Debris! Hurry! >Adr1ft Is Basically Gravity: The Game

 I will not apologise for that terrible and nonsensical pun in the title

Shattered Horizon’s insistence on putting guns in the hands of the astronauts, while a noble endeavor that I was totally behind, never really reflected the perils and potential pitfalls of being a human in space. There’s plenty that could wrong up there in the black: you could have to listen to the characters from Gravity talking banally inbetween incredi-moments of space fun, for one. That’s what >Adr1ft mostly resembles: the exciting and awful feeling of being alone in the glittering remains of a broken space station. Kotaku has the scoop on this, and I am eternally jealous because you know how I feel about space. Go read their take on it. The rest of this post is mostly screenshots and John’s shocking plans for the future. You won’t believe what he’s up to, readers.

It’s from Adam Orth, a former creative director of Microsoft who left last year amidst a bit of a Twitter stramash. He’s hoping >Adr1ft, which currently only exists as a demo, will grab people. Kotaku’s description of floating freely around the smashed debris, hunting for oxygen and trying to repair the procedurally generated puzzles, does sound like a gentle and tense game that I’d like to play.

Meanwhile, in the Forbidden Chatroom of Mystery 2.0…

Craig: Adroneft’s art guy is called “Hogarth De La Plante”!
John: I want to marry him instantly.
Craig: You put the ‘bi’ in ‘bigamy’.
John W: Woo!

John then demanded I post the exchange, and on the days when he pays me, he is my boss.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    *spins round*

  2. SominiTheCommenter says:

    You mean John pays you?
    Like, money?

  3. Didden says:

    Will it have as ridiculous plot as gravity?

    • Fonzcorp says:

      Is Gravity’s plot ridiculous? I rather liked it :/

      • trout says:

        i thought the intrusion of magic realism tainted it (fantastic sound production tho)

        • vahnn says:

          I was so busy shouting, “Oh, bullshit!” that I missed anything resembling a plot. That whole movie was a blundering pile of bullshit ham-fisted into a shitty 100 minute blockbuster mold and topped with a couple actors who have no business playing astronauts. Or wait, Sandra Bullock wasn’t really an astronaut, was she? What the fuck was she even doing in space?

          • LionsPhil says:

            Without having seen it, but given that Sandra Bullock only seems to play one kind of character, I’m going to take a stab at “being useless and annoying”.

          • KillahMate says:

            They explained what she was doing in space at the very start of the film, presumably during one of the periods you were shouting “Bullshit” and therefore understandably couldn’t hear them.

      • Didden says:

        *Spoilers* To explain, I thought it was beautifully produced and made. But the fact that quite literally one thing after another goes badly wrong, while a thrilling ride – for me by the end, it was truly laughable and I’m surprised hasn’t been mocked more. I can suspend belief that apparently everything is all at the same height and orbit in space for the plot, but when the Chinese space station is both conveniently empty, and inconveniently left in a rapidly decaying orbit (Timing China! Timing! Tut tut), I was like, okay, stick a fork in me, I’m done. What else can go wrong? Oh wait… the escape capsule is damaged and going to burn up… oh wait… she might drown and for some reason took off her helmet full of air just moments before leaving the capsule… oh wait she is entangled in the parachute… oh wait… at that point I was expecting her to be eaten by a shark or something, but from within the sharks stomach, have a special one on one moment with George and fight her way out with a spoon or something, before washing up on the beach (which was appropriately nearby) and lying there exhausted, eaten alive by crabs, before fighting those off with the now bent spoon, before a rescue helicopter arrives. Finally safe. We think. But some still falling space debris clips the chopper, which loses a rotor and crashes in a ball of flames, but somehow she put her helmet back on, saving her – just… as she staggers out, takes off her helmet, takes a deep breath, she swallows a passing bee, that stings her, and she is allergic, but omg there is a building on the horizon that just might have histamine in. After a brief chat with George as she staggers to the building, opens the door, only to be confronted by a local drugs operation, who all immediately pull out their guns and start shooting, but also are hit by falling space debris just in the nick of time… oh god she’s having a crappy day. This is basically the entire premise of Gravity 2: “Sucks to be you I guess Sandra”.

        • Muzman says:

          The Chinese space station had been evacuated and had been hit during the cascade so had been knocked out of orbit.
          I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a movie criticised for too much peril before. In most movies people just accept it because it’s the agency of ‘bad people’ that cause it all I guess. Even though it’s frequently no more plausible than a serious run of bad luck with nature. But I suppose I know what you mean. Survival stories like this are a high-wire act of tension and you’re either with the movie or you aren’t after a certain point. I don’t think it broke its trust though.

      • vivlo says:

        i’d say it was – not that it removes anything else from the movie, mind you.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Plot? Huh… I must of gone to the bathroom during that bit.

    • KillahMate says:

      Damn. In my day it’d take at least half a year for the backlash to start.

  4. Jason Moyer says:

    Bigamy? Doesn’t that imply that John is capable of having an intimate relationship with somebody?


  5. Jekhar says:

    So, i reckon this game will have always on DRM? Because, people should just get with the times?

    • TheMightyEthan says:

      Yeah, that was my thought. This seems like it could be really cool, but I have 0 trust that this guy won’t completely screw us over with always-on DRM or some other nonsense.

    • Jambe says:

      I considered asking him “on a scale of none to always on, how much DRM will your game have?” Then I thought the guy got enough shit for his diptastic Twitter episode. I’m glad he’s working again, but I really hope his debacle forced him to check his privilege.

  6. Skabooga says:

    Games have always been set in space, games will always be set in space, and I think that’s just great.

    Also, I just realized that when John says “woo”, he becomes John Woo.

    • Emeraude says:

      Now he only needs to become doctor too.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        And when he’s become a doctor he’ll need to change his last name to something unintelligible so that people will ask “Dr Who?”.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Something similar happens every time he says “Texas Ranger”.

  7. Artea says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the dialogue in Gravity was terrible.

  8. Armante says:

    Consider me interested. Also, needs Oculus Rift for MUST BUY status.

    I loved Gravity for its portrayal of space. The effects were outstanding, as was the sound design. Ignore the horrendous zero gravity mistakes and enjoy it as an action movie.

    • Nate says:

      Occulus Rift, oh my goodness– if twisting your neck also twisted your body in the other direction, thus requiring slightly more head twisting than you originally expected, because Newton…

      As if free-fall or occulus weren’t quite nauseating enough on their own.

  9. Darth Gangrel says:

    Adam Orth is behind this? Although I think of him as rather douchey after the dealwithit-gate, I guess he’s (w)orth another chance if this thing goes well.

  10. Turkey says:

    Ha. I was about to make a joke that “exploration” is code for “it takes 3 hours to beat,” and then I read the rest of the Kotaku article and it just says it takes 3 hours to beat.

  11. LionsPhil says:



    Please stop with the glare effects.

    Do you realize that, as a long-term spectacle wearer, I have a compulsive “must clean my glasses” reflex to seeing those? And you’re poking it. You’re poking it over and over. And I clean and I clean, but the greasy streaks never go away.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Tell me about it. Ever since they added water effects to games my chronic incontinence has been a NIGHTMARE

  12. rcguitarist says:

    The guy is a douche, will not be buying his game.

    • rebb says:

      With the size of the industry now, chances are pretty good that at least one douche has been involved in making a game.

  13. SenorRoboto says:

    If anyone wants to do some spacewalking in the meantime, try this: link to