Merry Christmas Readers! The Complete 2013 Calendar

Lovingly drawn by the hand of Walker

And there it is. Our top 24 games of 2013, tucked behind Horace’s mighty doors. Click on any of the doors above to see what lay beyond, and then tell us in the comments here why we’re all so stupid, ugly and wrong. Or wish us a merry season! See below for what’s happening over the next couple of weeks.

1. Don’t Starve
2. Hexcells
3. Desktop Dungeons
4. Papers, Please
5. Card Hunter
6. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
7. The Swapper
8. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
9. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
10. Dishonored DLC
11. Eurotruck Simulator
12. Rogue Legacy
13. XCOM: Enemy Within
14. Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger
15. Proteus
16. Monaco
17. Spelunky
18. Knock, Knock
19. Europa Universalis
20. The Stanley Parable
21. Saints Row IV
22. Teleglitch
23. Gone Home
24. Kentucky Route Zero

Don’t worry if a game you loved hasn’t appeared. 2013 was an amazing year for so many fascinating, superb games – certainly more than 24 of them – and our Leftovers articles will be celebrating a bunch more over the next couple of days.

RPS will go into its annual slumbery mode from now, but don’t stop visiting! We’ll have stuff up every day, with the aforementioned Leftovers, some Best Ofs and bits and pieces, and come the New Year, our giganto-mega-preview of 2014.

Thanks for being with us for 2013. It’s been RPS’s biggest year, with more writers, more posts, more features, and more readers than ever before. And we love each and every one of you. Even those who hate us. DEAL WITH OUR LOVE, HATERS. 2014’s going to be amazing. We have massive plans for making RPS more lovely than ever before, which we’re so excited to be able to reveal. And PC gaming is just bloody on fire right now – it’s going to be such an incredible year for PC games, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Merry Everythings, and may Horace’s endlessness be with you.


  1. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    I think I spend more time reading your word-crafts than playing games. In fact, there have probably been plenty of times where I’ve enjoyed your features on a game more than the game itself. I imagine there are others that suffer from the same delectable condition. I might have written the exact same thing last year, and it won’t be surprising if I do so again next year. Merry Christmas, RPSers.

  2. PopeRatzo says:

    Is this where I go to return my Advent Calendar for a refund? Maybe a store credit?

  3. psepho says:

    Happy Xmas, RPS — and thanks, as ever, for being such an invaluable window onto games.

  4. hilltop says:

    I just want to convey warm wishes to the RPS staff and occasional writers – as so many have before me. This is a site I truly value and return to almost daily. Merry christmas and a happy new year.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      Yeah. This is one of the few sites I visit every single day. Not all the favored games are to my taste, but the excellent writing here is definitely to my taste.

      I hope the RPS folks are writing here for a long long time.

  5. Vinraith says:

    It occurs to me that there’s not a single RPG on this list, and then it further occurs to me that I can’t think of a single RPG that was actually released this year. Yikes. Am I forgetting something? I know we’re supposed to get a good string of Kickstarted RPG’s next year, but I’m coming up blank for 2013. No wonder I think it was a bad year for games!

  6. pertusaria says:

    A belated happy Christmas to RPS, and thanks for the humour, the near-constant stream of tip-offs about interesting games, and for maintaining a nice place to hang out on the Internet, standing up for basic decency, and occasionally asking tough questions. Thanks also for detaching Quinns from the hivemind so that he could co-run Shut Up and Sit Down.

  7. Armante says:

    THANK YOU to everyone; the RPS team, and the readers and commentars. Been an interesting year. Looking forward to 2014, and keeping up with my favourite site on the entire internet.

    -=[ As my FREE GIFT to you* go load up your Steam and claim a free copy of L4D2 :) ]=-

    *actually it’s Valve, but sshhhhhh, also, hurry before it’s gone (10am Pacific on the 26th apparently)

  8. Quiffle says:

    Murry Christmas and/or Pagan Porn Party (+1) to you RPS! The quality of writing seen on this site is a much needed thing for old fogeys like me who just can’t grok the bullet point nonsense of gaming coverage today. While I feel that some of your attempts at activism have been more than a little hamfisted, I respect you for not shying away from your beliefs.

    But enough of that blather. I’m still hung over as hell and the only cure for this is some Irish coffee and some quality gaming.

  9. Abbas says:

    Where’s king arthurs gold? You guys hook me on it like a babe to a bottle and then left it out?

    For Shame.