Infinite Crisis Introduces Poison Ivy, Fades From Memory

It’s happened again. The gaming world’s equivalent of those Men In Black neuralyzers, DC Comics’ MOBA Infinite Crisis, left our memories again. The phenomenon was last recorded in October last year, then before that in June, and April. I can feel myself already forgetting, so quickly, watch the new trailer below.

If you assumed that the DC aspect of this would lead to a simplified, more immediately accessible DOTA-like, you’d be really rather wrong. Just this description of Poison Ivy’s skills is daunting enough to have me assume the game could never be for me. But then I’m a bleary-eyed old man who wants to be told stories – you, you’re young, beautiful, and so much more talented. So maybe this is for you?

The game’s been in closed beta since last May, but there’s still no word on when Turbine’s first non-MMO effort will go public. It already appears to be involved in the eSports scene, but the site’s suggestion that you can “download and play 4 free” isn’t the case. It was pencilled in for last Autumn, and a quick dig around can’t find anything updating that since.

A quick dig around for…

What was…

No, sorry, it’s gone.


  1. Horg says:

    A city based DotA derivative map puts a new spin on the phrase urban jungle. Other than that it looks like a fairly pretty game, if their business model isn’t horrible I might just try it out.

    This comment applies toxic growth.

    • RedViv says:

      It’s pretty much the same as in League, just as the game is closer to it than DotA, though having a different feel to League as well. Might be because the focus lies not on the classic backslash map.

      Wait what oh ffff~

  2. Fattsanta says:

    I actually really enjoyed this while I was going through a MOBA phase a month or two ago, felt a littttle more fast paced in comparison to the other popular MOBA titles.

  3. Zyrxil says:

    I’ve done the round of “beta” testing the competing MOBAs out there now, and I gotta say Infinite Crisis is just another in the long line of DC non-comic/non-animated losers. The graphics, animations, and art are all surprisingly rough- think League of Legends 2 years ago. The gameplay is 80% identical to LoL’s least popular Dominion map. Heroes have the same Passive + 4 abilities as LoL (though you can level the passive). It’s competent, but bland. The biggest problem is readability- by making alternate versions of heroes not skins but completely different characters, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between many of them. Eventually this game will have 5+ Batmans (already up to 3) and they will all be running around the same match. That’s not good for playing, or spectating.

    • NyuBomber says:

      I think I said this before in relation to IC (that damn neuralizer), but my biggest issue with their concept of “alternate dimension versions of characters = brand new gameplay” is that this was the perfect chance to give some lesser known characters some spotlight with the same ability kits that alternate versions of the big names get.

      For example, ranged attack-focused Gotham by Gaslight-Batman could’ve been Deadshot. Then GbG-Batman can be, oh, I don’t know, an alternate skin for standard Batman? Sounds like a crazy idea.

      Aside from that, the game just doesn’t grab me.

  4. CutieKnucklePie says:

    I wish Turbine would go back to doing what they do best, which is MMOs with deep licenses. Out of that style of MMO, LOTRO is still one of the best there is.
    Sadly, the silence from them lately and this botched MOBA cash grab reek of implosion or directives from the parent company.

    • says:

      I’m amazed that Asheron’s Call is 1) Still running nearly 15 years later; and 2) Not free-to-play.

      • xaphoo says:

        That was really an excellent game that doesn’t get talked about enough. Of the second generation of MMOs, it beats Everquest in most respects. It represents the “path not taken” of MMOs, which, as a whole, followed the steely, grindy, non-insteractive, level-based imperatives of Everquest, rather than the leisurely, skill-based fiddliness of UO and AC.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Turbine were bought out by Warner Brothers. That explains everything.

  5. Kitsunin says:

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  7. coppernaut says:

    I feel like only the hardest of hardcore DC fans actually play this.