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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Sierra Adventures


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Sierra Adventures? Serious adventures? Get it? Get — I’m tired and need more coffee.  With the year beginning to  boil towards the inevitable frenzy of conventions and hyped-up announcements, it’s nice to be able to simply drink in the quiet for a little while and reminisce over the years gone by.  I’m genuinely amazed at how many memories ‘s Winter Quest Fest is evoking.  For good or for bad, these games shaped my childhood. I wonder what kids will be saying in another twenty years? Will it be Minecraft? Bioshock Infinite? Gone Home? Will Twine games be that thing that people wax nostalgic over? Who knows. I’m interested in finding out. On an unrelated note, this week’s Bargain Bucket plushie photo was actually submitted by a community member! A point of interest: MadKatrina’s tentacular friend wasn’t bought from a store, it was brought to life by her own hands. Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s awesome.

King’s Quest 4-5-6
$3.99 /£2.95/€2.43 
Samus Aran was probably a lot of people’s first female protagonist but Princess Rosella was mine. I found King’s Quest IV uncomfortable for a lot of reasons, the most basic of which being a sense of terrified empathy — which little girl could stand the idea of letting a father die? Anyway, King’s Quest V was tonally similar, with King Graham racing to save his family. And King’s Quest VI? A traditional tale of boy-meets-girl-boy-sails-off-to-save girl set in a world inspired by the Arabian Nights and other such settings. Lovely games, all of which will set your teeth on edge with their puzzles. Enjoy.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
$2.39 /£1.46/€1.77 

Ah, the glory days of the adventure games. When bouffants were common and long coats were stylish. Do you remember those? (If mullets ever make a come back, I’m going to set things on fire.) Moving on, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father was a moody, mysterious tale filled with voodoo, pretty women, excellent writing and paying the devil his due. (So to speak.) Have I mentioned the excellent writing? Because even if kids these days might not have a clue as to who Jane Jensen is, it’s impossible to ignore the fact she did excellent work in the last hours of the 1900’s. I remember losing hours to simple conversation, stuff that did nothing to advance the plot but did everything to enhance my affection for the game.

.. I promise no one’s going to judge if you decide to break out the Anne Rice books after this.

Quest for Glory 1-5
$3.99 /£2.95/€2.43 

I loved the Quest for Glory series. Sierra-style humour and comedic wit? RPG elements? Epic quests? A sense of personal freedom even while the developers were gently driving up towards the adventurer’s climax. There’s a reason as to why I look back onto the 90’s with such fondness. The Quest for Glory franchise, in spite of sometimes seeming like a footnote in pop-culture’s collective memories, was amazing. The best part about the current offer, asides from the reasonable price tag, is probably the fact you can immediate migrate your character from one game to another without waiting for Sierra to, you know, release the next iteration in the series.

Still, if it seems too pricey for you, there’s always Heroine’s Quest which is, as far as I can tell, completely honkin’ free and allows you to be a free-wheeling blonde terror instead.

Tower Wars
$1.24 /£0.76/€0.92 

In stark contrast to the other games we’ve been talking about, Tower Wars is, to put it nicely, bereft of any plot outside of the one you instil in it. I have a soft spot for tower defense games which require you to build your own amazes and an even bigger weakness for anything utilizing a steampunk aesthetic. Tower Wars has both. What makes the game really grand is the fact it allows you for full-scale assaults against (and with) your friends. A 3vs3 conflict built of mangled robot bodies and smoking artillery is a surprisingly good way of spending an afternoon.

Indie Gala January bundle
At least $5.19 /£3.16/€3.84 to catch ’em all.

Deadly Premonition was, and always has been, a bit of a hot mess. People both loved and hated it. (Any game that requires you to remember to shave is, I think, guaranteed to be unique.) If you’ve been curious about sampling this cult classic but have found yourself unable to actually go ahead with the purchase, this might be your excuse right now. If you pay more than $5.19, you’ll be able to acquire not only this polarizing psychological-horror games but also a whole string of other delights. Pamper your eyes with the not-quite-fun-but-giddily-beautiful Ballpoint Universe. Help the residents of Two Brothers on their quest to find colour in their monochromatic world.  Test your competence at roguelikes with Tales of Maj’Eyal. And tell me if the rest of the games are equally as darling.

Also of note 

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – $2.49 /£1.99/€2.49
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is, unless I’m mistaken, the first co-op experience in the franchise. I’m not Ms. Croft’s largest fan but those who are keep telling me this is excellent

Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days – $1.99 /£1.21/€2.49
Tis the little brother to the game that set a hundred tongues a-wagging, it is. If being a bastard floats your boat, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is going for a silly 80% right now.

The Humble Weekly Sale: Bohemia InteractivePay as you will, champ!
This week’s Humble Weekly Sale may be of interest to those looking to fill out their stable of Bohemia Interactive games.

 As always, send me tips, leads and plushie photos. Similarly, I’m always happy to make corrections as and where needed so don’t hesitate to (gently) bludgeon me in the comments. 

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