The Spectacular 2014 Preview Spectacular – Part One

2014 is no longer the lunatic space-dream of fantasists – it’s really, really here! And rumour has it, it will be a year in which games are released. We’ve gathered together all those rumours to bring you a really rather enormous list of the PC games we expect to see in the coming twelve months. Good ones, great ones, and stinky ploppy-plop ones. Maybe some will even be average: we just don’t yet know. This is but part one of our mega-list, with parts two and three appearing soon. The games are ordered in a mystery fashion – an imaginary prize* to the first reader to figure it out. Devour.

Early 2014
Its interface renders planetary systems in cool blues and the ships moving between them as simple icons. That alone is enough conjure flashbacks to Neptune’s Pride’s tales of space betrayal. If SPACECOM, which was recently Greenlit on Steam, is half as emotional and half as time-consuming, it could be twice the game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Online multiplayer third-person tactical shooter action role-playing video game
Winter 2014
Developing games from beyoooooond the grave, Ubisoft’s latest Clancy-thing is aiming for some pretty epic scale. Alongside that ludicrous genre description, this is Ubi stretching their ambitious ways farther than we’ve seen before, aiming to create a dystopian, post-collapse New York in which social interaction is as important as shooting mans in the face.

No Man’s Sky
First-person space exploration
Exploration is the game’s core verb, but No Man’s Sky procedurally generated galaxy contains more than ambulation. You’re visiting its colourful, sci-fi book cover-inspired planets to gather resources with which to stock and upgrade your spaceship, so you can dodge pirates and reach further towards that galaxy’s mutated core. Given its ambition, we’ll be lucky to see it in 2014, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping.

The Evil Within
Survival horror
If only it were being released under its Japanese name, Psychobreak. Detective Sebastian Castellanos sees his partners get murdered, and is then attacked himself. He wakes up in a monstrous land, seemingly born of a friend’s madness. Um, yes, well. Bethesda like it enough to be giving it a worldwide publish, but when we do not know.

Dying Light
Open-world zombie hate
31 March 2014
It pairs open-world zombie-bashing with Mirror’s-Edge-style runleaping, but the demo we played definitely needed some work in terms of control and general feel. That said, the night sections – wherein the shambling undead suddenly become spry as marathon runners whose legs aren’t liable to snap at the sinew after a pillbug breathes on them – are terrifyingly tense.

Age Of Wonders III
Spring 2014
Triumph Studios’ turn-based strategy (with a hint of role-playing) slipped off into the mysterious reaches of 2014, as the Overlord developer wanted to do the long-awaited threequel’s massive scope justice. Age of Wonders III is expanding into new territory with RPG-style leader classes, more in-depth city structures, and heaps of new abilities and rules.

The Long Dark
Woodland survival
October 2014
The Long Dark both looks and sounds beautiful. After a very successful Kickstarter, the game is set to offer first-person survivaling in a post-apocalyptic Northern wilderness. While you’ll be scavenging and panicking as you might expect, there’s also promise of a moral dimension to your struggle – how far are you willing to go to survive?

Men of War: Assault Squad 2
Q1 2014
A new engine should bring interface improvements along with visual polish to the incredibly detailed WWII strategy game. It looks rather beautiful and could well be one of 2014’s first great strategic hits.

Elite: Dangerous
Space shopping
March 2014
According to frequent RPS guest star Craig Pearson, Elite’s dogfights already feel excellent, and Oculus Rift support sends the whole production dangerously deep into the unexplored reaches of Immersion Space. Of course, that’s only the very, very, very beginning. 150,000 star systems, every role you can think of, customization out the wazoo (and also in, around, and through the wazoo) – David Braben and co certainly aren’t lacking in ambition.

Red Baron
Flight sim
November 2014
Red Baron failed in its Kickstarter campaign, but its creators seem undeterred. That’s a good thing for lovers of the Dynamix original’s biplane dogfights, as well as those who wish their flight sim sorties had a little more focus on skybound derring-do and a little less on accurate switch modelling. Read the Flare Path interview with its creator.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Open world RPG
Summer 2014
Promising to be 30 times bigger than either of the previous massive Witcher RPGs, this is CD Projekt RED at their most extraordinarily ambitious. They reckon there will be over a hundred hours of stuff to do in the main and side quests, with horsies, boats and the like allowing faster exploration of its enormous world. No word yet on whether you’ll be able to collect boobs.

Sniper Elite 3
First-person murder sim
If ever there was a first-person shooter for which the term “murder simulator” applied, it’s Sniper Elite. This follow-up maintains the creepy, slow-motion, x-ray of every bone-shattering, bollock-exploding gunshot, but shifts the action from Europe to North Africa. It’s also meant to be more of a sandbox, which should hopefully alleviate some of the last game’s dreadful campaign missions. Hopefully.

Alien: Isolation
2014 maybe?
Creative Assembly are the latest to try to convert the Alien license to gaming, without the added magic of Predators. Will it focus on a single solitary alien like absolutely everyone on Earth desperately hopes it will? Or will it be a face-hugger shooter par normality? Come on CA, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.

Endless Legend
4X strategy
Sometime 2014
Endless Space was an Xcellent 4X strategy, and Endless Legend aims to bring its streamlined yet still sumptuously complex approach into a sparkling fantasy realm.

Star Citizen
Space sim/crowdfunded wish fulfillment machine
April 2014
Star Citizen wants to be all things to all gamers. Consequently it’s the space dogfighting module that’s due to launch in April 2014, with the rest of Chris Roberts’ modern take on Wing Commander to follow later. Those other modules include the campaign, the larger multiplayer systems, the planet-based combat and, presumably if the money keeps flowing, the point-and-click module, the boss fight module, the taking the boss fights back out again module, and the football management module.

Thief 4
25 February 2014
The much beleaguered Thiefly follow-up should, further slips permitting, be with us in a couple of months, and we can finally all find out whether we needed to be so worried. Rebooting Garrett and his stealing ways without the Looking Glass crew behind it was always going to be a challenge. We’re desperately hoping it’s one they can meet.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void
The final part of StarCraft 2’s troika of expansions, this time letting you fight the good fight as the Protoss. Like 60% of all videogame alien races, the Protoss are basically space elves, but don’t let that put you off. If Heart of the Swarm is anything to go by, Void should also ship with a set of changes to SC2’s competitive multiplayer component. Which is, let’s face it, the point of the series now.

Tales from the Borderlands
Adventure game
Between The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, Telltale are dangerously close to being respectable videogame developers again, wiping away all our memories of their terrible movie license tie-ins with deftly directed choose-your-own-adventures. Tales from the Borderlands is set in Gearbox’s Borderlands universe and if we’re lucky will let us make the very moral decision to kill Claptrap with a shotgun or a sniper rifle. (There is no immoral choice).

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation
Jumpy shooty third-person
Jan 15th 2014
The Vita game is being HDerised for modern spangly computers, allowing us to play as Aveline de Grandpré… an actual woman. The original handheld version apparently took a semi-interesting look at the rancid social politics of the time, so here’s hoping Liberation holds up decently on bigger screens.

Mech-based online FPS
13 March 2014
Some are utterly thrilled by the prospects for this online only FPS battleground, in which you play as either a pilot or a mech. Some are concerned it’s a great deal of bombast. The winning side will be decided in a punch-up behind the Lamb & Flag on Tuesday night.

Multiplayer card game
Beta out now
Blizzard make a claim on further hours and days with their online card game. Already a fixture in the lives of many and sure to grow in 2014.

EVE: Valkyrie
EVEn more EVE
Space Year 2014
We were quite impressed by what we played of CCP’s admittedly lightweight EVE Valkyrie Oculus Rift tech demo, but the full game is still something of a mystery. Some form of integration with the larger EVE universe is a lock, but things like a single-player campaign and even launch platform(s) are still big question marks. It may not even appear on PC.

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Action adventure
Q2 2014
Murdered: Soul Suspect has the greatest Wikipedia description – “The concept of the title was based on Die Hard, but with a twist when creative director Yosuke Shiokawa wondered what if protagonist John McClane died in the events of the film yet continues to fight as a ghost.” While solving his own murder, the protagonist will fight demonic creatures. Murdered is certainly a computer game.

Sci-fi RPG
Following Bastion is quite the task. But Supergiant games seem to be doing that with verve. A science fiction city in which you wield a weapon of unknown origin, trying to learn about its past. It looks gorgeous, and with an emphasis on a single-player story experience, there’s a lot of reason to be excited about this one.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Top-down murder sim
Controversial? It’s Miami’s middle name. The first Hotline Miami was a beautifully stylish, horribly difficult murder-spree. The second has created headlines with its demo and it’ll be interesting to see what Dennaton eventually deliver.

Paradise Lost: First Contact
Action platformer
A hyper-detailed pixel platformer about employing the powers of a many-tentacled alien towards escaping from a science research facility. Expect Metal Gear stealth, Metroidvania non-linearity and an RPG-lite skill system. Let’s hope the quality of its puzzles matches the beauty of its animation.

Co-operative patriotism simulation
Alpha out now
Broforce is a Contra-esque sidescroller, only with more destructibility. And by that, I mean all of it. Everything blows up constantly, resulting in chunky pixelated splatters of blood and shrapnel. There’s a brobust level editor too, breh.

Master Spy
Stealth platformer
Flashback meets Gunpoint, as a man in a trenchcoat performs pixel-perfect jumps to traverse traps and trickery. A lovely demo already exists and the finished article should be with us sooner rather than later.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad
Flight sim
Spring 2014
The most beautifully crafted flight simulation of all time? Hopefully. This is the game that may launch a thousand Oculus Rifts.

Sneaky puzzles
A month after PS4, 2014
Mike Bithell’s follow-up to Thomas Was Alone is a top-down puzzler, requiring the use of sound to solve sneaky-stealth puzzling. Once again starring Danny Wallace as the game’s AI, it will launch with hundreds of puzzles of its own, and also the ability for players to create and share their own levels. It’ll have a month’s PS4 exclusive for some reason, then reach the PC.

River City Ransom: Underground
Side-scrolling beat-’em-up
September 2014
The original River City Ransom was released in 1989 and was a beat-’em-up with a simple control scheme, an open world full of objects to be used as melee weapons, and a lot of style. RCR: Underground is the unlikely, officially licensed sequel. It has the original creator onboard as an advisor, the backing of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and its development blog suggests everyone involved is taking great pains to evoke the spirit of the original.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional
Top-down shooter
Ships tumble beautifully and erotically through space. Direction is meaningless. Everything is meaningful. A game of possible rare beauty about acrobats in control of machines in space.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Angry cars
Q1 2014
A Kickstarter darling to the tune of over $625,000, this one’s taking the low road with little regard for frivolities like shame or dignity. You are a car. You turn pedestrians into intestine-topped road pizza. Everything goes crash-crash and boom-boom, and you giggle with furious mirth.

Cyberpunk noir slapstick pizza survival horror comedy
Q1 2014
Adult Swim released several fantastic games in 2013 and Jazzpunk looks like the studio’s most ambitious offering to date. It wants to make you laugh and early evidence suggests it might well succeed.

Watch Dogs
Hacking the open world
Summer 2014
If Ubisoft can pull this off, what a thing it will be. An open city in which you can hack everything, letting you choose how to approach your given quests, whether by gunfire or stealth. What we’ve seen looks like the strangest combination of stunningly exciting potential and hoary GTA-me-do generic violence. Where it will eventually fall will decide the game’s fate.

Mad Max
Open world vehicular violence
Will Avalanche bring the beautiful ruckus of Just Cause 2 to Mel’s mad world? Hopefully. Ziplines, headbutts and exploding cars all feature. This much we know.

Top-down rogue-like RPG
No date set
Unlike many of its more modern horror genre compatriots, this one’s about survival first and foremost. Blockade doors, find generators, and weep as sanity effects convince you that said generators are puking drunken disapproval at all of your life choices. Also, the game’s very, very dark.

Summer 2014
Hey, remember MMOs? They were fun for a bit, weren’t they? Attempting to revive some sort of retro nostalgic interest in the old genre, Carbine and NCSoft’s Wildstar looks like it’ll focus on the core of what made the most successful examples succeed so successfully, while even braving a subscription model. (Along with bemusing alternatives based around buying in-game items or something.)

Galactic Civilizations 3
Turn-Based Space Strategy
Release: 2014 – Founders’ alpha early 2014, public beta soon after.
Stardock’s hotly anticipated sequel may be the epic 4X space game that the federated worlds have been waiting for. Improved planetary management, intricate ship-building and interstellar terrain are among the features that could make this game, long in-development, the brightest star in the sky.

Survival horror
Q1 2014
Blacklight dev Zombie’s latest is a procedurally generated scare-’em-up. You’ll wander around an island that’s never the same twice, take photos, and develop a desperate, clawing phobia of creepy dolls. It’s creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky. It’s probably not much like The Addams Family.

Mansion Lord
Murder Mystery Business Sim
August 2014
Turn-based Agatha Christie, in which players invite aristocrats to houses and then observe and capture them when they murder one another. That’s aristocrats for you – they live to kill.

Grand Theft Auto V
Urban Violence
Release Perhaps
Flowers, women, men, haircuts. Cars. Radio gaga.

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Someone at Bethesda needs to do their history homework. They seem to think the Nazis won World War 2 in 1960. And that some dude called Captain B.J. Blazkowicz was the man to stand up to their world rule in an attempt to fight back. This is going to be awfully awkward when they realise what a silly mistake they’ve made.

Dungeon Defenders 2
Not a MOBA
Spring 2014
First it was a tower defense sequel, then it was a MOBA with tower defense elements, and now it’s a tower-powered defend-o-battler again. After an icky time of accusations and confessions for developers Trendy, the sequel appears to be back on track. Perhaps things will work out for the best after all. Hopefully? Maybe?

Space Station 13 Remake
Multiplayer space roleplaying sim
Have you ever dreamed of being a space bartender? Quinns’ did, and Space Station 13’s 2D sprites offered him the freedom to live out his dreams on a ship populated with other people. This remake should do the same in a prettier engine with a more user-friendly interface and proper physics.

Check back on Monday for part two of this ludicrously enormous feature.

*Imaginary prizes are not available to employees of Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd, nor their families, friends, lovers and opticians.


  1. hap says:

    Oh my poor wallet.

    • mrwout says:

      And then to think this is only part one … glup …

    • bstard says:

      Hmm might be my taste, but 90% of the above titles seems to be another Nero winning a drama competition. More ck2 DLC and Grim Dawn is what 2014 is for, hopefully spiced up with some surprices.

    • Lone Gunman says:

      Stuff my wallet. What about my time?

      • shaydeeadi says:

        I barely have enough time to play what I have and then all this stuff is coming out? I motion for days to be extended to about 36 hours, where can I start a petition?

      • czc says:

        If only the buy more time DLC for life was available.

      • Shadowcat says:

        I don’t even have time to read about all the games, let alone play them.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Stuff time and money. Why is there a picture of a blonde tranny pirate boarding a ship?

  2. Godwhacker says:

    Tales from The Borderlands: oh dear. Borderlands isn’t nearly as funny as it thinks it is, so the idea of sitting through it without the shooting is just depressing.

    • RedViv says:

      A good thing that humour is so very objectively measurable. Otherwise you would look really silly!

      • AngoraFish says:

        Good thing that humour isn’t based on vile, malicious, sociopathy repeated ad nauseum without a punch line. Oh wait, it apparently is.

        That and Claptrap, the Jar Jar Binks of computer gaming.

        Proving that it really is legitimate for marketing departments to target the bulk of new computer games at an exclusively teenage, male audience. hur hur hur…

        • Ergates_Antius says:

          What is the internet for if not telling people that they are objectively wrong for having different taste to you. Again and again and again and again and again and… oh god, I just can’t take it any more.

          Did it ever occur to you that maybe *you* were the one with the bad sense of humour? That maybe you’re like Monty Python’s Colonel saying “Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do, except perhaps my wife and some of her friends. Oh yes, and Captain Johnson. Come to think of it, most people like a good laugh more than I do, but that’s beside the point.”

          Maybe, until you have definative, conclusive and incontrovertible proof that *your* sense of humour was the “correct” one, you could refrain from telling people what they should and shouldn’t find funny*.

          * obvious exceptions for “not being a prick” aside.

          • jrodman says:

            Stand down. Someone making clear and comprehensible assertions about the tone and content of a game need not be harassed, if you disagree you can disagree on the content!

            The snarky tone was in kind.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            “Someone making clear and comprehensible assertions about the tone and content of a game need not be harassed”

            But someone making clear and comprehensible assertions that people who like such content fall into the teenage male category (read: immature and stupid), is just being a dick, and is asking to be called on out it.

          • derbefrier says:

            please remember that the next time you see people saying shit like “CoD kiddies” when they reference a FPS they don’t like.

          • tetracycloide says:

            Make all the clear, comprehensible assertions you want but they’re still just assertions and worthy of being called it when they are highly subjective and/or baseless. A clear, comprehensible response could only be considered harassment by the ludicrously hypocritical to boot.

        • Triangulon says:

          I’d just like to point out that both my best mate’s wife and my partner have become videogame fans through playing borderlands 1 and 2 with us. So not just teenage boys.

      • DanMan says:

        You want something objective? Ok. A joke has to be surprising. If you can see it coming half way through, it’s barely funny anymore.

        That said, I’ve never played Borderlands.

        • Ergates_Antius says:

          No it doesn’t. Things can be funny even if they’ve been telegraphed far in advance. In some cases, the humour comes from the “thing” being very obvious.

          Trying to lay down “rules” for humour is like trying to lay down rules for music. Foolish and pointless.

          • jezcentral says:

            Indeed, Mitchell and Webb’s brain surgery sketch being a good example.

      • Godwhacker says:

        Whoa there Hitler. Perhaps a more positive thing to do would be to develop some internet-wide in my opinion button which can be pressed for when the pedants show up.

        • jrodman says:

          I’m not sure what this means but somehow I like it regardless.

          • tormos says:

            I approve of anything that starts “woah there, Hitler” on principle.

        • AngelTear says:

          And here I thought that what everyone says all the time was “in his/her opinion” unless otherwise noted.

          (which still doesn’t mean that just any opinion can be appropriate/uncontested)

          • jrodman says:

            It does mean, though, as i think you implied, that the “YOUR STATEMENT IS NOT OBJECTIVELY FACTUAL” rebuttal is a bit tired.

          • Ich Will says:

            Ahhh, the internet. Telling people that they do not believe what they say they do believe without any evidence of dishonesty since 1997.

    • Bremze says:

      Look at all the monkey cheese humor and redit memes, that’s what the kids like, right? Even though I found Borderlands pretty okay, the shooty bits felt very tedious in the sequel so I didn’t get even that.

    • The Random One says:

      I don’t know – I found the shooting a lot more depressing to be honest.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Yes, I actually didn’t much like the levelling of the gunplay (or rather, it was OK, but I don’t really like grinding to make my guns shoot better, which I appreciate is the point of the thing), but stayed for the humour.

    • Gargenville says:

      I’m assuming this’ll be written by Telltale rather than 2K staff so it should at least have a fighting chance at not being awful.

    • paddymaxson says:

      But the walking dead isn’t as heartwrenchingly sad as Telltale’s The Walking Dead either. The Borderlands world is at least good enough that Telltale can do something right with it. It doesn’t matter if the Borderlands games aren’t that funny when literally none of the Borderlands writing staff will be working on Telltale’s game.

    • tetracycloide says:

      “Hey everyone, look at me! I don’t like something popular and I want to make sure as many people as possible know about it because I want attention.”

  3. Crimsoneer says:

    I am properly excited for pretty much all of these things.

  4. Grey Poupon says:

    Considering there’s so many great games in this part one alone, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I were one of the only ones here who’s waiting for AoW3 the most. I’ve played the previous incarnations so much and in my eyes they’re so much better than even the best HoMM games (I do like HoMMs of the olden days quite a lot too).

    They’ve made a few design decisions that’ve got me worried a bit, but they seem to have been quite true to their roots with the game.

    • bills6693 says:

      I just want them to finish it and make an Overlord 3, taking the best parts from the two previous games!

      However I will also pick up this game. But overlord is where my love for this studio lies.

      • Stardreamer says:

        How do Overlord 1 and 2 compare? Picked them up for Christmas, just looking to install one for now.

        • tigerfort says:

          Overlord 2 is superior, I’d say. More polished level design, significantly tidied mechanics, and a nicely silly story by Rhianna Pratchett. The first game has some really good bits (especially in the “Raising Hell” expansion), but also some really annoying and frustrating ones (ditto), whereas I’d say that the second game reaches the same highs without ever dropping down to the lows.

        • bills6693 says:

          Both good. You don’t necessarily need to play the first to understand the ‘story’, so you are free to jump in with the second one right away. However I’d say both are worth a play, and you’ll probably enjoy the first one more if you play it first, rather than after the admittedly superior second.

  5. roryok says:

    I don’t know is it just me, but that No Mans Sky pic is enormous: link to

    I never have time to play games anymore, but I love marvelling at the creativity of developers. And I might squeeze in some time for Elite

  6. WhatKateDoes says:

    No mans sky 2014 intentions may already be on shaky ground :(

    link to

  7. Don Reba says:

    Like 60% of all videogame alien races, the Protoss are basically space elves, but don’t let that put you off.

    This is not “Warcraft In Space”! It is much more sophisticated!

    • tobecooper says:

      Yeah! It’s ‘Warhammer in Space’ which makes it ‘Warhammer 40k’, which makes the whole matter slightly more complex and definitely a lot more sophisticated.

      • Werthead says:

        That’s an actual line from STARCRAFT: BROOD WAR from Artanis, respondiding to at-the-time popular criticisms of the original game. “I KNOW it’s not in 3D!” “Stop poking me! What do I look like, an orc?”

        That said, you are right. It remains surprising that GW didn’t take Blizzard to court at the time. Now, of course, they’d be flattened like a bug by the weight of Acti-Blizzard’s legal department (if Acti-Blizzard didn’t just buy them with their petty cash and put them out of business whilst giggling), but at the time they’d probably have had more of a chance of making it stick.

        • killias2 says:

          They probably didn’t sue because they would’ve lost. Starcraft isn’t nearly as much of a Warhammer 40k ripoff as some people tend to think. Other than “marines” in robot suits (hello Starship Troopers), the Terrans are absolutely nothing alike at all. The Protoss are far more “generic good guy alien” than “space elf.” The Zerg are the closest, but most people don’t realize that the original Tyranids weren’t all that much like Zerg. Both Zerg and Tyranids became more like each other and were originally more like Aliens/Starship Troopers/Borg mixtures.

    • Nova says:

      They also don’t look or act like (space) elves.

      • Koozer says:

        Pompous, ancient race with advanced technology, who hide in the background until they really need to woosh in and save the day while sneering at everyone? No, not all like elves, nosiree.

        • killias2 says:

          “Pompous, ancient race with advanced technology, who hide in the background until they really need to woosh in and save the day while sneering at everyone? No, not all like elves, nosiree.”

          Honestly, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. It sounds like you’re explaining every good guy alien stereotype ever. Most scifi nerds would never ever ever jump to the conclusion that “Pompous, ancient race with advanced technology, who hide in the background until they really need to woosh in and save the day while sneering at everyone” – would somehow mean “elves” in a scifi setting.

          Really, the Protoss and Eldar have very little in common, other than.. having advanced technology..?

          • MobileAssaultDuck says:

            Both are psychically powerful.

            Both rely on heavy use of warp gates.

            Their technology has an extremely similar look.

            Protoss look like what would happen if you filled Eldar armor up without any empty space.

            Protoss are basically Eldar + the Tha’Roon from War Wind. War Wind was the RTS where Blizzard got the idea for making asymmetrical races.

            Blizzard makes good games, but originality is not how they do it. They take other people’s ideas and mechanics and polish them.

          • killias2 says:

            They both have powers of sorts, but the Eldar’s powers tend to be more magic-y than the Protoss. It may seem like a weak difference, but the Eldar accidentally summoned a shitload of demons into WH40k. That’s just not anywhere near part of how the Starcraft mythos works… (assuming they don’t pull some demon shit moving forward, haha).

            They don’t look alike at all. If anything, the Protoss and the Tau are much more alike than the Protoss and the Eldar. Of course, the Tau came after the Protoss, so we just have to ignore that in order to act like Starcraft is a 40k ripoff.

            Sure, Blizz isn’t the heart of originality.. but neither is Games Workshop. Warhammer was basically just Tolkien. 40k was just Warhammer moved to the future with lots of Starship Troopers and Aliens thrown in. Starcraft is.. also Starship Troopers with Aliens thrown in but without the second-order Tolkien nonsense. Really, both are total ripoffs of everything else in scifi.

          • Jackablade says:

            Wasn’t there some kind of rumour about GW using the Protoss as inspiration for the Tau because Blizzard had been so very heavily ‘inspired’ by their work? I think there was even some suggestion that this was a sanctioned thing between the two studios and not simply GW being (somewhat justifiably) vindictive.

      • Mr Ogs says:


        • Harmless Sponge says:

          Eldar (singular Elda) was the name given to the Elves (and the term West Elves may also apply to these kindred) by the Vala Oromë when he first found them wandering in the starlight of Cuiviénen. At first, the name was applied to all Elves, but after the summons of the Valar, it came to be used only of the peoples who followed the summons and began the Great Journey.


          link to

          Tolkein, 40k, etc etc. The name keeps going round and round.

      • DatonKallandor says:

        They’re so much like Space Elves that when they needed Space Elves for WoW, they just used the Protoss and changed the nametags. Even Blizzard knows Protoss are just space elves.

  8. Revolving Ocelot says:

    In just 7 days, I will have an excuse to yell RULES OF NAAAATUUUURE and generally type in ALLCAPS, because even the entry in my Steam Library for REVENGEANCE is in ALLCAPS. DELICIOUS.

  9. BTAxis says:

    Only one game on this list I have every intention of buying, though there are a number of maybes too. I’m trying to restrict myself to buying games I KNOW I’m actually going to play. So much in my Steam library that’s gone completely untouched…

    • stoner says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only gamer with Steam addiction. At least a third of my library remained uninstalled.

      • Harmless Sponge says:

        There’s a couple of us, don’t worry. I’m moving country in 2 months and not bringing the PC (*cries*), gotta try and get through everything before then… Impossible task really.

  10. UncleLou says:

    Oh, interesting article. Very much appreciated.

    Is anyone else finding it increasingly hard to keep track of interesting games? I simply use the wishlist for stuff that is on Steam, but with my gaming taking place on several platforms, and with the many indie games these days, I keep forgetting about stuff. There’s at least a dozen games I’ve read about on RPS in the past which I thought sounded interesting, and I have no idea what happened to them (nor do I remember their names, obviously).

    Someone should make a website with links to official sites of announced games on all platforms, where you can create an account and keep track of what’s interesting. Or does something like that exist? I am way too lazy to make an Excel list for myself. :)

    • AngelTear says:

      Yep, someone should make a of games, or of pretty much anything for that matter. I guess your closest call is something like Pinterest/Listal?

      There is but I haven’t heard much good about it, so I don’t know.
      Apparently some websites like IGN or GiantBomb offer similar game-tracking features too.

      Has anyone tried any of those things?

      Edit: Found these two while searching and, both seem promising, anyone tried any of them?

      • UncleLou says:

        Thank you very much for the ideas, I’ll have a look.

        I am actually surprised there isn’t something like this yet*, it would be a data-mining heaven for the games industry, surely!

        *Disregarding your suggestions for a second.

      • pcorsaro says:

        I’ve heard that Grouvee site is pretty awesome :) (I’m the one who built it).

        • jrodman says:

          Does it have or plan to add associative recommendations?

          I’ve been looking for this everywhere. I used to try to use amazon for it but their coverage of the games I play has fallen off as I walked away from consoles and to indie games.

          Reviews are intersting and all, but a lot of games have very uninspired coverage (6 out of ten!) and I have some unusual requirements for games that cut oddly across the mainstream reviews.

          (Associative recommendations are quite difficult to nail, but are not hard to get sorta right enough to be useful.)

          • AngelTear says:

            I don’t mean to answer in place of the creator, but having just signed up to his website, I will do so nevertheless, or rather, I will use his own words (against him?)

            link to

          • jrodman says:


            The foundation for a decent recommendation system is to score games along various categories (or tag them).

            This could be outsourced to the users, or it can be done by authoritative staff. It can even been really useful data to do the scroring wok. Ie identify the themes, roots, mechanics, etc of various games. See with their music work. I’d love to pay money to help support this type of game description.

          • pcorsaro says:

            Like AngelTear pointed out, I want to build a recommendations engine.

            We have nearly 75K user ratings across a whole ton of games with genre, developer, publisher, and console data associated with them. I need to read up on my Bayesian probability to be able to put something together. Either that or convince another developer to help me with my endless list of stuff to work on :)

    • czc says:

      I basically just rely on RPS to report on what is coming out. That and the coming soon section on steam. I try not to look forward to any games now, too much hype these days. Basically the only game I’m looking forward to is Banished.

    • Chordian says:

      I’ve started a video games database and checklist/backlog at It’s still in its infancy though and need more features as well as actual games (currently working on the latter).

      • themes_and_conventions says:

        This looks like just want I need, and I’ve registered! Keep up the good work!

        • Chordian says:

          You’re welcome, and thanks. =)

          • MartinWisse says:

            Quick note: once you registrer and log in from the link sent, you stay on the registration confirmed page. Might be useful to either show the account or home page instead…

          • Chordian says:

            @MartinWisse: Good point. I’ll fix it after I get home from my xmas vacation this weekend.

    • qrter says:

      Ooh, look at mr Fancypants, with your Excel!

      Just make a games.txt in notepad (or equivalent program) and keep it on your desktop. Can’t be harder to do than switching to a different website etc.

      • jrodman says:

        I love text. Information scientists do too!

        But I’m not this motivated about the games i own, sadly.

  11. Kollega says:

    I take serious offense to idea that shooting Claptrap is always a good thing. In the original Borderlands, Claptraps were very friendly and helpful, if picked on by everyone except the player characters. But then, Anthony Burch decided for some reason that Claptrap would be more funny if he took a level in jerkass and you would be encouraged to shoot him. And after the first game, that is, quite frankly, bullshit.

  12. Didden says:

    Don’t forget The Banner Saga is out this month on the 14th.

    Also, Star Citizen 2014? lol. That game is at least two-four years from being even close to what is promised. Some alpha/beta dog fighting module doth not maketh a game finisheth. A module already delayed I might add…

  13. Ham Solo says:

    I am mostly waiting for
    Next Car Game
    War Thunder: Tanks
    Radio the Universe

    • engion3 says:

      I think Next Car Game got cancelled.

      • Dazmaniac says:

        Err, not sure on that.

        NCG Kickstarter got pulled but they started again selling game from their own site (with Kickstarter-esque levels of support available) and providing you with a Steam Key for Early Access model.

      • Ham Solo says:

        No it didn’t, the early alpha is on Steam right now, I got it. They cancelled the kickstarter because it wasn’t going anywhere and they can finance it without. There are backer packs, similar to star citizen however. The alpha build is already looking and playing very well.

  14. darkChozo says:

    I noticed a slight editorial oversight in this article: not every entry is Dark Souls 2. I understand that kind of thing is hard to miss but I’d hope it doesn’t happen again.

    • elvis71 says:


      there are 2 more lists to go, so it will for sure be there ;)

      From my point of view Dark Souls 2 should have been on the first part, but maybe the are saving the more interesting stuff for later.

    • derbefrier says:

      We can forgive them as long as the next article is entirely Dark Souls 2

  15. Lambchops says:

    Sooo maaany gaaaames

    At least I thought that was what the zombie was saying, I wasn’t really sure seeing as I was bludgeoning him with a cricket bat at the time.

  16. AngelTear says:

    I AM A CAR!!!

    Now I know how Ralph (The Simpsons) feels all the time :D

  17. snorcack says:

    I am waiting for Broken Age. The beta will be out anytime now.

  18. spectone says:

    My pile of shame says Thou Shalt Not Pass

  19. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Legacy of the Void in 2014? I didn’t know they’d even announced it.

    Heart of the Swarm was in development for what felt like an enormous amount of time, so I suspect 2014 is pushing it if they haven’t even said they’re working on it.

    Anyway, what I want from Starcraft is a Rexxar-style Zeratul RPG, not more eSports.

    • Zekiel says:

      That would be great!

      This please, Blizzard.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, Blizzard Time is almost as bad as Valve Time, we’ll be very lucky to see Void this year. Probably more chance of Warlords of Draenor? They seem quite adept at swiftly cranking out those WoW expansions now.

    • Xocrates says:

      Last I heard of Legacy of the Void, they weren’t sure how to approach the campaign AND had shifted resources into Heroes of the Storm.

      Giving it took them 3 years to do Heart of the Swarm it would be a miracle to get Legacy of the Void this year.

    • strangeloup says:

      I haven’t played either of the Starcraft II games that are presently out, but the Protoss were my favourite in the first Starcraft so I’d be really quite interested in this.


    • Moraven says:

      There is no way it will be out this year. 2015 at the earliest.

  20. Turkey says:

    Too many games. All those developers should just get together and make one title that’s really, really good.

  21. Bull0 says:

    Some of the best news in there for me is that Dungeon Defenders 2 is back to being a tower defense/action RPG thingy instead of a fucking MOBA.

    Also, I’m still very, very doubtful that we’re going to get Elite:Dangerous in March. Call me a skeptic but I just don’t see it.

  22. Stepout says:

    When I look at this siege screen shot from AoW 3:

    link to

    all I can think is… yes please.

  23. Tom Walker says:

    I was actually not aware of several of these, so cheers.

    Also, you’ve set the title of the RPS homepage to the title of this article, you big spasmos.

  24. Orazio Zorzotto says:

    Didn’t the offices of the No Man’s Sky developer get really badly flooded? I don’t think we’re seeing that game in 2014, if ever. Tragic thing to happen, especially right after announcing your game.

  25. guygodbois00 says:

    …And Hyper Light Drifter, surely.

    • Convolvulus says:

      That and Radio the Universe.

      • KevinLew says:

        I’m not trying to troll here, but I’m perplexed when people compare Hyper Light Drifter to Radio The Universe. The games have a similar art style, but the gameplay looks very different.

        Part of the reason why Radio The Universe doesn’t get as much media coverage is because it’s very hard to tell what the game is about. The launch video looks really confusing, and some of the UI isn’t really clear.

  26. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    Was there anymore word on No Man’s Sky’s devs and whether they’d recovered enough from the floods to continue the project?

    • Ben says:

      Hello Games have confirmed they had off-site back-up, so hopefully the only setbacks they’ll face will be the time and money it takes to fix up their office and get some new PCs in. I shouldn’t think it will cause any large delay to No Man’s Sky (and certainly not cause it to be cancelled!).

  27. Zekiel says:

    Weird. This is a huge number of games, and yet I’m only excited about 3 or 4 of them (Transistor, Legacy of the Void, Witcher 3 and – possibly – Watch Dogs). And two of them I won’t be able to run on my current PC :-(

    Oh well, time to work through my backlog!

    [Disclaimer: this is not in any way meant to imply anyone else is wrong in being excited about lots of others of these games]

    • Turkey says:

      I get where you’re coming from. As far as PC gaming has come since being declared dead in the mid-00s, we’re still missing those middle-tier budget games. There’s still not that much bridging the gap between AAA and Indie on the PC.

      • Zekiel says:

        Have said that, on reflection this means that (should trends hold in the next two installments of this Preview Spectacular) I can expect to be excited about 9-12 games for 2014, which doesn’t sound at all bad going really.

      • Werthead says:

        That’s where Kickstarter is succeeding, at least for the most successful games. It allows games to be made in the $1-4 million bracket (as well as stuff at much lower ones, obviously) which publishers have moved away from.

  28. Lambchops says:

    Oh yeah, the mystery order is the number of peggles in the graphics. Obviously.

    Either that or how long it took the Hivemind to come up for a pithy genre description.

  29. Agent.Brass says:

    Very much looking forward to the division and watch dogs. As well as Star Citizen and/or Elite: Dangerous – for which i’m too lazy to spot the differences between them.

  30. Richard Burton says:

    As good as these games no doubt will be, one of them stands out for me like a strange, wasted, missed opportunity. That is, Sniper Elite III looks as if it will be played from the American OSS point of view again. The thing is, we’ve already played killing Adolf Hitler, so why not from the German side next time? Say perhaps working for Rommel and having to take out Monty, Churchill, Patton or Stalin? And of course, taking out Hitler *again* as part of Operation Valkyrie (and saving Rommel’s life). Is it just me, or wouldn’t the next game have been different and interesting for once? I’m not terribly inspired by the prospect of playing as the same American sniper yet again. Maybe they could’ve incorporated the III of the title into “Third Reich Edition” or something?

    • Zekiel says:

      Good luck with marketing that!

    • Alphabet says:

      Wait, you want to play as a Nazi? Why on earth would you want to do that?

      • AngelTear says:

        Why do you want to play as a US soldier? Hell, why do you want to play as a soldier? Why would you want to play as the zombies in l4d2? Why would you want to play the evil route in Mass Effect? Why would you want to play as the Mafia in, errrr, Mafia; as criminals in GTA and Saints Row?

        Either you want to play only as the morally angelic guy, and then you’re in the wrong genre of games, or: it’s a game, it’s unconsequential, and people like to try out new, different and interesting things. And frankly, the whole “The US/Western soldiers are saving the world” narrative just feels trite by now.

        And in the game.

        • Richard Burton says:

          Thanks, well said. It’s a little bit disappointing though, isn’t it? I mean, I didn’t think I needed to actually *say* that originally and dumb it down; I assumed it’d be stating the blindingly obvious. Obviously not! It’s as if these ignoramuses have never heard of classic war films like Das Boot or games like Silent Hunter III, Red Orchestra, Combat Mission, Achtung Panzer, Men of War, Battle of Britain 2, Hearts of Iron, IL-2 Sturmovik, Cliffs of Dover, Stalingrad etc. etc. where yes, surprise surprise, you can indeed play a “Nazi” – in a GAME. But, wait.. when did I say “Nazi”?? Read it again carefully, morons. I said German. Not all German soldiers in WW2 were Nazi politicians believe it or not. Again, why do I need to state the obvious? The point I was making regarding Operation Valkyrie – where you would be assassinating top Nazi Adolf Hitler as a German (no, not Nazi) soldier also seems to have sailed over a few dullard heads here. I was merely pointing it out as the *Red Baron* game mentioned on this page reminded me of it. Everyone seems perfectly happy to play the German side in the mass slaughter of WW1, so why not WW2? Thanks again for not mistaking RPS for IGN or Gamespot like some on here, there’s hope for intelligence here yet!

      • Jalan says:

        One of these days a game developer will have to map a control for goosestepping and for that reason alone, I would gladly take on a role of a flunky in one of history’s most hated regimes.

      • LionsPhil says:

        One of the the most respected ‘serious’ films is about a Nazi munitions factory owner. I’m sure if good writers and designers put their minds to it, you could make an interesting gaming experience from being on the Nazi side, even if it had to be a shooter because everything does. I’m sure the reasons why a rational, ethical person will march out to kill another for an regime that’s one of the closest we’ve had to deserving to be simply called “evil” in recent memory would provide plenty of material to work with if they could avoid lazily just falling into something like “oh, uh, you have orders from this really evil guy look how evil he is look he’s kicking a Jewish puppy look and if you don’t follow them the Shoot Your Family bar goes up and if it reaches the top you lose the game to a horrible cutscene”.

        I guess Spec Ops: The Line is another possible touchstone.

        • Alphabet says:

          I completely agree that a good narrative could be told about playing a Nazi. I don’t think Sniper Elite is a good medium for that. I was just amazed that the OP wanted to play on that side. I can’t even play the Germans in a WW2 wargame or even in Company of Heroes. (I couldn’t play the Americans in a Vietnam game either). I completely get the point of moral shades of grey (as there would be in a good mafia game) and I get comic amorality (as there would be in a different sort of mafia game) but an Inglorious Basterds from the Nazi side would be repulsive. I don’t think it’s such a controversial point? Shades of grey, fine. Moral perfection, fine. Playing as a SIth, fine. Playing as a fictional crime boss, fine. Even: playing as a fictional school shooter, fine. But playing as someone fighting for a genocidal regime that actually existed seems to me as bad as playing a game version of an actual school shooter. There are living people who lost family members because of German aggression in WW2. Playing as them is not an impulse I understand.

          • Pliqu3011 says:

            Newsflash: More than 3 million German soldiers died in WW2 and they had families too. Not to forget the millions of civilian casualties. Should all those family members be repulsed by games like CoD2?
            There’s no denying that the Nazi _regime_ was well, pretty damn evil, but that doesn’t mean its soldiers were.
            Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that most of the “Very Evil, Like Really Really Bad Guys And Definitely Monsters” in history were on the losing side of conflict?
            Why would it be “morally wrong” to play as someone from the side of those losers? For a soldier it’s always exactly the same: you shoot the people opposite to you or be shot by them.
            Killing another human is always immoral and repulsive, no matter what side you’re on. That’s why I find it strange that you think Allies killing Nazis in horrible, horrible ways in Inglorious Bastards is pretty ok, but the opposite absolutely disgusting. All of these people were, well, people. Humans. Humans killing other humans because their leaders tell them to. Do the place you were born and the lessons you were taught determine whether your painful death is morally justifiable? Does the shape of your hat or the colour of your coat give you the right to kill?
            I’m not saying that your opinion is _wrong_, just that it’s a bit silly.

          • Alphabet says:

            Fantasies of revenge are problematic, I agree. Fantasies of fighting on the side of a regime of racial genocide are a step too far for me. I’m sorry you think that’s a silly opinion.

          • Leandro says:

            But you’d fight on the side of a regime that slaughtered over 100k civilians with an atom bomb? How do you decide where to draw the line?

            There’s no good side in a war, there’s only propaganda. The difference is the germans got a serious post-war reality check, so at least they got over that. They do say defeats teach you more than victories…

      • Richard Burton says:

        Wow… you think all Germans are Nazi’s? Seriously..?

  31. AngoraFish says:

    Okay, I’m clearly in the minority here, but I’m struggling to find much of interest in the above crop… maybe GalCiv, although even that will likely take a couple of expansions to get good… and with the involvement of Brad Wardell, well, meh to that too.

    edit: oh, The Witcher 3, gold. It must have been overwhelmed by the weight of the mediocrity in the rest of the list.

    • TheGameSquid says:

      I’m assuming you are excited about GalCiv III because you thought GalCiv II was great? You realize Wardell was a major contributor to that game? Any reason why you view the participation of a single person to a big project to be a reason not to be excited about the game? Or maybe you’re just cashing in on the pretty random hate Brad has been getting on the internet?

      • AngoraFish says:

        The hate is not random. And given the run of stinkers coming out of his studio, one can no longer assume that Brad’s involvement is associated with any kind of Midas touch.

  32. Zaxwerks says:

    Whilst my excitement cup runneth over, I think the nostalgia-induced over abundance of retro 8 bit graphics is getting a bit much now, with each “pixel” in the game actually being about 4×4 real pixels, it’s like reducing your 1080p monitor to 480×270 resolution, even a Sega Saturn had higher resolution graphics.

    Somewhere in my PC case there is an AMD 7970 sobbing to itself and shooting up Heroin in order to get it through the day.

    • jrodman says:

      Heroin isn’t such a bad thing.

      IMO, the low-res look is a legitimate alternate style, but perhaps there’s a bit too much of it being used in an uninspired way these days. But I prefer it to cell-shading circa 2000.

      • thegooseking says:

        I think the low-res look is something of gaming’s answer to music’s lo-fi sound, which was really just a way of making affordable recording artistically valid.

        And if gaming uses it that way, it’s cool. I can understand the frustration with developers who just see it as an easy nostalgia button, though.

  33. Lemming says:

    Lots to look forward to, but you probably should’ve mentioned the developer’s recent disaster for No Man’s Sky. Poor devils.

  34. Themadcow says:

    In a calendar filled with potentially great games I’m still looking forward to FTL’s free expansion more than any of them, apart from maybe Elite: Dangerous.

    Chaos: Reborn is another game that I’m looking forward too but I was suprised to see Gollop suggest ‘we should be done in 2014’ when there is already a playable build that some journo’s have playtested.

  35. drewski says:

    I’m mostly looking forward to games from 2013 and earlier in 2014, I think.

    One day I’ll get through the backlog. No…I won’t.

  36. Retne says:

    Lamb & Flag reference: so at least some of this was written by Adam.

    Also, does this mean Adam’s college was one near that area. Hmm (ponders for a sec. Mostly to avoid going doing more work)

  37. nojan says:

    lookin forward to most of them ,but STAR CITIZEN wont release on 2014 , it will be released in 2015 , they said that from the start, april will be the beta!!!

  38. SkittleDiddler says:

    Age of Wonders III for me, and maybe The Division, if my computer will be able to run it (which it won’t). The rest can go fall off a vaporware cliff.

  39. Jiskra says:

    Considering that Oculus Rift devs sayd their piece of hardware is going to be PC only, because nothing else can keep up with technological progress required, we can be pretty sure that EVE Valkyria is going to have PC release …

    • The Random One says:

      You should tell that to the Valkyrie devs, since they’re the ones walking on eggshells around their game’s PC confirmation…

  40. thedosbox says:

    Not exactly “looking forward” to the new Thief, but hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a turd.

    I did laugh at the descriptionf of Elite Dangerous as “Space Shopping”

  41. Werthead says:

    The chances of LEGACY OF THE VOID making it out in 2014 are pretty much zero, so I think we can scratch that. Blizzard did say they wanted to get it out more quickly than the wait for SWARM (which was three years), so 2015 I think is the earliest we can expect it.

    I’m hoping that ROME II will finally become stable and fully playable in 2014. Otherwise the games I’m looking forwards to are:

    THIEF (if they manage to not screw it up)
    DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION (if they’ve fixed the problems from the first two games; I am not hopeful)
    STAR CITIZEN: SQUADRON 42 (if it makes it out)
    The rest of THE WOLF AMONG US
    LEGEND OF GRIMROCK 2 (though I’m not sure if this is a lock for 2014).

    A shame THE ORDER: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive. My gf’s son got a PS4 for Christmas, but I don’t think I’ll be dropping £60+ on getting games for it for myself. I’m also hoping that we get to see QUANTUM BREAK on the PC, even if it takes a while.

  42. EOT says:

    No Wargame: Red Dragon RPS? Did Eugene piss in your cornflakes or something, because you’ve practically ignored everything they’ve done since R.U.S.E.

    • Moraven says:

      There is room in Part Two, or Three, or Four.

      • EOT says:

        Well that’s true. Perhaps I was a tad hasty. Though poor Eugene do seem to get somewhat of a raw deal around these parts.

  43. X_kot says:

    Props to whomever picked that image for Alien: Isolation – it set me on a minute-long jag of laughing and crying.

    • DigitalSignalX says:


      If they could actually license that image for box art, it would be the greatest selling art bait and switch since Evony Online.

  44. mwoody says:

    I have serious doubts that Carmageddon will make Q1 2014, or even 2014 at all. It’s become a running joke of sorts in their Kickstarters updates how they talk about everything under the sun, but have virtually zero gameplay footage to show.

    To see what I mean, check our their youtube page. The only thing approaching a gameplay video was from June, 2012. Since then we’ve had four videos of a single cow, then a “suspension test” pre-alpha video from 2 days ago.

    They’ve not gone radio-silent, so I’m not worried about them disappearing in to the night or anything, but it’s hard not to find it disconcerting when a game this long in development has so little to show for it.

    • Darth Grabass says:

      They’re claiming that they’re going to launch early access in Q1, but I’ll believe it when I see it. It probably doesn’t help that they’re developing it for PS4 and Xbox now too.

  45. Fry says:

    GalCiv III? How have I not heard of this until now?

    • teije says:

      Was announced pretty recently.- in October I think. Stardock has some info up on it, and is tracking it pretty closely.

  46. realitysconcierge says:

    2014 is going to be the most amazing year for gaming yet! Love the picture for space marines :D

  47. Noviere says:

    I’m really looking forward to Transistor.

    Broken Age, Dragon Age Inquisition, No Man’s Sky, and Wildstar are also on the list.

    Oh, and the dozen or so other games I Kickstarted :P

  48. dE says:

    Two games, basically.
    Enemy Starfighter and Dark Souls II. Those are the ones I’ll most likely buy at release, bar some really unforeseen consequences. All the other titles depend on reviews, circumstances and first impressions.

  49. Colonel J says:

    Thanks to my leaping onto the great Kickstarter goldrush bandwagon of 2012 (and early 2013. And then a few Steam Early Accessers for good measure), at the start of 2014 I find myself in a weird new situation of having already paid for more of the year’s upcoming releases than I’m probably going to have time to play.

    fuck’s sake, since when did I need so much beta access in my life I’ve had to create a new category in my Steam library just so I can properly admire my folly.

    Wasteland 2, I love you long time, but you have a lot to answer for.

    • Lemming says:

      I’m in the same boat, and my solution is to (once Steam keys are obtained), completely ignore all future updates about the game – including the game itself, until it goes ‘gold’. I can’t ignore KS email updates until I’ve got the Steam keys unfortunately, in case I miss the opportunity to claim my copy. However, I have no intention of playing a half-made version of a game.

      • khomotso says:

        I’ll play the first couple chapters and provide some bug reports and feedback, partly because I’m impatient and partly because I want to hold their feet to the fire about new models of publishing that bring more fan accountability.

        I mean, Wasteland 2 might easily have been rushed out in its current state (or near to it) by a hasty publisher. And I want to stomp my foot and prod inXile to live up to their promises about a different way of doing business. They’ve enjoyed the creative freedom side of the kickstarter model so far, now the other shoe needs to drop: we’re not going to put up with excuses this time around. That also means I feel some sense of duty to participate constructively in the process. It seems to deserve some shift in both process and attitude on both sides, and I’ll try to meet them halfway. This time.

        The attitude about refusing to play half-finished games seems to belong to another publishing model. Also, I end up replaying these kinds of games many times anyway, so I won’t consider anything spoiled.

  50. seraphsword says:

    I believe Galak-Z is going to be Playstation exclusive. At least according to 17 Bit’s twitter feed.

    • seraphsword says:

      I’m an idiot, it’s console exclusive to Playstation, PC is just being released later.