Build Your Own World In Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod

When I wrote about Just Cause 2 Multiplayer a few weeks ago, it felt like a world in wait of a game that was worthy of it. Its players might still be the ones to build that game. With the release of version 0.1.3, JC2MP’s creators of highlighted a community server: Jman100’s Freeroam Construction Sandbox. It lets players build their own houses, towns, ramps and other contraptions within Just Cause 2’s Panau, by spawning and positioning props on the multiplayer server. There’s a trailer below.

Servers have trailers now? What a world we live in.

Just Cause 2 was originally a singleplayer-only game, but JC2MP allows hundreds of people to pile on a single server and play around with its physics toybox. You can spawn boats, planes and cars, race against your fellow players, take part in destruction derbies, or more likely, make your own fun by harrassing one another and triggering lots of explosions.

As part of that make-your-own-fun ethos, the mod adds the ability for the savvy to create their own LUA scripts and define their own game modes. That’s presumably what JMan100 has done in order to create this fiddly-looking build mode.

Given that the original game not only had no multiplayer, but no mod tools, it’s incredible what people are making within it. Many mods have benefitted similarly from adding LUA scripting – Garry’s Mod is the prime example.

You can download JC2MP here, and find Jman100’s server details here.


  1. Mr. Mister says:

    but JC2MP allows hundreds of people to pile on a single server

    Thousands actually.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      Thousands are just tens of hundreds. Or is that hundreds of tens?

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      Hypothetically thousands, but rarely will you/have I found a server with more than 900 on it. Since the public release, highest is around 600, with many far lower than that.

  2. Tei says:

    And then somebody will build Eiffel Tower of Explosive Barrels and the world will crash :D

  3. Faxanadu says:

    JC2MP is just so much fun but oh so flawed.

    First of all, the console port JC2 (the base game you need for the MP) is horrible and you have to download a mouse fix to be even able to play and the keyboard settings are horrible.

    Then obviously since the netcode is a one man project the hitreg is rather bad and grapplehooking your way around is just collapsing the knee sockets of net sync with a crowbar.

    But the POTENTIAL. It’s like GTA multiplayer but while GTA is a drama movie JC2 is an ACTION movie. And Panau is just breathtakingly beautiful. Full of beaches and sunsets, just an awesome place to mess around in.

    I really hope we get more talented people on this.

    Sidenote: Vehicle physics in this game are really impressive. I keep getting awed at how a vehicle behaves when try to do something ridiculous with it and it behaves like you’d expect irl, instead of Flashpointing.

    • derbefrier says:

      I usually use a controller but do use keyboard and mouse if I need the precision and I have to say I have never noticed an issue with the controls. In fact your exactly the first person I have ever seen complain about it. The port is really solid and you really are just wrong. Perhaps you didn’t give yourself enough time to adjust to the controlls? Seriously I don’t even know what you could possibly mean by that. Seems like your the only person ever to have this complaint.

      • chackosan says:

        To be fair, I’ve known a few people who initially had problems getting to grips with the controls.
        I’m not one of them, though – after getting a taste of using the mouse for grappling, there was no going back to the slow-ass thumbstick.

      • Faxanadu says:

        Takes 5 seconds to save keysettings.

        Takes browsing 5 different pages to set up all your keys.

        Parachute rocket thrusters force-bound to shift. “Oh what, computers have many keys? No way!”

        No raw mouse input option. Negative mouse acceleration by default, no option to disable.

        Forced auto-aim, no option to disable.

        I’m pretty sure “you really are just wrong”. It’s a horrible console port. Sure, it’s not a Dark Souls -horrible port, but is pretty bad still.

    • Tams80 says:

      Manau really is beautiful. I only recently got a computer capable of running JC2 at a playable framerate and the flowers were what struck me the most; while driving a vehicle through them over soldiers.

      The draw distance is rather poor though.

    • Tei says:

      I think I have seen in a video that the netcode do interpolation, but not prediction. Interpolation is good enough for this type of game, and I think prediction would need things like capped speed and shit like that, that is unwellcome on something like JC2.

  4. dreadmullet says:

    Jman100 has been capturing all the crazy shit people have made so far. It reminds me of minecraft creative servers, with a mix of Garry’s Mod as well.

  5. Faxanadu says:

    It’s wonderful that RPS covers something so small as 1 server with a new mod in a multiplayer mod. :3

    BTW, to those bored with JC2MP Freeroaming, the Roleplaying server with a Roleplaying mod (also by Jman100 I think) is also pretty good. Gives levels, ranks and factions and you can capture villages to earn bigger salary and there’s missions every 30min that all the factions get to fight in. Gives that progressive feeling to the mayhem.

    Grapplehooks are unfortunately disabled – but honestly, with grapplehooks on, nobody ever dies if they don’t want to. Netcode just can’t handle it. (Still, I do think the RP mode should have grapples with maybe 1min cooldown or so… They’re just so fun.)