ZOMFG: OMG HD Zombies Getting PC Overhaul

I wonder if the peoples of Consoleton ever get fed up of the definitive versions of games tending to be on the PC? Theirs may be a land of exclusives, but PCtopia is where things get refined. That’s a word that possibly hasn’t been used too often in association with gore-fest OMG HD Zombies. Laughing Jackel’s PS Vita hit is due to arrive on Steam – along with all the achievement additions and so on – on Thursday.

The idea of the game is to use minimal bullets to kill maximal zombies:

(Quite why you’d put “HD” in the title of your game, and then upload your trailer to YouTube at 480p I’m not entirely sure.)

It’ll be just $5.


  1. Felixader says:

    “stunning Comic Graphics”, um no. They have a pretty indie style to them, but they are certainly not stunning, also the video didn’t really help telling me what it actually is. ^-^

    Is it a puzzler?

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      It’s mostly a puzzle game, a lot of it is to do with timing and patience, waiting for the right moment so you can set off the perfect chain of exploding zombies.

      Not sure why it needs a PC port though, it’s mission structure and gameplay are definitely set out more like a mobile game than anything you would want to sit down and play in full “HD”.

      • The First Door says:

        So… is it basically something like Boomshine with zombies?

        Link if you’ve not played it: link to k2xl.com

        • KDR_11k says:

          A bit but more complex. Different zombies explode in different ways (e.g. policemen shoot a bullet in a cardinal direction that pierces through other zombies, soldiers shoot a random burst of three bullets, acid zombies melt into damaging puddles) and zombie movement is more restricted (plus there’s terrain) so it doesn’t feel like missile command without cities.

      • Ergates_Antius says:

        It looks remarkable similar to any number of flash games one might play for free on Kongregate and its brethren.

  2. Taidan says:

    Damn, thought for a second we were finally getting a port of “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1”, which is completely awesome and should be played by everybody.