En-Dash Around Laser Obstacles In Hyphen

As long there's a full stop sometimes, at least

I like a good game of artful dodging, but I haven’t played anything in the genre in years. Maybe not since Messhof left it behind after releasing Flywrench. That makes Hyphen an appealing prospect: a neon game about a slowly spinning line moving through a maze without touching the walls. The spinning makes it feel like an abstracted, slow-motion version of that scene in a movie where the super-spy/ninja-thief backflips through a room full of moving lasers, and there’s a trailer and a demo below.

I don’t even see the hyphen anymore. All I see is Catherine Zeta-Jones.
The game is being made by a two-man UK indie outfit, and they’re planning on releasing the full game early this year. It’s up on Steam Greenlight of course, if you’re into that kind of thing.

It’ll have 36 levels when finished, though there’s four you can try right now via the demo on the site. I recommend playing it with the 360 controller for optimum moving-around-things.


  1. Mr. Mister says:

    Like that spinnt limousine thinguie.

  2. Pich says:

    This is giving me Kuru Kuru Kururin flashbacks.

    • Juan Raigada says:

      Yes, between this, Roundabout (that spinning limousine thing mentioned above), and at least two mobile games I’ve seen, it seems the Kuru Kuru Kururin clone is a thing now…

      Strange times indeed.

      • Strangineer says:

        I remember playing something on my neighbours mac in the 90’s that was a lot like this, called SpinDoctor, I’ve no idea if it was the first one that came out, but KKK(great acronym!) sure wasn’t the first.

        • Strangineer says:

          Actually, looking back it now, my childhood memories had misinterpreted SpinDoctor. It was very different. Maybe KKK was the first.

          • elgerand says:

            KKK was probably the first to introduce the spinning mechanic but heck I remember playing these “don’t touch the walls games” years ago. Crazy balloon for instance (link to youtube.com). They’re all just variations on a theme, this one in particular looks rather nice.

  3. Gwilym says:

    Voice work by Ellie Gibson, please

  4. TechnicalBen says:

    Sadlaserface. I was hoping for actual laser based gameplay, not a spinny thing. :(

  5. Kinch says:

    Looks more comma-inducing than “brace yourselves!”. Period.

  6. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    I’d say Sounddodger was a rather recent representative of the artful dodgy genre.

    • Sam250 says:

      Hadn’t head of that one. It’s mesmerising to watch. A bullet hell with the focus not on gorgeous background visuals but on music-bullet synchronisation.

  7. tumbleworld says:

    My God. It’s like someone made a game based on docking at space stations in Elite. Evil bastards!

    It does look gorgeous, though. I look forward to watching it being speedrun.

  8. Velko says:

    “I like a good game of artful dodging”


  9. Sam250 says:

    Oh great, the most boring, lazy visual style around: neon.

    But if the visuals are a cop out, you would have thought the guy could at least focus on the mechanics, but no, it’s a straight clone. I’d rather see the Japanese team get recognition, who not only were imaginative enough to come up with the concept in the first place, but used it in a nice looking and sounding game. Download a GBA emulator and play Kuru Kuru Kururin if you’re in the mood for a rotating line navigation game.

    I don’t feel this deserves to get Greenlit, but as usual all the comments on the Greenlight page imply that everyone who came across it said yes. This is the impression I get of Greenlight: that everyone will vote for anything. Doesn’t anyone show any discrimination? What does your yes vote mean if you don’t vote no at least as much and ideally ten times as often. Wisdom of the day: criticism is a force for good. Don’t forget it.

    • PurpleTentacle87 says:

      Wow you sound bitter, did your game not get greenlit?

      Just had a try of the demo, the game play is nothing like Kuru Kuru Kururin the only thing the have in common is that there is a spinning stick, and calling a game out on that is like saying Sonic shouldn’t be sold because Mario came first….

      maybe if everyone is upvoting games that you don’t like its your taste in games that is at fault not the games that developers are making

  10. SillyWizard says:

    This game looks exhausting.

  11. waaaaaaaals says:

    For some reason it’s making me think of The Crystal Maze.

    This is a good thing.