Adapt Or Die (And Reload): Arma 3’s 2nd Campaign Out Now

Hey bro, can I touch your tattoos?

Arma 3‘s campaign singleplayer is being released in three chunks. The first, released late last year, was called Survive. The second is out today and is called “Adapt”. There’s a trailer below, which shows a player adapt from a lying-down to a standing-up position, and then there’s an explosion and lots of little parachuting men.


Here’s some details, but not many:

“In the new episode, titled ‘Adapt’, players take on the role of Ben Kerry, a soldier trapped on the island of Altis following a Mediterranean flashpoint.

It’s funny because, as I explained last time, “Mediterranean flashpoint” is also a name for Rich McCormick’s bumhole. That’s a reference to Rich Stanton’s Arma 3 Wot I Think, and by bringing it up again it let’s me use my favourite RPS tag.

“While the first part of the campaign introduced players to Arma 3’s basic infantry combat and story, episode two opens up the military sandbox further, challenging players to adopt guerrilla tactics in the face of against a stronger, better-equipped enemy.”

It’s funny because “a strong, better-equipped enemy” is also a name for Rich McCormick’s bumhole.

The campaign episodes are included in the price of the game, so should be downloading already if you’ve got the game installed on Steam. The third part, called “Win” (spoilers), is out in March. It’s funny because “Win” is (We get the idea –Ed).


  1. Scumbag says:

    Staring eyes
    “Damn! I need some Tattoos!”

  2. DarkFenix says:

    “Rich McCormick’s bumhole, this isn’t the one with zombies in.”

    I’m a terrible person for laughing at this as much as I am.

  3. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Is the AI better this time round? I would love to play Arma essentially as an RTS that you can jump into first person with, but the AI tended to be a bit wank.

    Or as tactical shooter? Half the time when I played the Arma II campaign, my soldiers never wanted to stand where I put them. I wanted to play it like a bigger R6 Ravenshield, but my soldiers were too dumb and always stood in the place most likely to get them shot in the face.

    • james___uk says:

      Well you need some insane beast of a computer to run it, I got 8gb of 9-9-9-9 latency 1600mhz ram, an amd a10-7700k and a GTX 770 and I only get 30fps at low settings

      • razgon says:

        Well, since NO-ONE can see more FPS than 30, you should be good ;-)

        • FuriKuri says:

          Well, since NO-ONE can see more FPS than 30, you should be good ;-)

          This myth needs to die in a fucking fire.

          You absolutely can see ‘more’ than 30FPS. And here’s some see-for-yourself proof:

          link to

          Play around with the settings. Disable the motion blur that everything uses to disguise the eye-tearing jumpiness that otherwise ensues. 60fps is a million times smoother than 30fps. If you have a 120hz monitor (like I do) you can also see that, yes, 120fps is also a bit smoother than 60 – but by no means as much as the difference between 30 and 60fps.

          • Ich Will says:

            The cones in your eye cannot see more than 30 fps ish depending on genes and age but the eye has many and they are intelligently placed of sync so you can see, if you limited your vision to one pixel using some fancy lenses almost 6-7 million fps. In practical terms, we should be able to tell the difference between 240 and 300 fps pretty easily using a decent 27″ monitor 50cm away from our face.

        • Mctittles says:

          This myth is as bad as that “we only use 10% of our brain” myth.

          Of course I think the fps myth was born of marketing. Similar to how monitors would say we couldn’t see more colors than their color depth so we would buy their stuff. Put a grayscale blend stretched across my screen using the maximum 255 gray colors available in 24 bit monitors and you can see the banding plain as day.

      • Gunrun says:

        Let’s just translate that to normal shall we –
        “I have an average amount stupidly expensive for pointless reasons ram, a rubbish for the money processor, and a midrange of its series graphics card”

      • Probability says:

        What…I get 60fps+ high settings easily with a 770 and 4770k.

        Memory speed has very little impact on gaming in general; lower timings are more important too.

        Not only that, why the hell are you using an APU in a system for gaming when you have a 770.

        What moron built your system, they did a terrible job.

        • Gunrun says:

          Dude didn’t you see his ram latency? It’s 1997 and that totally matters a tiny bit.

      • Joshua says:

        I think your processor is partly at fault here, as it’s simply not very good. That being said, *I* get 30 fps with an Athlon X2 and an AMD HD5670.

        I suggest you find an Arma 3 optimization guide, they can go a long way in helping you out. Also, for the love of god, set “rendering resolution” to 100%.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Yeah but ….

      Is the AI better this time round?

      • Turin Turambar says:

        It’s… slightly better.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          7.5 AI’s out of 10, or closer to 7.6?
          I think I just want another Raven Shield tbh. With tanks.

      • P.Funk says:

        This is Arma. There will be mods upon mods of mods.

        AI is always getting modded in Arma.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          Yeah but … is the AI better this time around?

          As in, “Is Arma 3’s AI actually better than in Arma 2”? So far I am getting “slightly better” … anyone have any experiences to relay? Can the AI make coffee? Does it open doors better than in Call of Duty? Does it get itself shot in the face reeeeeally easily?

          Actually just the last question will be fine. The face-shooting one.

          • DanMan says:

            The persistence is strong in this one.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Oh thank god. For a second I thought I had suffered a stroke and was typing in Flemish.

          • P.Funk says:

            I’m sorry, but you must be new around here.

            Most experienced Arma players kind of blink when someone asks them about unmodded stuff.


            If the AI is already better than before, its probably still shit because I can’t remember playing a COOP arma match with vanilla AI. Its been so long.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Tak. Jeg har kommer til denne hjemmeside siden 2010. Også hvorfor er der blod, der kommer ud af mit øre?

          • Lusketrollet says:

            Yes, the AI has been improved, but it’s mostly things like maneuvering under fire. They still do dumb shit, from time to time.

            Still; I’d say about 8- out of 10 for vanilla AI.

      • Smurf says:

        Best AI mod so far: bCombat! You gonna have a tuff time with them, guarantee.

        Get it on PlayWithSix (which also got a revamped interface, much much better) but it may break the campaign.

        On a side note, AI changes are on their aim for the next fixes: link to

    • Talksintext says:

      The AI is better than A2:OA, yes, particularly the urban AI has seen some significant improvements. But, the AI is still full of stupid in many respects. Given that the CPU is typically the bottleneck for players, they can’t really make a quantum leap of quality since FPS is already such an issue.

      The AI is almost unchanged from the first campaign episode, though.

      Also, they’re in the middle of testing out some new armor system, which sort of screwed the game’s balance.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Thanks lusketrollet and talksintext :) So its maybe still not quite the perfect offline tactical shooter experience, but getting better. Will also check out the mods mentioned by P Funk

    • Peter says:

      The AI is actually pretty smart but for some silly reasons that have been around since Arma 2 and never really fixed there are large retarded delays in their actions.

      Try getting yourself set up with some software called “Play with Six” which is a community made (albeit very professional) Arma game and mod manager. Once that is done install the following mods: Blood mist, Firefight improvement, JSRS, weapon resting and finally the ST hud.

      Those mods (in order) add the following to the game which just makes it breathtaking:
      1. Small blood particle effects on bullet impacts (realistic, helps to identify a hit).
      2. Smartens the AI up a hell of a lot, they will actively seek cover when being shot at, their aim gets all retarded because funnily enough they get scared whilst under fire, they will actively attempt to flank and murder you. This basically makes the AI more difficult but in a realistic way that can be beaten, rather than just making them incredible marksmen. This mod is the main one for you and the AI.
      3. JSRS is an incredible sound mod, combined with the suppression effects of the firefight mod it turns the game into something of a work of art. Really, try this gem out.
      4. Weapon resting basically allows for steady aim on walls and other surfaces while in any stance other than prone. Please note that there is no animation for this yet, and it can be difficult to tell when it is happening.
      5. The ST hud basically gives you a little indicator in the middle bottom of your screen which lists your current squad members and their location relative to you.

      Please note that on the release of Ace 3 I would switch to using that for an all-round better realism experience.

      • MrUnimport says:

        ” they will actively seek cover when being shot at, their aim gets all retarded because funnily enough they get scared whilst under fire, they will actively attempt to flank and murder you. This basically makes the AI more difficult but in a realistic way that can be beaten, rather than just making them incredible marksmen.”

        Eagerly awaiting ARMA III: Blood Dragon in which the AAF are reskinned as cyborgs with no sense of self-preservation but computer-aided accuracy, instead of actually fixing the AI.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Thanks Peter. Will those mods actively affect the single player campaigns? I know people don’t really play Arma for that but .. well lets just say I like the more lonely experience.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    Well, that’s enough being chewed up by a convoy I was supposed to ambush for one night.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Indeed. Why give the RPG to the dumbest guy in the squad? Eventually I just killed my own guy to get the RPG off him so that I could kill the 2nd armored car.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Protip: you can (I believe) pick up an RPG launcher from the crates before the mission in the store room (the one that I fragged when I forgot that G is no longer the key for the gear window). My main issue was the truck trying to run off and then reinforcements arriving and hosing me down when I did manage to stop the truck.

        PART 1 SPOILERS:
        Also I imagine at some point Miller lets on how in hell they survived the end of Part 1, unless my memory is fuzzy and they never actually left the island.

  5. SuicideKing says:

    Well, still no female characters in the sandbox. And it still runs like crap on a Core 2 Quad. :(

  6. Bullitt says:

    I am a big Flashpoint fan (before it got changed to ArmA) and with every new Arma release I am dissapointed. I could put up with the AI headshotting you 3 miles away over a hill, but now you have to shoot them 5 times in the chest before they drop. This is supposed to be a sim?!