Father (Dis)Figure: Octodad – Dadliest Catch Out Jan 30th

It’s been a long weight but the the besuited cephalopod is finally ready to raise a ruckus. And his family. The day that I take the brilliance of Octodad’s premise for granted is the day that the new chief around these parts will demand that I hand in my RPS badge and gun. Sure, the gun only fires silly string but I’m fond of it, and I’ll be damned before the authority sticks me behind a desk with a clipboard and a stress ball. Thankfully, it’s impossible to take Octodad for granted and I my tentacles are all aquiver as I await the release of Dadliest Catch on Jan 30th. New trailer below.

Some of the earlier videos worried me a little – the focus on the aquarium and the minigames within it looked to take the focus away from Octodad’s family situation. But here we see him trying to make coffee. We see him casually spending time in the garden. We see him riding a Segway as he attempts to buy some groceries.

Also of note is the theme tune, which is the best music ever written for a game.


  1. darkChozo says:

    Octodad going down a waterslide is the best thing. THE BEST THING.

  2. RobF says:

    Yes! The early stages of the game I’ve played through are tremendously excellent and actually-really-funny. Attempting to get a pizza from the grocery store counts as one of my best game experiences in ages, I was in tears laughing.

  3. EddieNoPants says:

    I cannot wait to play this game. If it is half as funny and entertaining as the videos make it seem then I’d be beyond happy.

  4. Viceroy Choy says:


  5. LionsPhil says:

    This is the best game trailer I have ever seen. It has everything. Humour. Pathos. A theme song about being a secret octopus.

    Also: Plentiful gameplay footage. And some peril, I guess. Gotta have peril.

  6. DrollRemark says:


  7. kwyjibo says:

    Octodad got Kickstarter funding in August 2011, they’ve been waiting a long time.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, was the first game I Kickstarted. I think one of the first game projects to use it?

  8. Rivensteel says:

    I am appalled, that is *clearly* not a three-piece suit.

    • Gallimaufry says:

      Yes, this is what I noticed as well. I’m no expert, but a three-piece suit is when there’s a a jacket, trousers and vest, right?

  9. Kinch says:

    Whee, a birthday present for me! Thanks, Octodad!

  10. Scumbag says:

    The original was one of the most fun free games I played. This is GOTY already and that is fact. Anyone who argues is wrong, they are wrong for disagreeing with my excitement. I am excited. I am going to play Octodad and be the happiest person alive. YOU CANT STOP ME! YOU CANT STOP ME FROM THE FUN!

    I am excited.

  11. nimzy says:

    Half-Life 3 delayed another year. Thanks RPS!

  12. Scandalon says:

    That trailer did not look fun, or funny, it looked sad. I am incredibly stoic except for when I’m not. This is one of those times.

  13. sinister agent says:

    Honestly? I thought the theme tune was less enjoyable than the one for the original, which was supremely catchy.

    Then it got to “octodaaaaaad! Nobody suspects A THING” and I died. I am dead.

  14. Wedge says:

    If ever there was a game in need of Rift support…

    Also the game looks remarkably sharp in it’s narrative presentation now, the time they put in seems well worth it.

  15. Phasma Felis says:

    Theme song can be downloaded from Bandcamp. No, no, no need to thank me.