Bossy Boots: Lords Of The Fallen Footage

There is finally some footage of Lords Of The Fallen – the new game from The Witcher 2’s lead man, Tomasz Gop. The catch – enthusiastic men shouting over it all.

This is IGN’s footage, seven minutes of it, narrated by the genuinely charming Greg Miller. But boy is he shouty today. Accompanied by Gop, the two men compete to shout over each other as they explore the Zelda-meets-Dark Souls (as apparently everyone’s agreed to think of it).

There’s an emphasis on arcade here, which draws my attention. And blimey, it’s pretty.

Hopefully the game will be out some time this year. It’s looking pretty swishy already.


  1. Teovald says:

    Ohh, another Zelda like for PC ? We don’t have enough of these !
    I could really do without the shouty voices but hopefully that’s not a feature.

  2. Tarrom says:

    Looks kinda like a souls game, or is it just me?
    It does also have pretty particle effects. :3
    *Missed that he already mentioned Dark souls in the article…

    • RoboThrust says:

      Sure it looks like DS and it has similar combat style. Gop always waz talking about his inspirations. But check gamplay ones more. IMO it looks far more beautiful then DS. And combat will not be as hard as it was in DS(but will be hard for regular gamer).
      What’s new – exploration! DS was tight and claustrofobic. Here will be more places to visit.

    • havocwon says:

      Hard to say. That looks like 100% cutscene to me from the trailer. I’d assume the game to look similar to the witcher, but maybe with upgraded textures and obviously different characters / models.

      But I cant really get much when the trailer is 100% cutscene.

  3. MajorManiac says:

    I like the art style. All chunky and scary. Kinda reminds me of Games Workshop.

  4. XhomeB says:

    “Zelda meets Dark Souls”, eh? Gameplay wise, it does look like a bit more arcadey DS, that’s for sure. I like it, wonder how open the game world is and how much emphasis there has been put on puzzle solving…

  5. Freud says:

    I like Zelda. I like Dark Souls. I like Darksiders. Sounds like a good idea to be inspired by great games.

  6. AngelTear says:

    I liked the art style for the setting, although it looked a bit generic, and definitely notas interesting as DS, but maybe that was just the demo. DS does narrative through setting and level design (Implicit game design, it was called here link to ) and that’s a big reason why it’s much superior to other settings.

    I really don’t like the character design. It’s all about dragons and manly mens, very large and “heavy” men. (Am I the only one who is weirded out by the human proportions à la Gears of War?)

    • Fenix says:

      No, I am too. It’s fine if some characters look like that, but when everyone has Gears of War proportions it makes it all look very silly and awkward.

  7. Lobotomist says:

    Its heavily inspired by Dark Souls.

    When Tomazs was making Witcher2 , he kept raving about his love for Dark Souls and how he wanted to make Witcher 2 combat closer to that. And than he left to make this game…

    So I mean, the message is on the wall.

    And I dont have nothing against it. Opposite even. Bring it on !

    • CaidKean says:

      You mean Demon’s Souls, since The Witcher 2 released before Dark Souls did.

    • Dorull says:

      Ah that is pretty cool. I’m just now playing the witcher 2, and I keep thinking I would love for the combat to be more like the souls games.

  8. Cinek says:

    Smack enemy till his health goes down to zero….

    Reminds me of everything that was wrong with Witcher 2 combat: Roll, Roll, Smack, Roll, Roll, Smack, Roll, Roll…. you get the picture.

    That said though – it looks great. I might just buy it for graphics alone, lol.

    • XhomeB says:

      Severance: Blade of Darkness it isn’t (seriously, the combat system in BoD is a work of genius, I have yet to play a game that comes close to what Severance had to offer), but it’s inspired by Dark Souls, meaning it should look a bit different depending on what weapon you wield.

      • Cinek says:

        it should look a bit different depending on what weapon you wield.” – this doesn’t encourage me, really. Still the same roll, smack, roll mechanic. More frustrating then fun. That said though – I never played Dark Souls. But from video LotF combat looks totally uninspiring. The only way they could make it worse is by adding some QTEs.

  9. Vynxar says:

    The ambiance feels like dark souls but the combat seems to miss the tension you can feel in DKS fights, it a little bit too arcade for me. Having combo in this kind of game does not feel right.

  10. Kasaris says:

    This is the story of Omniknight before Dota 2.

  11. kael13 says:

    Art-style looks Warcrafty in the the Warcraft 3-era cinematic kinda way. And that’s a good thing.

    Also, Unreal Engine 4? Lots of particle effects.

    • Gendrek says:

      Warcraft wasn’t my first association. It reminds me more of Warhammer, especially the player character. I don’t know why, but it just screams Warrior Priest (those Sigmar guys).

  12. Monkeh says:

    Just wondering, but what exactly is ‘Zelda-like’ in this game? In the video he’s making the connection with Zelda because there are alternative paths and you unlock new worlds… how is that anything like Zelda? Or is he just talking about the hub style world Skyward Sword (and not a single other Zelda) had?

    Game still looks interesting, just wonder why they’d have to refer to my favourite game franchise of all time, even though (IMO) it doesn’t seem to have anything worthwhile in common.

    • Cinek says:

      Oh, that’s simple really. First poster mentioned it, and then it just went down the hill – everyone suddenly started to talk about Zelda, cause being accepted by fellow gamers is a great feeling. lol

  13. yhancik says:

    I wished (and expected) that the game was actually named “Lords Of The Fallen Footage”

    • The Random One says:

      Mysterious beings who draw their power from abandoned video cameras

  14. fuzziest says:

    If they are trying to emulate the Souls games they aren’t doing a very good job of it. The combat doesn’t look nearly as deliberate. As noted by someone else DS does a lot of interesting things with implicit narrative but this looks pretty uninteresting. Angry man cut scene, fight, cut scene, boss fight, repeat.

  15. Squirly says:

    Am I the only one who’s never played a zelda game before and thus has no context for that means? I was told once that Dark Souls itself is “zelda-like” so what gives?

  16. MrNash says:

    Looks pretty with some delightful cloaky-flowingness to it. Combat reminds me more of Kingdom of Amalur than Dark Souls, though.

  17. araczynski says:

    Hopefully NOT like Dark Souls, at least in difficulty. This reminds me a lot of Rysen, which I loved.

  18. Keyrock says:

    It does look pretty good. While I would have rather they didn’t go in the exaggerated weapons direction, it’s all good, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  19. RogerioFM says:

    Jesus, John is in a good mood today.

  20. ffordesoon says:

    Lords Of The Fallen : Dark Souls :: Darksiders : Zelda

    That’s the impression I’m getting, anyway. Or perhaps Dark Souls: The Arcade Game would be a slightly fairer unfair label to brand the game with? It reminds me of one of those weird arcade-only iterations of popular franchises that never come out anywhere but Japan. You know, where it feels like CliffyB went in there with a fire axe and hacked off all the subtle bits?

    …That statement is more complimentary than it sounds.

  21. Lugg says:

    Now I kind of want a game that casts you as the lord over piles of fallen footage.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I just hope that the Fallen Footage game is better than Revenge of the Fallen, the Transformers movie :P.

  22. jonahcutter says:

    Slightly cartoony, arcadey, Dark Souls. Prettier, but also less weird and imaginative. Dark Souls influencing other game design is not a bad thing at all. It probably won’t leave a lasting impact like DS has, but looks potentially fun nonetheless.

  23. pilouuuu says:

    Wow! This looks good. Is it Unreal Engine 4?

  24. DanMan says:

    Speaking about tactical combat: I’d like these kind of games to incorporate the environment a lot more. As in swinging your sword widely in a narrow path should bump it into the walls – leaving you vulnerable, so you’d have to resort to stabbing moves instead or use a different weapon altogether (dagger, …). It feels kind of lame to me seeing the swords go through walls like they’re not even there.

    • Dinjoralo says:

      Funny enough, Dark Souls actually had weapons bouncing off walls. That gave the fencing swords a good advantage early on, when most of the areas had lots of tight corridors.

      • DanMan says:

        In that particular case, it doesn’t work like that for the enemies, does it? I remember seeing videos where the enemies’ attacks ignored walls (I haven’t played that one).

  25. Cortes says:

    Everyone tell that Lords of the Fallen is next Dark Souls. We see only first gameplay and to release date is few months – everything can be changed:) First I want to play in this game then I compare it with another RPG. It’s my opinion.

  26. Max.I.Candy says:

    I’m so hungry for combat centric skill based games, and this looks like just the ticket. The look of it may be a bit more arcadey then Dark Souls, but the combat doesnt look any less deep. Really looking forward to this!

  27. Kignama says:

    I feel like I’m setting up a wall for all which is great about this game, when I’m saying that it looks like they’ve just taken the souls games and made them easy but advertise it as if it is actually the souls games! It’s the same with every game nowadays: It has to be really easy but look hard if it’s gonna sell!

  28. knowitall011 says:

    well, the super pc I am building for witcher 3 is good for this too!

  29. Cortes says:

    I have a little wooden PC on this game but I will play in it on my PS4 :) On this days in my eys looks awesome. We can choose one on three class but our gear will be mixed if we want:)

    • Blob says:

      This will provide us with amazing possibilities, I get chills just thinking about it :D

      • Cortes says:

        Yes, I agree with you. This idea give us chance to choice which way we want to go ( I mean gear here). We don’t have a predetermined whih kind of gear must wear warior, rouge or mage like in World of Warcraft:)

  30. Blob says:

    As we can see CI tried for the same news, and not just in LotF but also in Enemy Front :D