Civilised: Humble Sid Meier Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle offers the chance to own three complete Civilizations, as if you were trying to recreate the British Empire. Along with Civs III, IV, the lowest tier contains the recent Ace Patrol games, which are fairly lightweight, but clever, replayable and oddly adorable considering the World War dogfighting subject matter. All of that, along with the latest incarnation of Railroads! can be yours for any chosen price. Pay more than the average (at time of writing, $8.16) and you’ll receive Civ V, and the Gods and Kings DLC. More than $15 unlocks the Brave New World DLC as well. BONUS: approximately two days of a Humble Paradox sale remain.

I have Civs IV and V installed at all times, and they happily co-exist. Two very different approaches to a common theme. I haven’t played III for ages and I’m sure someone will argue that it’s worth going back to, but I’ve always thought of II and IV as the high-points of the series, with V having grown into a pleasant diversion.

The main draw of the bundle, since it lacks Covert Action for which you’ll have to visit GOG, is Ace Patrol. If you haven’t played the turn-based aerial combat game yet, this is a fine opportunity to correct that error.

The BundleMeier (which is a bit like a Brundlefly) is available for two weeks and the charity you can choose to support is Action Against Hunger.


  1. 2Ben says:

    The content in the main bundle is currently not available in your country; check out the Weekly Sale instead!

    Honestly ? Fuck them !

    • LordDamien says:

      Hahah, where do you live, Latveria?

    • says:

      Curious. My country is only half a year in the EU and I haven’t had any problems with buying the bundles..
      Possibly it’s a server thing, cause they’re overflowing with demand..

    • Herzog says:

      Same for me. Living in China, but I cannot buy any Firaxis games on Steam either, so no big surprise here. VPN for the rescue!

      • 2Ben says:

        China here too. Yeah VPN of course, but come on ! It really shouldn’t be necessary !

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Wot No SMAC?

    (And yes I know Firaxis probably don’t have the rights to it)

    • LionsPhil says:

      Given the mandatory EULA GOG’s page for it links to, SMAC languishes in the terrible, monstrous chambers of the dark one. Speak not of it too loudly, lest they decide to reboot it.

      • LordDamien says:

        Haven’t we suffered enough with Dungeon Keeper? None shall speak about reboots. Those dreadful words could meet their terrible ears and make real our worse nightmares.

        I’ve got it from GOG and kind of it’s only the game+dosbox. However it does include Alien Crossfire and worked at first try on playonlinux. Yay!

        Now.. I have some mindworms to tend.

        • LionsPhil says:

          Not DOSBox, surely? It was a Windows 9X game. There’s a weird caveat on their store page for it too about sufficiently old ATI drivers, which wouldn’t be the case if it were under DOSBox.

          Didn’t realize it included the expansion, though. Never really played with that, because the retail version of it adds a CD check the original (again, retail) game didn’t have.

          • BooleanBob says:

            Things I could potentially dig in an Alpha Centauri FPS reboot:

            – Psy combat that wasn’t a QTE, just another gun but with swirly visual effects, or pipemania but with neural pathways instead of pipes. The game messing with inputs or outputs to simulate psychological interference could be interesting, remapping certain controls, mirage enemies, misdirection – and the ability to inflict the same on your foes. The sort of thing Haze tried to do, but implemented not (apparently) terribly?

            – Xenofungus and terraforming. Imagine traversing a living, potentially hostile environment, which you could blast swathes through with adequate firepower but would always have to keep an eye on in case it started creeping up on you. Or you could call in the terraformers to reclaim areas, turning them into less dangerous territory, though you’d better be prepared to defend them, or explain to your faction higher-ups why you directed eminently explodable strategic assets to the front lines…

            – Receiving word that your faction has unlocked the secrets of High Energy Chemistry, and being issued with natty scarlet Plasteel armour on your next trip to the quartermaster.

            – Killing Needlejets by circle strafing them until they run out of fuel and crash.

          • welverin says:

            The expansion was added later, towards the end of last year I eblieve.

        • jmtd says:

          Someone provided me with a copy of the old Loki Games Linux port of SMAC, which I tried out of curiosity as to whether the resolution would work more nicely than gog’s SMAC does under wine. The answer is it’s a nightmare to try and get the Linux port to actually run on Linux, whilst GOG’s version under Wine is nearly perfect. This says more about the sorry state of legacy binary support on Linux than it does Wine. (or perhaps both. Wine is great software.)

  3. mfcrocker says:

    If for some reason you don’t have Civ V and expansions I’m not quite sure why you haven’t parted with $15 yet.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I already have one gift copy in my Steam Account, not sure I need another one, but I would like to give Ace Patrol a go.
      On the other hand, I have a huge list of games to play, so I better give this a miss.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Well, I got not one but two free copies of Civ V (given away with different game preorders) but haven’t played it even once yet. Brave New World sounds interesting—and indeed this bundle will be less than buying it off Steam right now—but I’ve got so many other games I want to play first, I’ll probably wait to pick up BNW when it’s £3 in a Steam sale.

    • Frank says:

      Um, because I want the complete version. Contrary to Adam’s opening sentence, there are more than just those two expansions between the original game (which I preordered in ancient times) and the “complete” game. I will wait until the sale following Civ VI; and have the same plan for XCOM. I hate Firaxis for the way they release games, but at least it’s predictable and accurate in its use of “complete.”

      • Nogo says:

        I picked up the Gold edition and expansion packs for less than $20 during the Steam sales.

        It’s obnoxious for sure, but you don’t necessarily need to wait that long.

    • Vinraith says:

      Personally, I like my strategy games to have an AI that can play them. Also, it’s not like that $15 buys you the complete game, what with the massive remaining pile of DLC that’s not included.

  4. Thermal Ions says:

    Guess I should get around to playing Ace Patrol, so I know whether it’s worth me picking up the expansion – it’s been sitting neglected since installation.

    • Optimaximal says:

      It’s not an expansion, they’re separate games.

      • aldo_14 says:

        To be fair, it sort of feels like an expansion or expandalone.

        It’s so cheap that it doesn’t really matter, though; it’d be worth it regardless. Unless you didn’t like the first game, of course.

  5. Koldunas says:

    Humble Store says there is more than 48 hours left on Paradox deals. I was thinking of getting EU IV, but still haven’t, am I missing something?

    EDIT: the post is now corrected. Woohoo, I’m an RPS factchecker! I would like to be paid in puns, please.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      My mistake. Corrected.

      • Koldunas says:

        Also, Civilization V offer is not “Complete”. It does include two major expansions, but none of the DLC Civilizations or map-packs, which are included in the Civ V Gold: link to

        • Moraven says:

          Gold became “Complete Edition” this week for $50 which includes all DLC and expansions. See below for price comparisons!

    • Baines says:

      EU IV has been cut to $10 (75% off) multiple times on both Humble Store and elsewhere.

      At that point, the big sticker is the amount and cost of expansions. Those expansions kind of lurk around as a “Yes, you have a full game. But everyone else has a fuller one. Just look at the extra features you are missing.” bugbear in the back of your mind.

      • defunct says:

        I was thinking about getting EU IV, and your mention of $10 may have pushed me over, but it’s $15 when I log in. I checked another site, which also has it on sale, but they have it for $16, and it’s reported cheaper by someone else, too. This makes me think that they just did a price hike because it was too low!

        • Baines says:

          No, it’s typical sale price is $15-20. But it has over the last few months been reduced to $10 multiple times for about a day or so each time.

          It was, I believe $10 on two separate days during Humble’s store opening sale, for example. I also want to recall it being $10 for a day or so on Bundlestar’s store.

  6. Optimaximal says:

    I wonder if the Pirates! remake will be a Week Two offer – it would force my hand.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Sadly, I doubt it – it’s not available anywhere digitally, as far as I’m aware. Probably caught in licensing limbo .

      • Yachmenev says:

        It’s on sale on Steam.
        link to

        • Crimsoneer says:

          Oh. Well, I’m an idiot. Why has it never been on sale? How did I not know this? Also, does it run acceptably?

          • Jp1138 says:

            I´ve been playing the Steam version lately without problems. No widescreen support, though.

          • frightlever says:

            No, it runs like you – like a GIRL! Hahahaha. Ahhhh….

            But seriously it’s almost a decade old so unless you’re running it on a watch, it should be fine. haven’t even seen any problems with it and Windows 8, so that’s good.

            Played the Pirates remake to death on my iPad, but I’d play it again on PC so fingers crossed that it’s a bonus.

          • draglikepull says:

            I’ve run it on 32-bit Windows 7 with no problems.

    • MeestaNob says:

      Yes, very surprising this isn’t in the bundle.

  7. Yachmenev says:

    Great bundle, but the Civ 4 still comes with the double entries glitch on Steam. t’s so annoying that they keep selling the Civ 4 games, but refuse to fix the bug that gives you these double entries of all four Civ4 games/expansiones in your Steam library, of which half cannot be run in Windows.

    So anyone who redeems the Civ4 complete package on Steam will get 8 new entries in their Steam library.

    It should be an easy fix to just hide the mac versions, but neither 2k or Valve seems to have interest in doing it, even though they keep making money of them. It would be nice if RPS could ask 2k or Valve why that glitch has been allowed to be there for 5-6 years now.

    • Koldunas says:

      The duplicates are Mac OS versions.

      EDIT: Read your comment in full. I guess you knew about Mac versions already. I just wouldn’t call it a “glitch”, it is just DD-system untidiness. I would guess it has something to do with the way Civ V is deployed on steam and really it’s not a big deal.

      • LionsPhil says:

        He says that. Thing is, correctly packaged Steam games just give you the one library entry, which works equally well on either platform. Steam is smart enough to be able to launch a different executable based on the OS you’re running, they just apparently haven’t used that here from the sound of it.

      • Yachmenev says:

        It’s not a big deal, but considering that they keep making money of the games, they should afford to fix it. As a thank you to the customers if nothing else. They have had years to do it.

        To leave it as it is, in a way so apperant that the humble bundle guys within a day themselves had to post a support page with an explanation and suggest workarounds, is pretty arrogant and/or lazy of 2k.
        link to

        They care about selling the game, but they apperantly don’t care about bugs that are really “in your face” and confusing for new and old customers.

        • Koldunas says:

          I know it’s a bit jarring and understand your wish, as a customer, to keep your game library tidy. However, it’s not a “bug” or a “glitch”. These words describe errors and oversights in game code. The games themselves work perfectly fine, the publisher just didn’t take advantage of a certain steamworks feature.

          Edit: i’ve read the HB support page you’ve provided and it seems Civ installs both versions (Windows and Mac) at the same time (instead of detecting your operating system and then using the appropriate install package). My guess is that this is just an artifact of porting a retail setup to steam and it would probably require more work from the developer to re-do both installs seperately than just tinkering with some steam settings. Although I admit, the fault probably lies with Steam, as an option to “show PC games only” (counterpart to “show mac games only”, on apple) seems not that hard to do.

          • Yachmenev says:

            An option to show only Windows games should not be needed. If an entry is not runnable on Window, it should just not be shown in Windows.

            Whether or not it’s up to 2k or Valve to fix it, that’s for them do decided, as long as it’s fixed. Since it’s been so many years now since it was discovered, I don’t see any reason to excuse either 2k or Valve for it.

          • basilisk says:

            No, it’s not like that. There are literally two entries for each game, one for Mac, one for Win. They install completely separately and for all intents and purposes might be different games. If you look at the details view, the Mac versions have a permanent status of “Not available” under Windows. (The GTA III era games do the same thing, by the way, but interestingly, the Mac versions list a different developer, TransGaming Inc., who I assume did the porting.)

            It’s really because these were among the first games offered in “Steamplay” mode, back when Valve hadn’t quite figured out how it all should work. There is quite a lot of similar legacy quirks on Steam.

            Still, fixing it should be trivial, if anyone cared.

          • draglikepull says:

            As a person who has worked both as a tester and as a programmer fixing bugs, I can say that this is absolutely a bug and would be considered one everywhere I’ve worked. Anything that prevents the program from functioning correctly – including UI related issues like improper installs – is a bug.

      • harmen says:

        I remember Civ IV to be one of the first games to be available for OS X when Steam got available there, so I think it’s an artifact of that period. Just no-one bothered to clean it up.

    • derbefrier says:

      ahhh so that’s why it does that! Its sure is annoying. Are these things not smart enough to tell the difference between windows and MAC to download the appropriate one? or give a pop up window asking which one you want to download instead of cluttering my games list?

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Personally, I’d like all versions for every platform to show up at all times, with filter options. This way installing Windows games under Linux to run with Wine would be easier and wouldn’t require running a separate Steam install within Wine.

  8. Viscera says:

    I already have IV, no interest in III (as it’s very flawed and practically obsolete with it’s much better successor). However, I don’t have V, which I’m quite interested in. I heard mixed things, but overall it seems to be different than IV, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    With so much Civilization, Ace Patrol and Railroads really stand out. But at least the former seems pretty interesting.

    It’s unusually expensive for a Humble Bundle, though, with $15 for the complete package. But with the option to give most of it to AAH, that’s not even an issue, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Xocrates says:

      I started playing Civ V with gods and kings, and it felt like Civ IV lite minus stacks of doom (which, frankly, was enough for me to play mainly V instead of IV).

      Brave New World does make the game much more its own thing, so I would generally recommend getting it if someone’s getting Civ V.

      • Slazer says:

        Seconded, getting rid of stacks is the big argument that made me go 100% on Civ5

    • says:

      I think V is a nice rounded package now with all of the expansion (though watch out, what you here (can) get isn’t the complete version, they are missing out on some civis and map packs which got out between vanilla and G&K expansion) There are religion, spies, archeology and arts features added, so I’d personally say that features argument doesn’t hold water any more. On the other hand with V you get lush production values and more civilizations than ever before.

    • Damien Stark says:

      I LOVE the UI in Civ 5, and I think that opinion is fairly well shared. The main complaints with Civ 5 upon release were:
      1. Missing features from Civ 4, like religion and espionage
      2. The new One Unit Per Tile combat is potentially interesting, but the AI has no idea how to cope with it and can be trounced even on high difficulty

      I think item 1 was well fixed by the two expansions, so you’d be in good shape with either this Bundle or the Complete edition.

      Item 2 is still the big controversy. Personally I’m not all that interested in high difficulty, so it never really bothered me, but for the gamers who are, many of them considered the game outright broken and not worth playing. I’ve heard some say that this issue was improved by subsequent patches and the expansions, but others who disagree with that.

      Last piece to consider is that this bundle is NOT the “Complete Edition”. It includes the two big expansions which change gameplay, but does not include all the extra Civs and Maps. Here’s a list of the delta:
      link to

  9. gravity_spoon says:

    To anyone reading, $1 is the price of your life now. Because by paying at least that you get Civ 3 and 4 complete. You can kiss the skies goodbye after that. Never has damning yourself been this cheaper :P You will never see the light of the day again. Don’t say that you weren’t warned.

  10. melnificent says:

    64p to introduce my 9 year old to the wonders of strategy games. Under the disguise of “history” to get her more interested.

    I’m not sure if that’s good or bad parenting.

    • Viscera says:

      If she starts to believe that Gandhi loved to use nukes and that in the first World War, American bowmen fought against Viking tanks, then there may be unintentional and not necessarily positive side effects.

      Other than that, I think that Civilization is a good Strategy games.

    • Damien Stark says:

      I’m pretty sure we can call that one good, though I’m highly amused that your 9-year-old is more interested in history than video games.

      = )

  11. Perkelnik says:

    Two questions:
    1) Do you get separate keys or a key for each tier (as with Codemasters bundle)?

    2) What is the relation between Civ V, Gods & Kings and Brave New World? Are they separate games (and separate entries in Steam library) or are they all integrated into Civ V (and what if I own Civ V Gold already)?

    • Jurple says:


      1) you get one key for every game or extension listed, and can redeem these to separate Steam accounts, should you wish.

      2) G&K and BNW are both DLC/expansions for Civ V. They are integrated into your single Civ V library entry. Civ V Gold contains G&K, and I assume using an additional G&K key will waste it.

    • basilisk says:

      Re: 2 – All goes into a single Civ V entry, and both the big expansions (G&K, BNW) and the minor civilization and scenario packs are treated by Steam as DLC (i.e. no duplicates of anything). When you start a new game, you can pick which (if any) expansions/civ packs you want to use.

    • Perkelnik says:

      Thank you guys!

  12. The First Door says:

    Has anyone played the new Railroads who can give me an idea of how close a style of game it is to Transport Tycoon? I’m curious as I never played the original and I’ve never quite worked out how different it and TT was!

    Much appreciated!

    • says:

      Well I don’t know directly about TT, but SM’s Railroads should have been a spiritual successor to Railroad tycoon, which I adored and which was very close to TT.
      What this game actually turned out to be is a pretty watered down version of RT. Lots of management options have been dumbed down and streamlined and if you want real deep strategic challenge, SM’s R isn’t the best option available (RT II holds that distinction imo) On the other hand, you get some of the slickness which characterised Meier’s mid 00s games. Everything flows, it’s still a nice time waster, it does get that feeling of joy when your train comes to the station and your earnings start to chime in. It does work more casual, but exactly cause of that, the rewards are more quick, the action goes smoother, there’s less empty time.
      So you can enjoy it no problem, just you mustn’t expect strategic wonders of it.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Quite different, I think; I preferred TT. Railroads was much more focused on the train side, and you may find things like having to share rails with competitors at a usage cost, but also things like changing the carriages attached to an engine at each stop on its route. The memories are quite fuzzy by now and I never played it that much.

      If this is the “new” one I think it is, I also remember its move to 3D breaking it free of a grid, which was actually kind of annoying for a strategy game since a few pixels’ wiggling either way may change if a pass in the terrain can support two adjacent tracks or just the one.

    • The First Door says:

      Thanks for the feedback both! I suppose for the price it’s worth a try even if it won’t quite scratch the same itch. I was getting the impression of it being a little simpler than the older games, but I always enjoyed building the railways best in TT anyway. Give me the ability to make silly tracks full of points and I tend to be able to find at least some enjoyment from it!

  13. BooleanBob says:

    I say this as big fan of Sid’s output, but can a bundle really be called humble if you put your name on it?

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I think whoever put the video together was poking a bit of fun at that – check out the image in the background on the screengrab.

  14. drewski says:

    Great bundle. Bought the full Civ V version.

    Not sure what the point of loading Civ III in there is, though, I can’t imagine anyone would play it when they could play the vastly, vastly, superior IV instead. I actually think I’d rather play II again than III.

    • NotToBeLiked says:

      Because they know no one will still buy it, it doesn’t cost them any future revenue to include it in the bundle. And having one extra game makes the bundle look better and might convince people to buy it because they just want to see their Steam counter as high as possible.

  15. Snargelfargen says:

    I’ve had Civ 4 and expansions languishing on my Steam account for ages. I could never get into it as the gameplay just doesn’t compare to my experiences with Alpha Centauri. Everybody seems to love it though… what am I doing wrong?

  16. Moraven says:

    Today the Civ 5 Complete Edition launched in NA, EU on Feb 7th.
    link to

    If you are looking to have all the map packs and civilizations (which is not included in Brave New World or Gods & Kings expansions), the Complete Edition is the better deal.

    Getting the Humble Bundle now and DLC later on a Steam Sale is still a good choice, but you will likely still save more getting the Complete Edition. DLC is $57.5 on its own.

    Possible scenarios of buying Humble Bundle(Civ 5 + both expansions) + DLC vs Civ 5 Complete Edition (in USD):

    Buy Bundle now, buy DLC Steam Sale later
    DLC -00% ($57.50) + $15 bundle = $72.50
    DLC -50% ($28.75) + $15 bundle = $43.75
    DLC -75% ($14.38) + $15 bundle = $29.39

    Get Complete Edition now or on a Steam sale in the future
    Complete Edition at -00% off – $50
    Complete Edition at -33% off – $33.5
    Complete Edition at -50% off – $25

    Humble Bundle DOES NOT include:

    Civilization V: Cradle of Civilization – Mediterranean
    Civilization V: Cradle of Civilization – Asia
    Civilization V: Cradle of Civilization – Americas
    Civilization V: Cradle of Civilization – Mesopotamia
    Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca
    Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Scrambled Continents Map Pack
    Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Scrambled Nations Map Pack
    Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II)
    Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia
    Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings
    Civilization V: Explorer’s Map Pack
    Civilization V – Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack
    Civilization V – Civilization and Scenario Pack: Korea

    • Perkelnik says:

      It should be called CIvilization V: The DLC Madness Edition.
      This is ridiculous.

      • Moraven says:

        The original Digital Deluxe came with Babylon.

        If you pre-ordered you got Cradle of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia ($3) free.

        I don’t remember how I ended up with all the Civs. Probably on a Steam sale or they were on sale with God & Kings.

  17. blind_boy_grunt says:

    yeah, so i bought this bundle because of ace patrol. Because i thought, hey if it runs on pocketcomputers it will run on my laptop. But it doesn’t and it seems it will never.

  18. Javier-de-Ass says:

    too bad there aren’t many actual sid meier games in this bundle. although the humble name is accurate, since for the big games here the game designers aren’t credited as the banner. hehe. the humble soren johnson bundle is the base bundle, pay 15 dollars for the extra humble jon schafer bundle.

  19. feanarosurion says:

    My biggest issue with this bundle is that the charity beneficiary is not the EFF. With everything that’s been going on with them lately they’re my preferred choice to have that side of things go to. So, seeing as I already have Civ 5 with all DLC, I paid my dollar for Civ 3 which I did not have digitally but still remember fondly. Had it been the EFF I would have paid the average to see what else might be added, and I would have directed a good chunk towards them too.

  20. lomaxgnome says:

    Civ III is easily the worst of the 5 games and really not at all worth going back to (which isn’t to say it’s bad, it just wasn’t as good as Civ II or Alpha Centauri). Shame they haven’t put the original or Civ II up on Steam, I’d definitely buy them just for the nostalgia of having them.

    The Ace Patrol games are quite fun for small bouts, it would be interesting to see a Civ game done with combat resolved in a similar fashion. Of course a game like that would take years to beat.

    It seems likely that the traditional second week bonuses will be Pirates! and probably some Civ V dlc.

    • jamesgecko says:

      It would also be neat if they put XCOM:EU up in the $15 range. Although it doesn’t sound like Meier worked on that directly; he was just the guy the lead designer talked to when nothing worked.

      Pirates! and Civ V DLC seems like a safe bet.

      I’d really like to see an Android port of Civilization Revolutions debut in one of these bundles, but the odds of that seem slim. Better than before this bundle came out, but still not great.

  21. jmtd says:

    I bought C3 and C4 in a steam sale at some point and have played neither for more than about 20 minutes, instead sinking hours into SMAC. Whilst C5 is faintly interesting, the whole DLC madness makes me think I’ll pass on this one. I might fire SMAC up again this weekend.

    • jamesgecko says:

      Isn’t most of the DLC just extra civilizations and scenarios? Unless you’re a completionist, there’s plenty of content included in the bundle.

      …but yeah. I grabbed it mostly for Civ 4 so I could try out Fall from Heaven 2. As a youngling, my version of Civ II didn’t have the fantasy map, and I was rather jealous of my friends who did.

  22. kabirhart says:

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