Avoid Strolls In The Elder Scrolls: New TESO Video

Now, where did we park our ship... ?
Sage, Konkle & Crenshaw sounds like a folk band–and who am I to say they aren’t–but they are also three developers working on The Elder Scrolls Online. The three of them banded together, as folk tend to do in MMOs, and recorded a little play session, showing-off a little bit of the game’s group content. I love wandering the worlds Bethesda builds, but when a game includes most of Tamriel, being able to easily and swiftly team up with friends is definitely a plus.

I’ve been playing a lot of DayZ lately, so a lot of this stuff doesn’t sit well at all. Where’s the running and hiding? Where’s the long jogs down empty highways? And why do I love doing that, anyway? All I’m seeing is a lot of people working together to take down the world’s roaming boss monsters (specifically put in the game to enable people to quickly join together for a fight), and then fast-travelling across the land to meet-up with friends. The fight there is a little bit generic, though it looks pleasingly hectic.

I’ll give it a go (it has sneaking and bows), but it says a lot that I am more interested in the upcoming Everquest game.


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  1. The Random One says:

    The headline pun makes me pine for a game that mixes Proteus and Tale of Tales' The Graveyard. You play as an old woman slowly exploring several lush locations.

    It'd be called The Elder Strolls.
  1. Talon2000uk says:


    When will we get a different game. I’ve been playing this since Everquest in 1999 and I would like to see something different from an MMO please.

    Ok so a little over the top for emphasis, but this is such a huge opportunity missed. All people wanted was Skyrim that could play with their mates.

    What did we get? yet another 3rd person MMO click fest. Enough already. Please developers. Please do something a little different. Please, just for me, just this once? No? Fine I’ll come back with high hopes when the next AAA MMO is released. :D

    • oddshrub says:

      When will we get a different game. I’ve been playing this since Everquest in 1999 and I would like to see something different from an MMO please.
      So basically TESO?

      yet another 3rd person MMO click fest
      Seriously? Did you even watch the video?

      • worrytron says:

        First / third person clickfest?

        • oddshrub says:

          That depends, is the combat in Morrowind/Skyrim a click fest? If you think so, then I guess you’re right.

          However I wouldn’t say the combat in Morrowind/Skyrim is very similar to the combat in Everquest/World of Warcraft.

          Honestly I wasn’t expecting TESO to be a good game. Everyone told me it was going to be another WoW copy and I almost didn’t install the stress test because downloading 24gigabytes on my slow connection for three days of “Next failed WoW clone” wasn’t very appealing…

          I’m glad I decided to try it though, because it’s nothing like WoW. Combat is like an elder scrolls game and whhether or not that’s a good thing, well…. It’s not like combat in Skyrim is really that great, but at least it’s different. However the world doesn’t feel like a themepark. Crafting is actually interesting and PvP looks like it’s going to be similar to DAOC.

          So for the first time since I left the original Asherons Call 10 years ago I’m actually excited to play a AAA MMO.

          • socrate says:

            no idea in what you see as different combat then WoW but i think you didint play it that much…the combat is just a big simulation with key signal like newer MMO its still like WoW it just evolved the mechanic like any new MMO did…i personally hate that kind of take on MMO they just mask the same mechanic with new technology that leads to the same damn combat…that said the game is so easy you don’t even need to push when the animation queue is up…the story is about you for some reason and you are the savior of this world…yiet again but this time you have hellokittybumbum and a bunch of other name breaking your immersion…

            bethesda was asked again and again to put co-op in their game and that was basically their response to that,trying to cash in on that WoW gold like any other greedy ass company that don’t understand that if you don’t create something different then it become old quite fast,then again fanboy will always be dumb blind idiot who throw their money at everything.

    • Carra says:

      The trailer reminds me too much of WoW. And I’ve played that game… way too much. Time for something new and I’m not seeing that here.

      • donweel says:

        It is quite diffrent and similar only the way other mmorpg games are similar to each other.

        • Derpa says:

          It is really not all that different

          • oddshrub says:

            PvP is open world and contenious combat where you ight over control of structures like keeps. Which is similar to DAOC, WAR and GW2, but not to WoW.

            Combat is similar to what you find in Morrowind/Skyrim, and while that sort of thing isn’t really the greatest thing ever it’s certainly very different from WoW.

            Creafting is actually meaningful, which it hasn’t been in WoW.

            “Raiding” is max 12 man, and dymanic so you can go even if you only have 5 friends online. Which again is different than Wow.

            Sure, it’s a MMO and you kill monsters for loot, but really, that’s every MMO ever.

          • Derpa says:

            Halaa, GoT, WG, etc. ESO is similar but deeper like the other games.

            Combat is pretty similar to the standard WoW. tab targeting with ability, it just lacks auto attack.

            The crafting is not meaningful as it is in almost every MMO

            Flex raiding, only difference it the min and max

    • gi_ty says:

      Well I can see why you would feel that way having just watched the trailers. For me however, having played the beta a bit I think it had a pretty good Elder Scrolls feel. Soloing was all I did and to me it felt like a really big TES game. Sure the combat is a little stiff and gamey but they really got the feel of exploration and go anywhere do anything kind of vibe going. Personally I haven’t played an MMO since Darkfall (if that could be called massive lol) and I’m not a fan of paying with randoms. TESO seems perfectly viable as a solo experience with some really great stuff to explore.

    • fish99 says:

      Yup, Skyrim co-op would be cool, but an ES MMO is not what I’m after at all. This isn’t even by Bethesda.

    • Ivory Samoan says:

      Yawn to you good sir!

      Did you even watch the video? You do know First Person is completely viable in this game.. and the combat is not ‘click fest’ but action-TES style with the bonus of some hotkey abilities (ties directly to your magicka / stamina, just like SkyRe).

      Again, yawn to you!!

      • Derpa says:

        First person is viable as in you are at a disadvantage to 3rd person

  2. ZIGS says:

    Man, I’m so teso for TESO!

    P.S: I’m actually not excited at all about it, I just wanted to make this terrible pun, which won’t even be understood by non-Portuguese speakers… I live a sad life :(

    • TheManfromAntarctica says:

      In Italian “teso” also means “tense” and I have always found this acronym funny.
      So there, we are sad in two now!

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        In Portuguese is slang for a hard-on… Not sure if it’s the same on Brazil.
        So there’s that.

  3. Heavenfall says:

    This video is kind of strange. It sounds like it’s a Let’s Play, but it’s really the developers talking? So they’re not saying “we did X and Y”, they’re saying “I’m really having fun with X and Y”. It’s just odd, isn’t it? They’re not playing it for the first time – they built it. So it makes it sound awesome, but if you listen to what they actually say it sounds incredibly generic. I wonder if all their marketing is like this…

    • ersetzen says:

      I would guess they are talking about their main characters they use to test the game with…? At least I would hope that the developers play their game before release.

  4. The Random One says:

    The headline pun makes me pine for a game that mixes Proteus and Tale of Tales’ The Graveyard. You play as an old woman slowly exploring several lush locations.

    It’d be called The Elder Strolls.

  5. SillyWizard says:

    Wow it’s amazing how totally uninteresting MMORPERGERS now are to me.

    Here’s a question: As I understand it, the compelling bit about these games is the social aspect. Meeting/playing with a group of people so you can have some light gamey-background noise while you socialize.

    If that’s the case, are “next big thing” MMOs exciting for you? Would you rather have a new environment to socialize, or do you dread trying to rekindle the magic of your previous experiences in a new place?

    • melnificent says:

      It’s the environment more than anything…. I try new games hoping for something like the original barrens chat, and am always disappointed.

    • Shakermaker says:

      MMORPG’ers are always chasing the dragon. They are trying to recreate that first magical experience they ever had with the genre. People way hipper than me will probably name other games, but for me it was World of Warcraft. Finding my first friend in Dun Morogh, setting out on an adventure with him into the human lands and ultimately meeting our fate totally outleveled in Darkwood. I still want to find that sense of awe again, but I kinda gave up after trying almost every MMO release since WoW. I have sorta set my hopes on WildStar, but I get a sense that I will be disappointed again.

      • mouton says:

        What you say makes it sound MMOs are basically nostalgia products, trying to replicate that game people played when they were young and hopeful.

        • nearly says:

          I think that it’s more that many were novel experiences for firsttimers and had some major innovations in the early days with games that were drastically different from the last big MMORPG. these days, WoW has more or less become the benchmark and serves as the foundation for what most of these other games are building themselves up to be. there’s nothing really to explore other than a new environment, maybe some crafting or professions if you’re into that, and a different visual style. the little narrative about meeting friends in dun morogh and ending up in a way too high level duskwood strikes at the heart of it; just being in a new, big, wondrous and complicated world that you didn’t fully understand but were coming to slowly, and falling in love while just starting to understand it.

  6. kevmscotland says:

    So basically they copied RIFT’s “rift” mechanic.
    Good job guys. *slow clap*

  7. tomek says:

    I have been into mmos from everquest up until cataclysm but its really sad how stagnant this genre is. I looked (played, allthough the word doesnt fit the expirience) into the ESO and Wildstar betas this month and they are so boring id rather watch tv…its the same shit different name.

    I hope Everquest Landmark/Next at least delivers some of the expiriences and ideas minecraft had.

  8. sinister agent says:

    I … saw… a mudcrab….

    • RedViv says:

      Horrible creatures.

    • Turkey says:

      I experienced a mudcrab with 40 of my closest friends.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Ahh arching a mudcrab from 400 yards with a flaming arrow. Watching those little pincers go … umm .. pincers over heels. That little ‘sssssss’ they make.


  9. worrytron says:

    Instant travel ruins mmos.

    There, i said it.

    Combat looks just like TES combat though.. and the world looks very nicely detailed. I just wish we’d have a chance to enjoy it, rather than bumrushing waypoints and just teleporting everywhere. Maybe I’m just an old man but i miss the horse routes in DAOC .. and that scenery was total crap by today’s standards.

    tl;dr: get off my lawn

    • lorez says:

      That’s the problem. The combat only looks like TES. It’s not, mainly because of the lock-on.

      In TES if you miss with your bow, you miss. In ESO if you get target lock and are generally pointing in the direction of the enemy, your shot will always hit.

      It sucks. I played for 30 minutes and quit.

      • worrytron says:

        Oh seriously?? I was wondering about that .. what a disappointment. At the risk of sounding bandwaggony, it really seems as though the EQN team is making the game TEO should’ve been… maybe not so much the the voxels but at least the crafting and emphasis on exploration.

    • Moraven says:

      I look forward to the next WoW expansion not having flight for 1-2 patches.

      Instant travel is only mages to major towns (much like EQ had it for locations) and the new main city hub has portals to older major cities. So you can skirt around fast to some locations quick but generally you have some traveling. For with flight travel it definitely cuts out a lot of time. I do miss the ole days sometimes of

      Burning Crusade brought flying mounts but there was a big cost to it so not everyone got it right away. And slow flying sometimes was not faster for a lot of traveling. It was more to get you to new areas accessible only by flying. Now it is at a minimal cost to get it on a character and not really a feat or barrier.

      • worrytron says:

        Yah played wow through Cataclysm. Flying mounts are acceptable alternatives, and I like that Blizz forces you to do it the old-fashioned way for a while with each expansion, so that you see the content.

        I was never a fan of the “each zone looks hilariously different” art direction, but that’s neither here nor there.

        I guess it remains to be seen whether exploration is a big part of TESO, but to me it’s the primary draw, and i was unhappy to see teleportation. I guess i was hoping to see horse routes, for those who can’t afford the (inevitable if not already announced) player mounts.

  10. Flea says:

    This game is going to fail so miserably. I honestly didn’t see one thing that excited me in this video. Game that looks worse than Skyrim and does nothing new when it comes to MMO mechanics and gameplay. Oh, and then there’s the monthly subscription.

    This is going to be an epic… no, legendary fail. I just hope it won’t influence the development of TES VI eventually.

  11. Loque says:

    Not even the Star Wars saga managed to keep up the hype and survive long enough. How can they really believe people will be “excited” to play a Morrowind-based MMO? The video was really, really bad. I will not comment the graphics, as they are pretty cheap for a “next gen” MMO. On the gameplay side, I didn’t see a single “cool” or “yea!” thing. Not even a small amazing situation.

    I wont say it will be a fail, but I can’t see it being something different from any other random MMO.

  12. Megakoresh says:

    Such a shame see them waste time on this crap. They are in for expected disappointment when they realise noone is actually interested in this.

    I wish they did a proper next ES game and improved on Skyrims combat system and characters. Theres so much feedback to collect from the mods and players, a new engine would be nice, some more fancy graphics, bigger world, more quality content, less clutter content, less characters/followers/locations/ quests, but each unique and believable, memorable character or quest (like in Amaleur: Reckoning), they could make the combat system more kinetic, faster, combo-based with parries and dodges and the like. Focus on quality over quantity and let modders fill it up and release DLCs afterwards. A lot they could do, they could make the best Elder Scrolls game ever with the money they’ll waste on this stupid MMO.

  13. araczynski says:

    lost me at ‘group’.

  14. Tei says:

    Something TESO made me think about is what really happened with the Daedra worlds. I am sure the Lore will say that they where ugly broken places from the start, but maybe these are lies. I like to think these planes are worlds where magic where more powerfull than in Nirn and powerfull wizards have corrupted the world, and anhilated it so much, that they need Nirn to replace his broken world.

    Why cant the Daedra just do tourism, respect the local laws, pay to buy stuff and be cool people?

    • MajorManiac says:

      Great idea. I hope they add that to the next Elderscrolls game.

      Seems like they keep getting their butt kicked by the chosen one(s). That trying to join the empire might become an interesting choice.

    • guygodbois00 says:

      Heh, your comment reminded me of a post signature of one spectacularly talented and very creative individual at civfanatics.com that goes by the username of Civinator there: “Wise men discover tourism. War becomes obsolete.” Brilliant.

  15. Chaz says:

    If they can capture the open world do what you want vibe of the single player games, then I’m pretty much sold on this.

  16. alsoran says:

    I want mods

  17. Nevard says:

    You can play easily with your friends… unless you’re on the wrong one of the three player factions presumably?
    WoW having two turned out to be a pretty bad idea, what sane developer would split their playerbase into three, especially as a franchise that traditionally let you be anyone?

    • sinister agent says:

      The same sane developer who wouldn’t take one of the most resolutely, definitively single-player series going and turn it into an MMO years after their bubble burst, using a pricing plan that hasn’t worked for years.

    • Stevostin says:

      “WoW having two turned out to be a pretty bad idea”

      ERRATUM: you meant an excellent idea that made its success in good part, right?

      Then fantastic part of MMO gameplay is wild pvp. It’s poor single player, grouped PVE is a disgrace overall, but wild pvp’s fun, there’s nothing that come close to it, whether you’re the hunter or the prey, in any other game. And the fact that you have natural friends and hostiles is a key for it to work.

  18. cylentstorm says:

    A friend of mine is excited about this game, but then he has never played an MMO outside of the 30 minutes or so that he spent with WoW. He hated it, but still has high hopes for TESO, simply because it is a multiplayer game set in The Elder Scrolls universe. He asked for my thoughts, so I gave them to him: Meh. Just another EQ clone like WoW, but set on the the world of Nirn. I’m still waiting for the next true Elder Scrolls adventure sandbox. He was reluctant to completely agree with my take, but after I told him that it will probably be like WoW in the pricing department as well (buy it, then pay-to-play) he finally nodded and said “Probably not for me, then.”

    I’ve talked to others about it, and most share our relative disinterest. As others here have already asked, “Isn’t it time for something new?”

    • Megakoresh says:

      Majority shares this view by the looks of it. Bethesda pretend everything is find, but everyone knows this game won’t do well. It was a shitty decision to pour money into it in the first place. If they wanted to “do something different” for the ES universe, they could have done a huge number of things which would all be much better than some MMO. Hell if they made the game more like Amaleur: Reckoning in terms of characters and locations, more like Dragon Age in terms of Followers and more like Witcher 2 in terms of storyline, while making it more like Dread Island in terms of combat and crafting, and cut back on the amount of clutter/filler content, that alone would have been very different from what they usually do.

  19. Ivory Samoan says:

    Since Kate Beckinsdale is voicing the High Elf Queen…. count me in for Aldmeri Dominion; might play me a filthy Cat(burgler).

  20. floweringmind says:

    I have been in the beta and I can say that this is a very very good MMO. It appears on the surface to be like regular MMOs but it is much much deeper and fun than traditional MMOs. The flexibility of the class system and the dynamic world is refreshing and fun. I had my doubts about this game but now that I have tried it, I suggest you do the same before you judge it.

    • Derpa says:

      The world is no dynamic at all, the combat is floaty and subpar, massive quest and sound glitches, the list goes on and on.

  21. Brinx says:

    I’m really trying to be excited for this, since I would LOVE exploring all of Tamriel. If Bethesda is good at one thing it is building the world of The Elder Scrolls. Everything else is neglectable in my opinion.
    But then again, it is an MMORPG and I just can’t stand those.

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