DLC For Dark Souls II? Not In This (Brief) Lifetime

Hup-hup just doing my morning calisthenics and oh hey look a zombie is here.

The Dark Souls series is known for throwing as many obstacles as possible in the way of your happiness and physical well-being, but apparently DLC won’t be one of them. While most games slather themselves with the stuff like Hedonism Bot on holiday, Dark Souls II will walk the path of the spartan. It will bring with it only what’s necessary for a complete game. And nothing more.

From Software’s Takeshi Miyazoe wrote off DLC as frivolous to his series in an interview with Edge:

“For Dark Souls II, we don’t even expect any additional downloadable content because we want to deliver a full game, the full experience, to fans who purchase the package from day one. We did do additional content for Dark Souls, but generally downloadable content for Dark Souls II is not really being considered. Buy the package and you’ll get the full experience, and you’ll have as much fun as anybody else. Spending a couple dollars on certain items does not help the experience. So no free-to-play yet!”

On top of that, he promised that Dark Souls II’s PC port won’t be the slapdash twigs-and-duct-tape effort that its predecessor was, confessing that the first game was rushed to our platform of choice with little regard for customization or control. “For Dark Souls II we are developing on PC from the beginning,” he explained. “We realise what PC games typically require, and I can assure you that the PC version of Dark Souls II will be a good PC experience for PC gamers.”

So basically, good news all around. As for the game itself, Rich came away with mixed feelings after taking it for a spin fatal roll off a bridge at Eurogamer Expo. If you’re a casual fan, you might not even notice all the under-the-hood tweaks, but experts beware: you will die, but for reasons that may cause you profound emotional turmoil.

Dark Souls II will come to PC a few weeks after its early March consolebox release date. Are you prepared?


  1. Scumbag says:

    Good, glad the GotY edition will be the same as the first release I guess. Plus if DS2 is anything like the first one, it will be GotY edition by default.

  2. Anthile says:

    So no expansions either? Is there any context for this statement?

  3. DrScuttles says:

    Almost a pity really as Dark Souls is the only game I can think of that sees fit to actively hide the DLC from the player. But then I have no idea if it cost money on the consoles.
    Hopefully this is just referring to microtransactions, pre order bonuses, real-money-sword-of-plus-one-face-stabbing and the like as opposed to DS1’s really rather nice Artorias of the Abyss.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Indeed. I liked AotA, it had some of the best bosses in the game. I’m under no illusion that DS2 will be perfect on release so I hope they consider an expansion to fill the gaps later.

      • Waswat says:

        You seem to forget how bad the AotA expansion was for PvP. Oolacil magic can go die in a ditch. (Together with wrath of the gods.)

        The worst thing is, they did try to add some variety for pvp in it with the arena, but it wasn’t implemented conveniently enough… So nobody used it.

        • DarkFenix says:

          I haven’t forgotten about those, I just don’t really care about Dark Souls for its pvp. What did annoy me was that the Oolacile Township was ganker central.

          • Runs With Foxes says:

            Seems like a weird attitude to call it ‘ganking’. I’d call it ‘playing the game in the intended fashion’. Just don’t play as human if you don’t want to be invaded.

            ‘Course, in DS2 apparently you can be invaded even if you’re hollow, which sounds great.

          • scatterbrainless says:

            I don’t think he means invaders, which are considered a legitimate part of the game. Gankers are generally those who summon phantoms in pvp areas generally regarded as “dueling locations” so as to out number and get the jump on people entering their game world with intention of partaking in a fair fight. It’s not that it isn’t a part of the game, but rather that it is exploiting certain conventions of the metagame. It can be a touch irritating, but I actually enjoy some gank attempts, as it instantly turns what are usually fair fights into a no-holds-barred, dirty, running brawl across the entire map, which is it’s own kind of fun.

        • scatterbrainless says:

          I’ve never had a problem with oolacil magic, it kind of feels like it was required to even make straight mage characters viable in PVP. Wrath of God spam and Tranquil Walk of Peace, that’s real douchebaggery. But hey, all’s fair in hollowing and undeath.

          • Waswat says:

            I have to disagree on the first part. As someone who has pvp’d as a mage (50+ int) with a moonlight greatsword, i did not feel any need for Oolacile magic… Crystal magic was good enough to oneshot most enemies. When I did use Oolacile magic, I felt pretty dirty because of how easy it is to hit an enemy and forcing them to play extremely offensive without relying on trickery.

  4. Bladderfish says:

    Another reason to buy the game then. God I hate paid DLC. It’s a marketing joke. How to pay more for less. A proper expansion is the only thing that ever makes sense.

  5. Don Reba says:

    The Hedonism Bot video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fox. Update your bookmarks.

  6. epmode says:

    From said the same thing about the original Dark Souls. Didn’t stop them from releasing DLC for the console versions.

    Of course, the Dark Souls DLC is some of the best DLC of the generation so I’m not complaining.

    • nrvsNRG says:

      that was about 1 year later (on the console release), and thats not the kind of DLC he’s referring to here.

  7. fluffy_thedestroyer says:

    Good to hear at least 1 dev or 1 house is thinking about PC the right way. i hate it when games are ported to PC without ever thinking about controls or other important porting aspect. It’s like some company don’t have respect about pc gamers and think they are a plague *cough* Rockstar *cough*

  8. Darth Gangrel says:

    “Dark Souls II will walk the path of the spartan” Spartan? That makes me think of the movie 300, but I’m afraid I’ll get a (Zack) Snyde(r) remark if I bring it up.

  9. Borsook says:

    How about they fix the PC version of DS1 first?

    • scatterbrainless says:

      Personally I’m just happy that we even got a PC version. Although yeah, if you don’t buy a gamepad it’s virtually unplayable, which should certainly be a cause for consternation.

      • Freud says:

        Complaining about games designed for gamepad needing gamepad to play well is a bit silly. Any gamer should have a gamepad in 2013 They’re cheap and not particularly hard to learn to use.. Keyboard and mouse works great for some games and terribly for others.

    • UncleLou says:

      No need, it’s already been fixed and is now the best version of the game by far.

  10. Richeh says:

    They should introduce pay-per-play credit for lives. Pay twenty pee to respawn.

    There’d be blood on the streets.

  11. altum videtur says:

    I think they said the same about the first game as well. But then they changed their minds about that, and it was all for the best. The Artorias of the Abyss DLC was really, really cool with some of the best bosses in the whole game.
    Whatever the case, they will definitely keep patching. They’ve done that for both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

    • kyrieee says:

      It only happened because they got to make the PC port, which wasn’t planned.

  12. Freud says:

    From Japan with love.

  13. Bo_Flodin says:

    WTF is that horrible ad “male gamers only”.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Yeah, it’s totally discriminatory against GIRL’s (Guys In Real Life).

  14. fiendling says:

    How about removing Games for Windows Live from Dark Souls first?

    Micro$oft is throwing the kill switch on their “service” in July and that is just around the corner.

    • Fiyenyaa says:

      I’m a bit concerned about that, actually.

      Hopefully for myself I’ll be fully immersed in Dark Souls 2 (apparently for release in late march and without GfWL) and thus won’t care anymore (having played dozens and dozens of hours of Dark Souls) – but that won’t be everyones situation and it’ll be nice to be able to go back to it feature-complete – i.e. with the multiplayer still intact.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      Pretty sure they already said they are removing it.

      • mechabuddha says:

        Please tell me I’m wrong, but wasn’t that a rumor based on an image of a Facebook post that no longer exists?

    • tormos says:

      oh god you still write microsoft with a dollar sign. Are you the ghost of IRC channels past come to haunt us for our sins?

      • fiendling says:

        Apologies, it is an old habit.

        I will abstain from future use to avoid further trauma/irritation.

    • Shooop says:

      You’d have to be insanely stupid to put GFWL in any game in development right now since Microsoft (note that there is a “S” not a dollar sign because I’m not 14 and besides Apple has gone much farther into pure money-grubbing stunts than they ever have) announced they’re pulling the plug on it. It’d be like developing a game for the 3DO.

      GFLW is simply not an option, thankfully.

  15. EchelonEffect says:

    I still don’t understand how anyone enjoys this game, at least the PC version. Worst port I’ve ever seen. Utterly unplayable.

    • Wauffles says:

      psst, there’s a patch that fixes it

    • Niko says:

      Maybe the problem’s on your side, then. A lot of people play it.

    • dE says:

      Hardly a contender for worst port when there are titles like Saints Row 2, GTA4 or Resident Evil 4. Or many more that crash constantly at every opportunity.

      • DatonKallandor says:

        Sorry it absolutely is a contender for worst port. A Hard Resolution Lock, a 30 frames cap and a blur filter to hid the (again, hardlocked?!) low resolution. In the goddamn 21st Century? That’s absolutely a criminal port.

    • Shooop says:

      The patch helped. Didn’t make it any less wrong that they rushed out a cheap emulation instead of a port, but it made the game actually run properly until GFWL acted up.

      It’s good they haven’t taken advantage of the positive reaction to this and made another rush job, assuming people would buy it anyway like last time. There’s several publishers who probably would have.

  16. DatonKallandor says:

    “For Dark Souls II we are developing on PC from the beginning,” he explained. “We realise what PC games typically require, and I can assure you that the PC version of Dark Souls II will be a good PC experience for PC gamers.”

    How many times have we heard that. It seems be in every PR Firms list of stock phrases to use when you want to sell a game on PC. I’m pretty sure we’ve heard that same thing VERBATIM for at least a dozen other games these last years.

    At least great news on the no DLC. From Software has been incredibly resilient when it comes to pre-order bullshit and DLC. Hopefully they’ll keep that up.

    • Tancosin says:

      I’m pretty confident that the PC version will be better in this case. I mean, the only reason we got a PC port for Dark Souls at all was because of an online petition – I think Fromsoft can be forgiven for their failures given the circumstances.

    • lautalocos says:

      i never heard of a situation where the developers or the producers said that the game was going to be a good PC port, and ended being a bad port.

      also, in the case of dark souls, they said way before they released the pc port that it was just going to be an emulation because the team didnñt have experience with the PC.

      for now, i trust the word of from software.

  17. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Hmm, well the “Artorias” DLC in the previous game was very good and didn’t feel like something withheld from the main campaign. In fact, it seemed as if the developer used their experience making the main campaign to craft better content afterwards!
    How was that a bad thing and why is it good news that it won’t happen again?

  18. Shooop says:

    This can be a very good thing – instead of filling in plot holes later with a DLC maybe they’ll make sure they tie up any loose story ends in one go. I’d consider that to be a refreshing change from what most games are doing today.

  19. noodlecake says:

    Well that fucking sucks.