Going Out With A Wang: Shadow Warrior Survival Mode

The unexpectedly excellent Shadow Warrior reboot from Devolver Digital was at its best when limbs and heads were soaring through the air and painting the town/dojo/village/infernal dominion/forest/dockyard red. The designers were wise to that fact and the demon hordes were as persistent as Penelope’s suitors. If the lulls in action were too much for you to take though, Devolver have the answer. A survival mode has been added to the game – three maps, one Wang, all of the enemies. It’s free, as is the Excalibat weapon, a crossover from the similarly resurrected Rise of the Triad.

A splendid price for a splendid addition to a splendid game. It’s only $9.99 at the moment as well. Treat yourself.


  1. Meat Circus says:

    Everyone needs some Wang in their life.

  2. derbefrier says:

    Great game my personal FPS of the year.

  3. airtekh says:

    Got Shadow Warrior off the Humble store yesterday. I shall check it out over the Christmas period.

    I didn’t realise that the devs are the same guys that made Hard Reset. I quite liked that.

  4. Kinch says:

    Wooo! That’s the Bulletstorm 2 I’ve been yearning for.

    (Have the game in my library, need to finally find the time to play it.)

  5. HumpX says:

    The game needs an old school deathmatch multiplayer mode.

  6. Shooop says:

    Best FPS of 2013.

  7. dubyabyeats says:

    On sale for 2 hours more supposedly, if anyone is looking to pick it up on the cheap. Looks great.