Shots Fired, Strikes Countered: Insurgency Out Now

Well, at least the weather's nice.

Well, now-ish anyway. Today is JanuMonth TwentyTwomeral (or however we’re designating dates in these lawless, calendar-bereft times), and tactical multiplayer shooter Insurgency should be out any second now. Originally an award-winning Half-Life 2 mod, a full version has crept forth from the massive camo-tattooed womb that births all military FPSes. After an attempted infiltration of Kickstarter didn’t end so well, developer New World Interactive took the game to Steam Early Access, but now it’s finally graduated to the non-Early-Access portion of Steam, which I believe is populated by something like four or five games these days. Footage and detailsy info below.

Insurgency is quite well-loved in certain circles, though Rich recently found that this remake still shows its original game’s age in places. That said, he also praised the “feel” of its weaponry until he was blue in the face. He never changed back either, so now we call him Rich “Papa Smurf” Stanton, a nickname which he despises despite the wildly successful rap career it’s given him.

Oh right, Insurgency. It has a bevy of multiplayer modes and support for up to 32 players, which often leads to skirmishes equal parts tense and chaotic. There’s also six-player co-op for those who cannot bear to hurl hurtful trash talk (and also bullets) at their fellow man.

You can procure it on Steam for $19.99. Who plans on enlisting?


  1. Mr.Bats says:

    I’ve owned it for about a month and I cannot stress enough how good it is. It cuts all the bullshit and leaves the gameplay to shine on its own. It feels great.

    This is going to be the cup of tea of a lot of RPSers. Do enlist, please.

    I think this is a WiT for the ‘Papa Smurf’ Stanton…

    • SuicideKing says:

      Yup, till Arma 3 sorts out its performance issues, this might be what i’ll play.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I love Insurgency so far, but the tendency for players to spam the RPG and turn the maps into rocket death traps was a big turnoff for me. Did the devs fix that for the official release? I haven’t played for a couple weeks.

      • GloomyTangent says:

        A patch two weeks or so ago nerfed the living shit out of the RPG (and justifiably so). Insurgents now only get one RPG, and they redid the kit balancing so now basically only demo specialists can use them. The weight system has also been completely reworked to punish those using heavy gear, so if you take an RPG you’re going to be ridiculously slow compared to a dude with light armor and an SMG.

  2. airtekh says:

    I’m mildly intrigued; I’m kind of looking for a new multiplayer game at the minute.

    My interest depends on how dissimilar it is to CS though. I’m all Counter-Striked out at this point.

    • mlaskus says:

      I’ve only played the mod(a lot :)) a few years ago and it’s completely unlike counter strike.
      It rewards careful and tactical play, not twitch shooting. A typical match sees both teams fighting over a few objectives with respawns coming in waves. The weapons ‘feel’ great and there are hardly any UI elements on screen.

    • Donuts says:

      Did you ever play the Half-Life mod Hostile Intent? It’s similar to that.

    • GloomyTangent says:

      It’s much more similar to something like Red Orchestra than CS. It’s also pretty goddamn excellent and has come a long way since the early alpha/beta builds. For 15 bucks you should give it a go.

  3. msing says:

    I’d need to play it first before I buy it.

    Odd how demos are far less popular now. If you’re proud of what you’ve created, you should be able to let people test it rather than an almost all-or-nothing approach.

    • mlaskus says:

      The mod is still available, so if you own Half Life 2 you could play it. I doubt it’s much different, though I don’t know if you can still find people playing the mod.

      • msing says:

        Got paid, bought it. Liking it!

        anyone on here play? And have a mic?

  4. DizzyCriminal says:

    It’s a very good tactical FPS, its pulls of the harsh authenticity of shooting/being shot without going into tedious simulator territory. You can frag bots with friends in co-op or get your face splattered against walls online and have equal and have a great time doing either.

    Its the kind of game that makes you jump when someone fires at you, or crawl around prone because you’re but a mere human and bullets hurt.

  5. Bodge says:

    If you liked the mod then this is (strangely) rather similar, the gunplay is superb possibly the best in any arena shooter. It really deserves some success as the devs have been rather good at working with the community, jumping on servers and asking opinions and such. Play the mod if you are not sure.

    Gameplay is rather tense until you hit contact where it is normally short and quite brutal. Sensible movement and situational awareness is rewarded. There is a rather nice supply system that provides weapon attachments and alternative loadout (armour, throwables and weapons can be changed in map similar to CS’s buy menus).

    I have been playing this with a couple of the FA people and having a small group is rather satisfying when co-ordinating together

  6. Driscoll says:

    This and the mod it’s based on are some of the most intense multiplayer games I’ve played. Sprinting from cover to cover or crossing an open patch of land makes you always think about the unseen enemies peering down their sights lining up a killing blow. With headphones on, the sound effects really shine and make it that much more real when you’re caught in the crossfire. If you’re on a team that communicates and works together, and are facing a similar team, it can be a really intense firefight.