minded friends you’ll see your teammates “accidently” firing their shotgun in broad daylight or dancing and jumping around in front of cameras they “ooops, didn’t see, honest!”.

    • darkChozo says:

      It’s pretty good at what it’s trying to be, which is a heist-themed co-op horde shooter with a well-developed progression system in the background. Gun mechanics are good (vastly better than the original). Stealth is doable but seems somewhat like an afterthought, and most games will devolve into shootin’ cops. Levels are fairly interesting but there’s not a lot of them, so expect lots of repetition. Progression involves skills (you spec into a loose “class” that determines your specialty and is semi-permanent), buyable weapons, randomly dropping attachments.

      It’s a much better game if you have friends to play with, but I’d say it’s still playable with pubs (though there’s levelling involved so who knows what the new player experience is right now). Bots are worthless so don’t even try.

    • C0llic says:

      It’s a great game to play with friends. Solo pubbing probably not recommended – you’ll get an experience not dissimiliar to playing l4d with randoms. Not always terrible, but no where near as fun.

      The gun play is good, the heist are great, but with limited maps. Doing stealth runs with a group of freinds is great fun (but difficult until it clicks) and keeps things interesting; it adds to the variety along with other ‘loud’ missions where stealth is not an option.

  4. gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

    What’s with the hazy circle?

  5. Bull0 says:

    Yeah that video’s legitimately kinda disturbing.

    I’m a bit addicted to payday 2 at the moment, I hit rank 50 tonight :D