I’m As Rad As Hell: Double Dragon – Neon

But please do not high five me with a baseball bat.

Double Dragon: Neon appeared on consoles in 2012, riding a skateboard and juggling nunchakus while spraypainting ‘cowabunga’ onto an abandoned subway train. Now, a trailer plucked from a less bleak version of 1984 brings news that the co-op side-scrolling brawler will be arriving on Steam ‘soon’. The Blood Dragon of the Double Dragon franchise, Neon recognises the silliness of Billy and Jimmy’s adventures, takes a look in the mirror, and laughs long and hard at its own reflection.

I like two player fighting games of this type and they’re few and far between on PC, and indeed everywhere else these days. There are several important things to note about Double Dragon: Neon.

1) The lead villain is a super-luck called Skullmageddon.

2) During a scrap in the vacuum of space, one of the Lee brothers comments that his martial arts training allows him to hold his breath for long periods of time.

3) There is a high five ability and extra skills are discovered when the brothers equip mixtapes.


  1. bit_crusherrr says:


  2. wilynumber13 says:

    You can’t write about DDN without mentioning the soundtrack courtesy of Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman!

    I would pay money for an entire album of songs by some of the fictional bands he performs as in this game.

    • neodany says:

      The soundtrack is free to download at Big Lion Music.

      • wilynumber13 says:

        I’m well aware of that, I was in there on day one! I meant that if he wrote entire albums for each of those bands, I would buy them all.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Awesome. Virt is good people.

    • daf says:

      Listened to the sound track over and over again when the game got released on consoles, an undeniable master piece imo.

      It can be fully listened on band camp [ link to virt.bandcamp.com ] be aware later music may contain “spoilers”.

    • draven says:

      Wow, the OST is Amazing… I mean Ridiculous… I mean… Amaz√≠ngculous… I mean Ridiculazing!
      I still prefer the Bloodrayne Betrayal one, though, best downloadable game ever.

  3. hypercrisis says:

    Surely I’m not the only one tired of this ‘ironic’ stupidity thing?

    • Thirith says:

      Definitely this sort of thing. It’s such a one-note joke, which I get a giggle out of if the joke’s funny, but it it’s a bit lame to begin with and is repeated until it’s dead? Not my thing.

    • Turkey says:

      Can’t we just enter the ironic PS1 era already.

    • Morangie says:

      You’re just too cool for this terrible world.

    • Kitsunin says:

      It’s like anything else…when it’s done well, it works well, when it’s done poorly, it works poorly, any good idea built from an ironic basis isn’t going to be a one trick pony with nothing but irony to show for itself. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing, but for the same reason as you might dislike horror, not because it’s a dumb thing in the first place.

      Just…lighten up, and remember that saying “Am I the only one…” is really stupid.

  4. The Random One says:

    A super-luck?

  5. siegarettes says:

    Psyching out your Bro (as all of your co-op partners must henceforce be referred to as during the duration of the game) during a high five is one of my favorite in-game actions of the last decade.

  6. Suopis says:

    Loved it on XBLA. All that beat ’em up nostalgia…

  7. Skeletor68 says:

    I watched Jesse Cox and Crendor play through this. The final clip/song is magnificent…

    I’ll probably pick this one up at some stage.

  8. Swanny says:

    If this game does well, will there be a Battletoads DLC? One can only hope.

    • iniudan says:

      Sadly Battletoads is in the hand of Rare, which is in the hand of Microsoft, so that DLC would likely be an Xbox exclusive.

  9. ceriphim says:

    Where’s my remake of that old side-scroller NARC???

  10. Milky1985 says:

    Ah this game, soo much fun and that ending is only up there with Wonderful 101 in terms of awesomeness. this one was rather well done, not very well explained with how things worked (like the mixtape level ups) and a bit of grinding needed at times, but still fun!

  11. Wauffles says:

    Oh my god that is the worst trailer I have ever seen

    and I liked Tim and Eric even

  12. Piecewise says:

    I honestly kinda surprised to see this here, considering it was one of those games Anita railed against and generally RPS is more then happy to toe the party line when it comes to that sort of thing. Perhaps this marks an end to that whole rather sensationalist era and everything surrounding it? One can only hope.

    • SomeDuder says:

      That’s mostly John “Whitest of Knights” Walker’s schtick, isn’t it? Being politically correct all the time must have been a 2013 thing then…

  13. Jupiah says:

    Wow I’ve been looking forward to a PC port of this for a while but that painfully stupid trailer just about killed all my enthusiasm for the game. Please tell me the game itself isn’t nearly that dumb.

  14. yesterdayisawadeer says:

    Don’t let Alec Meer write a WIT about this game, please. That person wouldn’t recognise fun if it slapped it’s dick across his face.