Impressions: DayZ

I’m crouching indoors, peeking out of a window at a man in the street. He is carefully searching this row of houses, getting closer and closer, toting an axe and wearing what looks like a clown mask. He’s looking for me. I know this because I said ‘hello’ and there was no response. DayZ is about a zombie outbreak. But there’s a clown at the door, and the undead are nothing next to the living.

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This guy’s a player-killer. In almost any other game I might have a chance – a default weapon, perhaps, or something to use in an ambush. But in DayZ you spawn with nowt but a torch, and I’d come to this little hamlet to try and find something – anything – useful. The door swings open and he sees me. Nothing heroic happens. His first swing misses but the second hits home, and I’m dead. I vaguely hope my only possession, a rotten banana, makes the bastard sick. And then click respawn to do it all over again.

DayZ is a (very) early alpha release of the standalone version of what was ArmA II’s most brilliant mod – the realisation of an idea so strong that, even in its original state, it shone through the shonkiness. The improvements here are legion, and range from an overhauled inventory system to the gorgeous texture work on humble things like a pipe wrench. Even the fact I was hiding in a house, for example, would have been unlikely in the original mod, where buildings were mostly inaccessible blocks on the landscape.

The majority of buildings on Chernarus having interiors is the kind of change with knock-on effects. Loot can now be secreted in hard-to-see crannies, under beds and in corners, which means you spend much more time exploring towns – though this doesn’t always mean you’ve got something to show for it. DayZ’s world is permanently short on goodies, to the extent that finding two mouldy kiwis and a tin of spaghetti feels like hitting the mother lode. The first time I saw a fireaxe I just stood there looking at it, scarcely believing my luck.

The first half hour with any new character is pretty much hell-for-leather, because you’ve got nothing to lose and so there’s little point in sneaking about. But the instant you find something good – a can-opener, perhaps, or a baseball bat – the whole atmosphere changes. Now you’re Mr Softly-Softly. Now it matters.

This kind of change in pace runs through DayZ’s world, and is what makes it such a tense experience. You can be on top of the world with a backpack crammed full of goodies, and the next dead – without even seeing the player that snuck up on you. Paranoia isn’t wise in DayZ, it’s essential.

This can be brutal, and DayZ makes no concessions towards new players – or even somewhat experienced ones. In part this is down to a desire for purity, so a character will be constantly telling you they’re thirsty but there’s no such thing as a ‘hydration meter’. Laudable as this is, it means that some of the game’s complexity is buried in a frustrating manner.

You might think that thirst can be solved, for example, by drinking a can of soda. In fact this will make a negligible contribution to your character’s dehydration, though it will increase their energy (a ‘hidden’ mechanic) – because soda’s full of calories. Nowhere does the game explain this, and the mod’s various useful meters have been replaced with frequent lines of text: ‘I need to drink’, or ‘My stomach grumbles violently’ and so on.

But the absence of visual guidance isn’t the problem – it’s the lack of any guidance. Want to quench that thirst by drinking water from a well? You better boil or purify it first, for which you need containers and equipment, otherwise illness could await. Oh and don’t just take one drink – you need multiple.

These survival elements are a massive leap in sophistication over the original mod and, to be crystal clear, I think this kind of depth is what makes DayZ fantastic. But things like the differences between drinking soda and drinking water are only clear through a bunch of trial-and-error or googling, and I don’t think giving players some basic guidance towards obvious and hidden mechanics would be a bad thing. The balance also seems a little askew at the moment, with your character constantly thirsty regardless of how well-hydrated you keep them, but this is the kind of parameter that can be easily tweaked.

These are all minor issues. The problems in DayZ standalone I eventually lost patience with all revolve around the zombies. First is the melee combat. It’s not so much that the animations are poor, but that the collision detection when facing zombies is so random. One hit from a zombie can screw up a character you’ve invested hours in, so when they simply walk through an axe swing and whack you it’s enormously frustrating.

In a sense this is a legacy issue – after all, ArmA is hardly optimised for melee combat – so there may always be a shonky aspect to this side of DayZ. But this is a game about consequence, and despite the setting its appeal is in creating a ‘realistic’ zombie simulation. So hits have to register, as simple as that. There is no leeway for phantom blows.

Second is something that will surely be fixed in time, but is currently a nightmare. Zombies can walk through walls and floors. Have a look at this screenshot:

To escape from zombies, in the absence of something to kill them with, you need to break line of sight and be quiet. Buildings are theoretically a useful way to do this. But it turns out that doors and floors are no obstacle to the horde, and they’ll simply pursue and hit you through solid surfaces. I’ve tried this in multiple buildings, and it’s not an occasional bug but something that happens consistently.

This was a problem in the original mod, too. So at this point we come to the question of what DayZ standalone is for, and what this alpha release is for. With an alpha you expect bugs, a lack of polish, and missing elements – all of this is fine. But when an alpha costs £20 and basic stuff like this is happening, things are much more troubling.

Clearly this hasn’t deterred the game’s large fanbase. But if you’re waiting and wondering whether to take the plunge I’d say hold off – and so would creator Dean Hall. The desire to release something playable as soon as possible gets a thumbs-up, but it’s important to be fully aware you’re paying £20 for the eventual game and what is clearly a work-in-progress in the meantime.

This does not mean I think DayZ’s bad in any way; it’s just super-early, and a few months and many patches away from being fantastic. And you can kind of wrangle your playtime into shape. Don’t go into buildings when there are zombies around is an obvious first step. Don’t try and fight zombies with melee weapons is a slightly harder one.

The most important rule, of course, is to be paranoid. If there is one stellar achievement that DayZ carries over from the mod intact, it is the simple dread at the sight of another player – the kind of feeling that is twisted into you through bitter experience. Someone that might be an ally, or just another bastard out for your backpack? You never know and, by the time you do, it’s often too late. DayZ’s Alpha might have its problems, but even now the core message shines through. Hell really is other people.


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  1. The Random One says:

    Zombie goasts, leave this place!
  1. d3vilsadvocate says:

    Sounds like a chore to be honest.

    The only way I might enjoy this game is by playing it with friends. Will teammates still spawn at random locations on the map or is it now possible to spawn at your friends location?

    • wappsify says:

      What? Respawning at a friends location? That would totally ruin the whole gameplay experience. Do you even realise, that such kind of mechanic would imbalance absolutely everything in the game?
      I do not like that suggestion.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Needs a disapproving rabbit gif

      • gshauger says:

        So what you’re basically saying is that in this supposedly ultra realistic “zombie” game the most basic of human things doesn’t exist. If that’s the case then this game will never have more than a small following.

        Groups, tribes, gangs, communities, whatever need to exist. I can’t think of a single zombie movie that doesn’t revolve around a group of individuals. In a game like DayZ that might be the only thing that combats the lone killers that seem to plague every server.

        There needs to be some sort of counter to the lawlessness that exists within the game world. If I’m gonna be murdered every time I play because some teenager playing in his parent’s basement gets off on it then the game will never be fun nor realistic. Cooperation and trust between friends banding together would be an amazing addition.

        • Halk says:

          We need these bandits in the game, otherwise where is the risk/fun?

          Bit annoying that some people complain about this “issue”.

          • TacticusX says:

            Bandits need to be in the game yes i agree with that, but the problem persisting is not that they don’t need to be in the game, it is that a douchebag mentality is molding into them, and the cheap tactics that come along with it. As of now in the mod, bandits are known as the idiots who go and find the best sniper in the game, go to a prime spawn location and sit on a vantage point at it and fire 2-3 mags into a helpless newspawn. Multiple people have suggested ideas to eliminate this problem and give newspawns a chance to live, my favorite was by a person having the idea of making spawn areas, where in that area all newspawns have god-mode on, where they can get some basic items and a gun so they atleast stand a chance. If a guy is literally going to waste 2 30 round stanag mags to get my flashlight, bandage, and painkillers, by all means he can have em. Another problem persisting is that there is hardly any dayz veterans left (guys who have played since release of the mod, I am one) The last time i played the mod was when i saw a group of 3 people heavily armed, i went up to them to tell them i am friendly and mean no harm to them, when they spoke back they were all atleast aged under 12, the leader said “Ok.” and then they unloaded a clip each into me. So CoD kiddies plague this game as well, ENFORCING the shoot on sight mentality which was really unknown at the launch of the mod.

        • fluffy_thedestroyer says:

          why would you do that. too much work if you ask me. Just take some random guys backpack by killing him, it’s easier. it’s clear the dev’s didn’t think this through. Your right in the way of having some zones or place where law or rules are present but with this type of game…I don’t think so

        • Semper_Iratus says:

          The game is a total sandbox. If you think there should be a safe area, find some people and make one. Have people guard it. Have them do it in shifts, whatever. If you think bandits should be punished, then go punish them. You don’t need anything but what’s already in the game to do so. If you think there should be a community, form one. You are totally and completely free to do as you choose and free to live with the consequences. That’s the whole point of the game.

          In The Walking Dead, Rick doesn’t have a magical interface that pops up and lets him manage his people. He talks to them. He convinces them. He listens. He forces them if he has to. Do that. Make the game what you want it to be. You’re free to do so. No one can stop you. Except other people who don’t want that. That’s where conflict comes from. Try reading ‘Lord of the Flies.’ That’s how shit works when you’re not under the thumb of another authority.

          If you can’t be bothered to organize people and would rather go scavenge stuff for yourself, well, good for you. That doesn’t mean anyone owes you a safe zone or civilization.

          • gilman0352 says:

            sounds like a great idea… except most of us have a life, maybe a job and cant stand guard 24/7

        • IIJackTheRipper says:

          A very simple solution to the coop aspect and lack of friendly people in the game is more zombies, lets face it, lack of necessity to cooperate with others. Why team up when you can kill and loot the body? You need to make it more profitable to work together, so add more zombies, wild animals,ect. This way you still have that fear of others but you need some help. You can work together as long at you need to or you can be game long friends. This way we have bandits, we have friends, and more cooperation even if its a means to an end. As far as a spawning on a friend? That would ruin it, when the zombie apocalypse goes down you have to find your friends i doubt they will all be right there.

    • hamilcarp says:

      I believe they made that game already. It was called “Team Deathmatch”

      • gshauger says:

        It’s called the Walking Dead and it’s a hell of a lot more fun and realistic to play compared to this alternate reality where human beings don’t have any family or friends and wander the Earth alone as if deposited there by Aliens.

        • Semper_Iratus says:

          I have friends who play DayZ. We play together. Last night one of my friends got shot. The guy who shot him didn’t see me on the roof above and took a bullet to the head. So did his two friends. You can make friends in game. You can make friends out of game and play with them. You’re only alone if you choose to be.

  2. Protector says:

    The alpha costs £20…

    • MobileAssaultDuck says:

      The game costs 20, early adoption gets you into the alpha.

      It’s not like you have to pay for the game again when it is released.

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        I’m always confused when I hear “The alpha costs $x!” Well no, the game costs that much. It just happens that you also get alpha access when you buy the full game, too.

        • Klydefrog says:

          I’m pretty sure Protector wasn’t complaining about the price but rather correcting the article which repeatedly states that the alpha costs £30.

          • Protector says:

            You would be very correct sir. The author almost implies its not worth £30 but the price for the game/alpha/whatever you want to call it is £20.

          • ffordesoon says:

            He’s probably gotten it confused with the American price, which is thirty. It’s just in dollars, not pounds.

          • Klydefrog says:

            @ffordeson Yes that was my thinking as well, someone should probably correct it though before riots break out.

  3. jonahcutter says:

    I thought the mod was brilliant too, until l I learned the loot spawn locations. Once that mystery was gone, it felt like a very large-map, slow-paced deathmatch.

    • norfolk says:

      Agreed. Hopefully the polished standalone will better maintain the survivor psychology that made the first months of alpha so great.

      God, I hate shonkiness though, especially in a game where you progressively have more and more to lose. Waiting for the full release reviews…

      • rittenhaus says:

        The shonkiness is still very evident. The worst of it is what Rich mentioned about zombies going through walls, which is a “bug” that has been in the mod for many months. It probably could have been fixed by now, but it’s one of those things Rocket secretly believes is a feature. I wouldn’t expect it to go away, ever, and it is extremely game-breaking.

    • jellydonut says:

      That’s gone now, loot is strewn about semi-randomly in natural places. The houses being accessible helps a fuckton too.

      Now the loot needs to actually respawn some time rather than only spawning when the server starts.. Everything is completely ribbed.

  4. The Random One says:

    Zombie goasts, leave this place!

  5. Eight Rooks says:

    Slightly annoyed at how for quite some time when the mod was the flavour of the month we saw a ton of thinkpieces along the lines of “No, you guys, you’ve totally got it wrong, DayZ isn’t just about wholesale murder, there’s co-operation and friendship and heartwarming stuff” and now the standalone’s reared its rotting head the first two impressions I’ve read (Edge and RPS) are… surprise, surprise, I DIED OVER AND OVER TO PLAYER-KILLERS AND IT WAS AWESOME. I know it’s pretty much just Not A Game For Me, and I’m fine with that, and this was a decent, balanced quick look at the alpha but… can we stop pretending this is ever going to be a game about anything besides slaughtering anyone who 1) moans and seems to have bits of themselves falling off and 2) isn’t you? No? Oh well, me and my coal-black heart will be grumbling in the corner over that a ways, then.

    • Discopanda says:

      They’ve added equipment conditions to the game, so now if you decide to go murdering other players, there’s a chance that you might damage all of their delicious loot! So, players are being mildly encouraged to play nice. And really, it’s a game about risk and reward. If you’re a newbie with nothing useful on you, the “Player-killers” have little to gain from capping you. You’ll hear from most players that cooperation makes the game a lot more fun, and experiencing a big group die and/or slaughter each other from greed or misunderstandings makes for the best stories. DayZ was never about the gameplay, it was about the emergent systems and the stories that arise from them.

      And look! CHRISTMAS CEASEFIRE! You don’t see that kind of holiday cheer in Call of Duty. link to

      • L3TUC3 says:

        My DayZ mod stint ended after I helped a buddy crawl for hours to a hospital to fix his broken legs, we specifically swapped to a lower-popped night server so we’d had a better shot at getting in and out of it alive. We (well, I) ran in, got the stuff, patched him up and left elated at our success. As we exited somebody who was camping in the apartments shot us with his AK. No warning, no other interaction than a few bursts of bullets. Our story basically ended because a guy thought it’d be fun to kill us. It was so underwhelming I ragequit so hard I didn’t touch it again since I would just end up frustrated even more.

        Flash forward to today where I made the unlikely reentry to post apocalyptic chernorus.

        At the moment I’m at the place where I have everything I need to be self-sufficient. Healthy, stocked on food /water and other useful supplies. I don’t have a direct need to pillage an airfield or army base as that’s pretty much suicide so I just stick around the forests and smaller towns or go on hikes up the mountains for the view. If I stay away from players I’ll be fine, but sadly player interaction is what makes it fun if I watch the streams.

        I really hope it won’t end up like the first time again.

        • King Eternity says:

          You’re doing it wrong. Of course there is going to be threats around a well known location like a hospital. If you didn’t scout the surrounds before you went in you only have yourself to blame.

          • gshauger says:

            I think you’re missing his point. Because it’s a game players often check their morality at the door…there’s no empathy or guilt associated with their actions so they do things they wouldn’t actually do in real life. We shouldn’t have to be off the chart paranoid to enjoy this game. You act like it’s normal that the game world is populated with murderers that aren’t Zombies.

            The game needs some sort of ramification for murdering other players.

      • Eight Rooks says:


        “And really, it’s a game about risk and reward. If you’re a newbie with nothing useful on you, the “Player-killers” have little to gain from capping you”

        …I’m not sure you understand the meaning of “For the lulz”. ;-)

        To be clear I’m not saying that no-one ever does nice things in a game like Day Z. But I’m a cynic who firmly believes that the vast majority of online games are about lording it over your fellow players at heart – yes, co-op games too, arguably – and who believes in Penny Arcade’s G.I.F.T., and to be even clearer when you say “most” players would say co-operation is where the fun is, without some way to quantify that I flatly don’t believe you. It’s about griefing other people for the fun of it, because people, and because video games. It’s what the majority of people who would play a game like this want to do. That’s what happened with the original mod version and it’s what will inevitably happen with this. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – I do understand the appeal! – but just like E.V.E. Online, it’s not something I would go anywhere near in a million years.

        • chhopsky says:

          Back during the original DayZ days I went through the numbers they published on the site about kills, deaths, zombies, alive players, bandits, etc, I did an extensive statistical analysis of it over time and proved that the vast majority of people aren’t player-killers. It also took into account that:

          1. Changes in experience over time the better you get at dealing with the predictable behaviour of zombies the less likely one is to kill you, meaning the chance of any death you experience approaches 100% over time.
          2. The more you play, the faster your speed of firearm/gear acquisition is and the more equipped you are to deal with -any- threat.

          The end result was STILL that only a small percentage of other people were actually out to get you, and because everyone looked the same all you saw was the same player killing you. The new version solves a lot of those problems – changing the way/location gear spawns, increasing enterable buildings, making players more identifiable by their appearance/clothing etc.

          Ultimately there’s two simple current front page stats (i’m not going to go through it mathematically again because no-one listens, because that time they got killed PROVES that everyone is out to get them forever) that shows the truth of the current state of gameplay:

          1. There are currently 1,354,449 players alive, and only 168,588 of them are bandits: 12.4%
          2. Of 40,404,206 survival attempts, 9,625,281 ended in murder: 23.8%

          This obviously doesn’t account for people who have an alive character, who /are/ bandits but haven’t yet killed enough to be marked a bandit, but a dumb comparison shows that ~1/8th of people are doing ~1/4 of the killing.

          The rest of us are all just trying to survive, but it’s the paranoia that keeps us wary, scared, co-operating, and playing.

          • Continuity says:

            1. There are currently 1,354,449 players alive, and only 168,588 of them are bandits: 12.4%
            2. Of 40,404,206 survival attempts, 9,625,281 ended in murder: 23.8%

            These stats prove absolutely nothing, its possible for everyone to be a player killer by intent and for us to see these stats, so long as most of the kills are of new spawns. Plus you say 23.8% of survival attempts ending in murder, well how many ended in being killed by another player? thats a much more important stat, and even then just because lots of newbies are being killed by zombies or starvation etc doesnt mean that the majority of experienced players aren’t player killers.

            Besides, being a bandit is a gameplay style choice, its perfectly possible to kill dozens of players without being a bandit, so long as you’re deliberately shooting just bandits, and that is still player killing. Also just because someone has made the choice not to be a bandit doesn’t mean they won’t be your death, they just voip your location to their bandit friend who caps your ass.

      • KDR_11k says:

        And look! CHRISTMAS CEASEFIRE! You don’t see that kind of holiday cheer in Call of Duty.

        Oddly enough you DID see that kind of holiday cheer in the first world war.

      • Bull0 says:

        What on earth would be the point of a ceasefire in Call of Duty? At least in DayZ you can explore and gather supplies.

      • Jatts says:

        Are you stupid? Ceasefire in call of duty? The whole point of the game is to shoot people, in Day Z it is only an option.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      I think as long as you come across like-minded people in the game then you should be OK. Admittedly, from what I’ve seen everyone is a murdering bastard, but they can’t all be dicks… right?

      Besides that, the ratio is still interesting.

      • LaserLlama says:

        In my personal experience in DayZ, more often then not my friends and I (I highly recommend playing with a group of trusted people) trust only a few people. Here’s a list of reasons we’ve experienced as to why we may have to kill a player.

        -We’ve spotted them with a weapon, but we’ve heard shots and cannot verify if it was them or not. We remove the player (A bullet to the head) and remove the risk of us being shot.

        -If we notice a player with weapons and we out number them, we tell them to drop their weapons and come out empty handed. One of us watches them while the rest take what we need from the location, leaving his weapons be. If they come out trying to kill us, he dies. If it all goes smoothly, we watch him carefully while we leave and he has his gear still.

        -If we’re shot at, we return fire. Eliminate the threat and any surrounding threats (Players) who may want to risk trying to get their hands on the body’s gear.

        All in all, some players kill just to kill, while others like myself and friends will kill players to not risk dying ourselves. Even just today we were looting a military base, and I open the door to see a player there, just idle. I almost hit her with my axe, but I stopped myself and first thing I asked was for her to get outside. We check her over, no weapons or anything and explains that her friend was murdered and that she had drank some bleach (We made fun of her for it later). She had been raiding the hospital in search for something to stop the poison. One of my friend’s happened to have charcoal pills and gave them to her, curing her. One of us kept an eye on her and we grabbed what we needed, leaving her be. She hadn’t followed us out of the camp, and so she lived, hopefully meeting up with her friend again.

        Normally, we probably would shot her to remove the threat, seeing as she could of picked up a gun in the camp. Needless to say, while she was searching around with us we did find a gun, but told her to pick it up after we left. We still manage to show kindness to other players who deserve it. Regardless on my first spawn I was stuck in the cross-fire between three people, and ended up bleeding out in the firehouse. But that’s DayZ. I had heard the gunfire and curiously I walked towards it, meeting it with a bullet into my side and arm. Sometimes player’s bring themselves to the danger rather than avoiding it. When we hear shots now we make sure it’s not one of us, group up in a building, and wait. DayZ is about survival, if you die a few times along the way than that’s just how it is. Even bandits won’t make it far in DayZ without a group. A single bandit can’t take on five players who are equally armed and are prepared to shoot someone who’s a threat. If player’s can become friends, they keep one another alive, and their survival rate jumps up exponentially.

        All in all, surviving is tough, and if someone can’t handle the risk that comes with DayZ, then it’s just not their kind of game. “Only the strongest will survive” applies greatly. But in DayZ, strength comes in numbers.

    • KevinLew says:

      You’re not alone in that opinion. The part that I don’t understand is that this genre of survival/zombie apocalypse gaming has now taken over FPS as the most popular game genre out there. Look at the Steam best seller list. We’ve got DayZ, Nether, Project Zomboid, and Rust all on the top seller list now. There’s also State of Decay, 7 Days to Die, and The Dead Linger.

    • TheMick says:

      Agreed completely. Several friends of mine were considering getting into it after its polished more. If that falls through though that’s pretty much the end of it sadly. Seems like if you don’t go in with a premade group and dislike the constant pvp elememt, you shouldn’t bet for a second on convincing strangers to cooperate.

      Unless of course a DayZ standalone RPS server were to crop up one day…

    • Synesthesia says:

      Agreed. Damn it.

    • doodadnox says:

      This is the largest objection you hear about the game. Unfortunately, most who enjoy the game aren’t the ones publicizing their experiences. The people who run through highly populated cities spawn after spawn hoping for top tier loot in one swing only to get sniped are the ones telling the stories on forums. I started this game 100% solo, played for a long time solo, and now play with 4 friends from time to time. I can’t really say I enjoyed the game one way or the other the most.

      The element of sneaking around zombies AND players is incredibly exhilarating. The adrenaline rush from finding another player and communicating is indescribable, even more so when you’ve lived for 12+ hours. Are there player killers? Yes. Do people buy DayZ to PK? No. Myself and my buddies managed to work together, set up a massive and spread out base camp complete with tents full of gear, guns, and ammo. We had multiple vehicles and a helicopter. It’s at this point where PKing became fun because you had backup gear. We sat in major cities and shot up whoever wandered into the open. When the server reset we once again became scavengers and it was fun as hell.

      With a few minor tweaks I’m confident they’ll help tone down the ability to stock up and become a full-time murderer. I promise you though, people do not buy DayZ to PK – if you get shot it’s because they were fucking terrified. It’s that sort of emotion that makes this such a great game(mod).

    • alw says:

      Probably because I play Eve, I don’t agree with this point. It’s basically a sandbox game, it’s the players that make it what it is. If you don’t like the fact that most people are running around killing everyone else, you can do something about it. Start a militia, form groups to go and hunt down mass murderers. It’s not like PKers can’t die, or lose less loot on dying than everyone else.

      • Talksintext says:

        And how do you know who the mass murderers are? I think they’ve removed the “bandit skins” from the SA (and I think you could change out of them anyway in the mod if you preferred anonymity). It’s impossible, unless you see someone kill another player for no reason, but that requires you being in the right place at the right time, which….

        In the end it just turns into groups of people getting together and going after other groups of people in high-traffic areas, basically a very large map, open-world deathmatch (with zombies and tedious leveling up and a bunch of nuisance mechanics like thirst/hunger/fatigue).

        Since players don’t have a clear identity unless they WANT you to know who they are, there is no real consequence for being a dick or mass murderer. With combat logging ever the issue, even when these sorts do “pick on the wrong guy”, they just log out instantly to save their ass, without the other guy necessarily ever knowing who they were.

        I loved the mod and the Arma 3 mod currently, but it’s not EVE.

    • Continuity says:

      The game has exactly the same issue as the mod… some people having the mistaken assumption that that its possible for this sort of game to be anything other than huge deathmatch/survival arena. So long as the core mechanics of the game remain the same Dayz will never be something other than that, and to be frank, that is 90% of the gameplay anyway.

      I say that as someone who put several hundreds of hours into the mod, solo and as part of a clan, on every map going… perhaps you can make something other out of the game for 50-60 hours, but once you get past a certain point, you know where the hotspots are you know where the snipers are likely to be, you know where the good loot is, you know how to survive, you have multiple redundant plans of survival, you have supply caches, and you can “beat” the game in that sense in a few hours; then all that remains is player killing, that is literally the only thing to do, and that is amplified many times if you’re in a clan: Die, respawn, your clan picks you up and gives you top tier gear… continue the death match.

      To be clear, this is not a bad thing, it *is* the game.

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        Well I guess I won’t bother with DayZ then, as that sounds dreadful.

      • Talksintext says:

        The following is based on the mods mostly:
        Basically. If you’re really into role-playing, you can get dozens of hours of “survival RP” out of this, where you don’t just run around killing people on sight (if at all).

        I play two different styles: sometimes I play solo, where I just go for basic survival and avoid all combat. It’s still a rush, even when you’re just hiding from someone that stumbled upon your area. Especially a rush because you know they MAY know you’re around, and they can pinpoint you within 250 meters. Then it becomes cat-and-mouse, but you don’t know if they’re a cat and they don’t know if you’re a mouse, and neither of you really knows if the other knows you’re there (because you might not be as aware of your surroundings or the game’s mechanics as veterans). So maybe mouse-and-mouse, maybe tiger-and-cat, maybe two ghosts passing by. I’m not aware of any other game with such ambiguity and the need for feeling out other players, where when you do choose to interact, trust is such a huge issue.

        And then I group up and get into regular combat – seek it out even. It helps break up the tedium of solo loot hoarding (to be fair, mod zombies aren’t very challenging, and the SA seems like it could make for a much greater PvE challenge once it’s polished).

    • DestroyYourEgo says:

      How very beautifully put. I played WarZ, and I came to the same conclusion. Then I see DayZ is going from mod to full time game, and I still feel the same way about this game that I did about the other game.

  6. bit_crusherrr says:

    >be fully aware you’re paying £30 for the eventual game

    It costs £20, or $30. Also drinking from wells is perfectly safe, ponds are a different matter.

  7. P-Dazzle says:

    This would be a great survival game if they took the zombies out.

    • Antistar says:

      I hold the (contrary?) opinion that this would be a great survival game if they took out the PvP.

      Hopefully there’ll be a singleplayer mod – or at the very least a no-“friendly”-fire one.

      • cqdemal says:

        That removes at least half the tension, I think. The prospect of losing everything to a few whacks by zombie is disheartening, but the sight of a human player is downright terrifying in this.

  8. Dezztroy says:

    Uh, it’s kind of common sense that a can of soda will give you more nutrients/energy but not as much hydration as water

    • derbefrier says:

      yes but this is a video game not real life. the devs could have just as easily said “all non poisonous liquids quench thirst” and no one would have questioned it. video game logic is not equal to real life logic so its sometimes nice to have these things spelled out for us.

    • Guzzleguts says:

      Common sense doesn’t always equal fact though. Get yourself some proper diarrhoea and find out. You can get hydration ‘salts’ that are added to water to increase hydration. Drinks like Gatorade often contain similar stuff. I think it has something to do with the body more readily absorbing substances that are more similar to it.

      • Don Reba says:

        It is just that your nervous system works on sodium, potassium, chlorine, and calcium ions, which you lose with water as salts. If you get dehydrated and replenish water, but not these elements, you can get very sick.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I’m trying really hard not to laugh and wake the whole house but the way you phrased this just sounds so much like you’re selling diarrhoea.

        In conclusion: I am so mature.

      • Talksintext says:

        Except soda doesn’t have anything you need – it’s just sugar and water basically, plus caffeine. Sugar and caffeine both cause further dehydration, and the water content in soda is not enough to make up for it.

        Your body does need essential minerals, especially when you’re gushing out internal liquids – soda has nothing in it, though. It is purely about energy.

        Point being: your comment is poorly aimed.

  9. derbefrier says:

    Well I was thinking about picking this up for the long holiday weekend but now i’ll pick something else out. This sounds like it needs at minimum another year to get to a state were i would wanna play it, but that also sucks cause by then a noob like me wont stand a chance against the veterans who camp all the good spawn points and shit so I may just pass on this entirely depending on how they decide to handle certain things like this.

  10. Bodge says:

    I think it is probably pretty important to stress that this is an alpha test, things are constantly being changed much like they were in the mod. You are pretty much paying to be a tester (and of course getting the game when it arrives) whether you think this is a good thing or not is up to you.

    Also Rocket has mentioned in streams that the alpha has been released with crap zombies because they want to see how well other components work first. It doesn’t stop it from being annoying but at least you know it is because they haven’t put the work in on them yet, it is like the fact there is only three guns at the moment. They want to see how it functions with the fairly complete ones they have put a lot of time into rather than having twenty weapons that are buggy as hell.

    I think my main point is that if you are considering buying it now, you are gaining access to a test build and helping BIS crunch numbers. I have had a lot of fun already mind.

  11. Synesthesia says:

    Well, killl on sight is still very much in place, i see.
    Thanks, but no thanks.
    An extremely clunky, slow paced deathmatch is not what appealed to me about the mod. This seems like a game misunderstood by it’s own playerbase, doesn’t it? The first iterations had some cooperation, and actual survival to it. stories were coming out of it!
    Then the gamer reflex of seeing something move = SHOOT IT kicked in, and everybody followed. What a shame.

    • Vinraith says:

      Nothing screws up a great ideal like other people.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      It’d be interesting to have a server with friendly fire switched off. See what happens.

      Not really sure why every sandboxy MMO-type-thing is so obsessed with free-for-all PvP. I’d love to see some massively cooperative sandbox games with AI/developer-controlled enemies, or at least ones with restricted factional PvP so you have broad cooperation within two or three sides.

      • Runs With Foxes says:

        Uh the majority of MMOs are about PvE cooperation.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          In theory? Yes. In practice? No fucking way.

          • Reefpirate says:

            I think he’s expressing the frustration of someone looking for good PvP MMOs… Because he’s right, most MMOs are geared towards PvE. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a PvP MMO in the past, but it’s real hard to find a good one these days. EVE is still the classic example (or Perpetuum if that’s still running), but there really aren’t a whole lot of options.

      • chhopsky says:

        I don’t know about other games, I don’t play other MMOs but the great thing about DayZ is the fear of PvP attacks; the reality of it is that there aren’t that many of them, but you’re always afraid of it.

        Personally my favourite moments have been:
        – a tense standoff between myself and someone who turned out to be friendly
        – long-haul rescue mission to bring food to a starving, immobilised friend
        – a kidnapping where a group of four well-armed guys handcuffed my friend and tried to feed him to a zombie
        – running scared through a new location after aggroing a huge group of zombies while trying to not drop my food/water (i had no pack), fight them off, bandage my injuries and try to lose them

        AHH screw it i’m going off to play again now

      • Semper_Iratus says:

        There are virtually NO free-for-all PVP MMOs. If you want pure PVE your options are nearly endless, though. The FFA PVP crowd has a handful – a couple Age of Conan servers and EVE. Even UO, the only truly and honestly open PVP MMO I’ve ever played, was repeatedly neutered a couple years after its release.

    • chhopsky says:

      I posted a longer comment to someone else already but the front page stats show that’s clearly not true.

      1. There are currently 1,354,449 players alive, and only 168,588 of them are bandits: 12.4%
      2. Of 40,404,206 survival attempts, 9,625,281 ended in murder: 23.8%

      This obviously doesn’t account for people who have an alive character, who /are/ bandits but haven’t yet killed enough to be marked a bandit, but a dumb comparison shows that ~1/8th of people are doing ~1/4 of the killing. More than 75% of deaths aren’t from other players.

  12. Snoken says:

    I’ve played it for roughly twenty hours now and have been fully geared twice already. You can get geared up pretty fast once you accept the fact that starting areas will not have loads of it once a server is full since the loot only respawns after server restart (every 4 hours? )and the first one to hit Balota airfield usually hits the jackpot. The next couple of survivors will most likely not find more than a pair of filthy boots and a rotten banana. But then again if you take a more clever approach and you keep this in mind you actually just need to find out where you are at and head north, set course for one of the villages in the vicinity of the coast.

    You hardly need to find more than one village to get your hands on some basic clothing in order to enhance your storage capacity and find like one or two cans of food maybe some sodas to last you for a while when moving even further up north. You will find some melee weapons along the way but after testing some of them on the zombies I can only advise you to stay away from the zombies till you get a hatchet, all of the other melee weapons just don’t dish out enough damage. Hit a zombie five times with a baseball bat and he might just get knocked down only to get back up and keep following you while a hatchet mostly oneshots them. If you take your time to study the map online you will notice that there is loads of means to lay your hands on an M4 (only assault weapon in the game yet) because it turns out that there is at least five more military bases that have been added to the game, making it way easier to find some military grade gear. One could dash for NWAF right away but I hardly see the point of it. There is barracks in between the coast and Zelengorsk, also in Zelenogorsk, between Vybor and Kabanino and so on. The spawn rate of Mosin Nagants in industrial sites feels a little low compared to the crazy amount of M4s you can find in barracks and prison buildings.

    I can only speak for myself but I find the mod way harder to play and your survivability is much lower in that than it is in the standalone mostly due to the non existing sniper rifles and other high powered crap like .50cals. Yes like the article says zombies walk through buildings and it can be a pain but with a hatchet or a pistol you can take them out so quickly you will not even have to run for cover.

    The biggest drawbacks of the standalone for me are 1.mobility (no vehicles yet, that makes teamplay very difficult), 2.some zombie wall glitching at early stages when you only have your fists to defend yourself, 3. the difficulty to find sidearms and Mosins and 4. the biggest *blergh* would be the fact that your character gets saved globally and you can play that same one with all of your gear on every server you join. This last fact amounts to a problem that we all faced in the early days of the mod when people that were getting shot at would combatlog or worse they would cl. and then try circling your position on another server, log back in and shoot you in the back. Also the loot farming using the same foul move seems to be kind of a downer to me. The trick with this being to go to a military building, if it’s looted already you log off, join another server that just restarted if possible and get all of the loot there, move to the next server, rinse and repeat till you have all the goodies you always wanted. I can see that becoming a huge problem making me believe that it is about time for some drastic changes to be made. But then again only time can tell.

    Love the game so far, always did and I have high hopes for the final release. The only thing one is really not allowed to say concerning this alpha would be that there is not enough loot and this game sucks because you died of starvation or dehydration. It’s a survival game remember? If these things bug you then maybe DayZ was never the game for you in the first place…

    • L3TUC3 says:

      Some very good points, especially about the combat logging, loot cycling and ghosting. I hope something will be done about that as this isn’t really a new concept.

      I don’t really understand the problem people have with lack of loot either. I’m still on my first spawn and have found tons of stuff to the point I don’t have to worry about anything and can just wantonly eat any canned goods or soda I see. I might’ve gotten lucky though as one of the first things I found was a waterbottle. Once I had a backpack it was EZ mode.

      I even got sick and survived it by not doing anything in particular. Just cleaned my wounds once.

      • Snoken says:

        Yes indeed, I had the same thing happening to me. I got sick but luckily I had some medical gear like antibiotics and clean gauze bandages and stuff to heal myself, I even managed to get rid of my characters coughing and moaning from pain after treating myself. What I found kind of interesting was the fact that I had to take antibiotics a couple of times to get the desired effect and it did not change the sickness state instantly but after running around for a couple of hours. The bloodbaging and stuff is very dodgy though and I still have not quite figured out how much of an impact eating and drinking has on getting your hp back up.

    • kyrieee says:

      My biggest problems right now are: there’s not much to work towards, if you have an m4 and a good backpack that’s more or less it. AS50s and the like might not have been good for the game, but at least there was a much stronger gear progression. Right now there aren’t any tents to store stuff, no heli crash sites to hunt for, barely any zombies to kill, no vehicles to try to repair. It’s understandable because it’s early, but there’s just not enough in it yet for me. Also, every building being enterable is nice, except I don’t want to have to enter every one looking for just a single can of soda, because moving in small houses is quite frankly a pain in the ass in this engine.

      • Snoken says:

        I could not agree more with you on that bit. They just need to be very careful about what weapons to implement in the game in order not to mess up the balance too much like they did on the mod. Don’t get me wrong I used the AS50 and M107 a lot and after getting used to the DMR it would always be my first weapon of choice (plus the epic M14 for close-range). That said, those weapons ruined the game a little bit for me after a year or so because engagements with people became pretty one-sided after a while. Insta-kill or insta-death at horrible ranges, that kind of bugged me out for a while. Have you noticed how hard it is to get a Mosin and if you do get one that weapon really needs some serious skill to be handled properly. I hope they don’t put in a range-finder anymore because then at least sniping would be something for people who have a good feeling for the weapon they’re using and know how to set up their zeroing, making the act of sniping more of a challenge for everybody. I mean seriously AS50 set range hold breath bam and another one bites the dust (skill to handle that one is totally optional). :D

    • colekern says:

      Little tip: Fists are GODLY against zombies. Punch them in the head, and they fall over. punch them while they’re down to do damage, then rinse and repeat. I often use it over my Axe to keep it in good condition.

  13. kalirion says:

    So in its current state, is there anything that puts this game above TheWarZ / Infestation Stories, aside from the lack of Pay2Win?

    • bleeters says:

      Unless I missed something, I’d personally regard DayZ as not having been developed by a bunch of unethical, law bending assholes as a bonus, at least.

    • LawL4Ever says:

      Well, I guess it depends on how much you liked WarZ… I personally got it for a few € when it was on sale just to see how bad it really is, and while it was fun to some extent, it didn’t even come close to the feeling the DayZ Mod made me have. I didn’t find it immersive at all. So I think that the DayZ SA is tons better than WarZ, as I think the mod already was better (and in general, even this early alpha is an improvement on the mod imo, even if it’s lacking significant stuff). If you’re unsure, just wait 1-2 years until DayZ SA is in beta. Then I can promise you it will be better than WarZ for absolutely anyone looking for a Zombie survival sim.
      And what bleeter said.

      • Snoken says:

        The WarZ and Nether are the worst, I tried them both after getting bored from DayZ. But tbh those games just have no soul, they were badly put together concepts of games that are not even half as satisfying to play as DayZ was and still is.

  14. Hatonastick says:

    As much as I was a fan of Day Z, unless something drastically changes I wont be buying this. I played the mod for around 6 months, and had a great time for the most part, but then one day I realized it wasn’t a game about zombies at all. In fact on a server packed full of veterans the zombies were almost inconsequential, and that realization is what ruined the game for me. It’s just another PvP game. Honestly I think games like State of Decay do a much better job of giving that zombie apocalypse survival feel than Day Z ever will despite being single player and all sense of “community” coming from computer controlled AI characters. Just wish it had a multiplayer option…

    Anyway, if a zombie apocalypse happened and we all spent our time hunting and killing each other for food instead of banding together to increase our chances of survival, then humanity deserves everything it gets. :)

  15. Shooop says:

    So still zero incentive to not kill every player on sight.

    Then still a shitty glitch-filled FFA deathmatch with some zombies thrown in.

    • chhopsky says:

      Aside from that over 75% of deaths aren’t from other players (check the front page), the best incentive to band together is to make yourself a more formidable target for the 1/8th of players that are out there to kill, and to make it easier to take out zombies (although there are very few of them at the moment).

      • HadToLogin says:

        Questions: what those 75% of deaths are caused by? Are deaths caused by infection due to bullet wounds also count as murders? Does self-defense count as murder? How many zombies were fed? How many are caused by glitches?

        Without knowing answers to those questions, you can’t really say if 25% murders is big or not. Especially if glitch or various “I’m noob and I don’t know not to drink yellow water ever” deaths are like 50% – then when you eliminate them, you’re left with 50% of murders…

      • Talksintext says:

        Pretty sure bleed-outs don’t get counted as murder (especially if you combat log after getting shot, only to die on another server 3min later). Pretty sure they’re a common way to die.

        Also glitch deaths don’t get counted.

        Also TONS of players suicide by zombie to respawn in a better spot. I’d say, on average, easily twice per normal death.

        So, when you take all that into account, the 25-30% murder rate starts to look a LOT higher than the basic stats imply. Fact is, vets very very rarely die from anything other than a glitch or a murder, save suicide-by-zombie of course.

  16. Runs With Foxes says:

    I don’t understand why you’re complaining about a lack of guidance in an alpha version where everything is subject to change. I’m sure there’s a small army of people updating wikis every day, which will serve as a comprehensive instruction manual, but uncovering all these little details is part of the fun.

    I suppose you complain about all the ‘hidden’ mechanics in Dark Souls too.

  17. Antsy says:

    Is that Courtney Love in the top picture?

  18. Moraven says:

    Did they ever put in an accelerated day/night cycle? Like 4-6 hour day cycle?

    It was never fun being in the dark for over 2 hours.

    • chhopsky says:

      I dunno hey – I actually preferred to play at night because it gave me more cover from bandits; I felt safer in the dark, but it also made it harder to not aggro the zombies becuase you have to hear them not see them. But that’s just me =]

  19. racccoon says:

    For all this time DayZ the overall OVER HALL isn’t that great, hall and his pals have been jumping about all over the place unable to finish anything, even unsure of the engine as it now. Disappointing really, it needed someone out of dean halls cocoon to make it much greater.

    People who sneak about from zombies don’t get just how lame the zombies AI is, you can run around anywhere and zombie will be hard pressed to get to you even walking backwards

  20. Elmarby says:

    Well, I am absolutely shocked at the state this game is in. Some year and a half in from Dean Hall starting this game, this is NOT the shape this game should be in, alpha or not. It should not be worse then the mod but it is in many ways.
    Glitches can cause your death for no good reason, controls are clunky to a degree even an Arma veteran would not find funny, graphics can be ugly and/or bugged and you are at all times at the mercy of a wipe by design or glitch. Key binds being deleted between sessions. Technically and feature wise the whole game is a mess.
    UI is atrocious and every action is now more fiddly to do because of realism. No more quick checking of the map or compass, you better whip that thing out, flip it open and enter 1st person mode and also bring the item up to face level so you can see it. Realistic if you are crazy clumsy but otherwise a giant unwieldy PITA. The inventory is an ill thought out mess. How hard can it be to fit everything on one screen! If you drag and drop an item it will visually change size so it’s hard to be sure if what yopu mean to drop fits in the space you want it to go.
    And the list of little things go on and on. And not so little things. Apparently the game can still be easily hacked!

    I would even recommend fans of DayZ to hold off for now. Go play any of the various DayZ inspired mods instead. Some nice ones for Arma3 out now too. Because DayZ SA is in no way ready to be played, even considering it is Alpha. Worse, my faith in Dean Hall has been seriously shaken by the state of the current version. If this is the “progress” a year and a half of development gets us, then the year (at least!) until Beta does no look very promising.

    Oh, and as mentioned above, it still mostly kill on sight. I and my buddy walked into a barn which turn out to have another occupant. We ask him to keep his distance, he being armed with crowbar and us with pistol and rifle. Then my friend passes out for no clear reason and as I try to tend to him I get bashed around the head. I did manage to kill the guy as automatic rifle still beats crowbar most times.
    Did you know 3-4 bashes with a crowbar will ruin all the food and equipment you are carrying in your pants, jacket and backpack? Physics! So I was now without food as a result of wanting to spare a guy. Which with the idiotically ramped up hunger and thirst mechanics is a real problem.
    My friend had to exit the game as he would not regain consciousness and lost all his stuff. And as I logged in on the server he started afresh on, he not having noted which server we were on at the time, I lost all my gear too.
    So as a whole not a very satisfying experience for technical reasons and the dickish nature of far too many players.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I see where you’re coming from and agree on most points. However, I’m not sure what you’re basing the “it shouldn’t be in this state after a year’s development” argument on.

      Tell y’what, toss us a quick list of all the games you’ve developed and how long it took you, then we’ll have a proper discussion of how long development “should” take. Kay?

      EDIT: Also it just occurred to me how “dickish” it is to threaten someone when you have a pistol and rifle and they have only a crowbar. Just an afterthought.

      • DatonKallandor says:

        It shouldn’t be in this state after 1.5 years of development when the excuse for not using the better Arma 3 engine over the worse Arma 2 engine is because they’re used to the old engine and would be able to make it better. Lo and Behold it’s still the same buggy DayZ it was before – running on the same bad engine.

        • colekern says:

          I’m sorry, but it’s not same engine. It’s the TOH engine, but heavily modified. The client-server architecture was completely re-done from scratch, as was the AI system (it’s still kind of rough, obviously), the way items are handled was re-done, they added a clothing system, and they even completely re-did the skeleton for zombies and players, something that hasn’t been done in about ten years in any branch of the real virtuality engine, even in Arma 3.

          The new engine designed for DayZ is in a way an even bigger departure from the Arma 2 engine than the Arma 3 engine, because they completely re-did so many parts of it from scratch. Also, the hacking was recently patched,. That was the reason they wiped the hive. Soon, they’ll be adding VAC to the game, too.

          So I don’t agree with any of what you said. They’ve done an incredible amount of work from any game developers perspective in a fairly short time. Really, the only thing I agree with you about is that it’s not worth buying yet if you want a real game. Heck even the developers will straight up say that, and they already have, multiple times.

          • Semper_Iratus says:

            You will find that the “this game shouldn’t be in this state” folks are the gamer equivalent of that uncle who thinks that if he were President everything would be peachy.

  21. TraceRTaco says:

    I’ve just clocked in about 33 hours, a friend and I have top tier gear, ( fully customised M4A1 and Mosin-Nagant, military clothing ) and I can definitely say that player killing is not a big part of the game at the moment. I’m not even over exaggerating when I say that 85% of all players are the coast line. Seriously. When we hit up NWAF ( North West Airfield ), we are lucky to see just one player.

    Now, we are both veterans of the mod so we pretty much know the way around the entire map in our heads, but all you need to do is get off the coast. Grab some soda and a baseball bat and run north. If you can find your way to Zelenogorsk, just north west of Chernogorsk, you will stumble upon military barracks and plenty of residential houses. Good luck.

    • Continuity says:

      The run through Zelenogorsk up to the NWAF is pretty high risk, Zelenogorsk is very exposed to sniper fire and its not uncommon for the supermarket to be covered. That said, its a tried and tested route, and if you’re not shot you will do well, its a gamble though.

    • chhopsky says:

      Agree that most people are on the coast; I’ve only met two other players away from it. One I had a tense standoff with before becoming friends and sneaking around together for an hour. The other killed me after his group kidnapped my friend who was coming to rescue me (I was injured and down).

      I’ve been playing for ~16 hours since Alpha came out and that kill was the only non-friendly I’ve met, even on the coastline. Loving it, a fine return to form for DayZ and an incredible increase in complexity. When all the game mechanics are complete this will be minecraft-spec. I’m hoping to figure out how to use the powdered milk and water I have to eat with my cereal soon! I’ve also picked up a camping stove, gas, cooking pot, and hoping maybe I can heat up my beans before eating them. In the mean time these tins of tuna look delicious. I’m hoping none of my t-shirt rag bandaged wounds get infected, I have an injection bottle of antibiotics and a syringe so hopefully that will take care of it. Not sure what I’m supposed to use rope, sticks or duct tape for but maybe I can tape the torch to a gun, or make a splint if I break a leg. I love the hidden mechanics and minimal feedback because it’s really all you have IRL. Eating dry cereal makes you thirsty really fast etc.

      tl;dr it’s fun and has the makings of something incredibly complex over time.

      • RudeCub says:

        I have played about 60 hours so far, and have had an overall positive player experience. The first interaction I had was at the Balota airfield, where I stumbled upon a group of 6 people, all with backpacks, and one had an assault rifle. I, having next to no gear, decided to roll with them, and we made our way up to the small city north of Cherno. our group split up and i was with the guy with the AR who I called eminem and another guy. the other half of our group ended up starving to death because of their lack of can openers, but we found them and got a large ammount of food. unfortunately our trip was cut short by my walking of of a roof and some stupid mistakes we made. Eminem and I have played together many times since then, and made it as far as Zelenogorsk, when I was sniped in the middle of the street. Another time at balota airfield, two guys with top tier m4’s were trolling and were killing people around the airfield. Those two times were the only times I was killed by someone else, and I have found it fairly easy to form groups. granted this game has a generous helping of bugs and problems, but I believe that in the end, people will be able to work together and make this game live up to its potential. If a zombie can kill you easier than any person, you will be much more inclined to help each other. That being said, the adrenaline rush you get when you see someone who is better equipped than you heading your way is, for me, unmatched by any other games, and the main reason I will stick with DayZ until its full release.

  22. presence says:

    I liked the first game, although it was rare to find anyone who wouldn’t shoot on sight.

    The real problem came about when there was the cheating arms race. Player X is cheating and killing everyone on the server at will, so player Y decides to find/buy cheats, and then Player Z (not wanting to cheat) now has two enormous jackasses killing him at will, causing him to quit, find a non-cheating server (riiiiiight), or get cheats.

    Noone did anything about it. Sure, a cheater running his own server would ban/kick another cheater for killing him, but beyond that it was pointless. This went on for months unremediated. I understand that the excuse was “arma wasn’t designed to be a competitive game, it is a training tool”, but that didn’t make my experience any better.

  23. SystemiK says:

    This game, to me, will always be known as: A Game of TentZ.

    Please. Tell me that tents are in the standalone and working and all my money are belong to Bohemia.

  24. DestroyYourEgo says:

    I have to say- the story mentioned here is worth more than the price of the game. Also, the hit detection thing on zombies should be a bigger deal. I appreciate that it was mentioned, but obviously the game is more deathmatchy than it is survivally, and this is shown through the lack of zombies even being an issue. While I do think humans would be more dangerous than the zombies, zombies walking through doors and walls and the hit detection (very reminiscent of War Z) just sounds ridiculous. It definitely could change overtime, due to this just being alpha. But that hit detection… I doubt it will get too much better. I just don’t think the dev team working on it may have the skills to fix it.

    After having this long to work on an even half-way decent Alpha build, it sounds like the only real thing they added was being able to enter houses. Woop. Doesn’t matter if the hoard your running from walks right in with you.

    And if you do end up killing the zombies and getting the loot, suddenly you’re dead. Annnnnnd it’s gone! I’d probably read this article again before I ever played the actual game. Just not worth it, and I am glad to see more and more people speaking up about it. And I’ve some to the realization that any that says “that *is* the game” is probably just a person killer, and not really looking to bring any of the co-opness that I have seen here and other places say is great in this game.

    Final verdict: save your money and live vicariously through this overly elaborate article. You’ll get the fun, suspense and bugs in this article alone as you would loading up DayZ everytime.

  25. NDGSodo says:

    Read through a lot of replies, and this review. I would just like to say the focus on the no clipping zombies. Is pretty epic. Yes it was a problem with the mod, and most of the people playing the stand alone are used to this. It’s annoying yes, but thank the heavens they don’t sporadically change directions, rubber band, or reappear in random locations near you. In this you actually know where they are going to be by them moving. Which makes them pretty easy to handle even if you only have a screwdriver. But well done bashing it on the basis of no clipping zombies similar to the mod when other things are working much more clean. Not to mention the new features that yet simple are epic at the same time.

  26. theirongiant says:

    Floor zombies are terrifying, there’s nothing to quite put the shits up you than suddenly spotting a disembodied head sliding across the floor at you at high speed .

  27. Apercu says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve read this site along time and felt it was time to make a comment as the review article here is, well, bollocks. Personally I don’t like Rocket – I think he’s and arrogant jerk who struck it lucky and hasn’t worked hard on his mod (or stand alone) since. But I will say the game has potential. If Bohemia would just fire Rocket and put a competent person in charge who has the work ethic to finish the game before 2019 it would be a wonderful game. The game can’t hide behind the “pre-alpha/early access” tag. I’m old school IT and if you expect money for a product, even unfinished, then its not an Alpha. Anyway, the game has inexcusable bugs from the mod version that should have been fixed by now (Zombies running through walls, and the horrible ladder detection being the first two off the top of my head).

    I’ve been playing since Monday and have died only 5 times and only killed 2 people. Of my 5 deaths one was a glitch death, another was a suicide, and the other 3 were in gun fights when I was running solo and in a high value military area (North West Airfield).

    More often than not the people I run into ask if I’m friendly then purpose they go one way and I go another. The only place I see wanton killing is on the coast lines. Newbie players with an axe and nothing to lose. Those who have stuff want to keep it and they go out of their way to be cordial and defuse situations. The two people I’ve killed were both players who wanted my pack or my gun and tried to sneak up on me and take them. After they were shot they started talking in game and in both occasions they were obviously American teenagers who acted like the game was Call of Duty.

    The last day of my play has been spent running in 2 to 6 person teams so perhaps this has dissuaded some of those we’ve come across. I’ve never seen another group of 3 or 4 running lose. We’ve wandered the entire map checking out the changes and noticing the areas still under construction and wondering what they are going to put there.

    The fact is you have to get off the coast! Don’t even bother looting in Cherno or Electro or any other coastal town. Just put the water to your back and sprint inland. Once you’ve run 5 minutes or so past the city limits you won’t find the player killers anymore. They are, frankly, too lazy to leave the coast. They are there for the quick kill, the cheap thrill – not for the sense of accomplishment from acquiring survival gear. Today one of my gamer friends ran from Cherno to the North West Airfield without stopping except to check road signs and make sure he was heading the right way. We greeted him at the airfield gates with open arms and lots of food, water, guns, ammo, and other gear. We even had a defib kit (just in case).

    Our team never shoots first and we’ve been rewarded in kind. We captured a guy then an hour later he and his friend bandaged one of ours and helped him get to us.

    I will say for all its faults DayZ stand alone is fun in its current form. It is playable, and the mechanics aren’t bad. If they’d quickly fix the zombies hitting you through walls, ceilings, and floors, and stop them from going through walls then I may pull my comment about Rocket needing fired. That’s if he doesn’t go mountain climbing before the fix. :-)

    Well, I’ve said enough for a 1st post.

    • colekern says:

      Just wondering, what makes you think Rocket is an arrogant guy? I know he’s said some mean stuff in the past one or two times, but for the most part he seems to be one of the most transparent devs out there right now.

      • Apercu says:

        I say arrogant based on his interviews. He definitely is not transparent. Just look at his recent comments about hackers. He could just say they don’t have the skills or know how to stop them instead of pretending they are “collecting data” so they can make their own uber anti-hack to stop them.

      • iseemonkeys says:

        He also said many contradicting information in the interviews. Many times he said the price for the alpha would not be more then 10-15 USD and they will use the minecraft model. Don’t really care that much that he changed but least say why he did and not completely go back on something he repeatedly said. I am a big fan of the mod but his arrogant in interviews like Apercu said and lack of progress really put me off buying the stand alone. I seen better progress with one man game development and he had Bohemia backing him.

        Here a quote from June”From here, once we’ve finished our server/client architecture–because we’re moving it [to] an MMO model–we’re reviewing the situation of that in late June, and then we do an alpha, just like Minecraft. People pay X amount of dollars and they get early, cheap access to it, and then once it’s beta, price goes up, maybe, say, $10, and once it goes retail, the price goes up $10.” Hall said”

        • Apercu says:

          That’s the other thing. This is not “an MMO model”. MMO’s are 1000’s of players playing together on the same server(s), shard, world – not 30 – 50 players maximum spread out across 1000’s of servers.

          Some other ‘quick’ sins:
          1. Public Hive – this encourages server skipping (a.k.a “Skippers) who go to a military loot spawn then cycle through server to gear up without having to work for it.
          2. No anti-hack – Rocket is full of it to say they are ‘allowing’ the hacking so they can ‘gather’ data. They could gather the data with an anti-hack, no matter how imperfect, in place. This is the biggest sin at the moment.
          3. Less features than mods built off his mods by small 1 or 2-ish person teams.
          4. Claiming new graphics when we can clearly see its the same graphics from ARMA 2 (except for the character models and items. This goes back to number 3.
          5. Melee being bugged to hell and back. Melee feels like the most basic code thrown in so they could move on to ‘cooler’ features.
          6. Characters getting wiped if you log out and back in to the same, or different server.
          7. Finally, claiming bicycles will be in the next patch when the code that is already in needs fixed. Every programmer in the word knows you don’t add features before fixing the existing bugs. Fix the game breaking bugs first then, and only then, add new features. This last one proves Rocket doesn’t know what he’s doing.

          All this sums up to say that Bohemia needs to fire rocket and put someone who knows game development in charge. If I were Bohemia I’d be embarrassed to have my name on the splash screen because right now this game has a few less features than WarZ/Infestation:Survivor Stories. So maybe if he works hard he can reach their level of failure in a month or so.

  28. MadCowOnCrack says:

    Hi all;
    My thoughts on Dayz
    First – I have not played the mod at all (only discovering it when the standalone was to be released some months ago) but I have watched hours of youtube videos. I’ve played the standalone for some (mumbles) 40 hours or so.
    What strikes me is that the character moves and interacts with the environment in much the same way as the mod. It is almost in “building the standalone from the ground up” all that they have done is reinvent the wheel: that is – cloned the mod (perhaps it is totally different under the bonnet, but on the surface it looks almost identical – though perhaps prettier – it’s difficult to say with youtube content).
    The next thing that strikes me is that the mod has been carried wayyyyyyyy beyond it’s starting origins – and now has such things as a “hypothermia meter”, building of all sorts and descriptions, ditto for vehicles – some mods have electro-magnetic storms – snow – alien weapons – trading posts etc etc. True – somethings look glitchy if not down right weird, but is part of it’s charm.
    Arthur C Clark said “The wise do not predict the future”: what do I know – I’m a mad cow. But I do wonder if the re-release of the same thing is wrong footed, that it is repeating the cardinal sin of gaming producers everywhere: making something prettier and calling it new.
    If magically it could have been released as a standalone AT THE TIME it was announced that there were plans for one, THAT would have been perfect timing. These many months on one wonders if they should not have aimed to release a game now that was like Dayz but beyond it.

  29. says:

    translate someone.

    3 самые важные проблемы Dayz SA на сегодня:
    – читеры (mass kill(да, читеры уже есть), texture del, etc…
    – пропажа трупов (да, фикс вроде есть, но его пора бы ввести!) + need delay to join new server after exit.
    – оптимизация

    эти три пункта не решились на протяжении.. сколько уже моду дейзи?.. нужно пофиксить это, и только потом думать о зомби, которые явно не самое плохое что есть в игре.

  30. I ARE PLEB says:

    I play DayZ with a group of friends and one time when we found another player we handcuffed him, took some of his loot, left him with enough food and water and gave him a pistol and we went on our way. This is how I believe players should take loot from other players, by being cooperative and at least leaving them with something.

    And if they are a Bandit, We kill on sight. Not taking any risks with Bandits.

  31. magusware says:

    Being constantly thirsty isn’t a problem when you realize hunger and thirst messages only appear when you are low on water and food… for example (these are guestimated numbers based on experience)… let’s say you have a max hydration of 5000 units, the thirsty message will start appearing at around 3000 units. Once you realize you can drink more than your thirst disappearing you can go on really long treks without needing a water break at all. Same applies for food.

    As it stands now, I’m finding this version of DayZ much easier than the Mod version. (I played the DayZ alpha first, played the mod for the first time yesterday). However, that might be because the zombie behaviour isn’t fully implemented yet. I mean, I am loaded on ammo (>500 m4 bullets) so I don’t give a damn about wasting it, ill shoot zombies and not have to worry about alerting a mass horde. Not to mention zombies die in 1 hit and are much easier to dodge than in the mod.

  32. UpTheDunx says:

    Excellent writeup. I love the game even with its bugs. One thing is that you may drink from a water source until your stomach feels full. That way you are hydrated for hours. I’ve encountered combat loggers already though. I really feel like the way that the survival mechanics are stressed makes people who shoot on sight less common. The lack of side chat also means you may find yourself happy at the prospect of another person to talk to.

    I see a lot of people very sour about lone killers and such. The game wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the aspect of total freedom of player choice. The way your heart pumps when someone is coming for your beans would be ruined. Once you learn the map better you will be able plan much more efficient supply gathering routes and dying doesn’t seem so bad. It’s exciting to start over sometimes. I believe the team has stated that they want to have absolutely minimal direction or guidance. There will never be objectives or teams I don’t think. At least I hope not. The unforgiving nature of DayZ is part of its core game mechanics. There isn’t another game like it.