C&C Renegade X Is Still Being Released On Its Release Date

With official C&C games staggering dazedly around development limbo at the moment, our need for a tasty bit of NOD must instead be sated by the fan community. Renegade-X is a modders’ ambitious and apparently impressive attempt to redo EA’s ill-fated FPS-RTS spin-off Renegade, and it’s been in the works for quite a while now. Last November brought news that a version 1 release would arrive on February 26th; today brings news that a version 1 release will arrive on February 26th. Er. Well, I suppose someone meeting a projected release date, especially in oft-unpredictable modland, is news of a sort. Anyway, it’s a handy reminder for your diaries, plus there’s an extensive new trailer to look at, showing plenty of in-game shootybangery.

Did you see the shooting? And the bangs? It’s easy to miss. Try freeze-framing at 51 seconds in then enlarging the image by 216% and you might be able to see it.

Anyway, this looks pretty impressive. I’m probably too old and tired for it, but I might be tempted – a decade and a half ago, a first-person C&C was basically the most exciting idea I’d ever heard, and perhaps something of that easily-impressed, populist sci-fi-obsessed teenager still hides within me. (Though I’m pretty sure the release of The Phantom Menace delivered a fatal blow long ago).

Back in December, there was also this video demonstrating X’s remaking of Renegade’s Mesa map:

February 26th for this, which is also my birthday. What are you going to get me?


  1. Shieldmaiden says:

    Mine’s on the 6th, what are you going to get me?

  2. Llewyn says:

    … a decade and a half ago, a first-person C&C was basically the most exciting idea I’d ever heard, and perhaps something of that easily-impressed, populist sci-fi-obsessed teenager…

    Have you started selectively skipping years?

    • RedViv says:

      I don’t think Alec made Renegade. The mass hallucination of “Phantom Menace” was before that game’s release as well.

  3. SRTie4k says:

    Am I the only person in the world that actually loved Renegade’s multiplayer? I thought it was absolutely fantastic…when I could find people to play with of course.

    • FuriKuri says:

      I would have to place it very high in my ‘best multiplayer games ever’ list. About the only multiplayer FPS I spent more time with was Team Fortress Classic, with Battlefield 2 being about tied. At the time I think a lot of people were put off by the admittedly shonky singleplayer – it didn’t help that the demo focused solely on that aspect.

      Very much looking forward to this.

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      If you would be, this mod wouldn’t have happened ;)

      • SRTie4k says:

        Good point.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Or A Path Beyond, the oddly-standalone Red Alert 1 total conversion of Renegade that reminded me just how good this game mode was a couple years back or so.

        Really hoping RX has got it right.

    • secuda says:

      Yes but fans of C&C serie seems to have amnesia whenever a X game in C&C game is brought upp (such as C&C3 and Renegade) because i though people hated it with a pasion (or atleast laugh at its attemt) back then as much as C&C4 now.

    • HumpX says:

      were you the only one? HELL NO!

      RenMP had a HUGE player base for several years. No one was more angry than me when EA canned the sequel. Anyone who claims RenMP “sucked” had/has mental issues.

      Further, Ren was based off the original C&C. I really wish this update had gone for later C&C titles like a C&C Generals version.

  4. Tei says:

    I like the lore and the possible uses for it, but I don’t like the maps. I want more verticallity… something that maybe this type of engines don’t support well. Will you be part of a tank battle in the wastelands of Kansas?

    Anyway I am going to download this. I am getting a bit tired of my usual FPS’s, and need a new thing.

  5. HaVoK308 says:

    I absolutely loved Renegade. My wife and I both played it for hundreds of hours. I championed it any chance I had, and still remember it fondly. This release is extremely interesting, and I’ll will certainly check it out when it releases.

  6. AndrewC says:

    I’m going to get you Renegade X, Alec.


  7. shaydeeadi says:

    Does it require Unreal3 or is it standalone now?

  8. boundless08 says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this one. I’m a massive fan of the original renegade and spent countless hours in multiplayer. Well, playing bots as I had literally the worst internet ever but it didn’t matter!

    It’s looking really nice as well. The movement looks like a good auld fashioned shooter, I’ll definitely give it a go!

  9. KwisatzHaderach says:

    Check out the forums, we should get a band together. To play Renegade X. On a mission from God.

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  10. PearlChoco says:

    Is this exclusively MP or will there be a single player campaign too?

  11. Grottismo says:

    I start to wonder how many of these absurdly ambitious (and somehow successful) mods have people from\in professional game development

  12. BobbleHat says:

    Anyone else remember looking forward to Renegade before they completely redesigned it?

    link to youtube.com

    I remember seeing shots with that guy with the silly tattoos and red bandana in the trailer; it was originally only in third-person if I recall, then the actual game looked absolutely nothing like it. Can’t find any in-game stuff anymore; only that trailer.

  13. riverman says:

    My birthday is also on the 26th of february! I was born in 1983, which makes me thirty one years older than this mod. science.

  14. Shadowcat says:

    Renegade X-Com ?!