Crafting A Better War: Hearthstone Open Beta Delayed

I'm glad that I'm winning this card game and also that evolution was cruel enough to only make you the size of my hand.

Are all of your friends in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft‘s closed beta? Have they replaced the you-shaped hole in their lives with shiny virtual trading cards? Well, for one, you should probably get new friends. Yours sound a bit, um, terrible. But, if you reeeeally want to join them in their quest for gold and glory and more trading cards, I’m afraid I have a bit of bad news for you: the open beta’s been delayed. The already nicely polished card battler was supposed to open its floodgates to every Tom, Dick, and Yu-Gi-Oh around this month, but now that won’t be happening until January-ish.

Citing server stability and other similar issues, Blizzard explained its rationale in a post on Hearthstone’s website:

“We believe the right thing to do for the game is to not rush it out into open beta, but to instead hold onto it a little longer to make sure it’s ready for wider testing. At BlizzCon, we mentioned that we hoped to get the game into a state where it’s ready for open beta this month, but we’re just not quite there yet. The development team has been working hard to get this out before the end of the year, but our highest priority is that Hearthstone has an awesome launch when all gates are lifted and everyone can download it and play at the same time.”

On the upside, Blizzard just sent invites out to everybody who opted in before December 16th, and the warchief of all things Warcraft plans to pull a similar stunt again on January 7th. At that point, opt-ins will end, and the open beta won’t be too far off.

There’s no solid date on the open beta yet, but keep your eyes peeled. And when you do, remember to throw your eye peels in the garbage can. People can slip on those things, you know.


  1. RedViv says:

    I blame Anduin. Any objections?

  2. Awesumo says:

    Given that in the last 2 weeks they had EU log in servers down for 3 days, and arena was bugged for a week for many people, a delay until well after the holidays was always going to happen/

    edit: And card draw cards still keep putting the 2 cards into the same place in the hand so you can only play 1 of the 2… Which has been a bug for months.

    reddit: And the massive nerfs they put out each week to stop 1 class dominating.

    • Derpa says:

      Yep its funny they nerf mage after the meta was already shifting away from it because of druid/pally heal decks that popped up to counter it.

      • Moraven says:

        Which is fine in a Best of 5 tournament. But for everything else and other class decks, it was to dominate.

    • RedViv says:

      Relevant: link to

      • Geebs says:

        That link could really have done with a Sad Anime Perv warning /:-E

        • kalirion says:

          Huh? No pervy stuff in there that I can see, unless it’s been edited since your post, or there’s a reference I’m missing…

  3. Shieldmaiden says:

    I just think that they were sensible enough to realise that launching a game just before Christmas was probably not going to be fun for them.

  4. int says:

    Where is Warcraft Adventures? I have been waiting for some time.

    • Surlywombat says:

      They took it back to the drawing board and renamed it StarCraft:Ghost. It looks cool!

  5. Bull0 says:

    Hmm, fairly sure I’ve opted in and haven’t received an invite. My guess is it’s NA only?

    • MaXimillion says:

      It’s not

      • Bull0 says:

        Hmm.. I’m definitely opted in. Odd.

        • Flarn says:

          Check your Spam folder. My beta invite was in there.

        • Moraven says:

          Check spam, promotions in gmail, other folders. Etc. Also older mail.

          • Rovac says:

            Opt in again. There’s a bug or something. I’m in South East Asia, I opt in late November and already in the game

        • melphion says:

          Run a search in your inbox. I was in the same position, turns out when I searched a few days ago, I’d had an invite since October and just never saw it.

    • Vandelay says:

      No invite for me neither, not e-mail inbox nor junk. Perhaps they are rolling out the invites over a day or two?

      Not normally interested in this sort of thing (worried that predictive text suggests thong), but watching Total Biscuit play this has made it look like fun.

      Edit: Actually, just searched Blizzard in my e-mail and I did receive a key on the 12th! Having said that, lots of people in the comments section of linked blog post are saying they haven’t received their key yet, so you might have been missed. Apparently, they are compiling a list of those that have opted in, but not claimed a key and will be issuing them keys in the first week or two of January.

  6. dysomniak says:

    I just logged in to say I don’t care about this game, and everyone who does is stupid.

    • jackass00 says:

      That’s great. Here, have a cookie.

    • Vandelay says:

      I just logged in to say I don’t care about dysomniak and everyone that does is stupid.

  7. bills6693 says:

    I for one opted in for a beta key months ago, and checked I was opted in twice since, and received no such key…

  8. WarThunder says:

    The Open Beta delay isn’t a surprise – the game is so buggy that it still needs a lot of work (and many of the bugs have been in the Closed Beta versions for months now). On top of that they keep tweaking it and breaking it even more and even ‘improving’ some of the sound effects while really making them worse. Still, it’s a Blizzard game – we shouldn’t expect anything close to perfection.

  9. Rovac says:

    Been enjoying my time in the beta and I haven’t spent any penny yet!
    3 to 5 games a day is a time well spent (questing)

    • Moraven says:

      If you spend some money you do get MekkaTorque for free. While not a serious competitive card it is fun to play with. I only spend $2 just to get that.

      • Rovac says:

        Mekkatorque is pretty bad though, too random for my liking. I prefer the Elite Tauren Chieftain (ROCK!!!!)
        I want to see how far I can get without spending money

        • Moraven says:

          ETC is fun also. Although the Random Horde Warrior is just as bad as MekkaTorque. Might get a 2-3 mana minion or a 6 mana minion. But they do make it fun, even if they make you lose the game. Which almost happened to me in a game I was ahead.

  10. ecbremner says:

    There are so many stellar digital CCGs out there I just dont understand the draw for Hearthstone I am in the Beta and it feels like “babies first CCG”. Hex, Dual of Champions, Infinity Wars, Scrolls, Card Hunter… are all way more complex and interesting.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I definitely can’t argue with you that Hearthstone is much simpler than any of those games, but the speed at which it plays and the wonderful art – in regards to how visceral it feels to play – is a pretty massive plus over Duel of Champions and Scrolls. Also, you actually get properly rewarded for drafts damn it (I’m looking at you Scrolls >.<). Card Hunter is great, but the PVP is just kinda…I dunno, I don't like it as much.

      ~Somehow I was lucky enough to be successful in my efforts to find an Infinity Wars code, now, that game looks pretty neato~

    • jrodman says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s streamlined, and that’s not really a negative. It’s sort of a .. a setting. Something people might like or dislike or whatever. However it is, in my opinion, pretty unsatisfying. I think that might come from the streamlined nature of the game. Overall I feel like there’s some room for optimizing your play, but it’s hard to make an interesting plan or do something especially clever.

      It’s rarer to encounter something that seems completely unfair as compared to most other card games of the genre, but it’s also rare to encounter something that seems very interesting. The game space just seems too limited to express very interesting ideas.

  11. huldu says:

    Heh… I have zero interest in the game, yet Blizzard sent me a key anyways. It’s been in my inbox for quite some time now. I honestly thought it was in beta since “everyone” seemed to play it. It’s just too meh for me, it’s more enjoyable to watch other people play it than doing it yourself. Backseat gaming anyone?

    • Rakysh says:

      Well, if you really don’t want it then feel free to add me on steam and send it my way, cause I’ve been plagued by a lack of key and would quite like a go. Call it a christmas act of internet kindness?

  12. ducant says:

    so yeah i been signed up for the beta for months and still no mail from them double check you facts

    • Moraven says:

      The fact is they reported on what Blizzard said. And lots of people have your same complaint. And most of them either did not opt-in actually, had it in spam, or gmail promotions.

      • Bull0 says:

        Mmm, mine was in spam. I feel like a prize muppet now, for complaining.

      • ducant says:

        well first off i checked both emails linked to my accounts since i have had a b-net account for around 10 years now, i checked spam and all the other folders also i opted in when they first announced it also i opted in a second time when rps had a article so yeah i may be missing something stupid simple but chances arent very likely. but any other ideas please let me know im kinda sick of dealing with blizzards forums nothing but trolls over there.

  13. warcroft says:

    I got accepted into the closed beta just a couple of days ago.
    Im surprised how much Im enjoying it.

  14. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Have to admit I’m loving this game, name’s Sp4rkR4t in game.

  15. frostededge says:

    neat! I was delivered a Hearthstone Beta Key and it was valid! Click on