Oh, How It Pains Me To Do This: Kerbal’s Starscream Mod

I know, I know – ‘pop cultural thing painstakingly recreated in sandbox indie game’ is so 2010. But I have a great weakness despite my built-up resistance to covering Del Boy’s Robin Reliant in Minecraft or a Terraria screenshot that looks like Michael Bolton’s hair. Monkey see Transformers, monkey post about Transformers. In this case, it’s duplicitous Decepticon seeker Starscream- or, at least, a robot that can transform into a jet and which is openly inspired by him – recreated in Kerbal Space Program. This is not bad comedy: it actually transforms! It actually flies! Er, briefly.

Sadly it lacks Starscream’s traditional white, red and blue colouring. And also hands. In fact it looks more like Machine Wars Thundercracker than any version of Starscream, but I’m trying to fight my nerd-rage here cos… snurk no no noaaaaargh WHY DID THEY GIVE GRIMLOCK HORNS IN THE TRANSFORMERS 4 TRAILER NNNNG aaargh breathebreathebreathe. Breathe. Cos the point is it’s an actual, transforming transformer, and just look at it:

Sadly it’s apparently about as aerodynamic as a teachest and crashes to the ground a few seconds after take-off, but like the appearance that’s not really the point, is it? More of this sort of thing, please. By which I mean we need Astrotrain, as a fully-functioning triple-changer.

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  1. Synesthesia says:



    • ecat says:

      You certainly don’t want to make the mistake I did and pay for the beta. That must be 8 months ago, and the result of another RPS report – those bastards. 8 months later, four or five significant updates and I’m still addicted to the stupid game… RPS… Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

      BTW I’m looking for volunteers to man my gigantic experimental orbital anti-matter collector, just saying :)

      • 0positivo says:

        Kerbal interstellar is a brilliant mod, and apart from the bit clunky energy management system, really feels like a direct extension of Vanilla

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I tend to think of it as finished, but getting an expansion and bugfix every few months. It certainly feels like a finished game.

      • InnerPartisan says:

        Well, at least since .22, when they added the career mode. But damn, it’s incredible to think about all the tons of features that are still planned. Technically speaking, KSP is still an alpha.

      • communisthamster says:

        I don’t think it feels finished at all. There’s too many bugs, placeholders, half-and-un-implemented features for that. It certainly has potential and ambition though.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    Amazing.If someone made Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave with the ability to dock onto and take over satellites I might be required to marry them.

  3. RedViv says:

    Well, they certainly had the touch!

  4. Taidan says:

    Starscream? I bloody despair at what they must be teaching in schools these days.

    Clearly that’s Leader 1 from the Go-Bots…

  5. YogSo says:


    I had no idea Transformers 4 is a thing that existed/will exist. I was much happier before reading this post. Thanks, Alec.*

    (*I’m joking, it’s not really your fault; I’d probably would have heard about it sooner or later. I just wasn’t ready yet :-p)

  6. Viscera says:

    As a fan of a Hasbro franchise, even if it isn’t the one in question, I’m quite pleased to see that. Also, it makes me want to play KSP.

    I’m actually torn about this game. I tried out the demo and quickly learned that it will take a long time, until I’ll be able to do something substantial. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the game should be simplified. I like that mix of a complex, rather realistic (although I can’t judge how much) game with a fun, cartoonish style. But as interesting it is, I’m not sure whether I’d be able to deal with the learning curve.

    • JB says:

      I haven’t yet tried any of the ingame tutorials but I can highly recommend Scott Manley’s tutorial videos on YouTube.

      I found them to be a great help in getting into orbit, and a good orbit at that. I now have a core module for my space station in orbit around Kerbin, all I need to do is get the hang of docking and I can add more modules!

    • InnerPartisan says:

      KSP is very, very realistic* – to such an extent, in fact, that you’ll basically have to learn about orbital mechanics if you want to be able to actually play it. And if that sounds exciting to you, then boy, is Kerbal Space Program the right game for you! I’m not being sarcastic btw, I absolutely love KSP.
      It’s a good idea for new players to check out the tutorials made by the great Scott Manley:
      link to youtube.com

      *: Of course, the game takes some liberties – the aerodynamics model is just a crude approximation, the engineering side of things is completely “game-y”, there’s no re-entry heating yet and the Kerbal Solar System is effectively a 1:10 scale model of our own, meaning it’s much easier to get into orbit than in real life.
      But of course, there are mods to remedy all of those “problems” :D

      • Hahaha says:

        You can just work out when you need to burn and once that is down you can use the maneuver guide thing to add and tweak maneuvers as you wish untill the desired result is achived

      • Rindan says:

        …or you can get get trusty old Mech Jeb. I think people should learn to fly ye old school, but at some point you will want to put the god damn thing in a particular orbit to park with your space station, and doing it without Mech Jeb is a real PITA.

  7. gwathdring says:

    Wait! Meer, I still function!

  8. Nicodemus Rexx says:

    Yeah, I”ve been in a weird depressed funk over the last day or so, and I can’t help but wonder if it may have been the fault of the TF4 reveal.

    Every movie that M. Bay makes is another 3-6 years I won’t be getting a Transformers film I’d actually like to watch. :(

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      I’m kind of surprised that people still manage to be disappointed by each new Transformers reveal. I went into the first one ready to be excited about just about anything, except (apparently) Herbie the Love Bug with Special Guest Stars the Transformers, and my expectations have remained safely at rock bottom since.

      • Nicodemus Rexx says:

        Oh, well it’s not that that the reveal of the new M. Bay film stuffs is disappointing. He’s just going to keep doing what he does well no matter what, I expect no less of him.

        What’s disappointing to me is that after 7 years it’s STILL GOING, showing no signs of changing or improving in the fields I would like to see a little care shown in. *shrugs*

        It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that Transformers: Prime didn’t really appeal to me, and even if it HAD Hasbro is currently not really doing anything with other wings of the franchise while it’s gearing up for the next Bay film.

  9. geldonyetich says:

    How do I switch the interface from, “Multi-stage rocket” mode to “Beg Megatron’s forgiveness” mode?

  10. Wilddog73 says:

    What a plump, graceful Manatee. What’s her name?