Blue Sky Fragging: Sky Rogue

Any game described “fwooshy” will immediately take up space on my hard-drive, and if it’s also described as a “feel good flight sim” then I am down with it. That’s what Sky Rogue is: a procedurally-generated arcade flight-sim painted in that happy blue that doesn’t exist in nature (the one that Billy Connolly describes as “Fuckin’ BLUUUUUEEE!”), but the blue that I think of when I think of Sega Dreamcast games. In that bluingest of blues you’ll pick your aircraft, kit out its weaponry, and shoot things.

I’ve had some moments on and off with Sky Rogue, and it’s a sweet little arcade shooter. It’s immediately welcoming and then tougher than you’d expect: every game begins with the selection of your plane and some load-out fiddling that will allow you to spend acquired scrap on more ammo and upgrades. I’ve yet to make it past the first island, so that route has been blocked to me, taken away by the curling homing missiles of the multiple aggressive AI sky bastards that appeared. It was a fun, few moments of swirling combat that left the sky scarred with the white trail of rockets. Anyway, the ‘Rogue’ in the title is because of the procedural generation and the permadeath, so I don’t think I’ll be exploring those upgrades any time soon. For now, gifs!

The current alpha is “pay what you want”, so it could be free, or you could pay a millionty bajillion Peggles


  1. Snids says:


    Remember Virus/Lander?
    Don’t explode on the launch pad!
    Archimedes hidden game on the classroom computer memories.

  2. JanusForbeare says:

    The world needs more flight sims.

    I find myself making “Bang bang! Wheeeeeeeeoooooooooooo! PSHOO!” sounds while watching those gifs. This can only be a good sign.

    • Leb says:

      Just last night I was thinking “I need a noob friendly flight sim to learn to fly with” and spent some time on google finding loads of things that were to complicated to even try and set up.

      This looks like what I was looking for

      EDIT: anyone have any luck with the logitch extreme3d pro? The throttle seems to be hard wired to camera controls for some reason, cause my camera to flip around when i throttle up all the way

      • Eggman says:

        War thunder is free and pretty easy to get into, just use simulator battles mode if you want to use a joystick. Setup wizard is good enough, all you need for keys is start engine, flaps toggle, gear toggle, elevator&rudder trim and fire.
        Then some method of looking around, hatswitch or mouse is fine (WT also has Oculus Rift support).
        And you’re set.

      • Mirarii says:

        I tried rebinding the controls and its quite a nightmare as of yet. I got the pitch and roll bound to X and Y respectively and somehow it rebound the camera to that as well. I was able to get the throttle to work properly, however.

      • Jekhar says:

        If you don’t mind basic graphics (somewhat similar to Sky Rogue) you could try Ys Flight. It’s freeware, developed by a lone japanese flight enthusiast. I take it for a spin regularly for nostalgia reasons, because it strongly reminds me of F/A-18 Interceptor on the Amiga (or Jetfighter for you oldschool PC guys).

      • bad guy says:

        YS Flight is a good one, and if you want pretty graphics go for Aerofly FS.

  3. Ham Solo says:

    Paid ten bucks, but the download doesn’t work for me, it just refreshes the same page :/

    • der_Zens0r says:

      thanks for letting me know, that this error doesn´t depend on the amount of money to spend. I was trying to download the game without paying anything..

    • KDR_11k says:

      Same here, even if I click the “download doesn’t start?” button.

    • Ham Solo says:

      It’s working for me now, thanks nihilo.

  4. gorzan says:

    Craig, you might be interested to know that you can spend any scrap you get if you dock on your air carrier again, it allows to change the ship and gets you healed too. I find htis to be a must in order to get past the first island. If you can manage to get enough scrap to buy extra rockets you should be capable of trouncing enemy carriers on two sweeps. After those are death no more planes spawn, so then it just becomes a matter of getting the bomber and sweeping the base.

  5. Wedge says:

    I dunno what is up with the website’s setup, but it seems to be in an infinite loop of never letting me download it, and then sending me back to the main page.

  6. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I am getting Amiga nostalgia, AH-73M Thunderhawk to be precise. Even though it was mostly first person

  7. Jamesac68 says:

    It was giving me the infinite loop trying to download the game earlier, back to front page and then try to download again until I was dizzy, but it seems cleared now. Just downloaded all 14MB successfully.

  8. nihilocrat says:

    Hey there, sorry about the download issues. I’ve contacted the admin about it, I’ll comment here if the situation changes. Worst case scenario: I have your emails so I can just send you Dropbox download links… thanks to a nifty feature of

    UPDATE: download links were broken all across for about an hour, they should be working again!

  9. Didden says:

    But will my PC be able to handle it?

  10. jarowdowsky says:

    Thrustmaster Warthog support? Go on, go on, go on

  11. Fry says:

    “Arcade flight sim?”

    Right up there with unicorns and magic beans.

  12. Mungrul says:

    Ace little game. ‘s got massive potential. I think they could do with adding some kind of permanent progression backbone to make coming back to the game more desirable though.
    Handy tip: To advance to the next island, you just have to destroy the “Command” building, a relative cinch with a bomber.

    • Jekhar says:

      Yep, once i unlocked the bombs for the default plane i just zoomed to the command building and made several passes at high altitude. That was the easy, but boring way to complete islands in no time.

  13. dan. says:

    Hmm, this has just made me realise that I need a modern update of Zeewolf (and/or Guardian) in my life.

  14. Caiman says:

    Well, I shall download it for free, and if it is fun incarnate I will download it again for monies.

  15. Spacewalk says:

    More games need to have graphics that look like this.

  16. Sp4rkR4t says:

    This is exactly the type of game I want to play unfortunately the scrap I have earned and the upgrade I bought keep disappearing.

  17. Arithon says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Zarch for the Acorn Archimedes. (link to

  18. Chizu says:

    I’ve been following this guys tumblr for a while. I love the aesthetic of this game, I am so amazingly bad at it too.

  19. Jekhar says:

    By the way, do you guys remember T-17 Tanky? The developer stopped working on it suddenly for real life reasons, his site has been unchanged since. Does anyone of you have further info if there is a chance of him returning to it?

  20. ChainsawHands says:

    pay a millionty bajillion Peggles

    Pay in Peggles? Peggles are a measure of file size, not currency! This site has really gone downhill of late.

  21. Enno says:

    This alpha is already a super fun game, so… Shut up and take my millionty bajillion peggles!