A Game Sandwich: Concursion

“Imagine a piñata filled with all your favorite games”, Concursion’s website suggests. Eager to comply, I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. A vision intruded like a mote into my mind’s eye – I saw Garrett hanging upside down from a tree as a masked figure beat him with a blackjack. Having disastrously misunderstood the concept of ‘piñata’, I turned my attention to a different image – a sandwich with my favourite games as the filling, the garnish and the bread. Great. Now I’m eating Garrett pastrami. Concursion aims to be just such a treat, combining genres into a single flowing experience. The video below shows top-down mazes, platforming, JRPG combat and side-scrolling shooting. That doesn’t cover any of my favourite games!

Did you see any of your favourite games? Although it will certainly be far more accomplished, the video makes Concursion look a bit like the sort of thing I tried to make in Klik N Play many years ago.

“Imagine if Turrican turned into Xenon half-way through a level!” I’d squeal to myself. And then I’d make Pong with a severed cartoon head instead of a (square) ball. Again.


  1. Sunjumper says:

    But Turrican 2 turned into Katakis half way through the game!

    While I am not a fan of the art style they use for Concursion, the idea looks interesting. If well executed it could be a very cool game. Fingers crossed,

  2. Frank says:

    “The video below shows top-down mazes, platforming, JRPG combat and side-scrolling shooting. That doesn’t cover any of my favourite games!”

    Yup, ditto. I guess they’d better make it available on consoles, eh.

  3. Flank Sinatra says:

    All my favorite Nintendo games from the early 90’s, maybe.

  4. Bugamn says:

    There was a flash game with similar idea that I can’t find now. The backstory was that when playing some cartridge game it got corrupted and started mixing different games.

      • Baf says:

        Wait, no, THIS is the game I was thinking of.

        ROM CHECK FAIL and Mega Mash, although both based on the premise of malfunctioning cartridges that mix games together, use that idea differently. ROM CHECK FAIL mixes together games in the same environment, so that you might for example have Pac-Man dodging the bullets of Space Invaders or whatever. Mega Mash stitches together games as regions of a continuous space, with any objects transforming when they pass through the boundaries. So you never get things from different games interacting directly, but you can, for example, shoot bullets from a shmup region into a platformer region where they turn into something else that you need to advance.

        Concursion looks very much like an imitation of Mega Mash.

        • The Random One says:

          I had the exact same thought you had, down to forgetting Mega Mash’es name. The concept is identical.

          But I’d never forget ROM CHECK FAIL, which is brilliant. I did remember it being by a now-famous indie dev, Derek Yu I think, but that site mentions nothing… have I finally gone insane?

          • mukuste says:

            Nah, it’s by Farbs, who you’d probably only know if you’re deep into the indie community. It was made for a TIGSource competition though, and TIGSource is run (partly?) by Derek Yu, so that might be your connection.

  5. Eclipse says:

    exactly the very same concept of Mega Mash from Nitrome, but that one looked way better: link to nitrome.com

  6. rustybroomhandle says:

    Is Lazy Jones in there somewhere?