By All Means, Watch This Hour Of Nosgoth Footage

For those of you who forgot to jack into the “What the hell is Nosgoth?” assimilation pod, here’s a text-based recap: it’s an upcoming free-to-play online shooter set in the Legacy of Kain universe, which suddenly seems like a terrifying look into gaming’s future. It’s currently in closed alpha, but they’ve peeled back the curtains just enough to allow others a glimpse into what I can only describe as a third-person online action game between people and vampires. If you’re keen, there is a whole hour of developer hosted footage to the south.

Hmm. It looks like a perfectly okay online action game, and almost nothing in there reminds me of Legacy Of Kain, which was slow, dark, remarkably well-written, and perhaps most importantly it was not a free-to-play online shooter. Over the hour, we see plenty of powers to swap and weapons to fiddle with, which is the lifeblood of free-to-play (the dev chit-chat makes it clear that weapons can be unlocked or purchased).

But some of the vampire powers do have entertaining Dracula-ish qualities: zapping into other players’ minds and controlling their body could be fun, and I’ll probably overuse the ability to fly while dangling a captured enemy from my claws, because hooray! I’m in that midway point between convinced and unconvinced, and I’ll grab it out of curiosity rather than excitement.

Thanks to PCG.


  1. staberas says:

    “here’s a text-based recap: it’s an upcoming free-to-play online shooter”

    Somewhere about the fee2play part i kinda lost my interest, For some reason the only f2p game worth my time was warframe.

    • Lim-Dul says:

      Warframe was Worth your time? Well, then you have set the bar pretty low already. Warframe was one of the dullest and most repetitive video game experiences ever. I don’t know how they managed to make a game about space-ninjas/samurai so incredibly boring. Even the co-op mechanics or the lack thereof were weak.

      • lautalocos says:

        how good is that it´s still in develpment and the last dev stream promises a lot.

        • Lim-Dul says:

          Good that they have been charging for the game for 4 months now then, eh? I love the “game is unfinished” excuse.

          • lautalocos says:

            indie dev with no publisher. either they get money from microtransactions (completely optional for you to try, and if you are not sure, you wait until the official release) or they don´t make a game.

          • Flopper says:

            According to lautalocos indie devs didn’t make games before crowdfunding. What did they ever do?!

        • PopeRatzo says:

          the last dev stream promises a lot

          Don’t they all? Don’t they all. I have no time or desire to play a F2P game. I’ll switch to a console (and I hate consoles) before I ever play a F2P game.

          If F2P was going to produce a really good game, it would have done so already.

          • Distec says:

            Look… I’m not a big fan of the F2P craze either, but this is nuts.

            NUTS, I say.

            I’ve sunk quite a bit of time into games like Path of Exile and Planetside 2, the latter of which I REALLY like and have happily spent some money on. And while it’s not my cup of tea, DOTA2 has certainly gotten a lot of praise for being an F2P title done right. Maybe you just don’t like those games, or don’t play F2P games out of principle. Fair enough! But you’re missing out IMO.

            As for this Nosgoth game, I’m not impressed. I’ll admit that I was never big into the Kain/Soul Reaver series, but I appreciated the characters and setting they offered when watching friends play through them. Removing the worldbuilding and storytelling just kills any appeal for me. I showed the trailer to my brother, who loves the Kain series, and his reaction was pretty much “Why the fuck are they bothering with this?”.

        • waaaaaaaals says:

          Every Warframe dev stream promises a lot, most of the time these promises seem to be forgotten. Here’s a tracking page of them.

          link to

      • Shooop says:


        I jumped in to look at it after I heard so many people playing it and discovered it was a repetitive, monotonous pile of slag in ten minutes. The concept of cyber ninjas is gold, but they’re wasted in a third-person painted-by-numbers shooter with environments that must have been rejected Call of Duty maps.

    • MaXimillion says:

      Have you played Path of Exile? One of the fairest F2P models out there.

      • Ancalagon says:

        League of legends is the best f2p imho.
        Thats the way they should do f2p.

        U either grind or buy and its yp to you. Dont know if they changed becasue I have not played for a while but you could not even buy everything in the game you had to play to buy runes.

        • MaXimillion says:

          When a lot of it’s competitors (DOTA 2, HoN) don’t require unlocking characters while LoL does, you can’t really call it a great F2P model.

  2. Chizu says:

    What scares me is if this isn’t a big hit, it’ll be the nail in the coffin for the LoK series. Which remains on of my favourite series of videogames ever to have been written. I might check it out for curiosities sake, but as ever, this is not what anyone wanted out of the LoK world.

    • RedViv says:

      I think they leave out the franchise name for a reason.

    • xenothaulus says:

      That is how I feel about Elder Scrolls Online as well.

    • subedii says:

      I don’t really get it either.

      What fans the series had weren’t there for its gameplay generally, they were there for the characters, setting and storyline.

      Time and again this happens. What do they hope to achieve by making use of the same setting for something completely different and what the fans aren’t after? Meanwhile, for anyone new to the series they don’t have any familiarity with the setting so it’s not like it’s a draw for them either.

      It’s the exact same thing they did with Syndicate and The Bureau. And it both cases it just didn’t work the way they were expecting it to. And when it doesn’t? Blame the “entrenched fanbase” instead of the fact that you had poor gameplay in a flooded genre in a title that you failed to interest any of the original fans in.

    • Turkey says:

      LoK is already dead. Square shelved out some money to reboot all of Eidos’ franchises and LoK got the short end of the stick. This was probably all that team could make with the budget they got.

      • Steven Hutton says:

        “You did not survive the abyss Raziel. I have only spared you from complete… dissolution!”

    • Stardreamer says:

      If Valve were to suddenly announce that Half-Life 3 was coming, but as a colourful Match-3 game it would still make more sense than this.

      Oh god, I’m giving them ideas…!

  3. MajorManiac says:

    You kids have it easy. Back in my day, to unlock a weapon you had to walk over it. Now you just have to grind for 100 hours… Oh wait.

  4. Christian O. says:

    I’m okay with not being bound by continuity as long as it services the game, but I don’t get using this franchise: Wasn’t the big catalyst for Soul Reaver that Raziel and his clan had trangressed against Kain for evolving wings and they were hunted down and murdered by the other vampires? Why do so many of the vampires have wings now?

    Why make the connection to Legacy of Kain, if they’re not going to use one of the major plot points of the backstory?

    • Chizu says:

      Its never revealed what actually happened to the Razielim, and Kains reason for throwing him into the abyss was not jealousy, although it was the way Raziel saw it originally.
      There is no existing Lore detailing what happens in the period that Raziel is in the abyss, all we know is the start position, and where everything ends up. About the only event we actually know about happening along the way was the human attack on Dumah’s citadel.

      So they have plenty of space to crowbar their own stories into. But I still think this was a weird choice. But at the same time, I know that this game is basically salvaged from a cancelled Singleplayer game (which had a MP component because MODERN GAMING). So I guess part of the reasoning is they needed to find someway to justify using stuff they’d already started making.

  5. MrNash says:

    Just can’t get excited for this. It’s certainly not what comes to mind when I think Legacy of Kain. The whole thing just reeks of taking on a recognizable name to move units. It’s not quite Breath of Fire 6 bad, but it’s not winning me over.

  6. Echo Black says:

    Free (will) to play…Is an illusion, Raziel.

  7. LunyAlex says:

    Thanks, Industry!

  8. DatonKallandor says:

    Whoever made this abomination needs to be forced to suck out their soul through a parasitic soul-sucking thing stuck to their arm for all eternity.

    • Stardreamer says:

      Let’s face it: the traditional games industry pretty much resembles Nosgoth at this point, infested as it is with soulless vampiric un-life. :(

    • The Random One says:

      That would require they have a soul to suck.

  9. Tei says:

    Third person mode is less inmersive, and the colour palette seems filled with browns. What happened? why this artist direction?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Brown is gritty. Brown is dirty, tough, and REAL. You just can’t handle it. Um. And they forgot other colours exist.

  10. thekelvingreen says:

    I’m looking forward to Cannon Fodder being remade as a shooter. Or maybe The Secret of Monkey Island.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Or Sim City, so you can roam around a city shooting stuff and … wait a minute!

      • waaaaaaaals says:

        These will be nothing compared to the Theme Hospital kart racer, which will have microtransactions for things like bedsheets and wheels.

        Also the free wheels will fall off after five seconds and you have to wait for a bed to become available to even race.

  11. Kein says:

    And here is you, thinking it is impossible (after all this Legacy of Kain crap) to put more nails into a coffin of amazing “Blood Omen”. But all you need is to make a mediocre and crappy online free–to-play shooter to completely smash the spoken coffin into the depth of the ground.


    • Steven Hutton says:

      You speak ill of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver at your OUTRAGEOUS PERIL, SIR!

      • NonCavemanDan says:

        Fisticuffs! I demand SOUL-SUCKING FISTICUFFS!

        • kud13 says:

          Blood Omen is the best LoK, says I, a long-time fan of the entire series.

          I challenge you to prove me wrong

    • EssBen says:

      Yeah, the series lost it after the first game.

      I stopped being interested when they turned into a Tomb Raider esque box pusher.

  12. Keymonk says:

    I’m tentatively looking forward to trying this.

  13. NonCavemanDan says:

    I know I’m just repeating a lot of sentiments that other people have already said but it’s a real shame about the direction they’ve taken the Legacy of Kain in. Soul Reaver was a very formative game for me when I suddenly realised I could care about what happened to these computer generated images because they were characters that I could hate or love or disagree with or want to save.
    The thing is, if this had been called anything else I may have been vaguely interested in it and a name may be silly reason to not try something but, damn it – NOSTALGIA!
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to spout brooding, faux-Shakespearean dialogue as I overlook the shattered wastes of the ruins I once called home before I get embroiled in an over-convolved time-travelling plot where I’m not sure who is friend or foe (“But if you’re really working for him…and I’m actually one of them…and you lied to me about that…hang on, I need to write this down on a flip-chart…”).

  14. ain says:

    Not even going to bother with another shabby f2p game.

  15. eclipse mattaru says:

    Yeah, this is such a great way to resurrect a heavily story-driven single-player series. Hey, I have a GREAT idea: why don’t they go ahead and make a Half-Life MMO too? MOTHERFUCK THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT.