Lovecats: Mew-Genics First Footage Shows Rutting Moggies

Mew-Genics, the cat-breeding-based follow-up to Super Meat Boy, has been in development for almost a year and half – that’s almost a decade in cat years. Too long, too long! We’ll all be crawling under the nearest chest-of-drawers to die soon. At least we finally have some in-game footage to look at, even if it does take the form of an animated GIF. But given cats and GIFs are the bedrock of the internet, it is only appropriate.

Warning: cartoon cats shagging below. No feline winkies on show, though.

That may seem like nothing more than a saucy animation, but in fact it’s demonstrating quite a few of the game’s mechanics. The behaviour and appearance of the parents, the sexual potency of the father, the resulting kittens and whether their attributes denote ‘beauty’ or not…

All this, and what is says about this burgeoning feline family unit, is explained by Edmund McMillen over on the Team Meat blog. How those kittens behave and change over time is a big part of the game. It sounds a little like a twisted take on Creatures.

Really looking forward to this one, though I’m faintly worried that it’s going to be so perverse as to make me uncomfortable around my own pet cat.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    …that white cat appears to be “rutting” thin air, whereas the other one has been giving birth since before it even began.

    I am not sure that this process is biologically accurate!

    • The Random One says:

      The white cat was obviously impregnating the other one in the past, which is why the birth was concurrent with the impregnation from our perspective.

      It’s a well known fact that cats exist outside of time. That’s why sometimes they’ll stare at a spot where there’s nothing; they’re looking at something that isn’t there any more, or isn’t there yet.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I’m glad there was a rational explanation.

      • quietone says:

        I would have sworn that the cats are at the same time err…*rutting* and *not rutting* as well as giving birth and not giving birth. Nature will only *decide* which one once we open the box.

      • Richeh says:

        …So basically they’re TimeFcuking?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    There’s no sex going on here Alec! Just birth and a cat excited about sex, at the same time.


  3. The Random One says:

    I hope the game will include the jazz stylings if Cats Shagging and his Feline Winkies.

    Nah, what I really hope is that I get a free slugcat to start with if I also own Rain World.

  4. CookPassBabtridge says:


  5. Scumbag says:

    This article is so exciting the cat of the house lept from under my table onto the keyboard and farted.

    I hope you guys are happy.

  6. Turkey says:

    I don’t even really know what this game is. I’m just trusting Team Meat blindly at this point.

    • welverin says:

      It’s a cat lady simulator, what more do you need to know?

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        But is it a cat simulating a lady or a lady simulating a cat?

        • dethtoll says:

          I just read that as “stimulating” and I’m going to bed.

  7. MrWolf says:

    Since we’re talking about cat-games, there’s also this gem:

    link to

  8. Sardonic says:

    I’m not too sure about this game, I have a real bad feline about it.

  9. Revolving Ocelot says:


  10. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Porn + Cats = end of the internet.

    • SillyWizard says:

      One day in the distant future, while theorizing as to the origins of the Internet, one scientist will review all available evidence and determine that a Big CatPorn Bang was the start of it all….

  11. Tei says:

    If you think about it, Matryoshka Dolls are the most accurate representation of sex of all toys.