I don’t have the answer to my capslock question, I’m afraid. Telltale can’t quite be accused of being late with episode 2 of their rather good Fables adaptation Wolf Among Us as I don’t believe they ever gave a concrete release date. But they are late, let’s be honest. The first episode was four months ago. During that time, my baby has learned to a) sit b) crawl c) eat solids d) perform a frightening, wobbly standing up while feverishly gripping the edge of a table e) enthusiastically rip an entire newspaper to shreds in under two minutes, plus innumerable new ways to make my life both heaven and hell. SO I WOULD THINK IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE TO CREATE A SUB-TWO HOUR ADVENTURE GAME USING EXISTING TECH AND MANY ASSETS DURING THAT TIME.

But who knows what really went on; perhaps it’s something to do with how many big licensed properties Telltale have been taking on lately? Speculation! In any case, I suppose I’d rather they have the time to get it right, and ensure it’s the equal (or better) than its sterling first episode than end up in the situation they did with those oft-wretched Sam & Max games, churned out with so much recycling and repetition and lousy recurrent supporting cast.

Anyway, Telltale claim that “We’re super close to the episode’s release now, and will announce dates as soon as we have them confirmed”, and have also offered up a new ‘red band’ trailer to prove that Bigby’s second coming looms. ‘Red band’ is going to be the new ‘beta’, isn’t it?

Looks as though we’re going a little darker, and also as though Bluebeard will enter stage right at last. Much as I liked Ep 1, as a non-Fables reader (at that time) I found it deeply peculiar that I kept being given the option to accuse someone I’d never so much as seen of these awful crimes. Now I can accuse him of all kinds of shit based on whether I actually hate or not! Hooray!

Sneaky, saucy Bluebeard will be performed by Dave Fennoy, aka Lee Everett in The Walking Dead. How odd that he’d be in need of an extra voiceacting gig.

Previous suggestions are that this will hit the first week of February. So, next week, more than likely.


  1. Arach says:

    This is why I only get these games when they have all the episodes out,just like I did with TWD and like I will do with Broken Age.
    Saves me the headache,so until they´re done I pretend they don´t exist.

    I also do the same thing with tv shows anyway,so maybe this is just me I guess. Can´t deal with unfinished stories and the time it takes for them to be done.

    • JR says:

      I think a lot of it depends on the narrative being told. I felt like most of The Walking Dead worked with the month+ long breaks in between. It worked well to have that buffer zone, knowing that not only time is passing in between your play sessions but that time is passing in the game world too, where relationships are strengthened and it doesn’t feel like a goofy action film romance where the main characters go from hate to love in the course of half a day. Even if you’re only taking a few hours in between each break, it gives some time to let the events of the previous episode settle and understand how time is passing.

      • TheVGamer says:

        I played The Walking Dead in three days. A lot of tears were shed and the rest of the week was miserable but it was a goddamn powerful experience. That doesn’t happen often and if I tried to buffer it out, I think something would be lost in the process.

        • MattM says:

          I also played TWD S1 over a few days. I still enjoyed the episodic structure. Ending play-sessions at the end of episodes made them more satisfying and the time gaps between episodes allowed the overall story to feel bigger.

    • Slinkusss says:

      Here here I second all of what Arach said. All of it. Fuck episodes.

    • Drake Sigar says:

      An episodic format has advantages and disadvantages. The ending to Sam & Max season 2 was completely changed, and there were a couple of bits in The Walking Dead season 1 which were a nod towards the comments in TellTale’s own forum. Things like that can make fans feel involved in the development process, you’ve just gotta’ know what you’re signing up for.

      It’s not really for me though. It wasn’t the wait between each Walking Dead episode that bothered me so much as the PC receiving them last every time. And then on top of that, Telltale’s own store (which I had bought the game from) put it up a day after Steam. I basically felt like the last person in privileged Western civilization to get this game.

    • Big Murray says:

      I have the same deal going with Half Life 2 episodes.

      Getting ready to pass the torch on to my children.

  2. Shadow says:

    Less than two hours of game time per episode? That’s incredibly weak.

    • The Random One says:

      Yeah, there should be a giant area full of grindy RPG combat between each story area. Then you’d get your money’s worth.

      • Shadow says:

        Who said anything about a grind? I didn’t know grinding areas were necessary to make games longer than 8-10 hours.

        • Kitsunin says:

          100-page novella? Would it have been that hard to make a 400-page novel instead?
          15-minute short? Must be shit.

        • Tacroy says:

          It’s a two hour episode, but the entire game is going to be composed of five episodes.

          So that’s a total of 8 -10 hours for the finished game.

  3. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    I have no desire to play hour long segments of a game spaced months apart.
    My speculation as to the reason this got delayed? I think the upcoming second half of The Walking Dead series next month has something to do with it, it would make sense for them to release part 2 of TWD season 2 at the same time the TV show comes back, they may even be aiming to release the rest of it during the 8 weeks the show will run too. Would be smart business as there will be a decent amount of crossover sales from that.

  4. 12inchPlasticToy says:

    Beta, red band… The Beta Band? Is that a new rickroll from devs?

    Since he’s a fast learner, perhaps your kid could make chapter 3 before Telltale does?

  5. reggiep says:

    4 months is a little ridiculous. At that rate, Episode 5 won’t be here until early 2015.

  6. draglikepull says:

    The unexplained delays for this and some of The Walking Dead season 1 episodes is the reason I won’t buy any of their games until all 5 episodes are released any more. It seems dishonest to me to say “Give us $25 for an episodic game” and then not release those episodes on something resembling a reasonable schedule.

  7. Laurentius says:

    I see absolutly no reason in buying this game, not becasue it’s bad or anything, actually i think Ep1 was really cool, it’s just watching LPs is perfectly enjoyable way for me of experiencing this game for free.

  8. master thief says:

    This trailer is so Massive… Attack. Badum tsssss. *Covers head, runs away*

  9. JanusForbeare says:

    This is the strangest article about cute babies that I’ve ever read.

    Please stay on topic, Alec.

  10. engion3 says:

    I’m going to go with the opposite reaction and say that the longer the better. I feel like I get a free game every new episode release since I paid for them so long ago.

  11. plugav says:

    To be fair, Alec, your child was using existing tech as well.

  12. Lambchops says:

    I always feel Alec is somewhat harsh on the Sam & Max games. Sure there’s a few mis-steps and annoying characters but for the most part it was on a constantly upward trend in quality throughout. Plus some of the one off musical numbers were joyous things to behold and certain episodes had particularly inventive puzzle structures (a big move on from the rigid “buy ludicrously priced essential item from Bosco” structure of the initial season).

    I know Telltale is now getting more success from putting people through the emotional ringer but I hope they don’t completely abandon their comedic output. Both Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island were far from perfect but both were enjoyable and I hope they go back to something of their ilk to leaven out all the gritty franchises they currently are working on.

  13. Blackcompany says:

    There was a fairly good sized row over this sort of thing in a Steam discussion thread recently, regarding Kentucky Route Zero. As badly as I want to play KRZ, I won’t buy episodes until all of them are released. And I too do this with tv episodes; I tried watching Big Bang Theory on television last night – as opposed to Amazon, without commercials – and I almost got up and walked away. There was so many commercials in the middle I honestly forgot what I was watching. So yeah…I just wait until an entire season – or a finished game – is released.

    • soul4sale says:

      Yeah, RPS, what the hell is going on with Kentucky Route Zero? I pinged them on Twitter a month ago, and they swore something was coming “soon.” Their definition and my definition vary greatly.

  14. solidsquid says:

    I think the reason you’re expected to suspect Bluebeard from the beginning is that the whole legend built around him (outside the Fable-verse, the “real life” fable) involves him killing his wives, with the last attempt being through decapitation. It fits his MO, so he seems a likely suspect despite seeming to be quite charming

    • malkav11 says:

      Yeah, we may not have met Bluebeard in the context of the game, but the dude’s kind of an infamous serial killer (supposedly reformed, in this case, but…).

  15. silentdan says:

    I’m almost certain this is a console certification problem. Scuttlebutt is, Ep2 was done in mid-november, but the XBox version had unacceptable performance issues. Because releasing the episode on any other platform before XBox would put them in breach of contract with Microsoft, they can’t release. Because telling us this would violate NDAs they signed, they are prohibited from communicating with their customers, except to toss out platitudes and vague assurances that they haven’t all moved to non-extradition-treaty countries. This is bullshit.

    Look, I prefer PC gaming, and that’s not a surprising opinion to voice on this site, but I’ve never been one of those “consoles are for losers” folks. I had a Playstation 2, and I really liked it. I play a lot of my PC games with a controller. Back when PSPs were in vogue, I had one and used it for hours almost every day (I take the bus to work.) I play a lot of iPad games now. I’m not a hater. But bleedin’ hell, consoles, could you please just fuck off already? We’re trying to play games, over here.