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The RPS Bargain Bucket: A Diggle-ing Concern

I have a confession to make. Last night, I allowed my bibliophilism to run free. Books were purchased. So very many of them. Enough to last the next week, perhaps. (I read frustratingly quickly.) And all it’s because I couldn’t endure being on the Internet this week. I’m just so crushed by this long, legal saga surrounding Candy Crush Saga developers-nee-troglodytes King.  But before I go into my self-imposed exile, have a bunch of interesting games gone cheap. And a Diggle plushie. Because Dungeons of Dredmor is on sale this week and someone asked for one last week.

The Book of Unwritten Tales
$7.99 /£4.84/€5.84 

Royalty isn’t all but bad. This week in Bargain Bucket, we’ve got proof of that. Instead of lawsuits, KING art makes adventure games and The Book of Unwritten Tales is, I assure you, a very fine adventure game indeed. If you like gnomes, at any rate, and fourth wall-shattering sense of humour. Breezy, charming and charged with surprisingly good voice acting, The Book of Unwritten Tales is a straightforward plot jammed with little winks and nudges. The puzzles aren’t terribly hard, however, and the narrative won’t leave you in sympathetic tears but that’s not necessarily a bad thing now, is it? (Also, this game has what looks like a refugee from Sesame Street.)

P.S: The prequel, which doesn’t outright demand knowledge of The Book of Unwritten Tales but would benefit from knowledge of it, is also on sale.

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 creeps me out a bit too much for me to actually play it myself but the editorial overlords seem to think it’s a rib-tickling good time.  Which, I suppose, should be endorsement enough. For those who don’t know what Surgeon Simulator 2013 is, the game sort of kind but not quite offers exactly what it advertises: the ability to dig deep into someone’s torso with floppy, nigh-useless hands and engage in various medical procedures. There’s a lot of cartoon blood, floppy bits of gore and silliness involved, to put it mildly.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Fancy commanding an army of big, punchy robot-type people? Well, you’re going to either need a) to commission a scientist to engage in illegal human testing or b) buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown so you can properly access the expansion pack. A point to note: XCOM: Enemy Unknown seems to be one of those games which go on discount every other week; its price vacillates more than body weight on a yo-yo diet. But, if you really need to pick up the game right the heck now, this isn’t a terrible opportunity.

The Humble Weekly Sale
$6.00/£3.64/€4.39 to unlock all games

Did you know you can pay anything you want for Paranautical Activity, Dungeons of Dredmor Complete and Hack, Slash, Loot? No? Well, you do now. And you really should consider tossing the developers a few dollars because their contemporary roguelike-esque games are rather spiffy. But why stop there? For just a little more, you can gain access to The Bindings of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Teleglitch: Die More Edition Guns and Tunes and Swords of the Stars: The Pit – Gold Edition. All terrific games if you’re the sort who enjoys being repeatedly butchered alive in a callous, turn-based environment.

Neighbours from Hell Compilation 
Oh man, guys. The memories. The memories. Neighbours from Hell was instrumental in demonstrating to both my sister and I that we’re a little evil. We lost hours to our own evil machinations in the game. The whole premise is built on a fantasy: how would you take revenge on a loathsome, unpleasant neighbour without inflicting bodily or financial harm? By going a little bonkers with the pranks, of course. And that’s pretty much the long and short of the franchise. As the nefarious mind behind the cheeky little Woody, you’re going to want to set up ridiculous traps and do everything you can to mentally destroy the corpulent troll living next door.

Also of note: 

Mount & Blade: Warband – $3.60/£2.18/€2.63
A lot of nice things were said about Mount & Blade: Warband which introduced a much-needed multiplayer component to the franchise. You can read some of those things here.

Sanctum 2 – $2.24/£1.79/€2.09
Another excellent game currently going for very, very cheap. Bonus: Sanctum 2 is doing that nifty Free Weekend thing right now so you can try it out before you buy.

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