New Video Details How Rain World Will Break Your Heart

Blade Runner, meet Slugcat.

Since Nathan first covered it, Rain World has comfortably met its Kickstarter target and been accepted through Steam Greenlight. To celebrate, its small team released new details about the manner in which its slugcat protagonist and world of bat-things and lizard-meanies operate, along with a new trailer.

That ending :'(

From the Kickstarter post:

Further, each predator has its own distinct hunting behavior and specialized senses it uses to perceive you. You won’t be able to just out-run them every time, so the only way to survive in Rain World is by learning to understand the capabilities of each creature; their methods and personalities. Can you tell what the Teal lizard is thinking? Notice how he anticipates your movements when coming in for the attack. But also note that despite all its intelligence and aggressive behavior, the patient green lizard is the one that gets me in the end!

I’ve played early alpha builds of Rain World, and its AI and animation really does make it fascinating just to watch. The lizards hunt you, with different behaviour depending on their head colour, while you hunt the bats and the bats hunt the lizards. There’s a bunch of interesting behaviour, like how bats will flap and hide in nests to avoid you, or connect with one another to dangle in long chains from the ceiling.

In the build I played, the physicsy animation was both a blessing and a curse. It brought character to every action in the game, but I sometimes found simple actions like steering down small tunnels harder and more frustrating than it ought to have been. That was six months ago however, a lifetime in game development.

Even if you don’t back it, go and follow Rain World‘s development. They’re making something beautiful.


  1. Monkeh says:

    I would be REALLY interested in knowing how exactly they’ve managed to create those physics-and-code based animations. Doubt they’ll share that information though. :P

    • grom.5 says:

      Go to the kickstarter page in the update. They have already shared a part of it.

    • karthink says:

      There’s an abridged version of their methods detailed in one kickstarter update. It’s fascinating.

    • fylth says:

      As others have said there’s a nice explanation here: link to

      The developer also went into more detail in the devlog posted in the article, which while long (currently 78 pages long) is a very interesting read and goes into lots of detail about how the various systems operate

      • Monkeh says:

        Thanks for sharing all! Those developers are awesomely open. :)

  2. grom.5 says:

    At first I was curious about this game. Nice animations, adorable things in an grey world… And after I went to the kickstarter and I saw the adorable thing being torn apart by vicious lizards after 1 min of fight….

    As in a board games : *Click*

    • pepperfez says:

      Right? Sometimes I just want my cute games to stay cute, thank you very much.

      • LionsPhil says:

        All cute games must become Eversion. Such is it written.

      • grom.5 says:

        Er. It’s the opposite way around in my part. The click is the thing that made me buy it.

        Maybe it’s the same reason why I love Berserk, Walking dead or GoT… An envy to see what I like suffer ?

        • pepperfez says:

          Ha! We see what we want to see, I guess. And those three are all things I acknowledge as excellent and can’t really enjoy, so I think I understand you.

      • Jackablade says:

        I’m still going under the impression that the slug cats are really brush tailed possums – vicious bastards that crash around in the ceiling and have the most blood curdling growl you will hear anywhere. Perhaps I need to invest in some of those crocodiles.

  3. Lone Gunman says:

    I want a pet slug cat.

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    I think my cat, Earl Grey, is secretly a slug cat. He is definitely slug-like sometimes, and he traverses Smingleigh Manor like he’s in a platform game.

    I suspect he’s procedurally-animated with physics, too.

  5. SillyWizard says:

    So if the bats hunt the lizards, why would you want to hunt the bats?

    • Tei says:

      Maybe they are edible and you need to eat something. It could be a tiny ecosystem.

  6. raggnarok says:

    So it’s gonna be on Steam when its released huh?…
    Awesome. Time to save up.