Mojang Give The Gift Of Giving: Scrolls Free For A Friend

That's a lot of extra gifts for Santa to deliver.

Fans of collectible card games have a lot of games to choose from lately, but this is an incentive for getting involved with Scrolls. The Magic: The Gathering inspired game by Minecraft-creators Mojang is offering a Christmas gift: if you own the game, you now have a free copy you can gift to a friend.

As explained over in a post on the Scrolls website, you can get your free friend code by logging into your account, clicking “Send to a friend” and entering an email address into the box that appears. The codes will expire on January 31st 2014, but as long as your buddy redeems it before then, you can play together forever.

Scrolls mixes together card battling with territorial defense mechanics more familiar from boardgaming. Since its release into paid-for beta in June, Mojang have been releasing regular updates to add new content or re-balance existing parts of the game. Most recently that included achievements, and a testing grounds for trying out new, in-development game modes without hurting your in-game ranking.

Mojang also operate a Scrolls development tumblr, where the game’s creators go into greater detail about the reasoning behind certain changes. Here’s the content of a recent post:


Hit up the official Scrolls site to get the game or send your free code.


  1. killias2 says:

    If anyone has an extra… Why not give it to you old friend killias2?

    • one2fwee says:

      Because you’ve been a very naughty boy this year and will only be getting coal.

    • RosaJHunter says:

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  2. Vegard Pompey says:

    This would be a great incentive for me to buy Scrolls… If it actually applied to new accounts, which it does not appear to. God dammit Mojang! Now I’m less inclined than before to buy the game. (I was considering it earlier)

    • TechnicalBen says:

      There is little incentive for them to “sell” accounts. As from what I can tell, they hope to make money off selling the “cards”. I put “cards” in speech marks, as, well, it’s digital. So it gets very grey over what they are actually selling…

      • jrodman says:

        If true, then their buy-in price is pretty high. 21$ currently, When I looked into it previously it was 30$. So I guess at least it’s going in the right direction.

    • DatonKallandor says:

      They’re incredibly bad at treating their customers right. When they released their 4th “faction”, everyone who bought the game at that point got a full deck of those cards for free. The people that had already bought the game before that – you know, the ones who trusted Mojang and supported the game from the start – got NOTHING.

      • Morangie says:

        It wasn’t a full set of decay (the 4th faction) cards, it was the decay starter deck. Which doesn’t have the cards needed to play a decay deck competitively, same as all the starter decks. Existing players got a cosmetic avatar set instead. Not as good, but if you’re playing enough of the game to be upset about it you should also have had enough in-game gold to buy all the cards available at that point twice over.

        Vegard Pompey: You were considering buying the game but now won’t because you don’t get a second copy free? Get over yourself.

        TechnicalBen: You’re mistaken. The only way to buy cards with real money is through the four starter decks, purchasable once each and the majority of which can only be used in joke decks, or from a random selection of six cards which refreshs every week or so. If you’re trying to build a deck with real money you’ll be at it for a very, very long time. Booster packs of cards are only available with in-game gold. You can buy entry into an arena mode with real money, same as Hearthstone, but for decks you keep you have to buy with in-game money.

        Which it turns out is actually a problem for casual players, since they won’t have enough of the in-game gold awarded for winning/losing matches to build a decent deck while people who play all the time have a massive stockpile.

  3. lavenders2 says:

    I would love it if someone had a spare copy of this lying around. I can give you a copy of Space Hulk if you want something for compensation :)

    • Nervum says:

      We can do that. Just add me on steam then we can discuss it.

      • lavenders2 says:

        I assume your steam name is Nervum? If so I have added you

    • theslap says:

      I have a “free” copy I’m willing to trade as well. Message me on steam “witepony”

  4. Serpok says:

    How does it compare to blizzard cards and cardhunter?

    • eleclipse says:

      I didn’t play cardhunter so this has value only for hearstone.

      It’s more deep and has more interesting not dumbed-down rules, match are played on a sort of cheesboard with specific rules.

      It don’t require any more money but the initial cost to play (tought putting up a second full deck can be a little “long” if you don’t play much).

      Match are longer than hearstone (you can like this or don’t, it depends).

      Devs works quite hard and listen to the comunity (usually on reddit).

      Has a way more “sober-realistic” fantasy style compared to wow-heartstone.

      Personally i like it and, even tought it need a lot of work in some area (still a beta), i think it’s a nice game with great promises

      • MayhemMike says:

        If you don’t know how to spend your initial gold (which most players don’t) then the game can become hardcore grindy. I would not recommend this game to casual gamers.

        I played a lot of card games but none of them was so frustrating like Scrolls

        • eleclipse says:

          That was the case indeed but, imo, with the new acchievements it’s way better.

    • Warskull says:

      It is one of the weaker card games on the market right now. The game is on death’s door already and this play is more of a desperation move to reinvigorate a dying game.

      It has some interesting concepts, but there simply aren’t enough cards and the meta is absolutely terrible. There is a single deck that absolutely dominates the game. Nothing else is worth running. The grind to acquire cards is also really bad. You only get rewards for winning. Players who have been playing for a while will have a huge deck advantage and you will lose a ton of games simply because you do not have the cards to compete. This is further compounded by the small playerbase. There aren’t a lot of fresh players to get matched up against.

      I would not recommend anyone get into this game at this point, even for free. They released it too early and destroyed it.

  5. Gothnak says:

    I’d like to try this out… Only have a spare copy of Little Inferno though :p

  6. Craphex says:

    I was just about to buy this till i read new players do not get the code :(

  7. snorcack says:

    They should try it with their “other” game as well .

  8. jrodman says:

    Does it have a demo yet?

  9. Lobotomist says:

    If anyone would gift his key. I could return a favor with many indie gems of your choice :)

  10. Kompatriartes says:

    I bought this recently and have enjoyed it, but find the grind to be quite appalling for a game you pay up front for (unless I am oblivious to some fine print which explains that the up front cost is just for beta access and that ordinarily the game is F2P).

    Although strategy is key, having a well constructed deck can make or break a match. Probably the real issue is that the small player pool keeps pitting me against foes with significantly higher rankings and therefore larger card pools than me; I imagine I’d enjoy it more if I were placed against people with similarly meager card choices (in 4 days of playing I’ve accumulated 140 scrolls which is a sizable number, but still too constrictive)

    • Morangie says:

      The grind won’t be going anywhere, though the devs have acknowledged it and are re-balancing the gold you get for winning/losing. You’re never going to have everything unlocked from the start in a CCG, otherwise its just a CG. :)

  11. RuySan says:

    I played a lot sometime after it come out and i eventually gave up. The game just isn’t good. Almost every game is a boring war of attrition and there aren’t any cards that can swing the tide of the battle. Some just help you a bit more than others. I don’t think this can be corrected before the beta is over; It’s the fundamentals that are wrong.

    • Kevashim says:

      I agree entirely. I played the game for a while after it came out and quickly got bored. The pace of unlocking additional scrolls/cards was glacial and in the time that I played I didn’t really get to see much deck or gameplay variety.

      It just feels as though the underlying game is more someone’s pet project idea they’ve had for a while but not really fully tested and fleshed out before making a PC adaptation of it. It just doesn’t gel together into a fluid game for me.

    • Morangie says:

      You can’t have played that much, because plenty of cards can completely alter the board. Quake, Thundersurge, Mangonel/Speed/Focus, Imperial Resources, Rally/Crimson Bull. Until the nerf, Puppet Soldier/Nutrition. I could go on. There aren’t any cards that can bring you back from a game you’re badly losing unless you get really lucky and your opponent screws up, which is as it should be. Why would you want to play if you knew you could do everything right for 30 minutes and still lose because your opponent drew an insta-win card?

  12. stambo says:

    If anyone has a gift of the key to give away, I could give that person a few indie games in exchange.

  13. Gilmir says:

    Maybe not a great offer, but maybe someone is interested in a Hearthstone beta key (I recieved a spare by mistake) for a trade for a friend gift?

    • ExoValdes says:

      Well why wont we help each other. Just add me on steam and we can exchange codes.

      • Gilmir says:

        I added you yesterday. Somehow we go online taking turns… Just accept when you’re online the next time and either send me the invite or let me send you the key first, as you want. I can’t send you the key until you accept the add ;)

  14. Weylyn says:

    Would love to try this as well, open to trades on steam have a few things like Renegade ops, DOW 2 and COH complete. Just send me a request on steam Brynjir.

    Also have some game keys on other sites that activate on steam.

  15. FrancoBegby says:

    I have a spare key, I could do with one or the other indie gem like Surgeon Sim 2013, Papers Please or whatever.
    Steam – edit: key’s gone

    I bought it in June and was really excited about it and liked it a lot in the beginning. Since Decay and all these draw decks… not so much.

  16. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Scrolls has been rather disappointing for me. The base gameplay concept is good, but the fact that grinding gold is a requirement if you want to choose how to make your deck is killing. That, combined with the randomness of the card buy system and there being no trading facility/auction house at all other than the tedium that is the trade chat. So, no.. not worth the 15 euros I paid for it. Compared to Duels of the Planeswalkers which is still fun for me to play solo.

    Oh, and you get very little gold for playing the game although it’s a bit better now.

    If I could ask for one thing Mojang had to add to the game asap it’d be an auction house/trading facility system. It’d actually bring me back to the game.

    Oh and it’s not just me by the way. The ‘official non-official forums’ over at (it was referred to as the primary forum at Mojang’s website) is almost dead. Scrollsguide is doing better, though, although I wonder by how much.

  17. opcool says:

    I’d really want to try this game, but paying 21$ for a demo is a bit risky for my budget.

    I do have a lot of unredeemed Humble steam keys (including some from the major WB/EA bundles), and I’d be more than happy to trade a bunch of them :)
    If anyone’s interested – Steam