Do Not Disappear Into Oblivion: New Skywind Trailer

Cor, look, a place.

It was only December that Craig last came scampering along on the back of a Silt Strider, bouncily telling us all about Skywind, a mod project to port the world, creatures and mechanics of Morrowind to Skyrim’s fancier engine. Now there’s a new trailer showing features for the next update, and a thought occurs: maybe they’re going to pull this off.

I’m so used to these modern conversions of old games stalling mid-development, that I immediately approach them with skepticism. There’s now enough here that I’m starting to open up my hope glands and spurt optimism juice all over my clothes. It’s kind of a problem.

The content in the video above is now yet publicly available, as it’s almost entirely from the next build. There’s no release date for that as yet, and the previously available alpha has since been taken down. That’s maybe just as well, as it was incomplete and a complicated cocktail of installs. You’d probably rather simply listen to the trailer music over and over again like me. I don’t know though, I’m not your dad.

You can follow development on the Skywind forums, where they’re looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of tasks.


  1. amateurviking says:

    I honestly don’t know why I’m *so* excited about this. But I am soooooooo excited about this.

    • bledcarrot says:

      There was originally a plan to do this in the Oblivion engine that also stalled. I also remember one that was going to port Ultima VII in to the Morrowind engine. Would be great if it happened, but they never do :( I think the best we can hope for is SureAI’s Enderal: The Shards of Order.

    • swiftshlock says:

      A glorious trailer.

      I loved Morrowind to bits (hum) and I’m not really prone to replaying it (it’s REALLY long, als sidequests included)…

      But if this mod gets new players interested (the ones who were put off by the originals’s rather dated graphics), I’m content… it’s a game that very much defines what I would call a really epic RPG, and it will always have that very special part in the gamer part of my heart ;)

      • Dragomir says:

        You should probably change attitude then. Skywind is not a mere reimplementation of Morrowind, most of the game’s aspects are being worked on to meet today’s game standards, and probably there will also be some additional quest content. Therefore it won’t be anything like playing the same game again ;)

  2. aliksy says:

    If only I cared about graphics and wasn’t already happy with modded morrowind.

    • Leb says:

      There are many of us who look at Morrowind and our eyes bleed. Modded Morrowind could go to hell in our books, bring on Skywind

    • Grygus says:

      I only care a tiny bit about the graphics; it’s Skyrim’s combat model that I’m after. I loved Morrowind at the time, but going back, it is the combat mechanics that are the glaring weakness for me. Is there a mod for that?

    • Hawks says:

      There are some I would miss like RoHT, but honestly 90% of the mods I install when I play Morrowind are graphical or combat related anyway.

    • Cinek says:

      I spent enough money on my PC to care about graphics. If you haven’t – it’s your problem, no need to extrapolate it on everyone.

    • Dragomir says:

      Modded Morrowind still lacks many other things we are going to have. Better combat system, crafting (done better than Skyrim’s broken smithing though), Voice acted dialogues (wikipedia style of dialogues made most NPC’s pretty bland and generic… Not that in Skyrim they were any more interesting, but we just have much more room for characterisation), AshFall… And an original soundtrack with around 80 exploration tracks instead of 8.

  3. sventoby says:

    I care about graphics and am not happy with modded morrowind.

  4. Krouv says:

    When will Bethesda get the message and make a new game set in Morrowind?

    • RedViv says:

      Ash Cloud And Mutants And Black Burned Rock Survival Manager Saga 2016

    • Smashbox says:

      Get the message from Skyrim’s insane sales figures?

    • Shodex says:

      I’d rather a remake of the original, to be fair. I don’t trust Bethesda to write another plot like that one. Plus “modern” Vvardenfell has been nuked to hell in Skyrim.

      • guygodbois00 says:

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Cinek says:

        Only problem is that if they’d remake Morrowind these days – they’d cut half of the content from it. Just to remind you: each new Elder Scrolls game released since Morrowind is poorer and poorer when it comes to character development and overall game depth introducing more and more of stupidity (with shouts being new achievement on that infamous list)

    • Rosveen says:

      Arena aside, there are four provinces we haven’t visited yet and two more that are only available with really outdated graphics. They don’t need to go back, they should move forward. Besides, they already fed our Morrowind nostalgia – tell me you didn’t feel it when you returned to Solstheim? :)

      • Ushao says:

        I’m hoping for one set in Elsweyr next. Some of the khajiit lore has been pretty neat so far and the Moonpath to Elsweyr mod has shown some awesome things that could be done with the region.

        • swiftshlock says:

          Seconded. Elsweyr is the place to go, as “Summerset Isles” would make for a really strange game title (sounds more like a Sims expansion to me)

          But lets not forget there are so many other possibilities on the world of Nirn: Thras, Pyandonea, Akavir, Yokuda, Aldmeris and Atmora… Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover lands as yet untouched by the Empire?

        • Shodex says:

          I strongly believe Elsweyr is next. Previous titles have mentioned nothing about it (aside from Arena where we could visit it, but Arena and Daggerfall lore is so far from current lore that Kahjiit had people faces and cat ears like a bad cosplay), all we heard was that it was a desert. Normally Kahjiits and Argonians are lumped into the “beast race” category in terms of appearance and culture. Skyrim threw Argonians into the mud and really showed off Kahjiits.

          I interpreted all this attention to the Kahjiit race as a hint, you could say, that our next title will be the polar opposite of Skyrim’s freezing cold mountain tundras.

    • Stevostin says:

      You mean like their latest expansion ?

    • Megakoresh says:

      TBH I’d rather have it set in Elsweyr. You know what ALL ES without exception are missing? Colours. Also Warm Sands. Always wanted to say that (*hint*).

      • guygodbois00 says:

        “May your road lead you to warm sands.”

        • Megakoresh says:

          I wish. I mean it sounds like the best settings. Jungle and Canyons, some actual real contrast, some colours. I bet the fauna is also more diverse in these conditions, and the verticality of canyons in my experience blends with videogames very well everywhere I have seen them, it seems so. Not to mention that Khajiit have such hilarious voices!

  5. DanMan says:

    Is there any other wind than skywind? Well, there’s buttwind, I guess.

  6. nimbulan says:

    I hope along the way they can improve parts of the game that really could use it, like giving the NPCs actual personalities rather than them all having copy-paste responses the same as everyone else in their town and allowing for weapon+magic dual wielding like Skyrim. If they’re really ambitious, they could use the Radiant AI system to give the NPCs real lives instead of them just standing in the same spot all day long. Of course if that happened, they’d have to enable essential NPCs to prevent random uncontrollable deaths of story NPCs and people would bitch up a storm with unfounded complaints of “dumbing down” like Oblivion and Skyrim got so much of for the same reason.

    • Ushao says:

      I think the only thing that felt super dumbed down to me was the UI. But that’s been an issue with TES for a while. Just had to wait long enough for someone to release a decent modded UI.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Radiant AI? So they can talk about the mudcrabs some more?

  7. hungrycookpot says:

    I don’t care about anything, and I’ve never been happy. Might give it a try!! :)

  8. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Mead. Beer. Whenches. For free.

  9. RProxyOnly says:

    THANK GOD they are porting the mechanics.. I, personally, would have considered the project pointless otherwise.

    VERY interested.

    • Gargenville says:

      *stabs at and misses a cliff racer forty times in a row*

      • Ushao says:

        I think you also meant “forty cliff racers”. One of the first mods I installed for Morrowind was to make those bloody cliff racers stop attacking.

      • derbefrier says:

        while it was annoying. Specially for somone like me who was new to RPGs when I first played it and literally thought it was a huge bug they somehow missed. I was expecting to hit what i was aiming at like any other FPS. God i was such a noob.

      • RProxyOnly says:

        You think YOU’RE going to be effective swinging a sword at something flying above your head.. I’d be surprised if it was only 40 times you’d miss. :P.

    • golem09 says:

      I hope they make that optional, because playing Morrowind with Skyrim mechanics is the ONLY reason I am excited about this. I mean otherwise this whole project ist ONLY eye candy. And putting so much work in to it only for some eye candy as payoff would be stupid.

      • RProxyOnly says:

        I wouldn’t play it with skyrim mrechanics.. I had enough of those with Skyrim…. it’s so horribly one dimensional, MW isn’t much better.. but it is a wee bit

      • dethtoll says:

        Morrowind’s mechanics are godawful. If I want to play DnD I’ll get a table.

        • Ysellian says:

          If by Morrowind mechanics you also include the magic than I disagree. Magic has never been as fun or interesting as it was in Morrowind and as a Mage I feel the sequels catered too much to the hack and slash types.

          If a combination is possible than Skywind is pretty much MOTY, but I remain skeptical.

          • Cockie says:

            I’d think he/she was referring to “miss miss miss miss miss hit miss miss miss hit miss miss…”
            Spells were more fun in Morrowind indeed. Especially levitate and the jump spell thingie.

  10. DestroyYourEgo says:

    Not really my thing. But that still doesn’t stop me from being UTTERLY IMPRESSED! Good work, folks! I may not be playing it, but I support you wholeheartedly!

  11. cookiemonster16 says:

    As awesome as this is, I am still looking forward to OpenMW more.
    With all the love Morrowind is getting on RPS, you guys should do an article on “Tamriel Rebuilt” the longest running mod for TES.
    They have already doubled the size of Morrowind and when complete will be 5X larger than Vanilla.
    link to

  12. Tei says:


    This looks really good!, professional quality even. Now lets see if they can do the cities justice.

  13. Eddy9000 says:

    Are they reinstating the lost skills like spears, athletics, acrobatics and unarmed, mechanics like spell creation and the old spells? Skyrim was wonderful in terms of how alive everything felt but limited in terms of builds, and as well as dropping skills half of them were useless (lock picking, speech, pickpocket, destruction on master/legendary).

    Used to love the flexibility in morrow, made an athletics/acrobatics build that ran into places, ran circles round everyone and jumped over them and went invis if anyone came too close; also a travelling beggar who dressed in rags but transformed into a full bound armour, bound sword wielding demon when threatened; a drunken (alchemy) brawler (unarmed) who was charming enough to buy powerful scrolls for nothing. Wizards could arm themselves with staves, lock picking and speech mattered, oh and luck was kind of fun. Also spears, where are my spears?

    Would be great if any of the morrowind things like this could be modded into skyrim from skywind.


    • Grygus says:

      They did it for a demo: link to

      No idea why we never got them in a DLC or free update or something.

    • swiftshlock says:

      Oh, spears, a shame they got shafted in Ovlivion.

      And it was a real shame how they got rid of the levitation spells… because consoles couldn’t handle the seamless streaming of the vast cities.

      Sigh. I just love to hover above almighty Umbra, hitting him with my dingy fire spells from a height where he couldn’t possibly hit back….

    • Love Albatross says:

      If they don’t or can’t include Morrowind features like the magic system and open cities, this and other MW remakes strike me as largely pointless. Yes, it would be nice to have better graphics and good combat, but a huge appeal of MW (for me anyway) was the incredible flexibility of the crafting and magic mechanics and the completely open world. Without this, I might as well just play Morrowind with some graphical mods.

      • Gargenville says:

        Leaping from the hill outside Balmora’s city wall onto the balcony of the South Wall Cornerclub is an integral part of the Morrowind experience.

  14. BTAxis says:

    It’s interesting how much love there is for Morrowind, here and elsewhere, because I don’t remember it being THAT good. After the first two towns or so it started getting samey pretty fast – in fact I never completed the game because I got fed up with the umpteenth town made out of prefab houses inhabited by prefab NPCs, all plopped down on some patch of heightmap terrain.

    Good for the people who remember it fondly though, more power to them.

    • Grygus says:

      It was flawed but amazing. If you focus on the flaws, you might miss the amazing, but that’s true of anything. Cliff racers got monotonous, running around in ash storms was visually boring, but the towns? There were at least four completely different architectural styles (Redoran, Hlalu, Imperial, and Telvani) in a fairly small area; perhaps you were running in circles.

  15. TheBlackBandit says:

    Is that original Morrowind music? Or are they not allowed to use it because of rights issues? I could feel it just desperate to kick in with the elder scrolls theme at, like, five separate points.

    • swiftshlock says:

      While I don’t know where this track is from, it’s definitely not the original Morrowind soundtrack… I just checked my MP3s.

      But the trailer music is definitely a good choice either way.

  16. Hypocee says:

    I see that this announcement involves two games in the ‘Elder Scrolls series’, but I don’t understand; the trailer has nothing to do with any sort of CCG, let alone a Swedish indie one. Bethesda needs to take more care to protect their trademark by preventing anyone else (who’s small enough to bleed out easily) using the English noun ‘scroll’ in their titles.

  17. namad says:

    “The content in the video above is now yet publicly available, as it’s almost entirely from the next build. ”

    you meant “not” yet publicly available… any proofreading would catch this…. can this be fixed?

    • danijami23 says:

      Why? You know what they meant. Will your world end if they don’t?

  18. Turkey says:

    Morrowind with sharp rocks and cliffs looks really nice. It always bothered me how Morrowind and Oblivion only had those ugly rolling hills with the same texture plastered over and over.

  19. NathanMates says:

    Sorry, I’d disagree. I found Oblivion and then Skyrim far superior in terms of playability than Morrowind. I’ve tried, three times, for about 10 hours of play at a time, to play Morrowind, and gave up. (And finished the mainquest in both Oblivion and Skyrim.) First time, I played until Caius Cosades (diaperpants in first city) told me “you’re too low level to do this, go explore for a while.” That’s a failure of game design, trying to pad things out rather than let you play. Next time, I tried doing sidequests, but just got bored trying to make up any motivation to keep playing. Skyrim, Oblivion at least started with a bang as a “hey, there’s something cool happening over here if you follow the main quest,” and let you ignore it. But there was a tease that something interesting happens in the game. Morrowind was a “dump you off a boat, create your character, and then a big fat nothingburger for a hook/macguffin/etc to get you interested. Morrowind felt like a “nothing ever happens here, and we don’t like you” at the start. Although people say “stick with it, the game gets better after 20 hours,” that’s a huge flaw.

    Things like sharpening weapons after use (thankfully gone in Skyrim) felt like an absolute chore of busywork in a misguided attempt at realism. I remember Alakabeth and early Ultimas subtracting food in dungeons, so that if you didn’t bring enough food in, you were in trouble. Might & Magic 6 was one of the last with a food mechanic, but was so lightly used as to not be a bother. Morrowind’s weapon/armor repair felt like System Shock 2’s weapons that decayed to the point of uselessness in mere minutes — a lot of having to keep track of things. It felt like every time I wanted to leave town for a quest in Morrowind, I had to go to 3-5 shops to get equipment. Camping in real life takes lists and preparation. Videogames exist to not make food/armor condition a chore.

    Armor types – in Morrowind, I found it horribly confusing. There were too many tiny pieces, and unless you were into LARP or the like, knowing Where the heck does a pauldron go on my character? What piece(s) of armor I’m currently wearing will it replace? How do the stats compare? I do feel that Oblivion/Skyrim probably had too few options in the armor — I like something like Torchlight 1/2’s eight armor types with slot names that have been used in the past century. By normal people. A better UI to instantly compare any piece with what’s equipped would be a huge win, at least.

    The quest journal in Morrowind may have appealed to people used to writing down notes on paper while they played, but if you ever stopped playing for a little bit of time — e.g. real life shows up — figuring out what the heck was going on was a bother. The font was also this faux cursive to try and seem more realistic, but only hurt readability. Computers exist to categorize information for you, not to replicate tools of the past. The “go here, dummy” line in Oblivion/Skyrim was a huge help to me — if I resumed play after my mental state of the game had been swapped out, I followed the arrows, and what was going on in the game came back to me. As I played. Mods existed to remove that line, for those that wanted the line gone. Great. Not for me. I assume that such projects will keep the Oblivion/Skyrim “go here” arrow — bonus points for making it lie or be vague until you get closer to the destination and your character figures it out.

    Travel in Morrowind felt like a chore, lugging your way across the landscape just to fill up time. And there were some fast travel options, but they were implemented in a way to annoy. There was a network of stilt striders, but you couldn’t get to all destinations. Going from city A to C meant that you had to take one from A->B, wait for a loading screen, turn around, and take it from B->C. (And listen to the exact same NPC voiceover twice in 20 seconds — if you thought arrows to the knee came up too often, this was 10x more annoying) The last playthrough I did, I downloaded a mod that allowed me to go from A->C directly, for the same cost of the two trips, but without the annoyance of remembering what cities I had to go through. (It’s an RPG, not simulated subway system.) That helped, but fast travel in Oblivion/Skyrim cut out all the pointless running across landscapes trying to convince you that this was a full game that you got your money’s worth of time wasted. Once again, I assume that the Oblivion/Skyrim fast travel enhancements will at least be an option.

    Alien architecture. Some people liked it. But, some places, especially Ald’ruhn just got annoying with it being a pain to navigate. Fallout 3’s Little Lamplight was the same core design – rope bridges between intermediate destinations that all look the same.There’s a benefit to solid, navigable architecture, and Morrowind just got annoying while trying to be cute. I get it that some people love the sense of alienness. But, I’m trying to play a RPG. Not Antichamber.

    The leveling system in Morrowind/Oblivion is just utterly broken. Setting up your character became an exercise in min-max simply to try and work around the broken implementation. Leveling up skills as you use them is fine, but having to go out and do some things just before you level is a pain. Skyrim got this much better.

    • dethtoll says:

      I agree 100% with this comment, with the caveat that I hated Oblivion too.

      I also hated the infodump dialogue (I guess since they didn’t have voice acting they needed NPCs to speak books at you, this is my problem with Planescape Torment too btw, especially since it’s just not that interesting, though less overwrought than Planescape.) Not a fan of the racial differences either, meaning actually playing the race I want to play (Khajiit) is tantamount to suicide. (Also a problem with Oblivion. I am so glad they got rid of race/gender differences for Skyrim.)

      But the thing I hate the most is the combat system, in which you whack a guy 30 times with a sword and it maybe “connects” twice for like 2hp damage, which is unacceptable in a fully-3D game. I will put up with that in a 2D game with sprites like Fallout — and only Fallout if i’m being honest, late 90s/early 00s cRPGs are almost entirely shit, yeah that’s right I went there — but not here. And then, after 30 minutes of trying to kill ONE GUY, you finally succeed… and then a cliff racer sneaks up behind you and puts it in your butt. And then the game gets uninstalled.

      And just so nobody accuses me of being too used to “press x for Hollywood” I first played this game when it was semi-new and I hated it then too. I tried it again last year and I still hate it.

      Skyrim, in comparison, is actually playable. If I have a gripe that really can’t be modded away it’s that the quests just aren’t very complex or rewarding most of the time.

    • impsy says:

      Sounds like you played Oblivion and Skyrim before you played Morrowind way back in the day when it came out, It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and improvements that came with the next in series but I can assure you, you would have been engrossed in that game if you had played it when it came out or soon afterwords. It doesn’t hold your hand through anything which I feel is what makes games like these good in the first place, I was excited when I first realized I could go and do whatever I want in a massive world, it took me maybe over a year before I even decided to even go say hello to Caius. I travelled and explored every nook and cranny, explored every single cave, and met alot of memorable hilarious npcs along the way. As a kid I roleplayed like a nerd, pretended I was a merchant in Morrowind, or I played an argonian pearl diver and went wherever there was water to find those suckers (they sold for alot to vendors!). Man I remember doing so much stupid shit, I had characters that only killed guards and townspeople 24/7, had the houses in Balmora filled to the very top with random gear from guards. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get Azura’s Star which was the reusable soulgem that was super cool :) Finding every cool weapon and piece of armor in the game was pretty fun too, by the end when I stopped playing i’m pretty sure I had memorized every single location of all the best gear in the game. The game was overall a bit buggy perhaps, you could glitch things easily and come out with a super overpowered character really quick but nobody forced you to (it was super fun having a spell that could kill an entire city though). So many fond memories, I was younger back when I played but I know that Morrowind is one hell of a game and I cant freakin wait to play this if it ever is fully completed, its going to be such an amazing blast from the past. An ode to one of the greatest games ever!

      • NathanMates says:

        “Sounds like you played Oblivion and Skyrim before you played Morrowind”

        Not in the least. First one (two?) playthroughs were before Oblivion released. Heck, I even tried to play Daggerfall within a year of DF’s release (after the 2.13 patch?), and gave up due to the bugs and spaghetti dungeons. I started cRPGs with Bards Tale, Ultima, Might & Magic 1, and Wizardry on the Apple //e, and had gone thru Might & Magic 6-8 and Fallout 1/2 on PC before the first time playing Morrowind. Last time I tried playing Morrowind was after completing Oblivion, but before Skyrim’s release. I’ve played enough games in my life, and Morrowind was just being annoying trying to copy all the boring, unfun parts of real life, and not enough of the fun parts that make a game.

      • Ysellian says:

        It’s his opinion. Though with so many negative points I wonder why he is even bothering to look into a mod about Morrowind. Many of them will be improved no doubt, but the criticism towards the Architexture is laughable.

  20. Dachannien says:

    When they actually get Vivec City into the game, that’s when I’ll believe this is really happening. Otherwise, the wilderness scenes are generic enough for the most part that, absent a good dust storm, it doesn’t really feel much different from Skyrim itself.