Seedlunky HD: Generate And Share Spelunky Levels

Generate millions of levels! Every one of them horrible.

Do you want to compete against your friends at Spelunky, the randomly generated platforming roguelike? That’s what the Daily Challenge is for; each day, a single set of levels is generated which is the same for everyone and which can be played only once.

But if once isn’t enough to satisfy your competitive urges, there’s now Seedlunky HD. The user-created tool lets you set a custom seed from which to generate levels, which you can then share with your friends while you continue to compare your adventures.

Used (somewhat) maliciously, this tool could help people create unfair leaderboard scores and speedrun times. Used for its actual purpose, it could be an interesting tool for new players to practice the game’s perilous worlds, and a fun way for the community to share unusual seeds. Spelunky’s level generator is focused on creating distinct but achievable challenges, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything visually outlandish, but I’m curious whether player will focus on the hardest seeds – this one has two dark levels, etc. – or the most profitable.

The tool also lets you enable 64-bit seeding, which provides a larger number of random levels than Spelunky HD. That’s because it “will bypass Spelunky’s 32-bit Mersenne seeder and use its own Mersenne array init function to seed Spelunky’s Mersenne state with a 64-bit number instead.” I don’t really understand some of those words, but it sure is cool sounding.

For the curious, Darius Kazemi wrote an interesting breakdown of the original Spelunky’s level generator.

Check the Seedlunky HD forum thread on the official Spelunky messageboards for a download link and more instructions.


  1. The Random One says:

    Frogs? Frogs? I dream of the day I’ll be killed by frogs, Graham. For now making it to the woods and not being instantly killed once I arrive is an excellent run for me.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      My thoughts exactly. Nearly 60 hours played, and it still feels like an achievement to get far enough to see one without being killed by a bat or falling in a spike pit.

      The other day I did get to 2-4 though. It was the Black Market, and I accidentally fell on an orange frog.

  2. ersetzen says:

    So, spider mod for Spelunky? Sounds good enough but would be much more interesting if it had custom challenges as well!

  3. lowprices says:

    I thought I was almost done with Spelunky. I’ve beaten the main game repeatedly (around 20 completions for over 300 attempts!) and found and beaten all the secret levels except Hell. I told myself that once I beat Hell I would quit and be done, and then you announce this! Now I’ll never be free of it. *sob*

  4. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I do worry about this – all the proper skilled folks with leaderboard/scores will be ruined by people just posting ridiculous things using this. People will do it, it’s in the nature of it, but oh well.

    Just finished the game, with the Hell level, (in co-op) – what a wonderful fucking game this is.

  5. unwashed says:

    Seedlunky will be great to set up runs with friends that have nothing to do with score, as opposed to the daily challenge. It can’t cheat the daily challenge leaderboards so it’s not that big a deal, and even with the cheesiest seed I doubt anybody could improve on Bananasaurus Rex’s times, hah. Speedrun leaderboards are already ruined by cheaters anyway.

    Spelunky has been an obsession for me since it came out on PC, to the point of making tons of recorded runs and even tutorials for the game. Link! link to