Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Smooch ‘Em Robots: Heart&Slash


Emotional robots are all the rage right now – not to mention all the emotions except rage, which they’re reserving for their inevitable insurrection because people are terrible. But until then, we can have our hearts warmed by our eventual doom-bringers in games like Heart&Slash. This one’s a style-drenched actioner ala DmC: Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, or ManPunch ShootBelch: Acropotheonical, but with whirring gears of love and loss. Also roguelike elements, because those are basically synonymous with “videogame” these days. It really does look excellent, though. Trailer in the beneathplace.

Heart&Slash is about a robot who wears its heart on its face (I think we’ve all been there before) who’s trying to escape industrial standardization. The Man – by which I mean Robot – wants to bring everyone down and totally harsh all the good vibes, but Heart has a few things to say about that. And all of them are sword.

The game will combine combo-based action with roguelike elements (as opposed to roguelike elephants, which is sadly something no game has attempted to my knowledge). Here’s how it’ll work:

“Heart & Slash main gameplay mechanics are inspired from successful fast-paced 3D brawlers like Bayonetta or DMC. However, where those games offer depth in the combat systems, we have chosen to go with breadth. You will be able to equip more than a hundred different body-parts and weapons, which will change your capabilities and the way you fight.”

“Heart & Slash will not be an easy game. But dying shouldn’t matter, for every time you start a new game, the levels you fight through, and the items and weapons you collect, will change. Ultimately, playing Heart & Slash will not be about mastering one system, but about being able to adapt to what you are given and making the best out of it.”

So basically, the two sides of Heart&Slash’s hearting and slashery will go together pretty much as you’d expect. I could see myself getting sucked into something like in a worrisome hurry, however, so here’s hoping (and also not hoping) that the game lives up to its potential.

Heart&Slash will be out in December. Oh, but first it’ll hit up Kickstarter in the coming days, because *PLOT TWIST* there are no plot twists in the gaming industry anymore. Is your heart – and, perhaps more importantly, wallet – in this one?


  1. Great Cthulhu says:

    You’ve never heard of roguelike elephants? You need to read Boatmurdered!

  2. azrd79 says:

    PS2 era J-ARPG with contemporary western indie aesthetic. Is what I’m getting.

    • Juan Raigada says:

      It’s more of a brawler in moment-to-moment gameplay, with many items giving new abilities (wall-jump) and not so concerned on stats (many of which are currently hidden).

      And reading about the game here is making me dizzy…

  3. ixatapa says:

    Roguelike elements are becoming extremely common but gosh darn they do add a lot to the replayability of a game. This game looks fun but I would say I’d rather depth in my combat systems rather than breadth. Quantity over quality and all

    • Juan Raigada says:

      I agree depth is desirable, but the intent is to make the depth here based on the multiple possible combination (finding your own style/set that works for you) more than in having each single item having tons of depth on it’s own. You can equip 3 weapons simultaneously plus 4 different bodyparts, so there’s space for interesting combinations… Or so I hope :)

  4. tormos says:

    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has roguelike elephants. They push you around and attempt to splatter you against the wall. It also has Dire Elephants (because fighting freaking elephants wasn’t a dire enough situation), and the incredibly amusingly named Hellephants, who can also BREATHE FIRE

  5. ZIGS says:

    Heart&Slash is about a robot who wears its heart on its face

    Seriously? No one said it yet? I am disappointed in you RPS