Leap Of Faith: Mirror’s Edge Meets Jet Set Radio In Hover

Hover: Revolt of Gamer is still pretty obviously early, but goodness do I like where it’s headed. The goal? To marry Mirror’s Edge‘s madly precarious first-person parkour to Jet Set Radio Future‘s groovy techno-tronic cityscapes. Oh, and developer Fusty Games is throwing in an open world for good measure. Also rail-grinding, because who didn’t love the ’90s? The trailer below doesn’t quite stick the landing, but it already looks like it’s on the right track.

There were a few places where it looked less like the player was embodying a person and more like somebody stapled an assortment of human limbs to a camera, but otherwise Hover seems like exhilarating neon bliss. Even the sense of weight and physicality is already mostly there, and there are tricks and things. I really like what I’m seeing so far.

The premise, meanwhile, is, um, confusing. I think it’s about battling a government that opposes violent videogames… with parkour? Ah well, it’s an excuse for flipping around like a dolphin on roller skates, and I’m all about that. You’ll also be assembling a squad, I guess. For reasons.

The developers also note that Hover will be especially great with Oculus Rift. Simply writing that sentence caused me to vomit profusely for ten minutes, but I admire their iron stomachs and total immunity to any sort of motion sickness.

There’s no release date as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted. What do you think of Hover?


  1. Shooop says:

    Mirror’s Edge: Blood Dragon?

  2. Snargelfargen says:

    Looks very cool, although it’s missing a lot of ME’s physicality. Faith’s breathing and grunts kept the player grounded just as much as her arms and legs.

    • Prolar Bear says:

      Yup, it does look like embodying a gliding camera at times. Also, those rolls and flips look like an express ticket to motionsicknessland.

      • jonfitt says:

        Let me just put on my Oculus Rift and…. bleeeeurgh!
        Oh that was strange, I wonder if it was… bleeeaarararaGH!
        Yup, that is not a game to play on the Rift.

    • Octuplex says:

      I don’t know, I quite like the way it seems to control. mirror’s edge was great in its own right, but I’ll take the ability to leap huge distances and glide unrealistically over falling like a brick any day. then again, I haven’t played it, so I reserve judgement.

  3. GamesInquirer says:

    It looks more like Tron than Jet Set Radio’s urban but cartoon styled locations to me.

  4. Prolar Bear says:

    The controls look a tad floaty.

  5. Jason Moyer says:


  6. jonfitt says:

    It looks fun. I would be interested to see where they choose to add the challenge though.
    I really don’t like timed “Get to waypoint X in Y seconds or less”. I far prefer “Work out how to make your way from A to B”.
    I hate being constantly judged on whether or not I’m sufficiently fast at doing something as some made up standard. I like puzzle parkour much better. Sure give bonuses for speed and style, have a high score table etc, but don’t make it the requirement to continue the game.

  7. tomeoftom says:

    This is probably the ugliest art direction I’ve ever seen in a videogame, and the movement looks really disconnected and unresponsive. Mirror’s Edge and JSRF were both incredibly beautiful games with a perfect sense of motion, so the comparison to either is being very, very kind to Hover.

  8. Dimonte says:

    So-o-o-o it’s literally Zineth ( link to zinethgame.tumblr.com ) without awesome experimental music, ultra-stylish art direction and with the perspective changed to first person. Bet they don’t have a pokemon/twin-stick-shooter hybrid playable in the game either.

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      Looks a lot like this game mixed with a game called inMomentum.

    • The Random One says:

      My thoughts exactly. I’d be a bit kinder, but yeah, this is just Zineth through the can-we-market-this grinder.

  9. liquidsoap89 says:

    I didn’t love the 90’s :(

  10. rapchee says:

    i think it’s more related to perfect stride and … the other thing the arcane kids did, or those insane source mods.
    yeah zineth, as mentioned above
    at least, to me mirror’s edge was cool because it felt realistic, and this really doesn’t

  11. Shadowcat says:

    Well I think it all looks like a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing more about it.

    I don’t really understand the any of the complaints about it not being “realistic” — I honestly don’t think that’s a goal. I see fluid moves, high acceleration over distance, crazy stunts, crazier visuals, and all in first-person (which is great).

    Just because it’s first-person, people think it needs to be realistic? I love the realistic games, but I’d hate it if that’s all there was.

  12. Muzman says:

    There’s been about half a dozen of these things come out since InMomentum came along, but I don’t think the press has mentioned InMomentum once as a reference point.

    Poor InMomentum. They didn’t really support and expand it as well as they might have, but I don’t know why it was forgotten so quickly.

    Anyway, the addition of flipping in this one looks kinda cool. Pity it looks like a black n neon nightmare that I doubt I could play for five minutes.

  13. Chizu says:

    I’m not sold on the character designs, but the gameplay itself looks like totally my kinda thing.
    Something to keep an eye on, for sure.

  14. aerozol says:

    Looks like it’s coming along, but an issue arises when they’re trying to spin off JS or JSRF…
    Makes it hard not to start making comparisons, and those are amazing games that probably wont be matched in my mind

  15. goettel says:

    Is it me or is there some Nomad Soul (or rather soul) in there?

  16. Nixitur says:

    I don’t know if Nathan just made a joke with the tag “i wish jet set radio was on PC”, but it actually is!